Self-healing with neuroplasticity and meditation

This is the post I have postponed writing the longest. For years I have wanted to and promised to write about the emotional and psychological impact of being chronically ill. But what I had to say at the time wasn’t very useful.

Chronic illness creates this downward spiral in your mind which eventually transforms and colors every thought and emotion you have every moment of every hour, of every day. When you reach the point at which most of your thoughts are about illness in some way, your brain is keeping you sick.

But, it’s a double edged sword. If your mind can make you sick, it can heal you too. Here’s how my awakening occurred – I finally accepted my MDs prodding to test my body for mycotoxins and house for mold. Both tests uncovered problems. I started watching the Better Health Guy’s interview of mold expert, Neil Nathan M.D. on YouTube (author of Toxic).

Dr. Nathan strongly recommends a neuroplasticity training program called DNRS and I became intrigued with it. As I explored it, I discovered that many people have overcome mold illness, CIRS, MCS, lyme disease and coinfections and many other conditions using DNRS.

The more I learned, the more it struck a chord in me. Your limbic system is the emotional center of your brain and it also controls the vitally important systems in your body that function without your conscious effort – sleeping, breathing, beating of your heart, and so on.

The theory is that the limbic system can become impaired by trauma of any kind, say from an infection, toxic exposure or emotional disturbance. This limbic system impairment results in illness, perhaps unintentionally, the result of a kind of protection mechanism as your limbic brain puts the brakes on some of the systems in your body (detoxification for example). Note, that this theory doesn’t say the illnesses that result from limbic dysfunction aren’t real. They are perfectly real and measurable with labwork and under the microscope!

I found very moving testimonials of people who healed entirely from all of my own conditions (including Lyme) and some were bed-bound when they started. Here’s a good example:

This theory struck a chord in me for many reasons. I’ve always been sensitive – I sense the mood in a room immediately and am extraordinarily sensitive to high emotions. I cry very easily. My memory doesn’t go back much beyond adolescence, but as a teenager certainly I was not well-adjusted.

There was no physical abuse in my childhood but I did experience some very unusual circumstances and events as a baby and toddler. Our family dynamics did not include any spirituality, much overt physical or verbal affection or any humor, though my childhood was full of marvelous character building opportunities for adventure, travel and learning.

How did my family come to be the way we are? Through quite a bit of inter-generational trauma. My mom is the child of two Jewish orphans and my dad grew up with an alcoholic father. I don’t know much about it, but feel sure their families were not overflowing with affection and joy.

To my rocky emotional start, add the unusual toxic exposures and infections I accumulated in our exotic family travels, and this is the perfect storm for limbic system impairment. I’ll never know if there was one dominant trigger, but I feel certain this limbic damage happened and deepened after the MDs I saw early on, made every mistake in the book with me.

So, I committed to DNRS which involves an hour of daily neuroplasticity training, a type of meditation designed to bring peace and joy to your limbic system. Over the first couple weeks I found myself crying through most of my practices. This would be a very unusual reaction for somebody with a healthy limbic system, but seems like a dead ringer for anyone with limbic impairment or ‘cross wiring’ as Annie Hopper teaches us to say.

What I love about DNRS as a therapy is that, not only can it heal your infections, but will heal your spirit at the same time – watch this beautiful testimony:

Through the DNRS community forum, I discovered that many of us practicing DNRS, also follow Dr. Joe Dispenza and use his meditations and watch his testimonials on YouTube for motivation. I started watching those testimonials and I try to see several every day. There are also a number of Lyme recovery stories like this one so, clearly one could recover with either DNRS or Dispenza alone.

There are hundreds of them and they are astonishing, including ‘terminal’ cancer and other ‘incurable’ medical diseases. I try to do Dr. Joe’s Blessing of the Energy Centers or his Walking Meditation every day (generally can only fit one of them in). Here’s a taste of Dr. Joe:

Ironically, in the beginning, as I was watching the DNRS DVDs, I had a great deal of trouble imagining myself doing an hour of practice every day. Then a kind DNRS practitioner shared a list of tips with me and I read:

Do two rounds immediately upon waking up in the morning. No excuses, no bullshit . . . Start your day with the most important thing in your life right now.

And it resonated with me. I immediately launched into an hour daily and now combining the Dispenza meditations, I’m often spending more than two hours in practice/meditation daily.

Sometimes the biggest fireworks in my practice come during my DNRS ’rounds’ and sometimes it’s during one of my Dispenza meditations, but when they come they are often overwhelming, intense spiritual experiences of joy and gratitude. That is a very weak description but it’s just the kind of thing for which words are inadequate.

