Meet Patti who recovered fully from mercury poisoning

patti-portrait-400I want you to meet Patti Pili who recovered from a severe case of mercury poisoning acquired from dental amalgams. Her recovery process started in 2009 when she had her amalgams removed and following Andy Cutler’s chelation protocol she recovered fully by 2012. This is a dynamite recovery story that will inspire and motivate you and help you through the inevitable setbacks she describes. From the pictures, you can see  clearly what it means to have her health back.  Well done and thanks for sharing Patti!

Now, in her words:

Those of you who are severely ill…do not worry…you WILL get better – it happened to me. I became ill in 2008 and today 5 years later I am living a normal and I mean normal life. I stopped chelating a year ago and left this group as all the other successes probably do but I came back to post this to hopefully help any/all of you.

I’ve been into natural health since I was 16 when I started teaching Aerobics (I am now 42). I have been a vegetarian since I was 9 and into whole foods my whole life.


I first became ill in November 2008.

I was in severely bad shape; I experienced what seemed like a ‘bad trip’ on narcotics from what I’ve only seen in movies… I was for lack of a better description “tripping out” for about 3 months night AND day. It was the scariest time of life and I was unable to live normally, I had to pace outside on the grass all day and try to stay calm. The brain fog, dizziness, vision problems, ear ringing, and severe anxiety were the least of my problems as I felt drugged and on a bad trip. I lost 30 pounds, developed MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities) which made it impossible for me to go outside or any public place since I could smell every little faint smell and would send me into vertigo, anxiety and pure panic.

Going to Target with all their chemical products was impossible as I experienced vertigo and sensations in my brain that felt like someone was shaking it and I fell to the floor, literally. I was house ridden and unable to eat since I was reacting to everything (even though I’ve been vegetarian since I was 9 and already had a house full of natural unprocessed foods).

patti-ballgame-400I didn’t know what was happening to me. I didn’t know if someone had drugged me or I had cancer or what was happening to me. Those 3 months of round the clock tripping out were hell. I was unable to drive my kids to school, unable to function or cook, unable to clean because of the MCS, I was couch ridden just spending days trying to stay calm and keep from spiraling downward into my depression and fear and just try to keep it together especially in front of my kids.

My symptoms included: brain fog, dizziness upon standing, vertigo, visual disturbances of multiple blurry spots floating in front of me, ringing in the ears, severe anxiety, MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities, heart palpitations, tingling and numbness in middle finger and some toes, felt funny all the time, felt scared all the time like something was happening to me beyond my control, panicky, unable to concentrate, feeling of being drugged and “tripping” out, unable to eat since I’d react to most foods with extreme anxiety and extreme vertigo and the feeling of tripping out.

My herbalist put me on charcoal, B5, vit C ascorbate, magnesium, zinc, B1 and B6. They helped at first then I had problems reacting after a while. I cried in pain daily.

I stopped living on pills and switched to Dr. Schulze products using his detox formulas and felt much better and the tripping out was not as severe but my episodes continued sporadically. I did multiple Dr. Schulze 5-day liver cleanses as well as 5-day kidney cleanses. His detox tea made me feel good so I lived on it. Every day was an uphill battle laden with tears and without hope and without proper diagnosis of what was happening to me.

Conventional doctors told me it was all in my head. They ran blood work and various forms of testing. They told me they could tell I was vegan because all my labs showed perfect health. I saw numerous conventional doctors and they all said the same, even though once in a doctors office my face turned beet red during an “episode”. I felt like a crazy person. I felt like I was losing my mind, literally.

I began massive detoxification protocols, colonics, infrared saunas, I juiced for 45 days, I did numerous colon cleanses, essential oils, lymphatic drainage massage, meditation, ionic foot baths etc.

I saw my naturopath who did bio-feedback on me and it showed ‘retention of toxins’ and ‘dental’ problems. When he found out I had amalgams he urged me to get them out safely by a bio dentist. I found the dentist by IOAMT’s website and then googled for amalgam illness and came across Andy Cutler’s site and various others discussing his book and protocol.

When I began to read from Dr. Cutler’s site all the information on symptoms I wept… for the first time in 10 months and after 8 doctors I knew now what my problem was. I self diagnosed with the help of the site and my naturopath that I was mercury poisoned. My dentist ordered a hair test through doctors data and confirmed the same. It was the summer of 2009.

