Meet Patti who recovered fully from mercury poisoning

patti-portrait-400I want you to meet Patti Pili who recovered from a severe case of mercury poisoning acquired from dental amalgams. Her recovery process started in 2009 when she had her amalgams removed and following Andy Cutler’s chelation protocol she recovered fully by 2012. This is a dynamite recovery story that will inspire and motivate you and help you through the inevitable setbacks she describes. From the pictures, you can see  clearly what it means to have her health back.  Well done and thanks for sharing Patti!

Now, in her words:

Those of you who are severely ill…do not worry…you WILL get better – it happened to me. I became ill in 2008 and today 5 years later I am living a normal and I mean normal life. I stopped chelating a year ago and left this group as all the other successes probably do but I came back to post this to hopefully help any/all of you.

I’ve been into natural health since I was 16 when I started teaching Aerobics (I am now 42). I have been a vegetarian since I was 9 and into whole foods my whole life.


I first became ill in November 2008.

I was in severely bad shape; I experienced what seemed like a ‘bad trip’ on narcotics from what I’ve only seen in movies… I was for lack of a better description “tripping out” for about 3 months night AND day. It was the scariest time of life and I was unable to live normally, I had to pace outside on the grass all day and try to stay calm. The brain fog, dizziness, vision problems, ear ringing, and severe anxiety were the least of my problems as I felt drugged and on a bad trip. I lost 30 pounds, developed MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities) which made it impossible for me to go outside or any public place since I could smell every little faint smell and would send me into vertigo, anxiety and pure panic.

Going to Target with all their chemical products was impossible as I experienced vertigo and sensations in my brain that felt like someone was shaking it and I fell to the floor, literally. I was house ridden and unable to eat since I was reacting to everything (even though I’ve been vegetarian since I was 9 and already had a house full of natural unprocessed foods).

patti-ballgame-400I didn’t know what was happening to me. I didn’t know if someone had drugged me or I had cancer or what was happening to me. Those 3 months of round the clock tripping out were hell. I was unable to drive my kids to school, unable to function or cook, unable to clean because of the MCS, I was couch ridden just spending days trying to stay calm and keep from spiraling downward into my depression and fear and just try to keep it together especially in front of my kids.

My symptoms included: brain fog, dizziness upon standing, vertigo, visual disturbances of multiple blurry spots floating in front of me, ringing in the ears, severe anxiety, MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities, heart palpitations, tingling and numbness in middle finger and some toes, felt funny all the time, felt scared all the time like something was happening to me beyond my control, panicky, unable to concentrate, feeling of being drugged and “tripping” out, unable to eat since I’d react to most foods with extreme anxiety and extreme vertigo and the feeling of tripping out.

My herbalist put me on charcoal, B5, vit C ascorbate, magnesium, zinc, B1 and B6. They helped at first then I had problems reacting after a while. I cried in pain daily.

I stopped living on pills and switched to Dr. Schulze products using his detox formulas and felt much better and the tripping out was not as severe but my episodes continued sporadically. I did multiple Dr. Schulze 5-day liver cleanses as well as 5-day kidney cleanses. His detox tea made me feel good so I lived on it. Every day was an uphill battle laden with tears and without hope and without proper diagnosis of what was happening to me.

Conventional doctors told me it was all in my head. They ran blood work and various forms of testing. They told me they could tell I was vegan because all my labs showed perfect health. I saw numerous conventional doctors and they all said the same, even though once in a doctors office my face turned beet red during an “episode”. I felt like a crazy person. I felt like I was losing my mind, literally.

I began massive detoxification protocols, colonics, infrared saunas, I juiced for 45 days, I did numerous colon cleanses, essential oils, lymphatic drainage massage, meditation, ionic foot baths etc.

I saw my naturopath who did bio-feedback on me and it showed ‘retention of toxins’ and ‘dental’ problems. When he found out I had amalgams he urged me to get them out safely by a bio dentist. I found the dentist by IOAMT’s website and then googled for amalgam illness and came across Andy Cutler’s site and various others discussing his book and protocol.

When I began to read from Dr. Cutler’s site all the information on symptoms I wept… for the first time in 10 months and after 8 doctors I knew now what my problem was. I self diagnosed with the help of the site and my naturopath that I was mercury poisoned. My dentist ordered a hair test through doctors data and confirmed the same. It was the summer of 2009.

I then began reading his book and began taking the list of supplements (recommended in his book) for while you still have amalgams in your mouth. By day 2 I was off the couch and able to function a little more. This is when I contacted him with the utmost gratitude.

I emailed Andy Cutler once in the beginning of my healing process and thanked him for writing about what “to take now while feeling sick with amalgams” and I adhered to that list of supplements and was finally able to go outside and drive my car and finally get the amalgams out. He asked if I would post my remarks on Amazon under his book page and so I did happily.

