How to get and stay healthy

What I’ve learned about healthcare through 15 years of illness and continuous research would be shocking to the average person (if they believed me). The average person, though, is healthy enough to have little interest in learning the truth. As they say, it’s easier to fool a person than it is for a person to accept he’s been fooled.

Nevertheless, I feel compelled to organize and lay out what I’ve learned about how to get healthy and stay healthy. First some background and philosophy and then a nuts and bolts recipe:

First do no harm

“You can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking you used when you created them.”
-Albert Einstein

Tragically, most of my 15 years of illness could have been avoided had I not taken the wrong supplements and allowed MDs to medicate me with pharmaceuticals. During the first five years of my illness I turned a manageable health problem into a life altering catastrophe, through my own ignorance and that of my MD. Here’s how I could have avoided harming myself and rules I’ll follow for the rest of my life:

  • never take mineral supplements (includes multivitamins) without doing Hair Test Mineral Analysis
  • never rely solely on an MD, get opinions from a naturopath, homeopath and possibly a chiropractor
  • never take a prescription drug  without researching it on and asking your naturopath what might go wrong
  • understand allopathic medicine’s strengths and weaknesses (see the next section)

Attitude adjustment

“Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won’t come in.”
-Issac Asimov

Now, if everything you think you know about our health system is wrong, you’ll never avoid harming yourself or allowing others to do you harm. Growing up, we were all brainwashed to believe that MDs were the ultimate benevolent health authority in our lives. In reality, MDs are the third leading cause of death in the USA. How is this possible? It began in the 1920s when the profession was captured by the pharmaceutical industry. Most MDs don’t even know that they exist in the pharmaceutical paradigm set up by the Carnegie’s and Rockefeller’s who owned drug manufacturing companies. I don’t expect you to believe me, all I want is for you to pay attention and decide for yourself:

  • Watch The Truth About Cancer and The Truth About Vaccines and Death By Medicine documentaries:


  • Read Medical Errors: STILL the Third Leading Cause of Death
  • Avoid falling for the medical diagnosis your MD (or even your naturopath) wants to pin on you and never stop searching for root causes. Whether you’ve been told you have hypothyroidism, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, IBS, adrenal fatigue, rheumatoid arthritis etc, these are just collections of symptoms, not root causes. Examples of true root causes are emotional (limiting beliefs and traumas), automobile or sporting accidents, toxic exposures, prolonged stress, sleep loss, poor or wrong diet, infections of all kinds and genetic flaws.

Rethink Your Environment

The city’s most of us live in our a seething mass of pollution – you’re breathing it, eating and drinking it and cooking in an ocean of microwaves, Wi-Fi and blue light.

  • If you’ve been vaccinated for anything, you’ve been injected with toxic metals.
  • If you use a smart phone or wifi, you’re dehydrating your cells and stimulating viral and bacterial pathogens to replicate at high rates in your body
  • If you drink city water, you’re drinking carcinogens and your neighbors prescription drugs.
  • Look up your city’s air and water quality. Here’s Boulder, CO compared to Denver and USA average.
  • Household products are toxic and what you breathe goes into your bloodstream.
  • If you do a lot of DIY home improvement or have hobbies that involve using glues, paints, solder or solvents, you’re living dangerously.
  • If you live in a home that has ever sustained water damage, has a damp basement or foundation walls, or you use your AC most of the year, you are likely breathing mycotoxins and mold spores.

Get Root Cause Testing

You want to get testing that will tease out the root causes of your illness and for that you need to go upstream of your symptoms. For example, what do you think might happen if we disrupted your sleep every night for 3, 5 or 10 years?

Do you think you might develop blood sugar control problems and possibly metabolic syndrome? How about immune system diseases like psoriasis or thyroiditis? Cancer? Okay so let’s study your sleep. Let’s also study what might be disrupting it. Following this line of thinking here are a number of tests that fit that upstream characteristic for me:

  • mold illness testing starting with visual acuity and including genetics and mycotoxin urine analysis
  • dental cone beam scan to find hidden infections (especially under old root canals)
  • vitamin D level
  • Lyme disease and other pathogens including viral loads (look up retrovirus)
  • Hair Mineral Analysis (HTMA)
  • Toxic Metals Challenge
  • sleep study (at home, not in a facility)
  • measure your oxygen saturation with an oximeter
  • standard bloodwork
  • nutritional analysis
  • food sensitivities

For more about these tests including examples, please see my detailed post on testing.

