How to get and stay healthy

What I’ve learned about healthcare through 15 years of illness and continuous research would be shocking to the average person (if they believed me). The average person, though, is healthy enough to have little interest in learning the truth. As they say, it’s easier to fool a person than it is for a person to accept he’s been fooled.

Nevertheless, I feel compelled to organize and lay out what I’ve learned about how to get healthy and stay healthy. First some background and philosophy and then a nuts and bolts recipe:

First do no harm

“You can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking you used when you created them.”
-Albert Einstein

Tragically, most of my 15 years of illness could have been avoided had I not taken the wrong supplements and allowed MDs to medicate me with pharmaceuticals. During the first five years of my illness I turned a manageable health problem into a life altering catastrophe, through my own ignorance and that of my MD. Here’s how I could have avoided harming myself and rules I’ll follow for the rest of my life:

  • never take mineral supplements (includes multivitamins) without doing Hair Test Mineral Analysis
  • never rely solely on an MD, get opinions from a naturopath, homeopath and possibly a chiropractor
  • never take a prescription drug  without researching it on and asking your naturopath what might go wrong
  • understand allopathic medicine’s strengths and weaknesses (see the next section)

Attitude adjustment

“Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won’t come in.”
-Issac Asimov

Now, if everything you think you know about our health system is wrong, you’ll never avoid harming yourself or allowing others to do you harm. Growing up, we were all brainwashed to believe that MDs were the ultimate benevolent health authority in our lives. In reality, MDs are the third leading cause of death in the USA. How is this possible? It began in the 1920s when the profession was captured by the pharmaceutical industry. Most MDs don’t even know that they exist in the pharmaceutical paradigm set up by the Carnegie’s and Rockefeller’s who owned drug manufacturing companies. I don’t expect you to believe me, all I want is for you to pay attention and decide for yourself:

  • Watch The Truth About Cancer and The Truth About Vaccines and Death By Medicine documentaries:


  • Read Medical Errors: STILL the Third Leading Cause of Death
  • Avoid falling for the medical diagnosis your MD (or even your naturopath) wants to pin on you and never stop searching for root causes. Whether you’ve been told you have hypothyroidism, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, IBS, adrenal fatigue, rheumatoid arthritis etc, these are just collections of symptoms, not root causes. Examples of true root causes are emotional (limiting beliefs and traumas), automobile or sporting accidents, toxic exposures, prolonged stress, sleep loss, poor or wrong diet, infections of all kinds and genetic flaws.

Rethink Your Environment

The city’s most of us live in our a seething mass of pollution – you’re breathing it, eating and drinking it and cooking in an ocean of microwaves, Wi-Fi and blue light.

  • If you’ve been vaccinated for anything, you’ve been injected with toxic metals.
  • If you use a smart phone or wifi, you’re dehydrating your cells and stimulating viral and bacterial pathogens to replicate at high rates in your body
  • If you drink city water, you’re drinking carcinogens and your neighbors prescription drugs.
  • Look up your city’s air and water quality. Here’s Boulder, CO compared to Denver and USA average.
  • Household products are toxic and what you breathe goes into your bloodstream.
  • If you do a lot of DIY home improvement or have hobbies that involve using glues, paints, solder or solvents, you’re living dangerously.
  • If you live in a home that has ever sustained water damage, has a damp basement or foundation walls, or you use your AC most of the year, you are likely breathing mycotoxins and mold spores.

Get Root Cause Testing

You want to get testing that will tease out the root causes of your illness and for that you need to go upstream of your symptoms. For example, what do you think might happen if we disrupted your sleep every night for 3, 5 or 10 years?