All my amalgams were removed by september 2009 and on the same day that they were all removed the ringing in my ears came to complete halt. For the first time in I don’t know how long I could hear without that high pitched screeching in my ears. My dentist did vit c injections a few times after the process. I felt good in september and then in October felt like I was relapsing.

His book consoled me in the fact that I was dumping but I had reservations. I was terrified of what if this is not the root of my problems I still feel very ill. My mcs had diminished only some and all the other symptoms were still there, minus the ear ringing. I joined the frequent-dose-chelation group and there was so much support and reassurance that I was ok and just needed to chelate. I clung to this desperately hoping it was true. I read positive posts in tears trying to stay positive.

I began chelation in December (3 mos after amalgam removal) on 2mg ALA along with the other recommended supplements (e.g. mag, vit c, zinc, vit e, b vitamins etc.) doing 3 hour rounds 3 days on 3 off. I could not believe my eyes or body! After just 1 day of chelation I felt GREAT! I use that word ‘great’ relative to my situation at the time because I still had symptoms but while on chelation rounds I felt energized, brain fog was gone, I could think, clean, watch sports without getting dizzy, get up from a lying position without feeling dizzy or lightheaded.

My anxiety was now manageable, magnesium became my favorite supp next to ALA as it took away my anxiety so well. On my off days, my symptoms would return to remind me to continue chelating.

My rounds:
2mg ala – 6 weeks
3mg ala – 3 weeks
5 mg ala – 1 week
3 mg ala – 2 weeks
5mg ala – 4 weeks
7.5mg ala – 4 weeks
10 mg ala – 5 weeks

And so on and so on until I got up 25mgs. I didn’t journal it but I stayed on 25mgs for a long time. I didn’t take breaks from the 3day on/off rounds because I felt so fantastic while ON rounds. I did up the days to 4.

Beginning in 2010 I resumed a rigorous exercise program to sweat daily and each I did I felt great. I worked out (turbo kickboxing at 24 hour fitness) about 5 days a week for about 1-2 hours.)After my workouts I always entered the sauna for about 20 minutes. I did this because Andy told me in an email once that sweating up to a pint a day is the same as chelating. He told me only regular saunas though, not infra red as they pull too much out. I cannont tell you how awesome I felt after the saunas; it would clear my head for the whole day.

After about 10-11 months of chelating happily I had an episode. I was tripping out again, dizzy upon standing, I saw blurry spots, anxiety came back with a vengeance. I was so scared and sad at my relapse that it created a new wave of doubt. Once again I took to the chelation group and the book to re-read about the 6 month dump. I posted and Andy actually responded how this was normal and referred the pages in the book. Other members from the frequent-dose-chelation group consoled with the same information and it helped. I was reminded to keep chelating and so I did.

After several months of 25mgs I upped it to 35 mgs and eventually 50mgs. By this time it was summer of 2010 and I was feeling really good. My MCS was gone, I could actually shop at target and even walk down the detergent aisle. about 65% of my symptoms were gone. With each 50mg round I felt clearer and stronger and happier. I decided to up it to 75mgs and did this for a few months and then upped it to 100 mgs rounds. Now it was Jan 2011 and I thought I felt 100% healthy but after a few weeks of doing this dosage I began to feel funny again so I reduced to 75mgs and while ON round I felt symptoms so I knew I had to reduce further and so I went back to 50 mgs by summer of 2011. In addition I began taking breaks from chelation as I felt that my symptoms might have just been reactions of my exhausted liver and adrenals. It worked my body felt better and so I continued 50mgs but only by taking long breaks between rounds and I mean about 3 week breaks.

Beginning of 2012 I started getting Vitamin B injections: B12,B1, and B6. I felt like they really helped my adrenals recover from all the cleansing so I did this for one year once a month.

patti-with-son-400By summer of 2012 most of my symptoms were gone.

In February of 2013 I had a vertigo episode that lasted 3 days.

It is now summer of 2013 and I feel very very normal. I haven’t chelated however since last summer.

Today I don’t have ANY symptoms, I feel clear, I can drink wine, run and jog, no MCS, no dizziness etc…. SYMPTOM FREE.

The extreme anxiety I used to feel is no longer. For those of you suffering from this remember to keep calm, use affirmation from Louise Hay, and rely on Magnesium and/or GABA… its what worked for me.

Use my story as your motivation… it WILL GET BETTER I promise you… just keep chelating!

Hope this helps and much love and best wishes to you all.

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  1. So true the effects,reactions you all have gone thru,my therapy is niacin,20 minutes of tough sweating exercise and 45 minutes of sauna,so far it’s working nicely,since metal and toxicity deposits in the fat cells,niacin gets them out and activated charcoal to release them out your body,only in my case the driving motion sickness remains,driving get a car is an issue,it’s better now but ,does not go away,maybe time will fix things.