I then began reading his book and began taking the list of supplements (recommended in his book) for while you still have amalgams in your mouth. By day 2 I was off the couch and able to function a little more. This is when I contacted him with the utmost gratitude.

I emailed Andy Cutler once in the beginning of my healing process and thanked him for writing about what “to take now while feeling sick with amalgams” and I adhered to that list of supplements and was finally able to go outside and drive my car and finally get the amalgams out. He asked if I would post my remarks on Amazon under his book page and so I did happily.

All my amalgams were removed by september 2009 and on the same day that they were all removed the ringing in my ears came to complete halt. For the first time in I don’t know how long I could hear without that high pitched screeching in my ears. My dentist did vit c injections a few times after the process. I felt good in september and then in October felt like I was relapsing.

His book consoled me in the fact that I was dumping but I had reservations. I was terrified of what if this is not the root of my problems I still feel very ill. My mcs had diminished only some and all the other symptoms were still there, minus the ear ringing. I joined the frequent-dose-chelation group and there was so much support and reassurance that I was ok and just needed to chelate. I clung to this desperately hoping it was true. I read positive posts in tears trying to stay positive.

I began chelation in December (3 mos after amalgam removal) on 2mg ALA along with the other recommended supplements (e.g. mag, vit c, zinc, vit e, b vitamins etc.) doing 3 hour rounds 3 days on 3 off. I could not believe my eyes or body! After just 1 day of chelation I felt GREAT! I use that word ‘great’ relative to my situation at the time because I still had symptoms but while on chelation rounds I felt energized, brain fog was gone, I could think, clean, watch sports without getting dizzy, get up from a lying position without feeling dizzy or lightheaded.

My anxiety was now manageable, magnesium became my favorite supp next to ALA as it took away my anxiety so well. On my off days, my symptoms would return to remind me to continue chelating.

My rounds:
2mg ala – 6 weeks
3mg ala – 3 weeks
5 mg ala – 1 week
3 mg ala – 2 weeks
5mg ala – 4 weeks
7.5mg ala – 4 weeks
10 mg ala – 5 weeks

And so on and so on until I got up 25mgs. I didn’t journal it but I stayed on 25mgs for a long time. I didn’t take breaks from the 3day on/off rounds because I felt so fantastic while ON rounds. I did up the days to 4.

Beginning in 2010 I resumed a rigorous exercise program to sweat daily and each I did I felt great. I worked out (turbo kickboxing at 24 hour fitness) about 5 days a week for about 1-2 hours.)After my workouts I always entered the sauna for about 20 minutes. I did this because Andy told me in an email once that sweating up to a pint a day is the same as chelating. He told me only regular saunas though, not infra red as they pull too much out. I cannont tell you how awesome I felt after the saunas; it would clear my head for the whole day.

After about 10-11 months of chelating happily I had an episode. I was tripping out again, dizzy upon standing, I saw blurry spots, anxiety came back with a vengeance. I was so scared and sad at my relapse that it created a new wave of doubt. Once again I took to the chelation group and the book to re-read about the 6 month dump. I posted and Andy actually responded how this was normal and referred the pages in the book. Other members from the frequent-dose-chelation group consoled with the same information and it helped. I was reminded to keep chelating and so I did.

After several months of 25mgs I upped it to 35 mgs and eventually 50mgs. By this time it was summer of 2010 and I was feeling really good. My MCS was gone, I could actually shop at target and even walk down the detergent aisle. about 65% of my symptoms were gone. With each 50mg round I felt clearer and stronger and happier. I decided to up it to 75mgs and did this for a few months and then upped it to 100 mgs rounds. Now it was Jan 2011 and I thought I felt 100% healthy but after a few weeks of doing this dosage I began to feel funny again so I reduced to 75mgs and while ON round I felt symptoms so I knew I had to reduce further and so I went back to 50 mgs by summer of 2011. In addition I began taking breaks from chelation as I felt that my symptoms might have just been reactions of my exhausted liver and adrenals. It worked my body felt better and so I continued 50mgs but only by taking long breaks between rounds and I mean about 3 week breaks.

Beginning of 2012 I started getting Vitamin B injections: B12,B1, and B6. I felt like they really helped my adrenals recover from all the cleansing so I did this for one year once a month.

patti-with-son-400By summer of 2012 most of my symptoms were gone.

In February of 2013 I had a vertigo episode that lasted 3 days.

It is now summer of 2013 and I feel very very normal. I haven’t chelated however since last summer.