Do you think you might develop blood sugar control problems and possibly metabolic syndrome? How about immune system diseases like psoriasis or thyroiditis? Cancer? Okay so let’s study your sleep. Let’s also study what might be disrupting it. Following this line of thinking here are a number of tests that fit that upstream characteristic for me:

  • mold illness testing starting with visual acuity and including genetics and mycotoxin urine analysis
  • dental cone beam scan to find hidden infections (especially under old root canals)
  • vitamin D level
  • Lyme disease and other pathogens including viral loads (look up retrovirus)
  • Hair Mineral Analysis (HTMA)
  • Toxic Metals Challenge
  • sleep study (at home, not in a facility)
  • measure your oxygen saturation with an oximeter
  • standard bloodwork
  • nutritional analysis
  • food sensitivities

For more about these tests including examples, please see my detailed post on testing.

How to get well

    1. Use your brain – of all your options, your mind is the most powerful healing tool available to you.
    2. Fix your diet – read some paleo books and give it a go, try a grain free diet for 3 months, try dairy-free for 3 months. Stop eating refined sugar and cut way back on fruit. Avoid eating farmed salmon, the most toxic food on the planet. Try intermittent fasting to trigger DNA repair and keep the fat from building back up after your master cleanse (see Detoxify below).
    3. Fix your sleep – our bodies do necessary repair work while we sleep, so getting deep refreshing sleep should be your highest priority. Do whatever it takes. Make sure you don’t have sleep apnea, and if you do, solve it. Treat your sleep area like a shrine. I sleep with earplugs, tape my mouth shut, use blackout shades, and never bring a phone in my room. Dr. Stasha says her patients start sleeping well when their vitamin D levels reach 80 ng/ml. On the other had, Morley Robbins says that would be a big mistake.
    4. Fix your teeth dental problems are a top cause of chronic illness, either through infections which often hide under root canals, wisdom teeth extraction sites, or through silver amalgams that contain mercury, one of the most toxic poisons known to mankind.
    5. Fix or change your environment – check your house for mold and toxins, get rid of scented consumer products, avoid soft plastics, switch to glass and metal where possible. Eliminate rugs and avoid fresh paint and new things (houses and cars). Stop breathing car exhaust when you drive by closing the windows and turning on air recirculation. Reduce your exposure to electromagnetic frequencies EMF including wireless is much as possible. Note that Dr. Klinghardt will not accept patients who cannot commit to this step. The Earth’s magnetic field resonates at 9.8 Hz and this is what your body needs for harmony. Your cel phone emits 800 MHz or more and your cordless phone most likely runs at 5 GHZ – these frequencies are disruptive to our fragile systems and encourage bacteria like Borellia that causes Lyme disease to replicate 800 times faster than normal (Dr. Klinghardt). Get more sunshine and reduce your exposure to blue light.
    6. Balance your essential minerals – find a Nutritional Balancing Science practitioner and start taking only the supplements your body needs (and avoiding the ones that will harm you).
    7. Start a series of liver flushes – in our toxic world, everyone’s liver needs nurturing.
    8. Eliminate parasites and pathogens  – do a retroviral protocol, humaworm cleanse, hydrogen peroxide and/or look into chlorine dioxide. I’m currently relying on a brilliant homeopath for help with Lyme disease.
    9. Detoxify – start doing near-infrared sauna and try to work your way up to five times a week. Burn off your fat with a master cleanse. Your body stores toxins in the fat, so a significant detox will occur during your cleanse. If your hair test shows heavy metal toxicity, you may also want to look at frequent-dose-chelation. Use activated charcoal to mop up toxins when needed.
    10. Restore your cell membranes – and mitochondrial function with phosphatidylcholine and omega-3 oils (also know as lipid replacement therapy). About 30% of the population (including me) has a genetic flaw called PEMT which increases our need for choline and causes fatty liver if we do not get enough. That gives me three reasons to take sunflower lecithin – mitochondrial function, liver function and methylation support.
    11. Destress – one of the most interesting things I learned through nutritional balancing science is that stress alone can cause almost any chronic illness. When the adrenal glands work too hard for too long they lose their ability to regulate your electrolytes which are essential minerals. When they become unbalanced, there is a cascade of health effects which include a sluggish liver. And if your liver is not firing on all cylinders in today’s toxic world, you won’t keep up with your exposures and you’ll steadily become more and more toxic. That means you are less and less functional as a human being. So whatever you’ve got to do to lighten your burden, know that your recovery may depend on it.
    12. Consider grounding and microcurrent therapyelectromedicine is considered the future by leading scientists and has already developed a track record of success without any side effects or adverse reactions.
    13. Understand you are your own healer – we are conditioned from the earliest age to believe that it’s our MD who heals us when we fall ill. It’s not your MD, only you can heal yourself. When you are fighting a chronic illness, the complexity is too great for any MD. The vast majority are trained to help you achieve symptom relief with pharmaceutical drugs. This may work for a while, but over the long run you will get sicker. The only way out of the maze that you find yourself in when chronically ill, is for you to decide to become the boss of your recovery. You’ll get help from lots of people, but you need to take ownership of the process and in doing so, realize that your intuitions (and maybe your prayers too) will often be as valuable as any MDs opinion or advice.
    14. Understand that your body is programmed to heal itself – it wants to heal and all it needs are the right conditions. Your job is just to provide the conditions under which your body can do its own thing, which is recovery.
    15. Understand redox before detox – this will help you decide what to do first and what to do next which is always the hardest choice to make. If you’re a scientist, read Dr. Jack Kruse. If you’re not, the idea is that you’ll have more success by strengthening your body first before attempting detox. For Dr. Kruse, that means getting more sunshine and avoiding artificial lights, doing infrared sauna, grounding yourself electrically and anything else that strengthens your mitochondrial function. I’ve tried to order the items in this list roughly according to this theory. But as I said, choosing what to do first is probably the hardest question of all and the right answer may be different for everyone.