How to get well

    1. Use your brain – of all your options, your mind is the most powerful healing tool available to you.
    2. Fix your diet – read some paleo books and give it a go, try a grain free diet for 3 months, try dairy-free for 3 months. Stop eating refined sugar and cut way back on fruit. Avoid eating farmed salmon, the most toxic food on the planet. Try intermittent fasting to trigger DNA repair and keep the fat from building back up after your master cleanse (see Detoxify below).
    3. Fix your sleep – our bodies do necessary repair work while we sleep, so getting deep refreshing sleep should be your highest priority. Do whatever it takes. Make sure you don’t have sleep apnea, and if you do, solve it. Treat your sleep area like a shrine. I sleep with earplugs, tape my mouth shut, use blackout shades, and never bring a phone in my room. Dr. Stasha says her patients start sleeping well when their vitamin D levels reach 80 ng/ml. On the other had, Morley Robbins says that would be a big mistake.
    4. Fix your teeth dental problems are a top cause of chronic illness, either through infections which often hide under root canals, wisdom teeth extraction sites, or through silver amalgams that contain mercury, one of the most toxic poisons known to mankind.
    5. Fix or change your environment – check your house for mold and toxins, get rid of scented consumer products, avoid soft plastics, switch to glass and metal where possible. Eliminate rugs and avoid fresh paint and new things (houses and cars). Stop breathing car exhaust when you drive by closing the windows and turning on air recirculation. Reduce your exposure to electromagnetic frequencies EMF including wireless is much as possible. Note that Dr. Klinghardt will not accept patients who cannot commit to this step. The Earth’s magnetic field resonates at 9.8 Hz and this is what your body needs for harmony. Your cel phone emits 800 MHz or more and your cordless phone most likely runs at 5 GHZ – these frequencies are disruptive to our fragile systems and encourage bacteria like Borellia that causes Lyme disease to replicate 800 times faster than normal (Dr. Klinghardt). Get more sunshine and reduce your exposure to blue light.
    6. Balance your essential minerals – find a Nutritional Balancing Science practitioner and start taking only the supplements your body needs (and avoiding the ones that will harm you).
    7. Start a series of liver flushes – in our toxic world, everyone’s liver needs nurturing.
    8. Eliminate parasites and pathogens  – do a retroviral protocol, humaworm cleanse, hydrogen peroxide and/or look into chlorine dioxide. I’m currently relying on a brilliant homeopath for help with Lyme disease.
    9. Detoxify – start doing near-infrared sauna and try to work your way up to five times a week. Burn off your fat with a master cleanse. Your body stores toxins in the fat, so a significant detox will occur during your cleanse. If your hair test shows heavy metal toxicity, you may also want to look at frequent-dose-chelation. Use activated charcoal to mop up toxins when needed.
    10. Restore your cell membranes – and mitochondrial function with phosphatidylcholine and omega-3 oils (also know as lipid replacement therapy). About 30% of the population (including me) has a genetic flaw called PEMT which increases our need for choline and causes fatty liver if we do not get enough. That gives me three reasons to take sunflower lecithin – mitochondrial function, liver function and methylation support.
    11. Destress – one of the most interesting things I learned through nutritional balancing science is that stress alone can cause almost any chronic illness. When the adrenal glands work too hard for too long they lose their ability to regulate your electrolytes which are essential minerals. When they become unbalanced, there is a cascade of health effects which include a sluggish liver. And if your liver is not firing on all cylinders in today’s toxic world, you won’t keep up with your exposures and you’ll steadily become more and more toxic. That means you are less and less functional as a human being. So whatever you’ve got to do to lighten your burden, know that your recovery may depend on it.
    12. Consider grounding and microcurrent therapyelectromedicine is considered the future by leading scientists and has already developed a track record of success without any side effects or adverse reactions.
    13. Understand you are your own healer – we are conditioned from the earliest age to believe that it’s our MD who heals us when we fall ill. It’s not your MD, only you can heal yourself. When you are fighting a chronic illness, the complexity is too great for any MD. The vast majority are trained to help you achieve symptom relief with pharmaceutical drugs. This may work for a while, but over the long run you will get sicker. The only way out of the maze that you find yourself in when chronically ill, is for you to decide to become the boss of your recovery. You’ll get help from lots of people, but you need to take ownership of the process and in doing so, realize that your intuitions (and maybe your prayers too) will often be as valuable as any MDs opinion or advice.
    14. Understand that your body is programmed to heal itself – it wants to heal and all it needs are the right conditions. Your job is just to provide the conditions under which your body can do its own thing, which is recovery.
    15. Understand redox before detox – this will help you decide what to do first and what to do next which is always the hardest choice to make. If you’re a scientist, read Dr. Jack Kruse. If you’re not, the idea is that you’ll have more success by strengthening your body first before attempting detox. For Dr. Kruse, that means getting more sunshine and avoiding artificial lights, doing infrared sauna, grounding yourself electrically and anything else that strengthens your mitochondrial function. I’ve tried to order the items in this list roughly according to this theory. But as I said, choosing what to do first is probably the hardest question of all and the right answer may be different for everyone.

Now, what have I left out?

101 thoughts to “How to get and stay healthy”

  1. Last January, out of the blue one day, I just started feeling–I don’t know how to explain it–just bad. My head just felt like concrete, just horrible, and I knew something just wasn’t right. I’m sure I hoped it would resolve within a short time. It didn’t. I’ve been to a couple different doctors, and just today I’m sadly coming to an awareness that no MD is going to be able to figure this out. I constantly feel like I I’m running on about 2 hrs sleep a night, even though I might have slept 7-8 hrs. It’s almost an out of body kind of feeling, like I’m just not all quite there. Nevertheless, your post struck a chord in that I really don’t think any doctor is going to be able to help me.

    1. They are rare, but there are MDs well versed in chronic illness and a few of them even accept insurance… best wishes!

  2. Hi Eric,
    Questions for you: I am going to start treating for disseminated strong, and I am SCARED of the detox. I have had severe reactions when using herbs before when I almost lose consciousness and feel like I’m falling backward into darkness or feel like I have lost the ability to control whether or not I am breathing, although I think at the time I am still breathing. Scary stuff. Lots of wheezing etc. I will be starting with TINY doses.
    So questions:
    1. With your experiences with Ivermectin and Albendazole, would you indeed start with Ivermectin if you were to start over again in stead of Albendazole? (narrower spectrum)
    2. My doctor says Ivermectin is safer for the body but Steve’s Protocol says NO IVERMECTIN because it’s too hard on the liver. I was going to do Steve’s protocol, but they don’t use Ivermectin at all. Do you have a personal opinion regarding that?
    Thank you so much

    1. Hi Rachel,
      1. I never did use Albendazole.
      2. If you have Strongyloides, I think you need to use the most appropriate meds. My understanding is that Steve’s protocol is not targeted at Strongy’s and I don’t believe his knowledge of chronic illness is particularly wide or deep. He found something that works for him and for many others and I believe it’s possibly because most people are infected with Candida which is immunosuppressive and it just so happens that fenbendazole controls Candida.

      If you are worried about your liver, you could do a series of liver flushes and get on a homeopathic drainage kit like Pekana’s…

  3. Hi Eric,
    I’ve been battling Lyme, Babesia, Bartonella, Mycoplasma, mold, metals and now parasites for over ten years. But I’ve never tried going after strongyloides which is now I think my next step. I’m wondering if you ever do consultations. I’ve read so many sites and groups and everyone of course says their own thing. Scary to not know which way to go.

  4. Eric, great post and helpful information. This is my story. I would greatly appreciate any recommendations, suggestions, and advice.
    I definitely think stress can kill.
    I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue, hasimoto’s, depression, and leaky gut. My main symptoms have been extreme fatigue and insomnia. Before all these problems I was fine. I went through a lot of changes retiring after working with mentally challenged individuals, moved to another city, got married, had a part-time job and then a full-time job working in living facility and hurt my back lifting a patient. I went through rehabilitation and woke up one morning and had no energy.

    I would like to ask a special question on what causes non restorative sleep, and does this mean you have cfs/me. Thank you.

    Good luck on your recovery.


    1. Hi Guy, I think non-restorative sleep can have many causes – it would be nice if there was just one but in my experience, it’s not like that. Personally I don’t like the CFS/ME diagnosis because it doesn’t tell you anything about the cause of your illness and leads you to believe it might be something you just have to live with.

  5. Hi Eric,
    Are you still taking the LDN? I’m curious because a friend of mine wants me to try it but I’m sceptic.
    Thanks and cheers,

  6. Eric could you forward my email to the fellow who posted by the name of solomon, I would really love to discuss his theories with him, having formed my own over the years, please if you could that would be awesome, thank you! nick

  7. This post provides informative and helpful things to do. Thanks for helping your readers! Good luck on your journey! 😄

  8. Hi
    I tested positive for Epstein Barr and I just started the H202 protocol. I was wondering your thoughts on it.

      1. Hi Erik. Do you like CDS? I had good results while on it.

        Could I send you an email with a few notes and questions? What is your best email?


