The microcurrent miracle!

microcurrent devicesIf only I could remember what impulse caused me to read Healing is Voltage by Dr. Jerry Tennant but it really caught my attention and I started researching microcurrent heavily. I also read Resonance Effect and Bob Beck’s The Body Electric which is mind blowing. The first device that I bought is a Russian microcurrent gadget, the Denas PCM-6. I bought Benedick Howard‘s most comprehensive package with the PCM-6, all the attachments, the Vertebra 2 and coaching.

I have since bought the much less expensive Candida Zapper and Microbe Electrifier microcurrent devices and Mend Technology‘s much more expensive Frequency Specific Microcurrent machine.  A year later, we (my family) are using all of these devices and I’m still a big believer. What are they doing for me?

Keeps my toxicity migraines in check. For years, I was unable to make progress because almost every therapy I employed would cause candida die-off resulting in disabling migraines that lasted three full days. Applying microcurrent to my temples and forehead seems to heal the damage and prevent future migraines. It will not, however stop a migraine once it has started. I still experience severe die off reactions which include frontal headaches, but without the stabbing migraine-type eye pain that I used to experience.

Prevents hemorrhoids. This one is somewhat of a guess, but since I started napping on the Vertebra 2 every day, I have not had any thrombosed veins which used to strike me down regularly as a result of Candida die-off. The candida toxins attack all membranes in your body from your eyes down to your bottom. And the Vertebra 2 treats your body from tailbone to neck.

candida zapper microcurrent deviceKills Candida. The Candida zapper fits in the palm of your hand but is extraordinarily powerful and effective against candida. On its High setting, I was only able to tolerate the die-off from 15 seconds of daily use in the beginning. Microcurrent for candida seems to be an ideal treatment because there’s no need for an MD and it comes without the side effects that would accompany any oral supplement or pharmaceutical. Sunshine works also but it is difficult to measure and I don’t have access to it for half the year! Powerful LEDs could substitute but they are more expensive and would take up more space. Check out a Candida zapper study performed using a different manufacturer’s zapper.

Relaxes tight neck and shoulder muscles, restoring posture. I used to subconsciously tense my left shoulder holding it higher than the right side. A number of bodyworkers tried to fix this but none could. Now I do the ‘shoulder lift’ every night before bed taught to me by Benedick Howard and my posture is normal again. I’ve discovered that I can relieve neck tension using massage balls or with the Denas PCM-6. They both work equally well, but the microcurrent is a bit faster and easier.

Heals tendonitis. I live with perpetual RSI in my hands but keep it well managed. Occasionally it will flare up when I get more active. Now I know I can always apply microcurrent instead of doing deep tissue massage (or add MC for faster healing). Since I’m fortunate to have two hands that are equally affected by tendinitis, I was able to use my hands in an experiment that proved to me beyond a shadow of a doubt the effectiveness of microcurrent. Because I’m right-handed, I usually have a little more soreness in my right hand than left. So first, I applied microcurrent for an hour a day or more to my right hand and after four or five days, I felt a very distinct difference where my left hand was sore and my right no longer was. thinking it could be some sort of odd coincidence, I stopped treating my right hand and started treating my left — and found in another for five days the situation had completely reversed. No pain in my left hand but the pain in my right had returned. Now, my wife uses the PCM-6 to treat foot pain and has been able to increase her running mileage as a result.

Did I hope for even more benefits from microcurrent? Well the short answer is yes and I’m still expecting them to come. Bob Beck showed how blood electrification disables pathogens and there seem to be an unlimited number of uses for Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM). I paused my FSM experimentation because I worried that it was amplifying my candida die-off and I need to have perfect control of it.

Scientific American calls microcurrent ‘the future of medicine’. See Electronic Medicine Fights Disease; Stimulation of the nervous system could replace drugs for inflammatory and autoimmune conditions
By Kevin J. Tracey

The longer answer is that before microcurrent, I was at a standstill. The last few years taught me that Candida was responsible for 80-90% of my suffering. But the migraines blocked me from treatment (I have a lot of responsabilities, family and business and need to stay functional). The root cause may be mercury but my copper levels prevent me from chelating it still. It won’t be long before I can go back to chelating. Now that I’ve got the migraines under control, I’m hoping I’ll have knocked out my gut infections (ropes too) soon just when my copper comes down to normal. That will improve my vitality substantially so I can get the mercury out (chelation is hard).

In addition to the candida zapping, I’ve found I can now tolerate daily coffee enemas followed by rectal ozone insufflation (400 ml at 20 ug/ml) and I’m 10 days into this intense program aiming for 20 days. It all works together.

So back to what else microcurrent can do for me. I’m also looking forward to using Bob Beck’s blood electrification protocol as part of an antiviral strategy. What, you say!??

My viral load isn’t something I’ve talked about much, but I’ve had lab work that showed high numbers. I never gave it much thought until my last visit to our Klinghardt trained homeopath who is treating my daughter’s.

She expected both of them to be well already – a long time ago in fact. She believes the problem affecting my family is retro virus infection. Dr. Klinghardt has spent the last year introducing anti-retro viral protocol in his practice and has seen treatment outcomes improve greatly.

Here’s Dr. Klinghardt,

Lyme Disease is not a bacterial illness; it is an activation of retrovirus caused by the bacterial infection.

Apparently, antiviral treatment has become his first choice for autism, mast cell activation, neuro-inflammation, and neurodegenerative diseases like ALS and MS.

You’ll note he never mentions microcurrent. There is a reason why. He used to be deep into it years ago but was raided by our corrupt FDA and ever since he won’t touch anything with a battery.  That’s one of the reasons the Candida Zapper and Blood Electrifier are made in Uruguay!