  2. Congratulations on your recovery, I am just beginning a similar journey as you, but my symptoms happened after a vaccine. I am getting my amalgams removed first and of course by a biologic dentist. I have very bad ringing in my ears and hope that the replacement of fillings will help the ringing as it did for you. I will also order the books from cutler because I have called a few holistic/doctors who do chelation therapy and they told me they use DMSA/EDTA and DMPS they did not mention ALA which is the most important chelator that removes from the brain. Before I ask you this I should probably read the books first, but you do not mention the other chelators, did you use them? First things first I will have fillings removed then do more research later on the chelation.

  3. Dear Patti…and all others who are suffering from mercury toxicity.

    I am suffering very badly these days. I am going through the mercury dump period right now. So I know what I am up against and is therefor not really afraid.

    I need to know from you if you have experienced some of the same things as I describe below.

    I feel completely crazy inside. I can’t think many straight thoughts. BUT at the same time, if some one calls me on the phone I can easily fake it so they think everything is normal. It drives me crazy to have this double life. I does that some people just can’t believe that there is something terrible going on inside me, right now while they are talking to me. Do you know that?

    Right now I am alone in our house. My wife is away for a couple of weeks. Fortunately I am not muscle weak and I am off from work because I can’t do anything. It is 90% mental these days. In the beginning I was so weak I was just vertical 24 hours a day on some days. I feel like an idiot. I can’t do the most simple things. The house is one big mess. Every where. I can’t plan and see me out of how to fix daily day things. But at the same time this feeling of being normal is somewhere under all this. Like I can observe it all from a distance, but at the same time I can’t escape it and am the main character in this weird movie. Difficult to explain…

    Have any of you experienced this “me–not me” feeling? Crazy and disabled but also normal? For example I can write this email, but in the moment I have finished I can feel crazy and very, very helpless…

    Hope for reply!

    God bless you all,

    1. I am sorry to hear about all the issues you are having. The symptoms of mercury toxicity range quite a bit.
      This video explains further how different things can go for people and some suggestions of supplements in another video if you lookup the maker of the video.
      Good luck!

    2. Torben you are not alone!!! Yes I felt the same “losing my mind” crazy feeling. I couldn’t control my thoughts. This is normal. Magnesium high dose really helped me mellow out as did sweating a lot. If you’re on cutler protocol the ALA will pick up everything you’re dumping. Just keep chelating and know this is part of the process NOT permanent. We are here to support you!! We have all gone through it. Can you do enemas?? As Dar has said and I will say that they really would clear my head for the day. I did some w water and Lemon, water and aloe, and many w organic coffee. It’s called Gerson therapy. It works!!!! Take magnesium. Most anxiety stricken people or people w brain issues are deficient in Magnesium so start taking it and see how you feel. Also might want to try young living essential oils. Very calming and healing to your cells. You’re not alone my friend. Prayers for you today. Xoxo

  4. Hi Patti,
    It has been just over a year since I had my amalgams replaced and I am now doing the Cutler protocol with ALA…..I have worked my way up to 100mg but sometimes think that is too much as I can feel it in my kidneys and liver…..
    Two weeks ago I decided to start organic coffee enemas and was wondering if you had included them in your heath regime…???
    Thank you for your story and very happy to hear that one day I can have my health back!!!! You are truly an inspiration and I loved the pictures of your family!!!! I have two teens and they sure have had to watch their Mom go thru some very scary health issues…..but with the grace of God I can now see happiness and good health returning very soon!!!!! I had stopped taking gaba….could you also tell me how you felt that helped your healing????
    Thanks for your help… truly do feel alone with this poisoning. ….I still have friends and family that want me to see a real doctor to find out what is really wrong!!!! Now I just laugh it off and tell them my chiropractor and Dr. Cutler are my doctors!!!!

    1. Dear Dar, yes I did Gerston therapy organic coffee enemas! They helped tremendously! In fact anytime I felt out of control or brain foggy I would do a coffee enema or even regular enema and I would feel much better. I too got up to 100 mgs and felt adrenal exhaustion. The enemas are great!!! Around the time I let my kidneys and adrenals rest I did enemas and vitamin B Injections and found ways to sweat sweat sweat. Vitamin C ascorbate is natures scrub brush for the cells so taking that and sweating a LOT made me feel great for a whole day. Xoxo

  5. Hi Patti,

    I hope you don’t mind me contacting you on here again. I just wondered if you took the other vitamins / supplements alongside on and off rounds of ALA? And also if you cut out the high sulphur foods during that time.