        1. I have not tried CDS personally yet though I have mixed a batch so I know what it looks and smells like. I do have a very favorable impression of it and know of many success stories. When the time is right, I’m looking forward to trying it out… My main concern is that I may get nausea which is what stopped me from using hydrogen peroxide. I understand if you go really slow, it may be possible to avoid the nausea. You can write me at – thanks

  9. Your website has such intricate information. You are so thorough ! I pray for your continuing progress.
    Question: Have you looked at Anthony Williams books/blogs??
    He’s a Medical Medium. I am getting better from heavy metal toxicity and Epstein Barr/Strep B viral/bacterial overloads. 8 months into dietary suggestions and supplements.
    (I’m a healthcare professional so it may seem odd I’d go with a Medium’s recommendations but I knew what specialists would offer me from my patients with similar symptoms so I decided to start with a few of his suggestions and I now rotate foods and supplements based on my intuition.)

    1. Thank you Peggy, I have come to appreciate the role of intuition and have used Klinghardt’s ART/muscle testing as well. But, I understand Anthony Williams doesn’t believe liver flushing is therapeutic so I have a hard time getting on board with his books.

      1. Please take my comment as constructive and nothing personal Eric.

        I’m sorry to hear you’ve fallen for Klinghardt’s ART ‘testing’. It’s completely bogus.

        And I say so due to personal experience, having fallen for it myself for almost 3 years.

        In 2009 a friend offered to help pay so I could see one of Klinghardt’s TOP doctors…one who worked with him for years, and currently practices in Edmonds, WA. I probably saw her about 15 times over three years, and she used this ‘ART testing’ to determine what was wrong with me, and what supplements would be the best ones to help me recover.

        In hindsight, the testing was a complete joke. I was somewhat skeptical, but desperate for healing, and because a friend was paying for this, I felt obligated to continue. It wasn’t until about halfway through though that the inability for this testing to accurately determine _anything_ started to become clear.

        Just as an example, after she determined I needed calcium and magnesium, I was having trouble with the supplements that the ART testing deemed were the ones I needed. In fact, I went back FIVE times. Five times where the testing showed…oh, no, not THAT type of calcium, but THIS type, etc., etc..

        And when it came to methylation, the testing was so inaccurate, I ended up close to suicidal. It didn’t help that the doctor didn’t know a thing about methylation, something she claimed she did.

        Anyway, to make a long story short, despite having ME/CFS for a long time, after my first visit I could still walk about a mile every other day. In fact I walked about 2 miles up a hill when my friend had to drop me off away from my house because she had to get to work.

        Three years later I could barely walk 3 blocks every other day.

        That’s my warning to you and your readers. Take it however you choose.

        1. Thanks for sharing your experience Kelly, I’m sorry it failed you. I have not used ART for any mission-critical decisions… To give you an example, I use hair test analysis to determine all of my mineral supplementation and my genetic information to guide methylation support. I might use ART to tweak my doses, choose a brand or decide the timing of something. The biggest things I took away from Klinghardt and homeopathy are 1) the importance of the lymphatic system and 2) that German immune modulator’s are not just placebos – they can do some heavy lifting.

          1. Thanks Eric for your reply. No doubt other ‘tools’ in his arsenal may work, but my main warning is with regards to the testing. If you have it done again, I’d confirm it with blood work to see if it even matches…

            Best to you.

            1. In fact Kelly, I already know that it often doesn’t match the real world. Three examples – 1) Borrelia was supposedly eliminated but I saw it’s continued presence with my microscope 2) a form of vitamin D was indicated that contained a supposed cofactor which recent studies have shown is harmful and 3) homeopath did not detect candida but through years of experience I have come to know is my dominant source of misery. I don’t need testing to confirm it because I can see it with my eyes when it comes out and correlate that with all the symptoms of die-off that I experience in the process…

  10. Hi Eric,
    I’ve followed your work your years and have learned so much.
    I have a new working theory of what may be going wrong in our bodies. A key turning point for me was discovering my iron to manganese ratio was way off. I believe iron to manganese is a stand-in for gravity to electricity. It’s how the body locates itself in time.
    A short synopsis can be read here, then I’ll have a full website (listed above) up in a couple of weeks.

    1. Well both manganese and iron are affected by bacterial infection so the imbalances can be like the canary in the coal mine!

  11. Agreed – Its a great big rabbit hole once you get digging.
    When you think you have arrived at the truth, your barely scratching the surface.

  12. Hi Eric,

    Ive stumbled across your website today after searching for Liverflush success stories. From having a brief look around, it seems you last mentioned liver flushing end of 2014. Have you stopped doing them? Did they heal/cure or help you? Whats your thoughts and whats your current condition?

      1. Why not one a month? Have you stopped passing stones? So did you not feel as much of a health change as you expected?

        1. I find them very difficult to do but the main reason is that the stones got smaller and smaller and lighter and lighter in color so that I got the impression they were recently formed and not troublesome anymore.

  13. Hi, I came across your blog bacause I had recently gotten ill from using too much hydrogen peroxide (I thought your blog was about how you recovered from hydrogen peroxide poisoning!) Lol.
    I had NO idea that drinking it was theraputic for some bacause I guess it can oxygenate the blood too much (didn’t know that was a thing either) cause severe abdominal pain, burn the esophagus, intestines and more! I started reading you log about how you felt each day and when you reported severe abdominal pain, I thought, “Oh no! He’s poisoning himself!” so I navigated to the home page and was very happy to see that you done so well and are sharing what youve learned.
    Anyway, the reason I’m writing us to let you know that your post is 3rd when searching for hydrogen peroxide and terms like poisoning, “too much” and symptoms (I cant remember exactly what I Googled) but it made me worry a little because 1) People dont read anymore and 2) People are great at misdiagnosing themselves online and hurting themselves more.
    So, I thought I’d suggest that maybe you should update that post with a statement at the very top warning people about drinking hydrogen peroxide? I can just picture someone skimming the very top, heading to the medicine cabinet and chugging away and I would also hate to have you get in some kind of trouble due to someone else’s stupidity.
    I think theres a way to format a blog site so some kind of disclaimer appears with every post, which might be easier.
    Lastly, I’m naturally curious and I hope you don’t mind me asking but did you wind up getting severely ill from too much hydrogen peroxide? I did from overusing the 3% solution, I didnt even know there was a 35% version.
    I noticed you mentioned it again here but you also mentioned the struggle you went thru. So now I’m super interested in what else you went through. Maybe you could write a synopsis post with links to the various posts on your site for curious people like me? 🙂
    Im looking at this on my phone so, if you already have something like that on your site, it’s probably a good thing for you to know that it’s not on the mobile version.
    Anyway, I wish you well and again, I’m happy to see you didn’t die from hydrogen peroxide poisoning. 🙂

    1. Well yes, it is remarkable how prone we are to skimming everything! It has been a long time since I drank hydrogen peroxide but I have recently started using it in my waterpik. I still have an aversion to the taste from the protocol I did several years ago… The closest thing I have to a synopsis is and it is terribly difficult for me to keep my blog up to date. I have been using microcurrent now for more than three months and will write about that next.