Now, what have I left out?

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  1. Hi Eric, really enjoy reading about your journey.

    Do you still revisit liver flushes and/or master cleanse or was it a one-off ?

    I am chelating (AC protocol) and my liver seems to be the weak link in the chain – started methylation but it adversely affected bile flow; attempted using boron (3mg) but it kicked off GB/Liver inflammation and stomach pain.

    Really need to get my liver performing better so rethinking liver flushes and/or coffee enemas.

    Best of health !

    1. Hi Allan, thanks for writing! I’ve switched to coconut oil and water fasting because of my Candida problem. I suppose I could still use the lemonade fast if I mixed in borax as I’ve done a few times. I like to do liver flushes at the end of a fast. Still a big believer in both 🙂

  2. Btw Do you remember your dreams? I find when I’m “keeping pace with time” (am synchronized with the quantum field) I have pleasant dream recall. Often, though, I don’t. Recently I increased my taurine, and I seem to be gaining back some pleasant dream recall. I’m thinking taurine wasting and B6 wasting (pyroluria) must go hand-in-hand.

    1. Yes, my dream recall has improved at various times with different therapies like methylation and grounding. And when I’m toxic, I have nightmares I prefer not to recall 😀

  3. Yes – I’d say those are all quantum therapies. I was tremendously helped by the Biomat and in fact recently switched to an Orgone (pricey, though!). I need to follow Kruse more. I think he’s a kindred spirit, but when I looked into him previously, it seemed like his central tenets were just sunlight and eating healthily, and I was already doing that. (Is there more?) In fact, for a long while, I didn’t tolerate “healthy” foods — which are often very high in oxalates — because my core metabolism was not spinning quickly enough to burn them into light. I believe oxalate (a crystal found in plants capable of photosynthesis) is crystal that should be light.

    Have you ever tried taurine? Do you know if you’re a fast or slow metabolizer? With constantly acidic urine, I wonder if you and your wife are actually “ahead” of time (i.e. fast metabolizers). What I find is that people whose bodies believe them to be in the future often have very serious chemical sensitivities. I think as energy speeds up and time slows down (for the whole quantum field), man-made chemicals become more of a problem.