I’m 43 days into my DNRS practice. Annie Hopper, the creator, asks for a minimum commitment of six months. I’m already experiencing some signs of improvement so I’m very confident in my ability to go the distance in spite of my initial hesitancy and skepticism. And as other practitioners have commented, it’s not a commitment you make once, it has to be made every day three or four times.

I’m also five or six chapters into Dr. Joe’s You Are the Placebo book, and what I’ve read there has also sealed the deal for me – there’s no going back, ever. Using supplements and pharmaceuticals feels so paltry and downstream, now, compared with working in the mind.

There’s no way that I can adequately summarize the book for you in a few paragraphs, but I will say that what truly exploded all my now out-dated concepts of healing, are the studies he cites that show that meditation switches on healing genes and turns off genes related to stress. This has been shown to happen even in a single meditation session.

What any person who has suffered many years with chronic illness needs is to fall in love with life again, and this knowledge is what does it for me! Of course, we won’t change the color of our eyes or our height by meditating, but many of our genes related to our state of health are just a reflection of our environment, mood and thoughts, which ultimately are under our control through DNRS and similar meditation.

Go back and read the post I wrote on my genetics and you will understand how foolish it now seems. Some of those unfortunate homozygous SNPs related to my immune system, detoxification and methylation systems might have been self-inflicted through my entrepreneurial obsessiveness and perhaps others are inter-generational markers of stress – a reflection of suffering in my parents lives. Now, I no longer think of these as brands of misfortune but rather as switches that I’m in the process of reversing from red to green.

My awakening has also exploded my concept of detoxification. For some time I had been torn between the two camps of healing – the first of which I have far more experience with, in which you kill infections and chelate toxins, which causes great suffering but makes you stronger in the end – and the second where you strengthen the body and allow it to heal itself on its own timeline and addressing each infection or toxin when it’s ready.

Now I see that the ‘no pain, no gain’, kill and chelate is fraught with tremendous risk of failure as the limbic system collapses into fear and paralysis brought on through deep and endless suffering. Yes, I understand there are many people who heal successfully with this strategy and I myself made progress. It will work best when there are few layers of illness and/or the duration has been short.

Ultimately though, my progress was excruciatingly slow and unsatisfactory. I do believe strongly that I could have avoided more than a decade of deep suffering had I avoided MDs, and effectively addressed my stress, environmental exposures and emotional life. Whether or not you are one who can heal quickly through a conventional pharmaceutical or naturopathic intervention probably depends on how much the deck is stacked against you.

I want to give you a taste of what I’m doing now and share with you some of the videos that have fired me up terrifically.

This is my personal ‘proclamation’ which I use in meditation.

I’m safe and loved, at ease, divinely healthy and strong. I’m an athlete and I sleep deeply… deeply through the night, waking up refreshed and renewed in the morning filled with gratitude and wonder at sleeping 7 hours straight, in love with life and my future. I’m a healer, with unconditional love in my heart, through my example and experience.

In Dispenza work, the meditation serves as a conduit or connection to the subconscious mind, a way of delivering the medicine where it needs to go. In DNRS rounds, the connection is primarily accomplished through elevating one’s emotions achieved by reliving memories and fantasizing about future experiences.

I’m extraordinarily fortunate to have a deep trove of beautiful memories to draw on. One of my favorite sources is the time in my twenties I spent living on Ocracoke Island with my friend Peter and later in a trailer for National Park Service volunteers. My eternal gratitude to Peter, Norma, Jerry (RIP) and Ivan for welcoming and putting up with me, you occupy a very special place in my heart.

I just finished a DNRS round where I relived the memory of taking this horse out at night with a fellow stable hand for a long ride on the empty and endless undeveloped, unlit beach. We walked out along a narrow winding path through the dunes which were only mildly lit by a partial moon and my initial nervousness quickly turned to calm and wonder when I realized that my horse could see perfectly well at night what I could not.

Up and down through a few dune valleys and we came out to the beach. We pulled a beer from our saddlebags and drink it slowly thinking about how few in the world could ever experience a ride like this. Later, we sped up to a trot on the hard sand and it was so dark my vision was of little use at this pace (on other daytime rides, I did canter down the beach with my eyes closed, counting up to 30). Then we cantered and I could’ve close my eyes because I really couldn’t see anything anyway. But the motion and sounds of the ocean, the hoof-beats, breathing and wind in my face were extraordinary. My trust in my horse was equal to his trust in me.