      1. Thanks for the reply. 🙂 Funny (in a coincidental way) that you use peroxide in your Waterpik. I remember my dad did that for years (he used a product called Hibiclens ) and maybe that’s how I originally never considered it could be poisonous with overuse.

        Of course, now that I’ve recalled that, I remember being told that only Dad could put Hibiclens in the family Waterpik (we could add a little mouthwash instead).

        So, I guess I can add “selective memory recall” to my list of ways people can harm themselves. Lol.

        Well, the good news is that we both are feeling better and google had brought you a new subscriber. Thanks again! I look forward to future posts. 🙂

  14. As I started reading your history, I started wondering if you had hyperparathyroidism. Your osteoporosis can easily result from it and it will make you feel crappy and you had a high calcium on hair analysis that could result from this, too. It’s fairly easy to check for but many/most doctors are not good at diagnosing it.
    I searched for the term “parathyroid” on your website and only found 2 pages, neither of which suggest you’ve been tested for it by someone competent.
    There’s a good discussion of symptoms and diagnosis at – if every doctor would spend an hour or so reading that site, we’d identify people with it sooner.

    1. Thanks Mac, I was tested. Generally speaking I try not to chase after too many diagnoses because I already have plenty that explain my condition. And since I am recovering steadily, I have to believe I’m on the right track.

  15. I commented a while back on how magnesium depletes manganese. How are you getting on? Are you still taking 200mg/day?

    A commenter above said fatigue relates to low cellular manganese or iron. Is that through MnSOD? Can SOD be supplemented directly? Manganese is one of the few things that helps my fatigue so I’m trying to understand the mechanism behind it.

    1. I take 1200 mg of magnesium daily and 50 mg of manganese. If your manganese is low you might check for Lyme disease as borrelia feed on it.

      1. Wow, I didn’t know that. Thanks.

        It sounds like you’re doing the right thing with the Magnesium/Manganese balance.

  16. I have a question. Are you myopic or nearsighted, any vision troubles? Even ocular migraines, like prolonged periods of very blurry vision lasting.

    Also is back online. Same content, but design revamp. Although, there is a new navigation feature that greatly inhibits the usability for finding specific key terms. Wonder if he will update the content with any new findings. It has been the same for the few years I’ve viewed it.

    I write the following because you have had issues detoxing copper and wonder why it keeps staying high on your hair tests…whole food Vitamin C.

    I purchased some Carlson copper chelate recently (again) and experimented with beef liver to test to see if it would help with my iron absorption and potentially insomnia. Prior to this I have been avoiding copper for around 9 months since I experimented with a trial of Mitosynergy high dose version and was getting shooting arthritic pains in my legs from it. The copper chelate increased insomnia…I’m now starting to put two and two together in a secondary cause of copper toxicity. Mostly mine was from multi-vitamins at various stages in life, but I also feel like through diet I reinforced copper overload with Vitamin C in fruits and vegetables. I recall Morley Robbins Root Cause Protocol suggest it as a source of copper because it contains a the molecule Tyrosinase contains copper in its core. And I’m really starting to think an excess of Vitamin C causes excess copper absorption from the Tyrosinase being broken down. I think I mentioned this in a previous post. Haven’t really researched it. But it would explain why my sleep quality hasn’t improved over the last two months while avoiding high manganese foods while supplementing whole food Vitamin C powders.

    Over the past 5 months I went through two 300+ 100% RDA serving bottles of Pure Synergy Pure Radiance that Morley recommends. I must have done 2/3 as I shared the bottles with a family member. As well as about 100+ servings of Terrasoul Acerola Cherry Powder, and in my diet fruits and vegetables high in Vitamin C like Kiwis, Orange Juice, Broccoli, Cabbage, etc. Vitamin C contributing to copper stores makes sense because I starting eating massive amounts of fruits and vegetables when I embarked on improving my health when I first started doing the Paleo Diet. I was also taking a multi-vitamin at the time which was making copper and manganese overload worse. Vitamin C from food does not appear to lower copper, but increase it. Synthetic ascorbic acid is another story and may actually help the body use extra copper, but I won’t experiment with it because I don’t want to potentially rapidly deplete my magnesium or calcium levels…and it’s just unnatural. Magnesium is one of the few supplements I may experiment with again in the future, but I’ve never noticed any benefit from it. I’m just going to let my body get rid of copper naturally and be cautious of my whole food Vitamin C consumption. I will likely never supplement whole food Vitamin C powders again, waste of money and dangerous because no one is aware it has the potential to increase copper if you take above the RDA. Same thing with foods, likely should avoid plant foods high in Vitamin C and low in B-Vitamins and magnesium…like orange juice, peppers, strawberries. Avocados B-vitamins seem like a good trade-off to have once in a while once you get your copper levels down. I told myself I would pump tons of whole food Vitamin C powder in me to detox the excess manganese, but I knew in the back of my mind intuitively Morley was probably right about it’s copper content. He is without question making himself more and more copper toxic if he follows his own protocol.

    Like you I have pretty thick crows feet wrinkles around my eyes when I smile and keep in mind I’m only 32. I recall potentially having them as a late teen. I’m starting to think that is another possible location copper is concentrating. Forehead could be more manganese and zinc. Between the nose could be more Iron/tin. Maybe my wrinkle mineral depositing theory is just random and there’s no pattern and its just chronological order. Time will tell,…can determine more once I get away from excessive Vitamin C, manganese, copper, and zinc ingestion.

    Because whole food vitamin c supplementation and starch avoidance has failed at lowering copper and manganese, I have decided to give Iron supplementation another try, only more thoroughly this time. From what I understand about RDAs it is extremely hard to become iron overloaded. I’ve overloaded myself in copper, manganese, zinc from supplements so far…I don’t think iron is anymore unsafe. Main reasons being my chronic insomnia has been just as bad, acne and unknown infections causing it seem just as bad, acne being an indicator of poor immunity, vision not improving (vitamin e was helping) weak muscles, ears still ringing, and still low energy and mood. I think bad vision could possibly be low manganese somehow due to low vitamin e, but I think it’s really low iron causing nearsightedness. I think you can have high iron/zinc and good immunity and not get much acne from having high manganese or copper and yeast infection. From what I understand candida can thrive on both high copper or manganese environment. The whole food vitamin C is likely rapidly oxidizing iron and depleting vitamin e. I’ve also done quite a bit of Vitamin A and K2 so that could be lowering E as well. I will give some feedback on health effects and symptom associations with regard to iron supplementation in the future if I think it might be of use.

    1. I don’t know how you could determine what’s really happening without hair testing. Maybe the mineral taste test? I don’t really have any unusual vision problems considering my age. Still not wearing glasses..

      1. So If beef liver taste makes you want to vomit does that mean your copper overloaded? I’ve actually puked from taking too many copper supplements on an empty stomach. I’ve also puked from a can of oysters which is high copper and zinc. That’s one reason I suspect I’m highest in copper and zinc. It’s strange how antagonism works it seems to push out mineral excesses into the digestive tract and shoots it out one end or the other. Try some raw garlic straight in your mouth sometime, see if the sulfur makes you want to spit up…some sort of strange candida reaction I get…since sulfur opposes copper.