    1. I’m a slow metabolizer and I used Taurine for several years for its mg recycling benefit. Can’t recall why I stopped but don’t think I noticed any difference with it…

  4. Hey – thank you – I just looked up Revici and he’s very interesting. I think the two nervous systems recalibrate while we sleep, so it makes sense that the urine would be acidic when we wake up (where it should be), but then grow alkaline over the course of the day. I’ve found, in general, that the movement from acidity to alkalinity represents a kind of slowing down. This “slowing down” in turn creates pH imbalance and wastes taurine. With taurine wasting, bile production drops off, we can’t digest fats, and we lose membrane integrity (membranes are comprised of lipids) — so nutrients can’t get in, and waste can’t get out. In other words – disease.

    Another cancer pioneer who was hip to the role of lipids was Johanna Budwig. Personally, I believe lipids’ role is central, but secondary; the primary problem is with pH. With Simoncini, he was alkalizing the (local) terrain so the cancerous cells that lagged behind time could “speed up until they slow down” (this is the quantum shift that needs to take place). With Gerson, he was revving the core metabolic rate with coffee enemas, then alkalizing the general terrain with fruit/vegetable juice (and potassium). I’d never seen the term “physics of lipids” before. Thank you — love it!

    “Emanuel Revici, MD laid the groundwork for a transformation in medicine during his research at the Pasteur Institute in Paris in the 1930’s. By observing the quantum or energetic properties of lipids in health and disease, Dr. Revici discovered non-toxic lipid chemotherapy that effectively treats pain and cancer, as well as many other symptoms and diseases. It is not surprising therefore, as some have reported, Einstein said Revici was the most intelligent man he ever met. Unfortunately, as with many scientists 50-100 years ahead of their time, Dr. Revici was considered a heretic. A Nobel Prize was awarded to scientists in 1982 “for their discoveries concerning prostaglandins and related biologically active substances”, a discovery Dr. Revici had already made fifty years earlier at the Pasteur Institute. While physicians and scientists have confirmed some of his discoveries in recent decades, many remain unrecognized. The same transformation that occurred in physics a century ago will occur in medicine this century once Dr. Revici’s work, the physics of lipids, is appreciated and applied.”

    1. Interestingly, my wife and I both would have acidic urine all the time in spite of a whole food diet with lots of veggies (I know “lots” is a relative concept) if we didn’t use supplements or clay to alkalize. And, we’re both chronically ill, so Revici’s rule seems to correlate with our experience. With 2 TBS of clay daily, we do ‘crossover’ every day.

      Nice to see his work described as ‘quantum’ there. Do you follow Dr. Jack Kruse?

      We use NIR sauna, light and microcurrent which I’d guess qualify as quantum therapies…

  5. I’m an acolyte of Paul Eck, Abram Hoffer, Linus Pauling, and others of the orthomolecular tradition, and view them as true pioneers. I focused for a long time on bringing down my copper with such things as molybdenum and zinc, but then realized I was putting the cart before the horse. The problem wasn’t the copper. The problem was me.

    When my core metabolic rate was where it should be, all my copper (and iron) were available to me. It was only when I was “spinning” either too quickly or too slowly that they would accumulate in tissues — similar to the way metals will precipitate out of solution. When I got my core metabolic rate fast enough, I not only no longer suffered the symptoms of copper toxicity, I began to crave copper.

    Only when the core metabolism — the metabolic rate of spin — is fast enough can we use our minerals. When we’re spinning too slowly, they precipitate out of solution and deposit in our tissues. This will happen if we’re spinning too slowly, or too fast. Either way, we lose the use of our minerals.

    Iron and copper are particularly problematic. When iron is spinning fast enough, it facilitates gravity. When copper is spinning fast enough, it facilitates electricity. Iron and copper are essential for speed. But unless we are already spinning fast enough, we cannot use them. Instead, they precipitate out of solution and deposit in tissues, where they do a lot of damage, including increasing our need for speed. So a dysfunctional loop is created.