Today I don’t have ANY symptoms, I feel clear, I can drink wine, run and jog, no MCS, no dizziness etc…. SYMPTOM FREE.

The extreme anxiety I used to feel is no longer. For those of you suffering from this remember to keep calm, use affirmation from Louise Hay, and rely on Magnesium and/or GABA… its what worked for me.

Use my story as your motivation… it WILL GET BETTER I promise you… just keep chelating!

Hope this helps and much love and best wishes to you all.

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73 thoughts to “Meet Patti who recovered fully from mercury poisoning”

  1. Can someone please inform me, how in the world do you measure out 2 mg, 3 mg, 5mg, ect. ect. Those are such small quantities which I will want to start with as well. I have been long overdue for chelating but have not been able to due to chronic migraines and weaknesses and have instead been filling my head with hope for years reading sites like yours (Eric) and stories like Patti’s. Thank god I found Bosweilla serrata capsules which were a godsend and that led me to try Frakincense EO which works even better than the capsules. Highly recommend the oil to ward off head pain during healing.
    So now I’m ready to start with ALA but have no idea how to measure out such small quantities. The most I could figure out is buying a $25 scale which measures to the .001, with up to a 3 mg accuracy. Is there another way?
    Thanks the site, inspiration and stories!!

    1. sells the supplements in the small amounts you need. Great customer service at this compounding pharmacy. It can, however, take more than a few weeks for the supplements to arrive. I tried to measure out the small amounts myself (3, 5, 6 mg) and failed. I suffered with bad symptoms. I also highly recommend the DMSA. I usually chelate with both ALA and DMSA, but I am finding that taking a round with only DMSA helps to clear me out and keep symptoms at bay. Good luck!!

    2. Lauren – Google living network supplements store, you can order the small doses through that website 🙂

  2. I can tell similar story but it was more long as I had mercury filling for 13 years. After spending tons of money and visiting many doctors I realized that I should learn how to get well myself. When I found out about mercury and other metals poisoning from test I had chelation therapy with integrative doctor. But I still had very low adrenals and I had to learn how to fix them myself. I tried everything and now they are in a good shape and Candida is under control though it will never go away if mercury is still present. I never had such severe symptoms with vertigo except only after operation – it is stress of course due to anesthesia. But in general, I was anxious, had brain fog and fatigued. But my major problem became blood sugar – I diagnosed my self with hypoglycemia ad pre-diabetes despite my tests were normal. Electrical sensitivity and floaters were reduced but in the past I had even flushes in my eyes. Now I feel great and working on thyroids and always support adrenals. I continue with home detox now with help of Cutler`s group on Facebook. But it is very important to fix adrenals and thyroids before detox as Cutler himself wrote. So if you are interested in that you can sign up for our group where I can share some information about it as well as Ayurveda, nutrition and even alternative medicine from good doctors. I opened several groups but you may need this one more that other.

    Discussion group for everybody about stress, anxiety, fatigue, and insomnia and depression

  3. Hi Patti,

    Thanks for sharing your story. I found your story about a year ago, and it’s the reason I discovered the protocol, and I’ve been able to slowly get better and better. I’d like to do ALA only as well, but redistribution after the first round was god awful. Wondering if in the beginning coming off round symptoms were really intense for you? Also, did you do other cleanses and Dr Schulze products at the same time while chelating or did you do them on breaks in between? Thanks again!! ????

    1. Katie,
      I felt GREAT on rounds but yes coming off was tough. It got better and better though with each round! The supps Andy Cutler recommended are what got me through. Yes I did continue Dr Shulze detoxes and that helped. With redistribution I gave myself enemas and that always helped as did swearing in saunas. Keep at it mamas. It WILL get better. Xo

  4. Hi Patti,

    I just wondered if you used DMSA as well as ALA, as this was not mentioned in your post. So glad to hear how well you recovered, I can not wait to get to the stage where you are at now. Unfortunately, my amalgams were removed unsafely some years ago but I am still hoping to make a full recovery. I am also super sensitive, especially suffering with electrical sensitivity and hope that my symptoms will reduce after further chelation.


    1. Hi Lisa,
      I did not do DMSA. ALA to me was more natural especially since I combined chelation with so many other healthy protocols, cleansing, sauna, Gerson therapy, dr schulze products, clean eating, lots of excercise (later once I was able to function and the brain fog subsided). I know many have had great results with DMSA I just wasn’t willing to truth it. Much luck to you Lisa-you got this! Remember, everyday your body is cleansing and also remember to listen to your body, I’m sure you already are! For me giving my adrenals a break and vitamin B push really helped me cleanse and feel better.