Watch some of the Bob Beck protocol testimonials – this one of the most impressive sets of recovery testimonials I’ve ever come across:

Last but not least, my understanding of Candida has grown a lot from reading The Yeast Syndrome: How to Help Your Doctor Identify & Treat the Real Cause of Your Yeast-Related Illness – there was a lot I didn’t know and what most caught my attention is that Candida binds with adrenal hormones making them unavailable for your normal needs and feeding the Candida. That explains my extraordinary adrenal fatigue, need to supplement HC and overgrowth of Candida all at once! Here are some pages from the book.

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  1. Hi Eric. Just discovered your site from one of my daily Google health searching sprees. Some great info you’re sharing so thanks for that. My health crashed 13 years ago after a near miss with a DVT and PE which then spiraled many other things and has taken me down many of the same rabbit holes that you’ve also traveled. I’ve been doing ACC for about 5 months but still only able to tolerate pretty low doses of ALA (6.25) and DMSA. High mercury levels from a urine challenge test 12 years ago was my first smoking gun but one that I didn’t really pursue at the time because of my aversion to IV’s because of my clotting history. I do have a genetic clotting disorder (factor v leiden) but I know there are other factors causing some of that. I then got a clinical diagnosis of lyme, just about all the co-infections, parasites, candida, etc. and so I went down that whack-a-mole path for the past decade. Probably spent about $200K out of pocket on myself and now my 3 kids, all teenagers now, who also suffer from the same complex minus the clotting crap thank God. I’m interested to hear more about the thrombosis that you’ve experienced and how you think Candida or the die-off might be a culprit there. That’s something I have heard or researched before. I have CIRS as well and it unfortunately manifests with neuro-vascular inflammation and what I imagine are high levels of oxidative stress. I suffer badly from any type of die-off because my liver, GB and kidneys are all operating at reduced capacity. I’m trapped in that vicious cycle of not being able to do too much because of my body’s inability to effectively detox. I’ve had zappers and different types of Rife-like devices over the years but nothing that’s been cause for celebration in the healing department. I’m really hoping that by finally focusing on Hg chelation, I might be able to see some positive shifts. Thanks again for sharing your journey and experience. I’m learning some new things to help guide my healing strategy.

    1. Hi Paul, sorry to hear you’re a fellow traveler. When I ramp up my candida detox, I feel irritation at both ends of the digestive system, gums and rectum so yes, there’s no doubt in my mind that caused the thrombosis. Paying attention to lymphatic drainage with massage and homeopathics seems to have helped. But really I’ve done so many things, it’s hard to know which are the ones that have most helped me over the hump. I still have a long way to go but it’s getting easier. I’m hopeful the chelation will work for you..

  2. Hi Eric, I found this blog by this topic and I have something to share regarding electric currents.
    One year ago I had a bit of back pain, nothing that bothered me a lot but I wanted to treat it.
    I went to a physiotherapist and he opted to use electric currents. I have a bit of depression for some years and inespecific symptoms out of clinical opinions.

    What happened was very interesting, after 4 sessions of electric currents, I started to feel my old self, very positive mind, no depression, a feeling of deep wellbeing, even my face and expression and skin changed for better.
    I went on the treatment and got 11 sessions of electric currents.
    I felt great fot about 2 months. After this period of wellbeing my symptoms returned, I felt down again.
    One year later, I started to think what happened in that treatment. I thought what kind of influence have the electric currents in the body and mind.

    The physiotherapist didnt know what to say about it, he said there is no relation ( probably he is not informed about it)
    Anyway I asked him what kind of current he used, he said the current was 100hz and used 28 miliamperes.
    I think that electric currents are the future for treatment of a lot of health issues. I am a believer. Because I felt it in the first place. I did nothing beaides that therapy. I hadnt any supplements besides the ones I was already taking, vitamin C and B vitamins.
    I got curious about this and started to research.
    It seems that some frequencies release opioids, endorphins, serotonin and other factors. Endorphins have some benefits even for infections.

    My curiosity is, do I have any kind of persistent infection, whether a fungus or bacteria? Did the electric currents killed or reduced the load of a possible infection? Maybe, I dont know but one thing I know is, the currents did something great to me. I dont know what it was, and it was not a coincidence.
    Since then I am looking to buy a device of electric currents but I want to buy one with complete frequencies, that I am able to choose what frequencies I want. I dont know if a TENS unit is enough. There are some TENS with Tens and microcurrents.
    A couple of weeks ago I saw a website that sells a TENS unit from brand Globus and other website that sells a unit called diamond shield.
    I dont know which one to buy…

  3. Damn that is too bad, obviously it must be doing a lot of killing then if you can’t even handle really small doses (pretty sure you said you would do really small right?). It is strange I can be so afflicted yet not get that level of die-off you and many others have. Can you handle Moly? Interesting on the fillings I figured maybe you had a lot. Question, are you allergic to penicillin, and if so, when did you find out? (just forming a potential theory, it would seem you would be given your mold issue, I found out when very young got hives).

    1. Yes,I started the CD very low. I have no trouble with molybdenum. When I was a kid, I got waking nightmares when I took penicillin. Haven’t taken it since then…

  4. Love my sSota gadgets. I use the zapper daily. Is an electron donor, makes my red cells declump. I basically cured the CFS part of the illness with it. I did the full Beck protocol and had huge benefits but lost them as soon as i stopped. Now i would not just keep talking silver, other parts of protocol are ok. Chelating for 2 yrs too. Making progress but what a rollercoaster. I have seen some folks saying that the zapper keeps viral load down, some ppl w Aids use it. Cutler speaks about hitting viruses after chelation progress. Mercury/low NK function, chronic viruses.