    I can increase my core metabolic rate with things like salt (adrenals), iodine (thyroid), and vitamin B1 (thiamine). I can rev my metabolism by stimulating my liver with coffee enemas. But unless my alkalinity reserves (potassium) are sufficiently high when I do so, so my body knows it can apply the brake when necessary, my kidneys will undo the metabolic increase by making ammonia. This is what I mean when I say the liver is the engine but the kidneys set the speed limit.

    In cancer, the metabolic rate is too slow, so the body cannot use its iron and its copper. Instead, they are depositing in cellular tissue, and in turn increasing the metabolic rate requirement for those tissues. This creates a vicious cycle. The cells in question increase their metabolic rate, but the altered pH requirements of these cells creates gridlock. They have fallen behind (are too slow), but they’re also too acidic. The cells in question try to increase their metabolic rate, but the speed limit doesn’t allow it. They’re speeding up and going nowhere — so they keep speeding up. The catabolic wasting we see in cancer is the body breaking down muscle to make ammonia to counteract its own attempts to increase the metabolic rate. The more ammonia it makes, the more copper and iron precipitate out of solution, and the more these iron- (or oxalate-) laden cells in turn increase their rate of metabolism. This eventually leads to unchecked cell division.

    1. You are reminding me of Emanuel Revici’s work. Have you read about him? He studied healthy people and found their urine alkalinity always crosses over from acidic to alkaline from morning to afternoon. He was curing cancer and other illnesses with a liposomal potassium which he patented. I tried to make it but it’s probably not feasible without a lab. My kitchen was not up to the job!

  6. Actually, the only mineral I take is copper (copper liver chelate by Standard Process). I find it’s not bioavaialable unless my metabolic rate is fast enough first. Taurine seems to help with this. If my metabolic rate is not fast enough, it’s as if I’m lagging behind time, and any mineral I take will warp backward in time (pathogenesis). Copper warps backward into yeast.

    I did a few HTMAs a few years ago. I’m a slow oxidizer. My non-bioavailable copper (in my hair) was nearly off the charts, and my potassium was in the tank.

    1. And you decided the 50 history of mineral balancing science as practiced by Paul Eck and others was bunk? Have you done something to reduce your toxic copper?

  7. Hi Eric,

    My health crashed in 2010, and I’ve been researching chronic illness ever since. I went through phases where I believed the root cause was mold, then parasites, then copper dysregulation, then iron toxicity. I’ve finally come to a conclusion that transcends and encompasses them all: the root cause of human illness can be found in quantum physics.

    I’ll outline some of my thoughts here, and if you or anyone else is interested, I’ve written about them more extensively at Welcome to Heaven dot com. Although my illness journey, like yours, took me far outside the mainstream, these ideas were linked to and quoted from in The New York Times six weeks ago when they reviewed my illness memoir. That heartens me and gives me hope that perhaps the illness paradigm and the lens through which we view ourselves is finally ready to change. I should also add that although the concepts discussed are those of quantum physics, I’m an English major who has not taken a hard science class since high school. I write about them in very clear, layperson language.

    We are more than membranes and mitochondria. We are light, and we follow light’s rules. As I studied human health, I kept hearing Walt Whitman’s voice in my ear: “I sing the body electric.” We are the body electric. We need copper (conducts electricity). We need taurine (stabilizes cell membranes and in effect establishes the cells’ electrical circuitry). Taurine also helps the body rebalance pH. pH is paramount. We (we the body, we the cell) need to be fast on the inside, and slow on the outside. Like a battery. We need fat — grass-fed whole milk is an excellent source, because it helps the body balance A, K and D — to ground our electricity.

    Time isn’t something solid, like a brick. Time is something we make—I’ll be using the term cycle—moment by moment, like a movie. All illness is quantum because all illness results from errors in the way we make time. As the universe accelerates—as the years increase in size and energy—time is slowing down.

    When we cycle time too quickly—at the speed of the past—we call it Parkinson’s. Michael J. Fox needs to get back to the future. When we cycle time too slowly—at the speed of the future—we call it ALS. Because the future is cycling time more slowly than we are, we can’t see it (we can’t see light that’s cycling more slowly than its own speed); future universes appear to us as black holes. Stephen Hawking, arguably the world’s greatest thinker on black holes, was cycling time at the speed of a black hole himself.