      1. Patti,
        I ran across your story on the internet last summer when i had a three-week crash!! I had been trying to get ready to chelate mercury with supplements but crashed. I am wondering if you could share what supplents you are referring to in use with the sauna and ACC protocol

  5. I’m at the very start of this process. Thankfully my dentist has been a tremendous help, but its been a very slow start.

  6. Thank you for your update. I have been dealing with what sounds like the very same thing for nearly 2 years now. It started with vertigo and progressed into what I call the Jack Sparrow wobble head thing. I have been to many dr’s/specialists with no answers. I knew I needed to have amalgams replaced but put it off until that was the last thing it could have been. I did that last spring (2015) and it seemed to help some. I still had the loopy head and the feeling that my eyes couldn’t keep up with my head movement. My naturapath recommended a biological dentist who could do a cavitat scan to check for cavitations. Had two of those plus two root canaled teeth that didn’t look good so I had those pulled as well as the cavitations cleaned out. I have read that mercury can deposit in cavitations and I think that during the process the mercury was stirred up so I am still dealing with the JS head. The pain I had where one of the root canaled teeth is gone though and mentally, most days, I feel stronger. I have tried a couple of different detoxes but right now I am doing a minimal detox as it seems to affect me worse if I go too strong. I have used IMD powder after the fillings were replaced and seemed to work well. Since the surgery it just knocks me out even at really low doses. I also have zeolite but that also knocks me down pretty good so right now I am just trying to get through each day at a somewhat functional level. I also had the burning tongue for several months after filling removal but it quit about a month before the dental surgery and came back after that. It is mostly gone these days though occasionally will be an issue but I know it went away before so it will again. Finding this page was a blessing last night. I was in tears just reading your story because there have been days when I have wondered if I can keep going. When the vertigo hit in March of 2014 it pretty much stopped my life. The anxiety that I was already dealing with really ramped up and I became pretty much homebound. I didn’t drive for 3 months and even now I still only drive close to home. I am getting better but it is taking time so just knowing that someone else has gotten to the other side of it is encouraging. My ears have also been an issue through all of this. I have never reacted to weather before but it seems I do that now. One of the benefits has been the knowledge I have gained while looking for answers. I have irritated some drs. when I won’t take all the drugs they tried to prescribe or when I tell them I want natural solutions and I want to get to the root cause but that’s ok. Anyway, thank you for posting this. I actually bookmarked the page so I can go back to it when I feel like I will never get my head back.

    1. Toby it WILL get better! I strongly urge you to look up the cutler protocol. Detoxing from this has to be done very carefully. I tried all kinds of things. Also SWEAT as much you can it’s wonderful because it will move the toxins out of your cells and body. It takes time but with your continued effort it WILL get better. Our bodies are always detoxing so remember that your body can do this, just takes time. I am proof!

  7. Thank you Eric and Patti! This post is so inspiring. Patti – can you tell me how long it took before your eye symptoms went away? I have the same problems you were having with the floaters and it’s so difficult to ignore. I’d love to hear back from you, thank you so much!

    1. The eye floaters are a byproduct of the adrenals not working properly,they will resolve when the adrenals have healed, this tends to be one of the last symptoms to clear because the adrenals do a lot of work in helping detox and tend not to heal until you have detoxed, you get used to them and just know they are harmless

    2. I started chelation slowly but I have to say that’s when the floaters started to vanish. Chelation cleared that as long as I chelates slowly.

      1. Thank you for your response, Patti! It means everything. I’m wondering if once you hit the dump phase, if you went down again in dosage, or if you stayed at the same amount of ALA?

        Also, did you have yeast issues with the mercury? I feel like I always have brain fog and cloudy vision with floaters. I think this is a combination of yeast and mercury?

  8. Patti and Eric – thank you so much for posting this, I was just diagnosed with MS and I believe most of my symptoms are from Mercury toxicity. Patti – can you tell me how long it was before your vision problems went away? This has been my main symptom and it’s horrible. I have cloudy vision with many floaters (and it’s not optic neuritis like the neurologists thought). I would love to hear back from you. Thank you again!