  5. Finding your journey fascinating as I too am dealing with Hg toxicity. I am currently using the Cutler protocol and was curious about your comments on a zapper or ozone challenge to identify candida problems. Do you have any further info on performing an ozone challenge – I presume it is a less expensive option than investing in a zapper ?

    Would be much appreciated, best to your health.

    Regards, Allan

    1. Hi Allan, technically it’s not a great idea to use the cheap Chinese ozone generators and the medical ozone equipment is much more expensive than the candida zapper. Also ozone is more broad spectrum, so the results might not be as obvious. I probably shouldn’t have suggested ozone come to think of it… maybe an herbal candida remedy might do as well as the zapper.

  6. Klinghardt is a master marketeer, that’s all. He claimed to have ‘the answers’ 20 years ago, but now, it’s all of a sudden antivirals? As for Hulda Clark and the zapper fad, check this out:

    And sorry, I hate to be a party pooper, but speaking of microcurrents:'s%20disease)%20and%20electric%20currents.pdf

    I’m really not trying to be a pain, but just pointing out a pattern: “This” works, then it doesn’t. Rinse and repeat.

    Maybe, just maybe, your body is stronger at healing itself, than your subconscious mind gives it credit for?

    Take care Eric.

    1. Agreed that Klinghardt always seems to be off to the next great miracle.

      As for microcurrent, you could not be more mistaken. Start by reading The Body Electric – and if you need motivation to get started, begin with The Scientific American article at – I’m going to update the post with the first page of this article is a teaser for you. And by the way, if you’re going to promote garbage refutations similar to quackwatch, you should really make an effort to establish your credibility by sharing some background – what qualifies you to debunk microcurrent?

      If you don’t want to tell us anything about who you are, it leaves the suspicion that you’re being paid to trash inexpensive therapies that make pharmaceutical solutions look like a bad option. We know that pharmaceutical companies have billions to throw against anything that threatens their position at the top of the food chain. Are you their messenger?

      1. Eric,

        All I did was point out someone else’s hypothesis on microcurrent therapies. It’s just a possibility, not a fact. Thanks for the Scientific American link. 🙂

        I have to laugh, but understand your belief that I might be a paid shill for a pharmaceutical company or whatever, but nothing could be further from the truth. I’ve been sick with ME/CFS for about 20 years now. Had two remissions and then after a dip down to 40% or so was able to function at about a 70% level for about 7 years until 2010-2011 or so — after seeing Klinghardt’s second in command for about 2 years and running out of money and being unable to work as a result. THAT’S why I warn about Klinghardt whenever I can. His ‘ART’ testing is a total sham/scam, as is regular ‘muscle testing’, and can be proven as such with simple blood and urine tests.

        Anyway, I’ve tried so many of some of these other things as well, and that’s why I often comment on them as well. Sure, it’s important to deal with certain pathogens, certain imbalances, and deal with say, leaky gut as one important example. But if one doesn’t stop chasing every single possible issue and is thinking illness 24/7, then one will never get well. Why? Because doing so is a KEY STRESSOR, and stress affects the gut, the MICROBIOME, and thus the body and yes, the mind, and the vicious cycle goes on and on and on.

        And that’s what almost none of the forums and people’s blogs talk about. They blame it on candida, or this virus or that, when you know…it just might be also due to looking for that next thing that might be wrong with me or you or whoever…that constant feeling that there must be something wrong with me.

        You mentioned how you have “a lot of responsibilities, family and business and need to stay functional” and that might be due to copper or mercury, or…etc. It might just be due to the fact that you feel incredibly pressured to be ‘perfect’ and at the top of your game 100% of the time or else…what? I don’t know. Now note that I say ‘might’, not ‘it’s because’ you’re feeling pressure. I’m just throwing out other possibilities besides everything you/we’ve read online over the years.

        Candida? Yes, it can be a problem. In fact I believe it’s a problem for me, and now that I have some funds raised (which took 2 years!), I’m getting an OAT test done to confirm if it is or is not causing me to itch like crazy every time I have a speck of something sweet. I’m sure you know, and hope Jason does, that candida is a normal part of a healthy gut, and should NEVER be ‘killed’ 100%.

        Jason mentioned ‘HC’. I hope that isn’t hydrocortisone. That’s another novel, but it’s something I wouldn’t touch with a 100-foot pole unless I had Addison’s disease. There’s a reason why cortisone shots are always limited to three or less. Better to use adrenal glandular.

        Lastly, while MMS could be helpful for a short period of time, and diluted much, much more than recommended (as it does kill anything and everything in it’s tracks), it’s worth noting that there are not only beneficial bacteria and fungi, but there are beneficial PARASITES as well. Google ‘the Hygiene Hypothesis’ and ‘allergies’ just as one example of how sterilizing our guts — whether using antibiotics or chlorine dioxide or whatever — has possibly contributed to the increasing number of autoimmune illnesses.

        The reason I mention this is because one of the organizations that offers helminths to help restore health — yes, they sell them! — found that contrary to what the MMS people say, the ‘ropey parasites’ that are/were being expelled from people’s guts were not in fact parasites, but the intestinal lining/biofilm of their guts.

        I’m beyond running out of steam now, but I believe that claim can be found in the middle of this video from 3-4 years ago where they discuss MMS at one point. That’s why I suggest only using it at a very diluted amount, and only for a short period.