        I’m going by acu-cell disorders page, comparing it to symptoms and what I’ve supplemented…which is pretty much most nutrients individually. That is what I think makes sense. Or better yet foods that are high in a specific vitamin or mineral. Like if a few servings of raisins (boron) on an empty stomach makes your hormones rise and you get angsty…then I would be inclined to say copper, zinc, or manganese are high.

        Good vision, my opinion would be you have adequate or high manganese (feeding lyme along with copper?). You probably never over-consumed simple sugars or alcohol much and ate a decent amount of whole grains and other manganese rich plants in your childhood and young adult life. It’s absurd we have toddlers wearing glasses nowadays and doctors can’t identify and detect deficiencies that relate to this.

        If you have aggressively supplemented zinc, magnesium, calcium, B12, Folate then I would consider low iron and retinol levels. Which I know some are part of the Cutler protocol and Wilson nutritional balancing program. If you supplement and eat every other nutrient except iron you’re going to be lower ratio wise in it. Since it relates to adrenals stress and physical activity could deplete daily intake faster than you can consume it.

        Have you evaluated your ferritin and TIBC? Have you ever eaten 90% RDA fortified breakfast cereal consistently for years? Ever been told your anemic? Ever take iron supplements? Have you ever tried low dose flushing niacin or extended release..if so how does it make you feel?

        I strongly think low iron or manganese relate to tinnitus and eventually hearing loss. Iron being the more likely because ratio wise it is supposed to be highest. And I believe it is more common in men because we consume more zinc rich meat than women. The zinc is a prominent micro mineral antagonist to iron. My father has fluctuating periods of noticeable tinnitus, my uncle has a hearing aid, my grandfather is going deaf and won’t get one…They all eat red meat without restraint. Personally I notice fluctuations in the tinnitus pitch when I did potassium flushing and when supplementing iron. So there is a relationship between potassium and sodium balance and blood pressure as well I believe. I’m pretty sure mine started as a teenager after taking a multi-vitamin for awhile.

        Grey hair could be one potential indicator of low iron. Not sure if that’s the sun glare highlighting your side burns or the unwelcome sign of sagacity?

        According to acu-cell, obesity relates to high iron, copper, or manganese somehow. This would explain all those high estrogen women that likely grew up eating whole grains and iron fortified cereals, but didn’t eat much fruit or simple sugar snacks. If you effortlessly keep off weight then iron, copper might be low compared to zinc being overloaded.

        Deep voice I believe will be more likely in those where iron is very high in proportion to copper, zinc. When I salt loaded my voice get deeper for about 30 mins or so. I believe I’ve noticed similar with iron supplementation and calcium (lowers zinc and copper to maintain bone)…my voice gets all bellowy momentarily. I know women with huskier voices…must eat cheerios. All these boy band singers like Adam Levine with falsetto singing ranges?

        Body temperature seems to be a major indicator in my experimentation. If you tend towards colder/hypothermia then either low manganese or iron, and other sodium supporters. In your case I would consider iron more so. In my experience consuming large amount of minerals in antagonism to your toxicities will effect mood and energy levels for a few hours. So if you take iron and feel like crap it isn’t necessarily because your high iron.

        Facial wrinkles are an impractical indicator at this point that I observe for fun in individuals…and relate it to their other various characteristics, but I believe there is some sort of pattern to it all regarding mineral deposition. Wilson talks about how he thinks certain minerals have an affinity to certain areas of the brain so something similar in the face is possible. There’s a good chance crows feet are either zinc or copper. I only noticed how bad mine were after I had gone through 2 – 3 bottles of zinc. Forehead wrinkles are common in most everyone starting even in their 20’s…

        On a whim I did a search if it’s possible to grow taller past 30 and found a few cases claiming it possible, but rare. I think certain minerals build up based on dietary habits and failing to consume all the co-factors to form bone. I don’t believe height is genetic as there are many cases of children outgrowing their parents. High simple sugar diets are a big factor because they deplete manganese and chromium. But I think a copper, zinc, iron deficiency is just as bad. Most of us think all we need is calcium, but there are various forms of bone generation as it relates to each mineral that makes different components. I think it’s similar for neurological disorders, skin pigmentation, and others.

      2. Eric, tried to email you about Strongyliodis, I believe I have it and got it from my dog perhaps licking me!? Is this possible since I have track marks/sores on my chin. I took one dose of Invectrin and need to take another soon. Please any input or guidance would be much appreciated!

        1. Look up Strongyloides on Curezone, there’s a lot of good reading there… It seems that veterinarians know a lot more about it then MDs and understand that it doesn’t usually go away with just two or three ivermectin doses.

      1. hey Eric,
        do you still recommend buying the fish fenbendazole or have you found a more pure source? did you have any longterm success with it? thanks

        1. Hi Dave, I did find someone on Facebook who sells pure fenben, and I am still taking it but plan to quit soon. I will be replacing with sunbathing, iodine and microcurrent. I’ve ordered this device after getting quite a bit of experience with the Denas PCM-6 (it cured my migraines):

    1. Hello, anybody knows maybe how long does it take to develop an intestinal biofilm in the body? I have a photo, but can’t upload it here I see. Thank you for your insights.

  17. I don’t know if you have done this or not but a study and blog post on mineral synergies and antagonisms might be helpful for troubleshooting imbalances. My posts are so long they don’t really warrant a response and frankly I’m more interesting in sharing my theories and experiences as food for thought rather than a discussion. Not because I’m egotistical, but because it’s all just too complicated to get anywhere with back and forth communicating over the internet on a blog/comment format like this.

    I really wish wasn’t taken down because I find it really accurate in relating symptoms to cellular balance based on my experiences experimenting. I compare nutritional balance and storage of minerals like layers of sediment in an archaeological dig site. From your head to your toes, I believe the body stores minerals in the brain/head last and it utilizes a last in first out methodology to avoid brain degeneration from a bulk of oxidized minerals due to lack of vitamin A, E, C. Shuttling minerals from organs into mitochondria cells. Vitamins A and E seem to cause retention of mineral excess once they’re being stored in the brain and other organs. This is likely partially why Andrew Cutler likely stayed in a toxic overloaded state of high copper, high zinc, etc. You would think the body would somehow flip a switch and turn off its absorption of minerals when overloaded. I think it’s possible that micro organisms in the gut could have something to do with causing undesirable mineral absorption into an overloaded body.