  9. I’m going through the EXACT same thing as Patti went through. Lots of fun 🙁

    I almost feel like I’m being tested by God or something

  10. Please consider reading The Mercury Diaries by Daniel Forsyth. I found this book on Amazon three months after having my last amalgam filling removed. I was not functioning normally. Laundry and cooking for my family were challenging for me most days. The pain and brain fog were unbearable. Forsyth helped me understand the mercury dump phase that I was experiencing. He also helped me understand how to chelate safely as well as address lots of other physical problems. His book is full of great ideas to consider. And he is FUNNY! When I was at my lowest, I would read his book for a few minutes here and there just to get myself into a better mood and get through my day. Yes, you have a difficult journey ahead of you, but forewarned is forearmed. You’ll get there, one step at a time.

  11. I think the internet is such a blessing sometimes. This is not the type of information someone would have been able to find ten years ago by going to the library and seeing what was in books. I’ve had these symptoms for 20+ years, and it’s pretty much robbed me of my youth. I’m pretty much emptying my family’s savings to have my fillings removed properly. I’m 1/3 of the way through in having the task completed. The dominant voice in the back of my head is that I’m going to blow all this money and not have my health improve, but it helps to read your story because I realize that having the fillings removed is only phase one. I may have months or years of challenges ahead of me, but there is a big possibility I can and will get better. I am not even 40 yet, so I still have hope of being able to live my life for the first time since all these things started in high school for me. If I do get better I plan to spend the rest of my life sort of ‘witnessing’ to people about what has happened to me. First, I have to get better though. Thank you for this site. Through the internet, it’s kind of beautiful how complete strangers help other complete strangers.

    1. thanks for your kind comments Chris – here’s to you and me and lots of other folks experiencing reverse aging as we heal!!


    2. Your story mirrors my own, am 37 now have had symptoms going back as far as I can remember, at least 14 with extra shyness at school at times blushing a flinching in one of my eye’s, mood swings mostly put down to puberty, more mental problems than phicycle, spent most of my teenage years in my room playing games smoking a little pot which helped with the depression, then by 24 started getting sick throwing up acid stuff heads getn worse, so by 27 I moved back to connamara Ireland as that’s where I was born convinced I was going to die I would die at my real home, all the while going to doctors over the years telling me I was fine, ‘ It was all in my head” I got little support from my mother & 3 older sisters, ! In Ireland I got a lot lot worse looking back was after some dental work, drilling without proper protocol
      I got servers depression/anxiety chronic fatique, heart palpitations chemical sensitivity, hiring numb brain fog bad memory, crazy anger at times, still going to doctors in Ireland for another 8 Years having blood tests, MRA scans
      Ultrasounds telling me I’m fine! Trust me I was light years from fine, any way I seen a program on a so called conspiracy program called the Alex Jones show, talking about the cover up with silver alalgam fillings & mercury fillings, so I went to see a biological dentist and she confirmed I was leaking mercury from a couple fillings, finally after over 20 years of it’s all in your. head, it turned out it was in the form of mercury poisoning. I had my fillings all 6 removed 2 at a time over a year period and the next day after they were all removed I felt a tiny improvement, 8 months on have had more improvement I would have had better improvement but as I have not worked in years due to condition I have not followed the Dr cutler program properly but have taken some dmsa at lower doses with good results also taking chorella, mercury free fish oil, I can already do few things couldn’t do in years like go to a crowded place or get out and do some walking, I am living in a mobile home with no electric only a couple of proper friends as most people turn there back on you due to your odd behaviour , & God but am still here thought about suicide many times but got. 2 ginger tom cats named Samson & Sinbad who I hand reared with syringe since 3 was old when there mother got run over sadly! And they are like my kids, 7 yrs old in april a must for any body suffering from depression get fun and company when you can’t handle people.! I used to be good with girls in pockets when was younger but have had to remain single, am now thinking about returning to work part time, as I still have few Symptoms remaining
      Mainly depressed numb brain and chronic fatique I was a quallifed PC engineer at 23 a qualified stone mason at 28 but can’t do either job properly now! Though I know I’m getting better slowly I plan to join the gym again to sweat out toxins but need a job first! Don’t give up hope if I can make it this long after a lifetime of pain & suffering any one can
      Keep the faith God bless!

  12. Eric and Lizette, thanks for your reply. I am now 66. The diagnosis occurred about 7 years ago; but it took about one
    year to find the right holistic doctor (after many infections, antibiotics, and m.ds. After the chelation and Hercamer effect,
    I contracted lead and aluminum poisoning. I am much, much better, but continue to have Fibro/Chronic Fatigue,
    heart problems, tremor, ataxia, kidney damage and a weak immune system. I eat mostly organic foods, drink reverse
    osmosis water, and do acupuncture about every 3 months.