        I’m not saying helminths are the answer…just that again, we’re supposed to have these (and other things) in our guts. The gut is not meant to be sterile, and candida is NOT a bad guy. It’s only bad if one has incredibly excessive amounts that leak through the gut wall and wreak havoc.

        Take care, and please, just take a long deep breath to question everything — both allopathic and naturopathic — you read. Including my post if you like! 🙂

        1. Thanks for adding context Marcia, that changes everything! Of course I can identify with just about everything you mentioned from personal experience including having seen the evidence under my microscope to tell me that my ART practitioner was wrong about my daughter’s recovery from Borrelia. How much will your OAT test cost? Personally I favor a challenge test. The candida zapper costs $175 and I promise you, you’d find out without a shadow of a doubt if you are afflicted. First, I got way over my head in die-off from 10 minutes done three days in a row on the low setting, and the results show up in the toilet, so there’s not much guesswork.

          As you know, yeast and other pathogens have to obey the laws of physics so if you apply ozone or electricity, they die. Yes, I understand some amount of candida may be normal, though I think the book I just read says otherwise. The problem with candida is that it is immunosuppressive and can enable lots of other serious degenerative diseases as a result. According to the authors, when you are contaminated with candida, your immune system stops attempting to control it and the only way to reset your immune system is to eradicate candida completely. They also say that hydrocortisone feeds candida which explains a lot about my own personal situation. Glad you mentioned that because I think I forgot to say something about it to Jason.

          Anyway, whether or not you believe that, I’m confident you can measure your contamination by the degree of suffering you experience from a challenge like the zapper or from ozone.

          I totally understand the issue of thinking about illness 24/7. On the other hand, I also believe many people like me spend decades ill because they never found the right treatment(s) and often because they could not afford it. Hidden dental infections and amalgams come to mind where the cost to properly treat can run well over $30,000.

          My responsibilities? Being available for my elderly parents. Shepherding my kids and wife through Lyme, finding the treatment that works without causing any permanent harm, paying for it, trying to keep them in school and on the path to a good college education in spite of all the challenges. Figuring out my wife’s autoimmune condition. These are all things I wish MDs would do for me, but haven’t so far.

          I can email you the full scientific American article if you want…

          Very interesting helminth video – who would’ve guessed??! Regarding ropes, whatever is coming out of me is toxic enough to make me ill with depression, body aches, muscle tightness, clumsiness and insomnia as it is moving out even to the point of giving me momentary headaches while I’m on the throne… so in my case particularly, I’m not just shedding normal healthy tissue.

          Question everything? Yes! That’s what is most helping me get well. I started researching MMS three or four years ago, ordered it, mixed a batch and just the odor caused me to abandon the whole project… Now I think mistakenly.

          1. Thanks for your understanding comments Eric, and for the offer to send me the pdf of the Scientific American article. I saved a screencap of the first page your provided, and will review that soon.

            Best of luck on your journey.

              1. Eric,

                Thank you, that has to be the nicest compliment I’ve received in years. I actually gave it a try years ago, but maybe not enough of one. I’m currently trying to rewrite a screenplay I did way back in 2000. I know it’s next to impossible to get one read, let alone optioned or sold, but I figure if I don’t give it one last try, I’ll be kicking myself for whatever time I have left.

                It’s taking five times as long as I thought it would, because of you know what, but I’m not giving up yet. So, your kind words are timely, and mean a lot to me. Thanks again!

        2. “But if one doesn’t stop chasing every single possible issue and is thinking illness 24/7, then one will never get well”

          So you’ve been unwell for 20 years, how did NOT chasing your problems go for you? Oh yeah, right, you’re still stick, hmmmm (never works for me or anyone else either that is truly sick, go figure…) I mean really, this is the lame ass advice that people who are NOT sick always give the sick people. For anyone suffering to any degree to give this kind of advice to another fellow sufferer, well, its really kicking someone when their down, shameful really. You might as well have said, “Yeah, just ignore the fact you feel like total hell, it’s all in your mind and you are bringing it on to yourself with the constant worry. Just carry On”. Well hello, we’ve all heard this WAY too many times and HATE IT.

          Yes, stress is a killer, but so are the pathogens that overrun a sick body, so there really is no choice.

          As for the OAT, you don’t need one to tell you Candida is a problem (and also likely one of your main problems given what conditions/symptoms you shared), the itching after sweets could not be any more clear, any Doctor you have seen worth their salt would tell you that. The OAT is a VERY helpful test for many things if interpreted by a skilled practitioner, but it is NOT that helpful for Candida as it returns tons of false negatives (not unlike other Candida tests).

          As for HC, yes it is a steroid, and yes most steroids are bad, why, not because they “feed” candida like someone’s crazy theory, it is because they can suppress the immune system, which “CAN” fuel Candida and let it thrive. Notice the word CAN, as in, not always. You know what else suppress’s the immune system? Not having enough Cortisol! Some people BADLY NEED HC or their Candida gets WAY out of control. You’ve already read my other post so can figure out why that happens I assume. You know what else can suppress the immune system? TOO MUCH Cortisol. Aha, yes, this is where the problem occurs, giving someone who has adequate Cortisol (or worse too much cortisol already which happens in many cases sadly!) a lot more Cortisol, especially for long periods.

          Oh, and it is likely impossible to kill Candida 100% and yes, some of it is needed for “normal” digestion, tell that to the 80-90% of all chronically sick people who have it, most of them unknowingly like you, more ‘helpful’ advice.