    I think because of the fact that some amalgams had copper in them, it’s relatively safe to presume most people these days are high copper more so than most minerals. Especially with the increased amount of open homosexuality because it is the result of estrogen dominant or mimicking minerals like manganese, copper, mercury. From the Great generation to boomers, gen x and the present you can see a shift in culture and people’s attitudes shifting towards extreme liberalism. They go hand in hand with the copper toxicity. With the increasing marketing of veganism making matters worse. That’s not to say copper toxicity wasn’t common before amalgams, this is nothing new. Amalgams injecting copper into our bodies in some cases, depending on how many fillings, literally grams, not milligrams of copper, is a huge boon to cellular balance and detox that will for many take a lifetime to fix.

    If you study the RDA content of food enough you will see it is actually quite hard to get enough iron in your diet unless you eat large amounts of red meat, lentils, liverwurst, and other varying plants that also contain large amounts of copper. I think Morley’s Robbins hair might be grey (and many others) because of lack of represented iron. Which is ironic because of his promotion of iron toxicity. He has likely supplemented ceruloplasmin minerals for awhile and that should activate copper and iron together no? I think grey hair is a high ratio of grey colored minerals like manganese and zinc, to copper and iron, and potentially calcium. He is actually potentially hurting people with his axe to grind specifically targeted towards just iron, because on a cellular level many people likely have a high ratio of copper to iron and other minerals. This is why hair mineral analysis and supplement recommendations are so dangerous because most practitioners don’t intimately understand the relationship between symptoms and deficiency. And symptoms can be chronic or widely vary based on your last meal, supplement taken, activity…like for instance sexual release similar to simple sugars (lowers manganese) and calcium (lowers iron and manganese) by quickly depleting dopamine stores. Morley has those vertical wrinkles above the nose that I see in a lot of vegans and redheads, middle-aged+ women especially because a lot prefer plants to meat. The guy is likely very copper toxic. It wouldn’t make his hair red if he’s consuming an excess of minerals that are of a grey or silver color. The thinning hair and obesity are dead signs of high copper, zinc and/or iron due to opposing tin. He seems to have a strong personality under the humorous copper persona, so I wouldn’t doubt he’s got ample amounts of iron and manganese. He’s very rational so he has good amounts of zinc too…basically high in everything. I’d be curious to see his hair testing results frankly. Pump him full of salt or potassium everyday for a month and watch the results skew towards higher manganese/chromium and zinc/magnesium respectively. Hair testing results are all relative making them produced skewed results based on how a person dined for the past 3 months. It’s the chronic symptoms that are more useful indicators of what is highest or lowest ratio wise. Perhaps they can be better used when cross reference with other data.

    From it seems low cellular status of both iron and manganese cause chronic fatigue and depression. Could iron just be buried deeper in organ tissue and be inaccessible, and still have excess iron to spare? I don’t know. Likely not. I think more so than anything amalgams have set us up for an epidemic of copper toxicity, not just mercury.

    I’ve been mostly avoiding foods with moderate copper. I experimented with copper and manganese as individual supplements and they gave me estrogenic hormone effects. I’ve also been trying to push out copper with MSM sulfur but my results are mixed. If I do two servings I sometimes get a brief moment of genital pain and thats about all I notice aside from some brain fog. Brain fog similar to eating 6 eggs at once, which are sulfur rich and have lots of chromium to puss out copper. Logically I’d think that added vitamin c to MSM or sulfur rich meals might help this process, but I’m unsure. Another concern for copper detox is that vitamin e is acting as an antioxidant to keep copper in the body. The problem here is that it’s also needed to keep manganese and zinc in the body, but I would definitely say vitamin e is encouraging copper retention and dominance. Screwed either way.

    All this nutritional balancing stuff is rather complicated and would be better done I think in a Facebook group, but those conversations get just as convoluted very quickly.

  18. I know you’re intention is good with your advice, but here’s my blunt take on some of this advice. I think the only concept I agree with here is nutritional balancing, but not with a practitioner because hair mineral analysis is a bunk science. No test will tell you what minerals are stored in organs. A lot of your suggestions are cliche like fish oil, liver flushes.

    Jack Kruse and his obsession with the therapeutic benefits of cold and light…are a joke in my opinion. He just gets off to the idea of harnessing quantum physics concepts and pioneering something revolutionary. The guy seems very copper toxic from all the excessive amounts of seafood he eats because of his obsession with Omega 3 EPA/DHA. The receding/thinning hair and his obesity issues are a sign of it. The excess copper will cause vitamin e deficiency…which I think is the main cause of myopia (glasses). He goes to great lengths to sound wise as if he wants to be some famous health genius. He has been caught posting phony pictures of himself with a muscular physique…not a guy whose ideas I would take seriously.

    Destress?…Actual anxiety comes from usually mineral imbalances. There are many people that handle stress fine because they’re balanced. In my opinion high copper/calcium/potassium and low manganese/zinc/magnesium state causes general anxiety and panic attacks…this leads to elevated levels of norepinephrine and epinephrine levels in relation to dopamine. I think stressful situations make it worse because it somehow shifts cellular levels of minerals, potentially lowering sodium repressing minerals like zinc and magnesium and elevating minerals for adrenal stress response iron, tin, manganese. But inherently avoiding stressful situations or people will not make you healthier…it will not detoxify the excess stored copper, nor will it elevate mineral levels to support the adrenals. This logically plays out like all the psychotherapist pseudo science we see these days with counselors that try to talk you through your problems…All that mind of matter, think positive mumbo jumbo bullshit. Hard pass on advice like this. But realistically yea, why not set aside periods of each day/week to relax and get away from communication and information? Mediate or listen to some classical music, but it won’t make you healthier in my opinion.

    Liver cleanses and parasite flushing protocols are an indirect way of treating the problem without understanding it. There is no amount of “natural” plant based antiseptics you can take to stop micriobiome overload from re-occurring when you have a terrain setup for repressed immunity. You can take grape seed extract or olive leaf extract until you turn green it won’t solve the problem in a sustainable manner. If the mineral overloads facilitate a repressed immune system and food source for pathogenic proliferation…there is no amount of plant based phyto compounds that will stop them from coming back in full force once you eat FODMAP foods.

    Paleo is a joke, did that for years. The grain demonizing simply is absurd. Our ancestors? They ate whatever the heck they were fortunate enough to forage and grow pre-agricultural revolution era. Dairy sensitivity is usually more to do with fungal and histamine issues that come from mineral imbalances, infections and FODMAPs. Many Paleo foods will keep you in a mineral overloaded state, such as nuts/seeds, dark chocolate, excessive red meat, dark leafy greens, sweet potatoes, seafood.

    Sauna or sunbathing helps but won’t outpace toxicities if you’re unknowingly still consuming minerals you’re already toxic in.

    In my experience you can’t really do anything specific to fix sleep since that is tied to mineral overloads and imbalances in the brain – aside from detoxing the minerals. Also, more sleep does not equal better health…as I’ve been sleep deprived and an insomniac for many years with no noticeable effects. In my opinion the poor physiological health precedes the sleep disorder. The same thing that causes poor melatonin production is the same thing causing you to feel fatigued when you intend to be awake.

    Some experiment analysis you might find interesting.

