Failed liver flush delivers mucoid plaque

mucoid-plaque-550[M]y sixth liver flush yielded only 50 small bright green  liver stones. I did quite a few things differently this time and I don’t know whether the changes I made are to blame or whether this is just a stepping stone to a more productive next flush.

This was my second morning flush but this time I woke using an alarm to take my Epsom salt water at 5, 6  and 7 AM . I also used more olive oil, going up  from 1/3 cup to 1/2 cup. I took 4 charcoal capsules at the same time as the olive oil this time and did 50 mg of DMSA sublingually hoping to minimize the toxic trauma.

Then, three hours after the olive oil I took 20 g of sodium ascorbate in 1 quart of water and followed that with 1 tablespoon of psyllium husk mixed in one tall glass of water an hour later. But, all this elaborate planning was to no avail because all I came up with was 50 tiny freshly minted stones.

So I repeated the process doing another full flush at 1 PM with another 50 mg of DMSA 30 minutes after, then followed by another vitamin C bowel flush and later more psyllium husk. I ate dinner around 6 PM and another meal around 8 PM.

Around 9 PM my bowels were growling and quaking ferociously. Before bed, I was on the toilet for a half hour hoping to relieve the volcano and was worried I might wake up my daughter in an adjacent bedroom with the explosive gas. I was still hoping at this point to see some big liver stones. Finally, I got to bed without passing anything interesting at all. Overall, during the day I felt okay – I think the charcoal and DMSA probably did a nice job of soaking up toxins.

But, I woke after 2 hours and 30 minutes feeling bad. I think I slept another hour or two but very badly, because the muscles in my back were tense and aching and I was alternating between too warm and too cold. In the morning when I got up, I  couldn’t get warm even with a down coat, hat and neck warmer. I went back to bed fully dressed, coat and all, on a heating pad under a down comforter. My body was so tense, cold and weak I wanted to cry. I moved over to this heated massage bed we have and an hour later I felt much better, and had breakfast.

Afterwards on the toilet I still held out some hope for a giant golf ball size liver stone but instead passed the gnarly mucoid plaque you see in the picture. It’s like a dark gray spongy rubber and according to the medical community, it doesn’t exist. They say that mucoid plaque is produced by the colon cleansing products that contain bentonite. So they say it is basically the clay that people take to cleanse their colons. Guess what? I didn’t take any clay at all. Mucoid plaque is real. All the crap in Wikipedia about it being a scam, well it’s the MDs that are full of it! I read the discussion tab on the Wikipedia mucoid plaque and it made me very sad to think about what a tragedy our medical establishment is… that’s why I posted this gross picture.

So, I’m delighted with my failed liver flush. How could I get well with all this toxic garbage in my colon? I’m debating whether to repeat this process or go get a few professional colonics. Seems to me that having it done for me would get the toxins out faster and maybe avoid the instant flu and massive headache I’ve had all day…

Want to see what plaque looks like in a colonoscopy? Have a look at this!

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  1. How important is the timing? I mean if I can’t start at 6pm could I start the epsom salts closer to 7:30pm and still take the oil around 10, or back it up to 11pm?

    1. The best way to figure this out is to experiment – everyone is different! And I don’t think you can do too many flushes…

  2. Hi

    Do you think liver flashes helped in the end?

    Im a similar story to you . Complex health problems likely stemming from immune dysfunction. Heavy metals, chronic infections, dysbiosis are a probability.

    I don’t know where to start.

    1. Considering the nastiness of what came out, I’m sure the liver flushes helped. I also want to do more when I have cleaned out the biofilm and pathogens.

    2. As for where to start, I like starting with the dysbiosis because I can actually see it with my eyes and because when I’m treating it and it’s coming out, I feel so awful. That tells me it’s a huge factor in my illness. I think the gut is the gateway to good health, so seems a really reasonable place to begin.

        1. I got the LEF and Dr. Mercola and no I’m not going to order any test, I’m just not very into testing… Thanks for the heads up though, I’m excited to try the new probiotic!

  3. thanks a lot dear eric for your answering
    i have very interested to know what supplement dr.cutler suggest in his book
    for many reason i can not buying his book
    and i have do many search in google and other site but i cannot fine good article about it
    i have much aluminum and arsenic in body
    thank again

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    dear Eric
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    but i understand Doctor Data lab only support Doctors and Patients Can not do this test directly
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  5. Hey Eric, congrats on the mucoid plaque excretion! There is great info on mucoid plaque (aka rope worm) on the Bottoms Up facebook group. Lots of people excreting that stuff with different types of enemas like gubarev enemas or plain water or coffee. Arise and Shine by Richard Anderson has a famous cleanse for that stuff. Psyllium and Bentonite seem to be important ingredients in the coclon cleanse supplement formulations.

    1. thanks Ron! I will have a look at the Facebook group:) I’ve been researching this stuff nonstop and actually ordered the Blessed Herbs colon cleanse kit but last night decided to go with Oxy Powder instead to avoid fasting and potential side effects from herbs… by the way, I did not mention it in the post but three days prior to my liver flush I did my first coffee enema. Who knows, that might have loosened up the plaque.

      1. hey Eric, Coffee enemas seem to be the bomb for releasing mucoid plaque based on people’s experience on the Facebook group, especially the group moderater Sarah. That might have helped you. There are also other types of enemas like apple cider vinegar, baking soda, eucalyptus, milk, that are also getting results for people.

        1. thanks Ron, I just joined the Bottoms Up group. a few days ago I did an ACV enema and a sodium ascorbate the day after. was very interesting because I was really depressed the day after the sodium ascorbate without knowing why. then the next morning I passed a bunch more plaque (a different variety this time)…

  6. thats intense Eric. Yeah, it really is sad how much suffering people are going through due to all the horrendous misinformation in the medical community.

    The most laughable line Every single GI doc I saw which was repeated vehemently about my bowel disease was “Food has nothing to do with your issue. trust me!” It floors me that so many ‘professionals’ are so far removed from logic and reality. The system is quite screwed up

  7. Hi Eric,

    I’m sorry to hear your health challenges have been extensive, thanks for your honesty. The contents of the large intestine and how it functions are the effects of many other variables within and outside the soma.

    The body is amazing! Don’t give up. I have worked with many people having a similar story inkling myself and my wife.

    Thank you,

    1. I had never heard of blockage or bowel perforation due to charcoal but I just looked up the perforation and I see that it has happened to at least one person. I can’t imagine how or why though. The amounts of charcoal that I take our really tiny from a physical perspective in relation to the amount of water flowing through as part of the Epsom salt or vitamin C flushing. So I don’t have any worries and will continue using it for sure, maybe even increasing the amounts… when I took my daughter to the hospital once after she took a pill she shouldn’t have, they gave her a whole cupful of charcoal slurry. Nasty looking, but it didn’t seem to hurt her. That’s kind of quantity is probably what caused the problems you mention.

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