  13. The saddest part of being mercury poisoned is that no one believes you and even though the doctors understands that mercury might be the source of your problem they still would tell you mercury is safe. As the maxim goes ” who feels it knows”. We also have people who will blatantly not educate themselves with the dangers of mercury all because they do not physically show any symptoms and this saddens me. I have been mercury poisoned dance 2012 and to date I am still going through the struggle of getting my health on track. I had my amalgams removed by a conventional doctor who did not use any preventative measures in removing. I was stricken with every disease on the planet from dizziness, headaches, heart palpitation, deafness, loss of vision, burning in mouth and throat, coated tongue, memory loss, inability to stay focused, my brain was s total mess. Skin rash, very weak nervous system, anxiety attacks, depression. I know I was dying yet all blood tests, xray, CT scans, mri, eko every test results came back normal. You talk about depression, this steps in mostly when you explain to people that you are bring mercury poisoned and they laugh you to scorn. I want to advise persons out there that this is serious and should not be taken for granted. Even though you might not show any symptoms now doesn’t mean that mercury is safe and especially amalgam fillings. Now in 2015 quite a lot if my symptoms have minimise, I am still chelating and still reading up and doing researches on line as I got to the realisation that I am in this myself , I am the one who has to educate myself and to heal myself. I want to thank all those who have posted their stories on line as this in itself is the only comfort we have sometimes, people who can identify with what we are going through.

  14. Dear Patti, This is question for you… or anyone who might have knowledge pertaining to this.

    How long does mercury retain in the body or in the brain after amalgams have been removed?

    I’ve had them removed for.. almost 10 years now but I only discovered chelating this past year. I still suffer depression, OCD, and high emotion towards any criticism; even to the point of autistic like tendencies.

  15. I would just like to give some more hope to all of you suffering too. I have a similar story to Patti’s except mine started closer to 2000 and is not yet wrapped up. However, I am making great strides as of late. I’m 35 year old male and for many years I ignored the symptoms or did not have the mental acuity to fight this thing. Then, a couple of years ago I began the fight. I started with a chiropractor because the greatest symptoms were in my chest (tightness). He greatly helped. I did physical therapy, got testing done for toxicities, etc. I didn’t realize it at the time but I was/am mercury poisoned.

    I know that I am because of how my body almost immediately responded from getting my amalgams removed today. I’m not out of the woods yet but I have a great reduction in my symptoms, especially my chest tightness. It is HARD work though. Patti is right though that you can get over it but I will stress too that you need to find the cause(s) of your pain. It may not just be the amalgam filling. I spent countless hours over the past year or two doing research into understanding my symptoms.

    – I hadn’t heard about mercury being dangerous before
    – I didn’t know about chelation therapies
    – I didn’t even know that my symptoms could be classified as fibromyalgia.

    I had so much pain in my ear (stuffiness) and dizziness that I couldn’t concentrate through a conversation too well. I used capsaicin as a natural pain reliever (from a pepper). I still use it to this day but far less often. I tried different stim devices from Dr. Labrum’s book concerning neuropathy but they just helped manage the symptoms/not cure it.

    I am not fully cured yet but I believe I will be some day. I agree that doing too much chelation while havingg the amalgams in is a bad idea, HOWEVER I do think that chelating naturally through eating a lot of vegetables (look up chelation vegetables) is absolutely essential. Also, make sure that you see a biologic dentist. I had Dr. Slovan here in Charleston – awesome!

    I want to mention one other turning point for me and maybe this is affecting some of you and you don’t know it yet – wearing/touching metals was contributing greatly to my pain. I had a lot of pain from wearing my ring, watch, necklace, any metal jewelry. In fact, most touch was even bothering me, but especially metals. I was hypersensitive to metals. There’s testing for this too, look it up. I still have this now but I believe it’s on the decline. Chelating naturally helped a lot. I have lost about 20 pounds in the last 3 months or so. This was because taking off the metals on me helped to relieve my head congestion so that I could breathe normally.

    A powerful chelator and be careful of this one is bentonite clay. I used this a few times before my amalgam removal and it was powerful stuff. It has a strong binding effet to eliminate the toxi\ns. I think I’m going to go back to this now and see how it works. But you need to replenish yourself here because it takes out the good minerals too.

