Methylation Made Easy

The more I research methylation and experiment with the supplements, the more I understand it’s critical to my recovery and to good health for everyone that wants to avoid a chronic illness.  The other methylation videos (Ben Lynch’s and Rich van Konynenburg’s) I’ve posted are long and technical. Here are some videos produced by Caledonia that make a good intro to the topic:

Part 1 of 4

Part 2 of 4

Part 3 of 4

Part 4 of 4

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  1. Very informative videos. One thing to keep in mind however, is when you address methylation issues, it’s important to consider a persons symptoms as well as other genetic polymorphisms in order to address the methylation in a way that is appropriate for each persons’ body. There are different forms of methy supplements such as different forms of B12, that should be considered. Certain people do better with methylcobalamin while others do better on hydroxocobalamin. If you are looking to find out if you might have any other health relevant genetic mutations, I would recommend 23andMe. They give you access to your entire genetic raw data.

    I invite all of you who need help addressing both methylation and or other genetic mutations such as VDR, CBS, COMT, MAO, etc. to check out my Holistic practice, where I do this professionally. You can find my website at and you can email me at

  2. Amazing, thank you all for your courage. I finally have some answers I can’t believe how close I came to ending my life. I have barely been out of bed in almost 3 years and no specialist or doctor will take me seriously, give me ridelin and send me on my way. So much more to the story but you all get it, God bless you all! Carolyn

  3. Eric:  what an interesting read on Methylation and the videos!  Interested in the interplay of D3 and the protocol you have done on yourself.  First, do you take D3?  Was your D lab score low? Was your B12 lab score low?  I have put myself on mb12 and trying to get my 370 B12 score closer to 1,000.  Do you watch your lab scores?  What about the interplay between K1 and K2 with B12, intrinsic factor and D3?

    I too suffered so much going from Dr to Dr trying to get diagnosed with severe throat searing.  Finally it was diagnosed as Layrnpharengeal Reflux (or burning throat or commonly known as silent acid reflux).  I had a very severe case.  I felt sure I would die.  My Drs after a major surgery and medications that did nothing for me, attributed it to “stress” and an ER Dr. sent me to behavioral department as I was inconsolable due to severe unbearable throat searing pain.  After the behavioral department kept asking me about “my stress”…I told them I had none but couldn’t function due to the throat pain, I finally got an ENT, who immediately said I was so burnt that he required that I have a throat biopsy.  I was so angry.  I’d been telling them for a year and half that I was burning to death. 

    They considerd me a pain in the rear as nothing they did for me worked.  After the ENT did the throat biopsy I was lucky and didn’t have cancer.  But still had severe unbearable throat pain.  I began my own experiments with probiotics, then D3 and over the last two years have improved tremendously.  In addition I’ve add B12 and have noticed many improvements in my skin and how I feel.  I feel the probiotics perform some B producing activity as well. 

    I’m still in shock I got better and so are my Drs.  When they ask what I’m taking they don’t say much.  I’m completely off medications of all kinds and my bones and joints don’t hurt, my incontinence is gone, my deep terrible joint shoulders pain is gone and I climb stairs better than when I was 45.  And best of all I’m in remission with LPR (about 92-99%) as long as I keep my D score in the 80-90 score range.  I’m now 61. 

    Thank you for your work on the B protocols.  I will be adding the B supplements you have used for yourself.  Who knows I may be able to completely eliminate LPR!

    1. So glad you are getting well Elena, congratulations! I stay away from D3 during the summer and take 4000 iu during the winter. Too much vitamin D gives me terrible headaches that last for days… my vitamin D levels are below normal even when I supplement at 4000 – i think it’s a mercury toxicity thing.

      I don’t do much lab work anymore because in my experience the normal ranges are so wide as to be meaningless. For example, my thyroid scores were all in range but my body temperature was low and returned to normal when I supplemented with iodine.

      Good luck with the additional B supplements!

  4. You might want to properly credit the creator of these videos, a member of the Phoenix Rising website with the screenname of Caledonia.

      1. Eric I love all what you post…I TOO Have the unlucky Gene. I ate half a can of tuna one night after cleansing & Had electrical shock waves shooting all over my body! Thot I wud die that night…the electrical waves shot through my body all night till 7 a.m. like I was plugged into an outlet! Horrible. but I have a question for anybody that takes the hydrogen peroxide 35% food grade and here it is… Do they realize that you’re supposed to mix it one part hydrogen peroxide to 11 parts to water….preferably they say distilled water….I met a new friend in the health food store that started the H2O2 but she was unaware that she needed to keep it in the refrigerator and to dilute it in the proper ratio. is there anybody out there that has done the same thing Ford any ill effects from it? she is only been on it for 2 weeks starting out one drop increasing each day. thanks for any info on this.

    1. Thanks, read it and it is interesting and messy. I also noted Andy Cutler’s recommendations in AI. Using the Inositol version at night with my evening iodine dose seems to be working so I will stick to that for a while. If it means I need a little more B12, so be it. If I’m not delusional, this dosing has the advantage of clearing over-methylation symptoms to allow better sleep. Of course, I know methylation supplements seem to help you sleep Viking, so it’s clearly very individual!

  5. Great intro! I’ll save that one.

    But my view would still be to start with the supplements and see what happens. That costs almost nothing and will give you a fast indication if methylation is an issue or not. After that you can start reading up in more detail and take genetic tests, if relevant.

    1. Agree entirely about genetic testing. Now that I know I have methylation problems, I’m getting curious about the role my genes play and whether or not my kids have inherited something along these lines. Did you do the testing?

      1. No, I have never done any genetic tests. But just like you, I may do it on the whole family.
        The fact that tests are becoming available in homeversions is a great development, I think. Much cheaper, less hassle and you don’t have to listen to a doctor’s opinion!

        1. Yeah, love your attitude about the doctors. It’s funny, just as I’m getting comfortable with the idea of going to a naturopath, I’ve also been disillusioned by that process. The first one that came highly recommended has no website and after waiting a year and a half for an appointment, I find out I’m required to have a series of prescheduled appointments and the total cost is something like $800. That’s to see someone with no resume that I can find. So I’m asked to put down hundred of dollars to see someone I don’t know a thing about.

          So I chose to see someone associated with Andy Cutler who does have a website but sells supplements on it instead of educating.

          The system is messed up. Wish I could fix it.

          1. “The system is messed up. Wish I could fix it.”

            Maybe best to fix yourself first! And I don’t think that the medical system can be fixed until a large propotion of the population loses faith in it. And that seems to be far, far away…. But we can always try to help the few that does make the leap. If nothing else, I think that it really helps just to know that you are not alone.

            Finally, if I wanted to spend an additional $800, I would buy books and supplements. But that’s just me!   

            1. Bull’s-eye, it’s hard to fix anything when you’re sick, even or especially yourself! Reminds me of the serenity prayer “to accept with serenity the things that cannot be changed…”

              You’re right about not being alone… and we have a lot of great resources now that did not exist 10 years ago.

          2. Eric, may I ask who you are seeing or have seen?  I had a consultation with Julie Anderson and largely regret what a massive waste of money it was.  No one seems to talk about that in the Yahoo forum, and my opinion of her is quite different from what you’ll find in old posts.  Consider the fact that you have the determination, awareness, and resources to find the answers you need, beyond what most practitioners can provide for you (even those schooled on Cutler). 

            1. Sure Tara, his website is here: – I also find it expensive but there are some redeeming factors. There is a big discount on hair tests which I want for all my family and I am probably going to try a few prescription items. I may also request some lab work which will be covered through insurance.

              I appreciate your feedback, that’s good to know!

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