    Every time I salt flush I feel slightly better mood for a short period of time. The more water drunk with salt the quicker the salt will flush through your system. It’s an in and out detoxifier of salt antagonistic minerals. You won’t end up with higher sodium levels unless you drink less water with the salt or get it from high sodium low water foods. And I believe I’m rapidly excreting excess zinc and magnesium. Then the body pulls out more of the magnesium and zinc overload from organs and re-fills my cells/mitochondria and I’m back to feeling depressed and fatigued. People don’t realize the degree of overload/imbalance they have and how the body is constantly redistributing when you give it the minerals it needs to antagonistically push out toxic mineral loads. I’m rather extreme in my methods to determine underlying operational principles of the body. I’m to the point of gutting my diet of all high magnesium zinc foods so I can get faster results. If people can fast for 21+ days at some of these Guru’s “healing centers” I think I can do without calcium from dairy and excess protein to greater facilitate the efficacy of vitamin c detoxing excess minerals.

    I now think excessive body hair is the result of high DHT levels from high zinc and boron, and not from high iron. I think my zinc levels have always been very high, but once I started eating a boron rich food like raisins and beans consistently my new body hair formation on my upper body has accelerated significantly. There’s even some weird disorder where you will grow facial hair on uncommon places like your forehead and cheeks. Likely more common in cultures that consume a lot of legumes. I think if I keep eating boron foods without lowering my copper or zinc levels I will start to get a widows peak. I can see my hair is slightly starting to thin out near the left and right sides of my temple…which leads to the notorious v-shaped formation of hair loss we see in men. I think with women that get alopecia it is potentially more high copper levels at play, but I think excessive copper (and iron) can cause balding in men too.

    In the recent photo you posted you look very pale skinned, which I am too. I think pale skin associates with low sodium levels in cells…which again would go with my high magnesium/zinc theory. Judging by the fact that you run regimented experiments and are very principally ordered I would say you have personality characteristics of zinc dominance. And I’m guessing you have supplemented with a bit of these from doing Cutler protocol and/or red meat consumption. Something to think about. You can have high sodium supporting minerals and high sodium repressing minerals at the same time…its just that the sodium antagonizing ones are higher so they dominate on a cellular levels. This I think is the real reasoning behind why people say you can be high in “bio-unavailable” copper. I don’t think copper toxicity is necessarily just about low ceruloplasmin, it’s about the body trying to detoxify other mineral overloads and it can only mobilize so much copper at once. Additionally, it can only put so much copper into mitochondria at once. This I believe is why cancer is so common because of cellular overload of estrogenic minerals and ones that promote mutated growth. I theorize that the flow of minerals goes from organ storage —> into cells for metabolic function. But when you’re imbalanced this doesn’t mean your cells are getting balanced amounts of each nutrient and mineral…you get what comes out of organs….and in adults the storage organ seems tobe the brain because the rest of our bodies are so overloaded.

    I think about why some people tend to get rosy cheeks when they drink alcohol and it’s because alcohol lowers zinc, potassium, calcium, chromium, and magnesium levels and they have higher amounts of sodium/manganese/iron/silica/tin levels that makes their cells flush with sodium….its a mini niacin effect. It’s the same reason why I think why women get hot flashes – excessive sodium supporting minerals being dumped from storage in large chunks. After my period of eating manganese rich whole grains I notice periods of waking up at night sweating and high body heat. Must be the body dumping while fasted. The same reason why some people can’t drink alcohol without getting depressed…their level of sodium supporting minerals to sodium repressing minerals is low.

    1. He he funny about Dr. Kruse, I’m also suspicious of his protocol. I like to take what I think is of value and leave the rest. In his case, I think he is right about some important things. I find that sunbathing causes gut detox for me and believe that part of it is related to the rays from the sun penetrating the abdomen. But lots of his recommendations are too trivial to improve the health of a person with serious chronic illness. And yes, I believe mineral balancing is the right way to go about restoring our health. And it is the one thing that seems to regulate my sleep as you correctly mentioned. BUT, IT IS AGONIZINGLY SLOW. So what do you do while you wait? How do you accelerate mineral balancing and do everything you can to support it?

      1. I wouldn’t put much stake in light as a detoxification amplifier. One of my father’s (68yo) few hobbies is the beach and sunbathing so much so he now goes to Florida in the winter months. He has probably gotten more UV and high heat exposure to sweat more than anyone I will likely ever meet…and he still has what I consider physical symptoms and personality disorder traits (we all have such quirks) that I would consider mineral overloads and imbalances. I value real world anecdotal evidence more so that fudged and manipulated “studies”. There’s just too much investment and money to be made by so called “scientists”. He is also married to a nature-path nutrition counselor that works in a supplement store…which might have something to do with the continued overload. She wanted to put me on her special formulated store brand of methylated multi-vitamin…pffft not even worth taking her seriously.

        Progress is only slow because we keep presuming we have mineral deficiencies, even if based on seemingly valid empirical data like hair mineral test results. The whole supplement industry is predicated upon this notion for it’s marketing and validity. Yet there is no testing technology to prove this. I’m starting to think B vitamin levels can be in RBC or blood based off the same antagonism principles. Like for instance I believe I read that folate opposes B12…and what do vegetarians get a lot of from plants??? Their diets are booming with excess folate if they eat a balanced diet, not talking about those whack job, long-term fruitarians obviously. Well I wonder why they test low for B12, or why dont the plants the consume get turned into tons of B12 by the microflora??? Something doesn’t add up.

        I’m unemployed so this is my main focus. I was doing sauna+cardio+lifting but can’t afford a gym membership now. I plan on sunbathing and walking once temperatures heat up. I’m probably going to focus heavily on getting out excess copper because I know I have signs of high estrogen. It’s likely possible that high copper cell ratios can also keep manganese, iron out of cells because it’s the most abundant and needs to be detoxed. I’m moving towards a long-term focus on high cruciferous vegetable diet, eggs for sulfur, probably going to keep up with red meat to maintain zinc and iron levels as the copper detoxs. Sleep is improving getting away from high manganese and zinc foods…which tells me that I’m overloaded in everything. Nothing too complicated anymore as far as protocols. Wilson’s rectal enemas was a joke, waste of money on an enema kit. I’ve tried and listened to enough gurus to know there’s just too much bullshit out there, but I think most are well intentioned. ALA seemed to do nothing for copper detox, even at high doses, so I doubt its structurally the same as MSM.

        1. I don’t think the problem with gurus is that there is too much BS, the main problem is that everyone is highly unique. The guru advice always works for someone, but it may not be you! Another factor that complicates the mineral balance are infections like Borrelia that deplete manganese for example and raise iron. I’m sure there are lots of others that I don’t know about…

          1. Salomon, very intriguing take, could you get in touch with me via email? It’s Replace 0 with actual letter o, and replace 1 with letter i, didn’t want auto bots or whatever scanning. Thanks!