    Please be sure to listen to your body throughout this process. I didn’t have a doctor guiding me though this process exactlly. Most don’t get it. However, listening to my body was key to my success. Patti had a relatively quick recovery compared to some people’s journey with these things. She also worked very hard at her recovery efforts. Her body may have been more ready than yours to handle such thorough chelation. If you can afford it, it’s helpful to have a professional I would imagine.

    I do hope that this was some help to someone out there. It’s a horrible thing to have to go through, butt with the right effort you can get better too.

    Don’t give up. My best advice I can give is trust your instincts, don’t let the naysayers get you down, look to the Internet for support and knowledge, but also include professionals to balance it out. Take it slow at first, you can always speed up later – and if you have those damn amalgams – get them removed properly – by a bio dentist – improve your diet before hand so that you are in better shape for this – look up dr. hyman – he’s got a protocol for this.

    God bless all of you. Prayer is important as well!

  16. Hi- was wondering if amalgam removal / mercury can cause geographic tongue? i have a severe case that started 4 months ago and am desperate for answers. any help would be appreciated



  17. I have been extremely ill since childhood with electric like agitation pulsing through my body from my brain, partial seizures, a feeling of no neurotransmitters in my brain causing depersonalization. Doctors cannot figure this out. A medical intuitive (I was desperate) told me I was mercury poisoned from vaccines. Anyone else have similar symptoms?

  18. Thank you for sharing your story. It gives me hope. I too was sick very sick between 2009 and 2011 but I only learned the Cutler protocol this year after a long detour. I am planning to have amalgams removed soon and start chelation after. All the best and keep well.

  19. I keep going back to Patti’s story to keep me motivated. I’m due to have my eight amalgams removed starting next week. My holistic dentist will be removing two at a time….I can’t wait!! I’ve had about 20 symptoms off and on since childhood….but two serious bouts lasting about 2 to 3 months each. Very scary!!!! I am 35 now. It’s hard to discuss when people just don’t understand.

    1. Look up Andy Cutler protocol! It works. So glad you’re getting them out. <3

  20. In June of 2008 7 different doctors misdiagnosed me. A holistic M.D. did a test and diagnosed me
    with mercury poisoning due to amalgams. I went thru the protocol and the amalgams were removed
    in August and September. Symptoms included: being psychotic, multiple infections, multiple chemical
    and environmental allergies, ataxia, visual disturbances, hearing loss, sleeping problems, systemic Candida
    and dyslexia. I am grateful to be alive, but am left with symptoms resembling MS and feel that I was cheated
    out of several years of my life and thousands of dollars. It is not right that this continues.

    1. Sue, im curious….how old are you? And when did your symptoms begin? So most of your symptoms did go away?? I pray for your healing.

  21. Thank you for this post. Its reassuring and yet also a little daunting. I discovered I have mercury toxicity from a hair test and trying to read as much information as possible before I start the process. At the same time I feel enlightened that I now know the symptoms are actually symptoms of something! I’ve been searching for 4 years….

  22. Awesome success story! I think I’ve come back to read this about 5 times over the past 6 months. I’m currently going through a dump so it’s always nice to hear others’ experiences around this time.

    1. I am so elated that my story is helping all of you out there on the road to recovery. Today in 2015 I feel even better. I eat pretty clean and work out a lot. About twice a year I fast and cleanse. This is my life because even though I chelated like crazy and recovered. I proactively cleanse my body to rid toxins from everything else (pollution, smoke, chemicals etc). My life is still symptom free and at the time of my poisoning and chelation I would have NEVER thought I would be saying this. I assumed that maybe I’d get better but not feel better and stronger than ever before! Your hard work will pay off. I don’t care if it’s mcs or something else …our bodies are amazing and have a huge capacity to heal themselves with the appropriate protocols. Happy cleansing everyone. Best wishes again to all of you. IT WILL GET BETTER!!

      1. Thanks for stopping in Patti and sharing your inspiring thoughts!! You are a wonderful person and deserve your hard-earned good health:)

      2. I self diagnosed as well. My friends would make fun of me as a teen because I always felt dizzy. Had 2 root canals and 6 silver fillings that have destroyed my body. At what age did you get did you get the fillings?

  23. My mom has been losing hearing and going deaf for the past 8 years ever since she had her dental amalgams removed. They did a bad job and it leaked all over and her tongue was black for a week. She had horrible episodes for months, but after recovering, her hearing has been getting worse. Is this permanent and how can we stop it? Thanks!