Reliving this divine experience brought an intense flood of tears of gratitude and joy and this is where the magic of DNRS happens. We use these emotions to rewire our brains for healing. As we begin the DNRS practice, we all worry that our circumstances are unique, that we are special in an unlucky way. But the beauty of brain neuroplasticity is that we are all the same.

Follow this protocol and your brain does not have a choice, it’s just our biology at work. Our brains may kick and scream a bit, but if we persist, we heal because neurons that fire together, wire together. Stress and negative emotions make you sick. Joy and happiness heal. These are laws of human biology and yet virtually every recovery story features some version of an ecstatic person saying ‘I didn’t think it could work for me’.

Taking an unbroken one year old Andalusion for its first beach walk on Ocracoke!

The great innovation of Annie Hopper and Dr. Joe Dispenza is in creating and teaching tools and protocols that provide you with the leverage you need to overcome long-standing severe chronic illness (or cancer). Just knowing that stress sickens and joy heals is by itself of no use to people with years, decades or lifetimes of bad habits. I used affirmations for years to little effect. It takes much greater power to move the mountain that are your habits and the old emotional scars held in your body. And that’s what DNRS and Dispenza meditations give you: power enough to make real change.

All this may seem counter-intuitive to you because (from reading my blog) I sound like a friendly, optimistic and easy-going person. Well yes, but I was also raised with an extraordinarily high value on competency and independence and I became very ambitious. I’m highly analytical too. All of these traits encourage value judgments about everything and everyone.

In the end, thoughts become circumstances and emotions and my thoughts did not create an internal environment of peace and joy. Of course this is common! But for lots of other reasons, I especially needed peace and joy. And, it’s also a fact that illness is common too. And that’s why I’m sharing this.

One more thing about my experience with the Dispenza meditations – in a Youtube video, Dr. Joe describes what happens in the advanced workshops during ‘healings’ and other meditations. He talks a lot about trauma being trapped in the body and what it looks like when it gets released.

I experienced this a couple days ago – I had a vision about a trauma from when I was four or five years old that came near the end of the Blessing of the Energy Centers meditation.

At this stage in the meditation, I am always in that hazy semi-conscious state between sleep and wakefulness. On this day, I saw a vision of a dog rising up above me and then a vision of my self as a toddler rising up after the dog and began to cry and moan uncontrollably as I thought about how sweet, innocent, helpless and terrified I was at the time of this experience.

For more than 10 minutes I cried, shuddered and moaned until I was exhausted. Dr. Joe’s Walking Meditation began to play automatically and helped me calm myself and comfort my five-year-old self. The incident my vision referred to is something I know about from my parents – at that age, we spent a year living in Grenoble, France and on arriving, I was placed in a French preschool where they spoke no English.

At this particular preschool, discipline involved smacking the bare calves of the children with some sort of switch and or placing them in a room with a chained German Shepherd, presumably a guard dog. I didn’t speak French, so I would have had no way of understanding these things nor of communicating anything to the teachers.

Chances are, I was never disciplined. For one thing I’ve never had a fear of dogs or German shepherds, but the circumstances by themselves must’ve been exceedingly frightening. My parents also moved me to a better preschool when they discovered these things.

My hope is that through this release, my body will have freed up resources for repair and healing. That’s how it’s supposed to work, anyway and I do feel lighter.

Now, some favorite Dispenza testimonial videos:

And lastly, an update on mostly unrelated points:

  • I’m tapering off hydrocortisone, down from 30mg to 17.5. Initially I was dropping too fast and now I think I’ll cut back another 2.5mg every 90 days.
  • My ceruloplasmin dropped so I quit high dose vitamin D and Mito Synergy’s copper and rejoined the Morley Robbins tribe, now at which is updated and much better organized. Looking forward to next labwork results in a few days after 4 months on the protocol.
  • I quit using microcurrent to kill Candida and am using sunshine in very small doses. One minute of intense sun is just manageable.
  • I quit Facebook, and all news except from NPR! Feels great.
  • I’ll be turning off comments on all posts except for this one and going forward won’t be writing about anything that isn’t uplifting!

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  1. So are you saying you have realised that HTMA and mineral supplements may have been unnecessary? I was thinking of doing trace elements htma with a practitioner of nutritional balancing in conjunction with these therapies for the mind. I am copper toxic and deficient, Candida, complex ptsd, sleep shit, etc.

    Would you be able to recommend someone for the supplemental program who uses T.E. Htma if you should happen to recommend doing nutrional rebalancing still?

    1. Hi Steve, I’m still a believer in nutritional balancing and I’m about to do my next HTMA. It can only contribute to your recovery. Now I imagine my health to be a big puzzle with lots of missing pieces, but the largest one is at the center of the puzzle and it’s the mind/emotional health piece. Sorry, don’t know who I’d recommend for NB.