        2. Salomon, if you really think that you are toxic in all minerals it can be because of low amino acids.
          Without amino acids you don’t bind the minerals.
          This could explain why u feel so good on sodium and potassium as they are potent solvents so they can keep in solution the excess minerals that can form hard compounds

  19. Hi Eric! Good to know that you are progressing better and still keeping your web alive! Im thinking of doing heavy metal chelation soon, unfortunately ALA and oral EDTA are the only two chelators available in my country (DMSA and DMPS are forbidden here). Whats your take on these 2 chelators, shall I take both or separately, and are there any binders, or other supplements I should include to chelate safely? Thanks, mate!

    1. Hi Little, thanks. ALA is very powerful stuff, you won’t want to combine it with anything 🙂
      Never tried EDTA but I did come across EDTA suppositories recently and that seems like a good idea…

  20. Hi again, I also have two root canals – did you have any, and did you remove them (without getting anything to replace them)? Thanks again.

    1. Hi Jenny, I didn’t have any root canals but my wife has one and we are going to get a cone beam CT scan done to look for infection…

      1. Thank you for that. Luckily there are a number of dentists nearby, so I’m going to get my teeth checked for infection.

        I have another question about iodine? What is your maintenance dose, and how much iodine does your wife get to maintain healthy breast tissue? Thank you.

        1. Hi Jenny, I’m at 36 mg of iodine but want to get back up to 50 soon. Unfortunately, my wife is so sensitive to iodine she can’t take any. She does take 3 to 6 capsules of kelp however which should help a little…

  21. Eric, thank you so much for this article! Lots of great info. Can I ask what kind of water you drink? I was using distilled water, with ConcenTrace minerals to remineralize, but that led to palpitations every day. I quit that, and am using filtered tap water. It made a big difference in the palpitations, however now I’m exposed to toxins in tap water. Any suggestion? Again, thank you for the help you are providing to many just through your writings!

    1. Jenny, I’m lucky to live where I can get spring water delivered which I believe is good quality (El Dorado Springs).

  22. Hi Eric,
    rediscovering your blog frustrated how could I overlook all the fine details and tips you provided. How do you stand with your migraines now? Recently found some weird solution for my migraines but afraid to post it publicly. I’m not even sure if it can do harm on longer run. If anybody is interested, I’d be more than happy sharing and getting someone else’s opinion (before going public). Really appreciating dedication and logic found on this site.

    1. thanks, I’m optimistic my migraine probablem is nearly solved. I suspect the microcurrent is doing the heavy lifting. But it is still too early to say for sure… what’s your trick?

  23. Hi!
    I was wondering if you would share the name of your brilliant homeopath and Nutritional Balancing Science practitioner. I live in Denver and am working on getting and staying healthy. Thanks!

    1. Kate, I do my own NBS. My homeopath isn’t taking new patients as she’s trying to retire, sorry!

  24. Hi Eric,

    I’ve found your posts helpful and would love to chat with you about a few things–specifically Morley’s protocol and the Freddd methylation protocol. Could you send me an email, and maybe we can set up a time to talk on the phone?


    1. I wish I could Matthew but I am so overcommitted that I struggle just to answer comments here… I have been turned off for that reason for more than a year and just opened them back up.

  25. No minerals – couldn’t agree more, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing(which is hard, even with HTMA).
    But what about magnesium? Do you think it’s dangerous too? It might deplete selenium, maybe…

    1. Hi James, I updated the post with two graphics showing mineral interactions and you’ll see selenium is not connected with magnesium…

    2. Magnesium is definitely dangerous to blindly supplement in my opinion. All mineral supplements are and it is unwise to presume you’re deficient. There are many magnesium rich plant foods in our diets and even a 3oz serving of meat has a decent amount. I think the mineral RDAs are exaggerated and most people are behind on their vitamin c consumption and its part of what is making people sick. Mineral deficiency conditions are the rare product of a child that is a fussy eater. I would argue most people are mineral toxic and anti-oxidant deficient. I believe myself to be magnesium and zinc toxic from experimenting with the Andrew Cutler protocol and from taking multi-vitamins for years. Along with hard tap water that I used to take long showers and baths in.

      I now do sodium flushes now and a lot of times my liquid stool has a light whitish ting to it and I think that could be possibly magnesium coming out and the darker bile contains zinc. High magnesium will keep your cells in a low sodium state and keep out the minerals associated with making dopamine like manganese. Zinc opposes sodium as well and can make you very logical and overly analytical and in high toxic amounts magnesium and zinc seem to give lethargy and depression. This is why I believe certain people are sensitive to sugar, specifically simple sugars because they burn up the manganese in cells and then your body needs to pull more out of storage to replenish and make more dopamine. This can leave periods of time where mood and energy are so flat you just want to lay down. You can actually have high storage of all minerals, but it’s the dominance of one mineral over another that creates physical symptoms, personality, mood swings, intellectual beliefs, etc that define us as individuals…so much for the idea of absolute free will.

  26. Hi Eric,
    I wanted to send you an email but I do not think that there is contact info on this blog, is there?
    Therefore posting my question here. I am looking for the most comprehensive colon cleanse to get rid of all the mucoid plaque. Would the info in your bentonite/psyllium post be best bet? I was posted 2 years ago so maybe there are some updates. What about using enzymes while doing the colon cleanse? Anything else?
    I do not have debilitating symptoms but I am not in perfect health either. I am thinking that my symptoms are caused by heavy metals. My understanding is that before you tackle heavy metals you should first heal your gut, cleanse liver, colon and then do heavy metals?
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Yes Alina, I’m very much in favor of liver and gut cleansing before chelation. If you want something comprehensive, that’s not really bentonite psyllium. There are many commercial products that are much more comprehensive and they have long track records / lots of reviews: or

      I’m also a big fan of the Master Cleanse which will have a similar effect.

      Email is nowhere near as good because I get so many that I lose track of emails all the time. Posting here, you are sure to get an answer 🙂

  27. Eric – As your brother, I am a little biased…but wow, what a helpful post! Thank you so much for doing this synopsis and for helping others out in your quest to find an answer to your own issues.

  28. Thank you so much for this helpful site… amazing… d

    I have morgellons any help would be greatly appreciated… what should I do?

      1. Hey Eric

        Just found your site. Not sure if I’m
        Dealing with morgellons or some kind of other note. Read your page on fenben and want to try it. Do you still recommend? Did you have any long term side effects? I’ve got the safe guard ordered just not sure I’m brave enough to try it or not. I want to try the 14 days like you recommended. Thanks

        1. Hi E, I’m still taking fenben, but I use a pure powder that someone in the Facebook group sells. I only take 150 mg daily. I don’t really like the safeguard because of its other ingredients. Fishben is cleaner and also available on Amazon. Have you joined the Facebook group?

          1. No I have not joined yet. Im still learning about all of this stuff. Any side effects from the fenben? I actually already ordered the safe guard so I figured I’d try that anyway

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