          You’ve had a long road and learned some things, but unfortunately you’ll need to learn a lot more and I wish you well in that endeavor, it is VERY tough trying to parse the truth from the lies, naive and the corrupt out there. In the mean time, you may just want to refrain from giving advice on things you don’t yet fully understand, it just adds to the confusion for others.

          1. Jason,

            Taking your comments in reverse order:

            “You’ve had a long road and learned some things, but unfortunately you’ll need to learn a lot more and I wish you well in that endeavor, it is VERY tough trying to parse the truth from the lies, naive and the corrupt out there. In the mean time, you may just want to refrain from giving advice on things you don’t yet fully understand, it just adds to the confusion for others.”

            As you noted elsewhere, I’ve been sick for 20 years, been to probably a dozen doctors, mainly naturopaths, but a couple M.D.s. Don’t you think I’ve learned to see patterns and at least on some level learned to ‘parse the truth from the lies’?

            I’m not saying “I’m right, you’re wrong”, I’m just saying question EVERYTHING, including and especially that which you pick up on forums and groups that are full of sick people trying the same thing over and over again, and when that doesn’t work, trying something else that (in most cases) also doesn’t work.

            In that regard I’m saying to question what I say as well — like I mentioned to Eric.

            Everyone who gives advice or opinions on these issues are human beings. They’re not saints, they don’t know it all, and neither do I nor did I claim to. I did chelation as well about 2009-2010 or so, and while it may have helped moderately for maybe 3-4 months, I saw that there were also people in that group — including Cutler — who were STILL chelating after 10+ years, when Cutler himself said it should take 2-3 years at most. And no one in the group could ever answer the question why so many millions of people, many of whom had amalgam fillings (!) could take high doses of ALA without developing side effects. The answer was always, ‘Well, I did that and it made me very ill.’

            The sole nurse practitioner he recommended, Julie Anderson, came and spoke to our local support group and was clearly in terrible health. She couldn’t sit still, her shoulders kept cramping up, and was definitely uncomfortable, shifting around in her chair incessantly for 90 minutes. Not exactly a great commercial for his protocol, which of course led multiple members to ask her what types of benefits she received by using his protocol. She had difficulty to say the least, answering the question, but after about 10 minutes she finally said, (paraphrasing), “Oh, I know! My knees are so much better!” And then added, “I just had a knee replacement surgery.” Klunk.

            It’s also worth noting that many of these self-appointed gurus often die at a very young age. Cutler was only 61 when he died of heart disease last year. Rami Nagel, the guy who pushed healing one’s dental issues with cod liver oil and a strict avoidance of phytates (which are cancer protective), died of cancer at age 38. Seth Roberts died of coronary artery disease at age 60, and on and on. They’re just human.

            “As for HC, yes it is a steroid, and yes most steroids are bad, why, not because they “feed” candida like someone’s crazy theory, it is because they can suppress the immune system, which “CAN” fuel Candida and let it thrive. Notice the word CAN, as in, not always. You know what else suppress’s the immune system? Not having enough Cortisol! Some people BADLY NEED HC or their Candida gets WAY out of control. ”

            As you’ve found out thanks to Eric’s screencaps, that ‘crazy theory’ is indeed true. And it’s been known for 50-60 years. So if you need to vent, it might be better vent at those who pointed it out years ago.

            There are several studies that this truth is based on, here’s a couple of them:



            Also mentioned in Eric’s screen caps above is the fact that the so-called restrictive ‘candida diets’ do exactly the opposite of what their proponents claim: They cause candida to SPREAD to other organs throughout the body, looking for the food/fuel they need to survive.

            Quoting: “Candida goes into germtubes (hyphal formation) when it is deprived of nutrients.”

            Dr. Jeff McCoombs, among others, pointed that out in his original blog and on youtube back in 2011, and repeats it in his new one. He also brings up other myths about candida, which may or may not be helpful. That’s for you to decide.


            I’m not recommending him, but again, offering a possible alternative that questions the cut-and-paste recommendations of others that are often not based on facts.

            One last note on hydrocortisone. The Stop the Thyroid Madness site used to have a yahoo group, promoting HC use along with thyroid. The leader of that group for a time was Valerie Taylor. That is, until her health deteriorated so much that she became unable to write coherent responses to the group.

            Here’s one of her last, in reply to someone questioning if HC is safe ‘for everyone’:

            “I am also questioning if high doses of HC are best for EVERYONE. We are all different in our biochemistry. Maybe some of us are just too sensitive to HC to be able to handle a larger dose.”

            Valerie’s response: “OK I have to step in here. FIRST, 40 mg a day is NOT a high dose of HC. In a stressful situatioin your body can make 200-3000 mg of cortisol in a HEARTBEAT. SO whether NORMAL reaplacement doses are for everyoine.. WHY WOULDN’T they be? We are only taking about replacing a BIOIDENTICAL hormon that you are low in. Intolerance of ti is ALWAYS from improper dosing in my experience. Or something ELSE goig on perhaps some supplement or food you couls be reacting to. HC ios NOT a drug that some people migh tbe sensitive to, though some MAY be sensitive to the fikllers in the tablet.”

            Look at all those glaring and numerous typographical errors. Could that due to damage from overuse of HC? Not sure, but it doesn’t inspire confidence either. That post can be found on the Phoenix Rising forums, posted by a woman who’s health disintegrated after HC use.

            “As for the OAT, you don’t need one to tell you Candida is a problem (and also likely one of your main problems given what conditions/symptoms you shared), the itching after sweets could not be any more clear, any Doctor you have seen worth their salt would tell you that. The OAT is a VERY helpful test for many things if interpreted by a skilled practitioner, but it is NOT that helpful for Candida as it returns tons of false negatives (not unlike other Candida tests).”