      1. Thanks for your reply. I contacted the DNSR service today but i should’ve asked them if it was right for me based on my background. I don’t have a lot of good memories to draw from and I think the root of this is emotional neglect and perhaps trauma as an infant and a child from a chaotic environment. So I often am in a flight or freeze mode of in my mind.
        Do you think this therapy along with Dispenza’s meditations is likely a good route for me?

        Lastly, have you heard of or tried Dr. Larry Wilson’s pushing down or pulling down exercise? It’s like a mental exercise of imagining the pulling down of energy through the body down through the feet from a higher source, with some affirmations of the desire to have a higher power flow you. So he advises you say something like “I want more of God” over and over as you imagine something that is causing energy to cascade through your body out your feet. I am having a hard time with it insofar as generating that feeling of downward energy. He believes ideally energy should always be flowing downward. Anyway thanks for your feedback and your help. Best of luck to you and I hope these therapies are continuing to help you grow and heal.

        1. Hi Steve, I read every day in the DNRS community site and your question is a common one. Many are in your shoes with few good memories. It’s ok, they’re are strategies for that. The memories themselves aren’t actually critical, it’s just a tool to generate warm fuzzies, so many people create and use fantasy ‘memories’. Music, dance, singing and other tricks help too. This is just a summary and not a substitute for the help of the community which is very very strong. Yes, I’m a believer! And yes, I’ve listened to DR. W’s pushing down thing and don’t think it can hold a candle to DNRS/Dispenza…

  2. I was in a similar situation three years ago….after years of chronic illness, I was emotionally at the bottom. I started to be interested in spiritual healing, I read many books, Joe Dispensa too, I was very interested in the Gupta programme von Ashok Gupta (very simmilar to Annie Hoper DNRS), I watched online conferences on this subject. One year I did every day very intensive meditations, visualisations and praying… I used Hemi-Sync music, one year I didn’t take my supplements, I stopped all my treatments. The first weeks were challenging, I was crying, many deep traumas have been released….I felt emotionally much better… but the healing of my body was very slow… I deeply believed in this way of healing, I read and saw many successful healing stories. But after a year I came back to Cutler protocol and lyme treatment…I take again my supplements – not many. Now I think these methods of healing don’t work so fast for someone who is the whole life very ill, for someone who has heavy metals in the brain, for someone where the balance in the body is very seriously impaired…For me, other methods of treatment like Cutler, Buhner herbal protocols are a gift…and I am very grateful that someone has invented these protocols. Many spiritual healers use herbs, various methods to help the body…

    1. Hi Kaja, thanks for sharing your experience! I will continue to follow RCP and will stay open to restarting Cutler too one day 🙂

  3. Hi Eric, yes I’m in the DNRS forum under Jon H. Kail. It is a great tool as well as being hugely inspirational with as you said watching others get better too 🙂 Also so much good information to consume there. I looked for your page and pretty sure I found it and read most of your posts. Great job! I however kind of just poke around the forum silently and haven’t “socialized” much at all yet. It’s too much of an obligation for me right now to make lots of posts and start friending everyone, it overwhelms me. (“Not in my training zone yet” 😉 ) I wouldn’t get anything else done, lol. Although, I am very sociable in person. But I’m usually on there frequently and I’ll catch you there soon! Like I said, keep going! I’m rooting for you, big time and for anyone in the battle. A win for one is a win for all!! Thank you for sharing this again! I just started some DNRS practice up again earlier today. I need to commit, apply and set myself to it.

    1. Glad to hear it Jon and I understand the overwhelm. I’m really surprised at how much better I feel having quit facebook and my news habit!! Now when I pickup my phone, there’s nothing really there to see, no jolt of excitement but I’m more relaxed and present during my day 🙂

  4. Now this is just really awesome and great to see!! You keep going Eric all the way! I know I mentioned the DNRS program on one of your recent articles comments. I understand every word of this post.

    This is just what I’m looking for, I need to keep going with the program myself. I’ve been slacking big time lately, going after more supplements hoping for the “easy” improvements and miracle. Thank you for such an inspirational post. I’ve been following you for a while now and now is the time for healing my friend. God Bless you on your journey, keep going! Very motivational, this will have a big impact on many! Wish you and your family all the best 🙂 Looking forward to seeing more good and positive things happening!