    Kind Regards,


    1. Hi Lisa, yes I did do the vitamins off rounds and they helped a lot. I also took charcoal. And also yes on sulphur. I had to cut sulphur foods out of my diet to feel well. Hope you’re doing well my friend.

  6. Thank you for your testimony Patti. For all those suffering, I feel your pain, quite literally. I have to say though that my pain is subsiding. I wanted to share my story as well.

    At 17 years old, I got my amalgams put in. Just two, but enough to do a lot of damage. I went through my 20’s with considerable amount of pain – chest pain in particular but also tightness in right eye and full ear feeling. I would crack my chest often, had difficulty breathing, anxiety especially. i could go on but I won’t.

    Things got so bad it was affecting day to day life, my marriage, etc. I was determined to figure out what was causing my fibromyalgia symptoms so I looked up all the possibly causes and read about heavy metals. Last July I had my amalgams taken out and the results were dramatic!

    i ended up breathing better, my lazy eye opened, i lost a good 20 or more pounds, my muscular strength increased exponentially, i was able to stay up longer, do more work (no more chronic fatigue), my married life and life with kids got so much better too. i didn’t need to crack my chest anymore and right now it feels like my network of nerves are reconnecting.

    i should also mention in all this that i became sensitized to metals, not desensitized, but sensitized. Meaning touching metal was painful. once i realized this i stopped wearing anything metal (jewelry, eyeglasses, etc) i even avoided touching metal if possible (eating with my hands instead of utensils, etc). there are some scholarly articleso n this published in sweeden in late 90s that confirmed this existence in mercury exposed individuals.

    This is the backdrop, I would like to explain what I did to get to a nearly full recovery. I am not yet fully recovered but believe I will be someday.

    1. chiropractor – this was before i knew what the problem was – but it did really help get things moving again
    2. tens machine – ultima neuro – matches the nerve impulse of the body to relax it and let nerves repair themselves
    3. other physical exercise devices – i especially liked using the theracane and the foam roller but any massage was great too. It really stimulated more oxygen in my bloodstream.
    4. DIET – this one was huge – I changed to eating just veggies and lean meat, mostly chicken, and plain spaghetti, nothing added. Later on, I added cilantro and garlic – powerful chelators
    5. SUPPLEMENTS – my wife is a physician and she began telling me about supplements – i tried a few but the one that gave me the most success is neurogen by a hand surgeon fitzmaurice, google it, it’s got ALA that cutler recommends. I also take Gluathiamine and chlorella and magnesium oil, These were all recommended by the superman diet, see
    5. Reading posts – I have to say thet without the Internet I would not have been healed. No traditional doctor figured it out, I did, with the help of bloggers like yourself! It is my firm commitment to keep on going back to learn more and even when completely healed, to help others in my predicament. i think the ADA needs to go down for the evil it has allowed to occur under its watch!
    6. Prayer – no real explanation needed here, but I do think it helps!

    I would be happy to go into any details of what I did to recover but I do think the following things are true:
    – my recovery could be linked to the fact that I am in my mid 30s and besides this thing (doctor’s always said this) had perfect health
    – i respond well to chelation – not true for everyone

    therefore, i believe that you first must listen to your body before anything else – even a trained practitioner. Go slowly and increase dosage as your tolerance allows. Remember that the toxins are eliminated through your poop. If you don’t eliminate regularly this could be a problem. Fortunately, I don’t have that problem.

    You may email at for any clarifications or questions.

    Wishing you all the best of luck and God’s good graces on your road to recovery.

    By the way, in July it will be my one year since removal of amalgams so my progress has been relatively quick.
    I do think that it can be for others as well without too many other comorbidities.

  7. Thank you thank you thank YOU! I’m so happy for you girlie 😉 I’ve been housebound for the last three years due to severe anxiety,ect…wouldn’t wish this on anyone 🙁 I’m stuck in fight or flight all the time-gaba,molyb, and magnesium are my lifesavers! I match up perfectly with both copper and mercury toxicity(But the panic didn’t start till I swallowed a filling-sulfur rich anything makes me dealthy ill) having fillings removed-will take all I have left to do them.. but praying it handles this. And I can start living again.
    You were the positive read I needed 🙂 So again, thank you!

    1. Carol, I’m so happy my story can help in some small way. Keep at it mamas. Xo

  8. Patti – how did you get through MCS? I’m only on my third round of 3mg of ALA and having a severe reaction to everything. Did MCS go away a bit after you chelated? And for how many rounds? Thank you for your help <3

    1. Hi Reagan, it took A LOT of rounds before MCS started to dissipate. In the meantime to combat it I would take charcoal and do am enema and sauna if something set it off. Just keep at the chelation it will definitely get better just takes time. With every round there was a slight improvement so over time it was finally gone!! That’s the good news so good luck to you & I hope you’re doing well. Xoxo

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