            I guess I missed the part where I said I was getting the OAT test solely to find out if I had candida.

            “Yes, stress is a killer, but so are the pathogens that overrun a sick body, so there really is no choice. ”

            IMO there is a choice. Work on other ways to reduce stress. Have you considered brain retraining? Have you Eric? Even Scott Forsgren, whom Eric is probably familiar with, who got sick in 1997, now promotes brain retraining. This after promoting everything else under the sun. For awhile I was certain he was joined at Klinghardt’s hip.

            Stroke victims retrain or rewire their brains so they can walk again. Why wouldn’t it be helpful for other illnesses?

            “So you’ve been unwell for 20 years, how did NOT chasing your problems go for you? Oh yeah, right, you’re still stick, hmmmm (never works for me or anyone else either that is truly sick, go figure…) I mean really, this is the lame ass advice that people who are NOT sick always give the sick people.”

            Hmmm, I guess you missed the part where I lost my income in 2010 and have had to struggle ever since. You try living on $730 a month and see how your condition ‘improves’. Eric and many of us know how ME/CFS and other similar conditions are treated with almost complete disregard and dismissal not only by 95% of doctors out there, but our own families as well. With next to no family support, it’s been a severe strugggle with HIGH chronic stress.

            Despite this, I was able to improve from being nearly bedridden four years ago. At one point I was unable to walk even within my small apartment without leaning on a walker 80-90% of the day. I dreaded having to ‘walk’ 10 feet back to the kitchen to cook a meal or clean up after one. Thanks to a free consult with a doc back in 2016, I was able to reduce that to 20-25% of the day within a week’s time, and spent the last 2 years trying to raise funds so I can see him. I finally can do that, hence the OAT test and the potential to start improving again.

            “For anyone suffering to any degree to give this kind of advice to another fellow sufferer, well, its really kicking someone when their down, shameful really. You might as well have said, “Yeah, just ignore the fact you feel like total hell, it’s all in your mind and you are bringing it on to yourself with the constant worry. Just carry On”.

            Please point out where I told anyone to ‘ignore the fact you feel like total hell’ and it’s ‘all in your mind’. You said it, not me. On the other hand, you, and I, and millions of others, may just be making things worse by worrying about it 24/7. And note, I said “may”, not “are”.

            “Well hello, we’ve all heard this WAY too many times and HATE IT.For anyone suffering to any degree to give this kind of advice to another fellow sufferer, well, its really kicking someone when their down, shameful really. You might as well have said, “Yeah, just ignore the fact you feel like total hell, it’s all in your mind and you are bringing it on to yourself with the constant worry. Just carry On”. Well hello, we’ve all heard this WAY too many times and HATE IT.”

            Well I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree. I don’t understand how offering possible alternatives in the effort to help a fellow sufferer is “kicking someone when they’re down” or “shameful”. I’m just as sick as anyone, but am finally realizing that if I keep doing the same things over and over and over — and keep moving on to that next thing that some ‘expert’ says I need’ — I’m doing exactly that, doing the same thing over and over and raising my stress levels in the process, preventing my healing.

            But I thank you Jason, truly. Because you’ve reminded me how much time I’ve wasted here, getting all caught up in arguing about (often discredited) protocols with total strangers who call me shameful, when I could be — and should be — taking care of myself.

            1. Marcia, you’ve said very clearly things I’ve often thought about our gurus. Another you can add to the list is Andreas Moritz, though I’m certain he did the best he could with his genetics….

              1. Ah yes, Andreas.

                Who knows, it could’ve been tied to genetics I suppose. I suppose we’ll never know.

                I do think it’s important that the families of these folks release the exact cause or causes of death, especially if their loved one has been telling others how to become healthy! And I just thought of another — Byron Richards of ‘Wellness Resources’ died while jogging three or four years ago. Sold supplements out the you know what.

                This has been going on forever. Again, they’re just human…

  7. Dear Eric,

    I have a question about copper and chelation. Isn’t it possible or advisable to work on copper levels and chelate simultaneously? What kind of problems could arise? Thank you!

    1. Dr. Cutler warned against it. He favored ALA quite a bit for it’s ability to cross the blood brain barrier and unfortunately it causes copper retention. DMPS on the other hand may be a good way to chelate both at the same time. I will probably try DMPS again soon (didn’t tolerate even tiny amounts before)…

  8. Hey Eric. I was thinking about you and I am so happy to read this update! We have so much in common health-wise, even age, chelation experiences etc. I haven’t commented here for quite some time but I too had to stop chelation after 2 years as I too was “cycling the drain”. I had so much head pressure all the time, copper through the roof, etc, list goes on, fact is I should have stopped 6 months earlier or more I got SO much worse and even developed some new symptoms. I might actually have a tiny speck, I still need to get high res bitewings. One note on the migraines, have you tried boosting glutathione either with it directly, or NAC, and/or Glutamine and Glycine? I was doing this somewhat in chelation but I realize now not enough, and of course it is NOT talked about near enough in the Cutler circles. Months after I stopped chelation I started getting more aggressive with promoting Glutathione and I am able to shut off migraines and head pressure, in my case they appear to be from oxidative stress, mercury and copper eroding away glutathione to rock bottom levels. I do get headaches from Candida as well, and boosting GSH helps with that too, or even taking something like Sam-E which is a thiol that gets into the brain, one day I was totally fubared with fog and head pressure and Sam-E totally fixed it I felt cured. That was another thing I realized later too, chelation crashed my methylation big time, I was supporting it during but again not enough.