    1. Thanks Jon, you’re very kind. Are you in the DNRS community forum on Ning? I find it very motivational, love reading the updates from people that are ahead of me…

  5. Hi Eric

    loved your post – sounds like a fruitful direction – also struck a chord for me.
    Despite practising meditation for over twenty years, I’ve often wondered what additional work I would need after coming out the other side of a chronic illness. I feel my emotional growth as been put on hold while energy has been focused on physical healing and being able to function. Thanks for sharing and opening up another perspective on healing.

    …I also saw your update about the Root cause protocol – other than dropping Vit D and copper, I was curious whether you had to drastically re-organise your supplement regime ?

    Thanks again and the best of life to you and family 🙂

    1. Thanks Allan! I got rid of all supplements containing stearates – that’s a big expensive change, but apart from that the changes were moderate…

  6. Hi Eric, I saw in your last post that your zearalenone is off the charts. Mine is as well (although no doctor has been concerned with this and I reopened my medical files after reading your article – thank you!) and I also have Lyme. I was wondering if you were able to find out what caused it, were you able to remove it, and are you feeling better now that you are treating it? Thank you

    1. Hi Jon, no, not able to find out the cause, too expensive to repeat mold testing often and with DNRS I expect my body to handle the detox naturally on it’s own at the right time. As for Lyme, I’ve probably had it 35+ years from ticks in my childhood and same thing, I’ll let my body kick it when it’s ready, not treating in any way except for DNRS/Dispenza. Yes, making progress.

  7. Congratulations Eric. This is where so many of us end up after trying this and that and this and that, and after being given endless reasons or explanations why ‘this and that’ didn’t work or didn’t fully work, so that now you had to try THIS or THAT.

    Now you know you’ll probably get a lot of negative comments, but those are natural, because people jump to the conclusion that you’re (and the doctor is) suggesting that this is ‘all in our heads’. NO. That’s not true. And I challenge anyone to read this page and find where Eric said that. Of course it ‘s not all in our heads, but our mind IS very powerful and it’s a huge piece of the puzzle. May even be THE piece as you suggest.

    I noticed too that Scott, the “Better Health Guy” after promoting all of these various cures or components of cures, was finally now onto brain retraining, which is saying a lot, especially considering his past stances and his wide audience.

    My only suggestion would be to also try other forms of retraining. You don’t have to of course, but I’d recommend what used to be called ‘Faster EFT’, and now I think is called ‘Neuroplasticity Made Easy’. Robert Smith, who created it, used to have all 1500+ videos on youtube for free, but for some reason he’s packaged some of the best of them as a set, so I can’t find many of the more helpful sessions that featured him working with various clients.

    I mention him because he tries to get to the roots of these negative beliefs or traumas whenever possible, suggesting that if one doesn’t, then one is still in a way running or avoiding the issue or issues that may have contributed to ‘not feeling safe’ or loved. It’s his hypothesis that when we find these memories, we can change them, which I know sounds ridiculous, but when you think about it — they’re in the past. They’re not happening now. The only reason they might still be triggering is because we haven’t changed the meaning behind them.

    He also talks as you do about imagining oneself as a younger version of yourself, offering comfort to that that scared or traumatized you in the memory, and then releasing the fear, the rejection, the (fill in the blank).

    Anyway, just a suggestion. It’s SO great to see Nathan talking about this as no doubt he’s seen the results of the fear-based ‘extreme mold avoidance’ hypothesis, where one is told ‘this’ is a bad place, or a bad town or city, etc., etc.. Bravo to him, and to you.

    And thanks also for the reminder. I’ve been sliding backwards, and in my case, I know for a fact that a big part of that was stopping a couple of different supplements that were helping and DO help me every time I take them regularly. I get weaker if I skip them for too long. But in the end, in the long run, I need to reassure myself that I won’t need them forever…unless my subconscious tells me I do. So time for me to do some tapping, some meditation, some retraining.

    1. Thanks for your beautiful encouragement Marcia! Well said. Yes, I may edit a little to underscore that this doesn’t mean our challenges aren’t real, physiological, and measurable. That’s one of the things I love about Dispenza, that he encourages us to know we can measure our progress with labwork and other science! His meditations are also helping me go to the roots as you say. Will look for the fast EFT 🙂

      1. Eric,
        Ive followed your blog off an on the past 5 yrs or so. I have lymes with babesia, bartonella, & ehrlichia as co infections. I had mold allergies as well. Did DNRS training for food sensitivities and man it worked!! U r the only other person I’ve found that is trying to use DNRS against lymes!!! Any tips??? Not sure how to use the training against it? Should I picture the image of the bacteria? Keep fighting the good fight!!! I know this can be trying!! Well wishes!

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