    Whence intelligence? What is the order that underpins our mathematical universe? Why should there be any order to the universe at all—much less a capacity on our behalf to comprehend it? Perhaps the best answer is the ultimate in parsimony: the order and the comprehension of order are one and the same. Maybe I’m a ray of light that, over the course of millennia, has grown a mouth, invented a language, collated its knowledge, and is finally beginning to understand itself.

    And so are you.

    Let’s assume for the sake of this argument that’s true. We are light. Our speed can never change. When we speed up, time slows down. And when we slow down, time speeds up. Wellness has nothing to do with “killing” or “detoxing.” It has to do with one thing: synchronizing with Time.

    There are two nervous systems. The brain, which reads the collective self through the individual lens; and the gut, which reads the individual self through the collective lens.

    When we lag behind time, we run too slowly, causing time to run too fast. This creates a computational error as the two nervous systems clash. The brain perceives time running too quickly and assumes it’s in acidosis and needs to slow down. The gut perceives metabolism running too slowly and wants to speed up—but the brain won’t let it. As soon as metabolism speeds up, the brain tells the liver to make ammonia. The metabolism gets a wet blanket right when it needs a match. We should be taking off, but instead we founder.

    Call it a pH paradox. The brain thinks we’re in acidosis, when really we’re in alkalosis. The result is we wind up even farther behind than we were. All the ammonia depletes our manganese (via arginase activity), which increases our iron to manganese ratios—and we fall farther back in time.

    It’s not exactly that our brains are complete idiots who are ruining everything. The computational error is understandable, because both things are true: we need to speed up, so we can slow down (akin to shifting gears). When we do this, we enter a different time signature—the future. The brain needs to be subservient to the gut—to let metabolism speed up, so that time can slow down for us.

    It’s the opposite for our autistic children. We lag behind time, whereas they’ve surpassed it. We think they’re behind us, when, in fact, they’re ahead. They’re running too quickly, so time has slowed down for them, making it appear as if they’re developing slowly. Here, the brain perceives time running too slowly, and assumes it’s in alkalosis and needs to speed up. The gut, which is smarter than the brain, knows they’re in acidosis and wants to slow them down—but the brain won’t let it. Every time the gut makes ammonia, to put the brakes on metabolism, the brain revs it.

    A surfeit of ammonia would have depleted their manganese, which would have increased their iron to manganese ratios, allowing them to fall back to the present time signature. But the metabolic increase cancels the surfeit. The gut tries again, but there’s a cap to how much ammonia the body can tolerate, and when the brain keeps revving metabolism, the body reaches it. As time shifts, we should be catching up to them, but they keep speeding ahead.

    So the autistic children are in acidosis? And we’re in alkalosis? It depends through which lens you view things—which is the heart of the problem. We’re cycling time at the speed of the past (too slowly—alkalosis). But a pH7 at the past time signature looks like—and, indeed, is—acidosis from the POV of the present (too much sodium and too much matter). The autistic children are cycling time at the speed of the future (too fast—acidosis). But a pH7 at the future time signature looks like—and, indeed, is—alkalosis from the POV of the present (too much potassium and too much light).

    Our metabolic rate directly affects the rate at which we cycle time. When we slow down, time speeds up—accelerating aging. The hallmarks of a body that keeps manufacturing ammonia when it’s already in alkalosis are swollen, baggy eyes and muscle wasting. Its effects are systemic, and devastating. We lose the use of our minerals. The minerals are present, but are no longer available to us—a condition known as dysregulation. Look at a so-called “old” person, there’s evidence of mineral dysregulation everywhere: from the capped teeth and brittle bones (calcium dysregulation), to the age spots and white hair (copper dysregulation) to the diabetes and depression (zinc dysregulation). Oxidative stress makes our hair fall out; the faster time signature (more gravity) makes us gain weight.

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