    I have no doubt Candida is your top issue, and likely because of Mercury indeed, exactly like my case, 33 years of suffering, though I am quite sure I was born with it and was quite affected as a kid too, just not as much as when I got older like late teens like you. Tons of AB’s when younger, and self-abuse also all fueled the issue, I weakened liver and gut, the perfect storm.

    As of today, I am still plagued by Candida and weak Adrenals (among 100 other issues, many caused by them…), a foot injury is not helping me the adrenals need exercise and I am not getting any, and I have been lax on diet overall and it has slowly but surely made it worse. I know I need to chelate more, and I likely need a FMT to have any hope of controlling this jerk long term as I am sure having rock bottom levels of good guys and extreme low diversity is a big part of issue (Did you ever test with ubiome or the like? I have not yet but I am quite sure I know the result….). Before chelation I could at least kill it off and feel normal, not anymore it is always there now to some degree and does not abate much after ANY kind of treatment anymore, I might try the zapper you linked thanks for that. I never use to even get headaches much at all, now they are VERY common, it seems to point to a hidden speck that drive more Hg and Candida into the brain (I was getting VERY severe pain in head b4 chelation though from Wifi [I figured out later] and from the dumb MSM I tried and from very high thiol intake, I think the MSM started all that, chelation mostly fixed it but too much WIFI exposure does still give me head pain, it was VERY severe while chelating as I was much more sensitive to it).

    Good healing to you my friend, Jason

    1. Thanks for your kind words Jason and sorry to hear you’ve been down the same road. I take S-acetyl-glutathione and my levels are excellent, presumably as a result. It’s a little know secret that this form is well absorbed. Haven’t had any biome testing in ages. One thing I didn’t mention is that I think the coffee enemas are critical to fighting candida for anyone like us who’s ultra sensitive to the die-off. It’s in the book I read and it’s working well for me. We can’t afford to kill Candida and have it travel out over 3 days, you got to get it out daily and you need your liver amped up to clear the toxins. Another benefit is that other types of pathenogic molds etc are getting washed out at the same time.

      Hang in there!

      1. Thanks mate. I am pretty frustrated at this point, I had high (and somewhat naive and foolish) hopes for chelation, and while I got better in some ways I got worse in others 🙁 (NOT an uncommon story, sadly). A speck would explain a lot for me, I actually hope there is one there at this point but I did have BW’s done before I started (not high res though) and nothing showed. Funny thing, Die-off has never really been an issue for me so either none really or not more than a day or two feeling flu-like, maybe because I always ensure I am full up on my magic moly not sure, but plenty of people have huge issues with die-off for sure. Now though even something like turpentine which worked wonders before (could clear my head in an hour and feel totally normal) does not even fully clear my head anymore, and the last time it did it only lasted until I ate very minor amounts of thiols then the low lying persistent fog I am now plagued with came roaring back straight away.

        So many success stories with CE’s, critical part of Gerson Therapy as well, it can deplete some good guys for some people but most find enormous benefits (should help with those migraines of yours as well, which as you allude to can be from toxins overloading the liver). Unfortunately having IBS-D from SIBO makes CE’s near impossible, I have tried 4 times with all the best tips and the longest I could retain it was about 2 mins 🙁 SIBO also makes fighting Candida harder because many of the things to eat to help fight C flare S. S is a real bastard, much more complicated and harder to fight, mostly I can keep mine in control but relapses are common due to how many root causes there are, some caused by Hg toxicity. We’ll get there, but man what a road we have traveled

          1. Just about everything but that, and that is one of the main takeaways I think, until our inner environment changes and stays changed, that ahole is not going to stay down now matter how many times we knock we down and with what.

            Candida was the very first thing I realized was of my main issues about 7 years ago. I treated it successfully, and of course, benefits didn’t last, even despite staying on a ULTRA-STRICT diet for a year after. Since then I have killed it 100 times over with as I say just about everything under the sun, it is now immune to many things, even Coconut Oil which in theory shouldn’t happen. Earlier on killing it was easier, and benefits lasted longer, as time went on I was seeing diminishing returns, then chelation really screwed me in that regard. Part of this equation is that if your adrenals are too weak, you will not get/keep Candida under control, they are key, and unfortunately one of the main reasons people’s adrenals weaken is due to Candida. If you can successfully work on both at the same time, clear lymph/liver, strict diet, kill, and bolster the good guys in gut (very hard to do if you have SIBO), well, you might be able to keep it down, for awhile. As soon as adrenals weaken, diet shifts, good guys take a hit(just stress can do that), ph goes to acidic, etc it will come back, IF, you don’t have enough good guys to fight it. THAT is our main issue right there, anyone hg toxic won’t have enough good guys (the reason it always comes back), which is why FMT makes sense if you find a good donor. However, I have seen some hg toxic folks in the Cutler FB group do even 10 FMT’s, and, the benefits, if they got some, didn’t last. So once chelated, someone who did not completely lose too many strains in their lifetime (I know damn well I have) might be able to kiss dysbiosis good-bye because once hg stops damaging them they will be able to flourish again keeping the gut happy. Others not so lucky, will have to consider more drastic measures, where taking over the counter PB’s don’t cut it because too many of them are transient.

            As for MMS, which I did read up a lot on years ago, my understanding is it is pretty close to bleach IIRC. So ingesting it would be somewhat akin to trying to kill Candida by ingesting Hg, or chemo, or AB’s, etc IMO. It is not going to distinguish good from bad, it will damage anything it comes into contact with. I could be a little off on this but that is what I remember on why I never tried it, vs something like turpentine which just comes from trees.