    1. David, I don’t recall reading about deafness associated with mercury poisoning but it’s worth researching a little because the symptom list is so extensive, hard for me to keep track of!

  24. I am so glad you are symptom free! I am on my road to recovery after a flu shot over a month ago! I have bee experiencing the same symptons as you, cant believe they allow this to happen and hand these out! Anyone had a same reaction to a flu shot/h1n1 ? any advise would be awesome and I would be so grateful. I am located in Houston,TX

  25. I have some of those anxiety symptoms and have found that magnesium really helps. But my worst symptoms are extreme (and I mean really extreme, as in a 9 out of 10 on the pain scale) muscle pains and joints that stiffen but don’t swell. These symptoms happen any time I try to chelate with ACZ Nano, Chlorella, or even diatomaceous earth. I also get the pains with most foods (including all grains, dairy, and meat, and a lot of fruits and vegetables). I seem to tolerate fish, nuts, and beans with very few exceptions. Does this sound like mercury poisoning? I am in the process of having amalgams removed and then will deal with amalgams under six crowns and two root canals. I fear I will be sick the rest of my life.

  26. Wow! Thanks for sharing your story. I’m just starting to look into mercury being an issue for me. Genetically bad teeth left me with lots of amalgam fillings in my youth. I have had some replaced with composite because they needed more work but still have some in under crowns etc. This is fascinating to me. I am so glad to read your story and will get Dr. Cutlers book ASAP. Thank you! (and Eric).

  27. I read your story. It is great you have no more symptoms. As for no more mecury in your body that confusing. Huggins saids with cheation takes 26 years to get out of your body and 40 years with no chelation. Have you heard of this? 

  28. Beware of B12 injections as they contain thimerosol (mercury) which like the flu shot and some vaccines. Read on other sources of mercury in foods and vaccines. Take care,Linda (also mercury toxic)

    1. Linda — this is nonsense. B12 injections do not contain thimerosol or mercury. If they do, please provide a source for your dangerous misinformation.

      Eric — if Linda doesn’t reply in the next 2-3 weeks, I would appreciate it you would delete her post. It is just not backed up anywhere that I can see by any sort of reference or study.

  29. Yes I too thought I was loosing my mind because all the doctors said I was depressed or that I had a lifestyle problem.  I had finally got my last amalgam out it was a systemic root canal that was leaching into my system.  I lost everything and every one to this. it had taken everything from me and I flew to Nepal and was preparing to jump off a cliff.  I failed to do it and came back to find others that have gone through the same ordeal with doctors and family and friends that just thought I was lazy or I lacked motivation.  It broke my hart and destroyed my faith in man kind. Thanks to people   like you who are speaking out about this thing.  Even my own mother told me that it (The mercury amalgam problem) is ” An Old Canard ” and that mercury amalgams are perfectly safe.  They are not and ” I” believe it what killed my brother he died of ALS.  While I was brushing his teeth with a vibrating tooth brush I saw all the metal he had in his mouth even while doing it I thought that that couldn’t be right. Soon after that real good brushing he died. His name was Frank Grund  and everyone who knew him loved him he was very funny to be with.

    1. @George Grund ,
      Yes, it is hard for most of us that suffer from this issue. Not only do we get sick, but if we seek help they tell us that we are crazy!
      I never went to Nepal but I did have recurrent suicidal depressions for many years. This seems to be fairly common among mercury toxic peoples and in my case it slowly got better over the years after taking out my fillings. The type of depression stayed very much the same but the durations became shorter and the periods between them longer. Since I started the Cutler supplements almost 2 years ago, I have not had any depressions. I do think that high dose Omega 3 (fish oil in my case) was the most direct reason but since I take a lot of supps and also do high dose chelation, it is difficult to know for sure.
      Are you doing the Cutler program?

    2. Dear George Grund,
      I read your post and I could feel your loss and pain through your words. I’m happy you did not jump off that cliff. I know how mankind can be so hurtful and sometimes leave us feeling so alone especially in our darkest hour of need.  I’ve not only been there but I am there.  You spoke so fondly of your brother Frank, I’m sure he would appreciate that. You were a good brother to brush his teeth for him. I hope you are in a better place in your health and in your thoughts. There are people who want you to stay off that cliff, just keep reaching out. God bless you and wishing well.

  30. Awesome that you featured Patti on your blog!  I loved her story as well, especially as she had MCS issues too.  This is a very encouraging testimony for me    🙂

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