            All that said, I won’t blame you one bit if you try it, and I sincerely hope it works if you do!!!

            1. It is a vicious cycle! I only learned of the candida adrenal effect recently and it was a huge eye-opener for me. Probably explains the last 15 years of my life. I’ve done lots and lots of reading about MMS and know a few people who have used it. My impression is that the bleach comparison is inaccurate. It is much more related to ozone and hydrogen peroxide both of which I’ve used very productively… Anyway, I’ll report back for you 🙂

              1. Hey Eric, what a difference a day makes! After 2 weeks of walking the fence of “normalcy”, I finally fell off yesterday thankfully and feel SO much better, I was doing many things but I think finally hitting myself with enough HC was the key. Some of this recent accelerated hell I was in was my own fault, after a restaurant meal I got screwed on a few months ago I got frustrated and just let my diet go lax (which slowly, but surely, screwed me over once again, huge 🙁 ) and took all focus off my health, boy did I pay for that, again!

                Anyway you spurred me to do some updated reading on MMS, it has probably been 5 – 7 years since I really looked at it, this is one of those times where I wish I had a chemistry background (chemistry is very tricky for sure) . So very interesting, I did not know that cities use Chlorine dioxide to disinfect the water, hmmmm. I also see where some confusion is coming from, as some paper mills do use it to bleach wood, hence why it has been called bleach, but of course it is not bleach ‘in the sense that it is not the same as household bleach’ (yet it is still bleach, since it bleaches pulp…). It does have a very similar structure to Clorox bleach, but over the years I have come to learn that “similar” in chemistry means absolutely nothing most of the time, one atom of difference makes a world of difference, amazing stuff chemistry sure would be helpful knowledge for us. It seems the LD on it is pretty low so also concerning, but a quick look at MMS dosing seems to show it is well under that and of course we don’t see any reports of people dying….

                So it has always been VERY clear it kills bad microbes, quite effectively and similar to ozone and hydrogen peroxide as you say, but the Big million dollar question for me was always (which I am not sure has ever been answered [and maybe can’t be proven definitively w/o expensive studies that will never be done sadly…]) will it harm the good guys (or anything else)?

                Interesting side note, apparently chlorine dioxide works by stealing all the electrons from the pathogens, which again gives me some trepidation since we don’t know for sure where else in the body it might steal them from, and after reading Tennant’s book you know how important those are!

                All that said I am glad you are going to try it as given what you have been through I don’t think it will do anymore harm than some of the other things you have done! (or for that matter and maybe more importantly like in many cases like ours, than the harm the #&(#&(#&(#&ing pathogens do to us, which is enormous). Most likely too, you will see some great benefit which could outweigh any said risks for you, so as always I wish you the best and, Godspeed matey!!!!

                Ps – It might have been me who spurred you on to read ‘Healing is Voltage’!!! We are electric beings and when Tennant mentioned that ph is basically a measure of voltage that blew my mind! Then I read his book and of course share this kind of info with folks


                1. Well in case it was you that put me on to Dr. Tennant, thanks! There are many possibilities because I also do research for all the sick people around me and my dad has macular degeneration and brother-in-law uveitis, and wife Hashimoto’s all of which I believe Dr. Tenant has had something to say about.

                  I have this feeling that chlorine dioxide will make me feel stupid for not doing it years ago. I responded very well to hydrogen peroxide and the only reason I stopped is that I developed nausea as most or at least many people do. You know they claim it also eliminates heavy metal toxicity. I’m pretty skeptical about that one but they do talk about it.

                2. Did I mention that Candida feeds on hydrocortisone and may be one of the factors that caused or greatly contributed to my Candida problem going back about 17 years?

                  1. Yeah I don’t see how it could do that but we could be missing something, I doubt it.

                    As for HC, see my detailed reply to Marcia…

                    1. Jason, I updated the post for you with a paragraph at the bottom about candida and steroids including three pages from the book I mentioned… pls scroll up 🙂

                      I’m not saying you shouldn’t take hydrocortisone – I’m still taking it myself though I did reduce my dosage about four months ago from 30 to 25 mg.

                    2. Hey Eric seems I should pick that book up even though I have probably 50 others already and some good ones at that. (if you email me I’ll share a really good one you may not have).

                      Don’t be put off by those paragraphs, notice how they are speculating about steroids literally “feeding” Candida, as are the studies done on the subject (and keep in mind in vitro vs in vivo, rats etc), which does seem unlikely logically (Pretty sure Cutler shot that down continually) What seems much more likely is it is just another survival defense mechanism, by binding someone’s Cort it throws the immune system down which then “fuels” it and lets it thrive as I mentioned, but significant difference between feed and fuel here. So many 1000’s of cases where Cortisol helped someone get over Candida, like even my most recent one, if it truly fed it, that shouldn’t happen.

                      You know at those doses you are suppressing your own production I gather (>20). I actually don’t take HC on a regular basis just very infrequently stress dose when needed (which works beautifully for me). Normally my Cort is lower but not enough to justify HC, just some Cortex is enough to help. Godspeed mate

                  2. Eric I’ll post here then how is the CD going? I wanted to ask you, how many fillings did you have, and how sure are you that there are NO tiny specks what-so-ever? Did you get High-Res bitewings or were they just average or low res (mine were low res, I never trusted them)?

                    1. the CD was too much and i quit after 2 days. i think because it’s systemic. i’m trying to peel off just my gut infection layer so i’ve started the gubarev protocol and making good progress. it’s intense but getting easier. i think.

                      i only had 2 tiny amalgam fillings, ever. they were about 1.5 mm in diameter.

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