My first coffee enema

coffee[I]f we met in the street, you probably wouldn’t notice there’s anything wrong with me at all. You might even remark that I look young for my age. But I am disabled and would do almost anything to recover my former  reasonably good health. So for years, I’ve been reading about people doing coffee enemas (think Gerson Miracle) and thinking that it was just nutty.

But eventually, if enough people tell you they work and you read about it in enough places, it starts to sound credible. What finally tipped the scale for me regarding enemas was reading Kerri Rivera’s book Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism. Kerri has cured well over 100 autistic kids using chlorine dioxide also known as CD or MMS. I got really excited about trying that because of the connection with heavy metals and learned that CD enemas are very helpful in killing parasites.

It wasn’t too long ago too that I read Andreas Moritz’s book The Amazing Liver & Gallbladder Flush in which he recommends cleansing the colon before and after doing a liver flush.


What’s the science? Take a really close look at this illustration on the left – Look at the portal vein and follow it. You’ll see that it connects with every inch of the small intestines, colon and rectum – feeding nutrients from there into your liver for processing. That has a lot of implications.

The most basic is that the people who say the coffee enema delivers coffee and caffeine directly to your liver are correct. For me the bigger lesson is that the contents of your colon are flowing straight to your liver. So if you’ve got infestations of bad bacteria or larger parasites (helminths), the toxins they produce are going right to your bloodstream. Or, if you’ve got toxins coming out of your liver after a flush, if they get trapped in your colon because it’s lined with plaque, those toxins are going right back to your liver and into your blood again.

Finally, it means that anything you put in your colon, whether it’s coffee, apple cider vinegar, vitamin C, milk with salt, chlorine dioxide or ozone gas, it’s all going to visit your liver before hitting your blood stream.

I’ll get off the soapbox now.

After deciding that at some point I would have to learn to do enemas, it was a natural jump to trying out coffee. I ordered this enema bucket and got busy hauling distilled water upstairs to my bathroom.

So, what was it like? Not such a big deal. I did get a mild caffeine boost but it was muted and lasted longer than drinking coffee would have. I also had extra fatigue in the evening and the next day as I would have from drinking coffee.

Otherwise, I didn’t notice much except that it’s a very bizarre experience to evacuate on the toilet and find you like the odor. It’s so absurd, I almost can’t bring myself to write it. But there it is.

Three days later, I did a liver flush and passed gobs of mucoid plaque. Did the coffee flush contribute to that? I have no way of knowing but I can tell you that if you search Google you’ll find there are people who believe coffee enemas are good for cleaning out plaque from the colon. I’ve since done Apple cider vinegar (ACV) and sodium ascorbate enemas.

Forty eight hours after the sodium ascorbate enema, I also passed quite a bit of mucus of a different type. The whole thing was quite an experience because the day after the enema I had some anxiety around breakfast time and spent the whole day inexplicably depressed. It was so bad I couldn’t even work in the afternoon. The following morning I started passing all this yellow tapioca-like stuff. Was still passing it the next day too.

My extreme reactions to the removal of plaque — flu symptoms, anxiety and depression — lead me to believe I’m getting rid of some very toxic goo. This is motivating me to keep going as you can imagine! At first, I thought I would do the Blessed Herb cleanse but after thinking over the possible side effects on the liver of using the herbs, I decided to go with Oxy Powder. But, when I called my  local vitamin shop, I found a carried something similar but much cheaper called Mag 07.

I read all the reviews on Amazon for Mag 07 and decided it was a go! I really like the idea of disintegrating the plaque instead of caking it up with bentonite clay.

I hadn’t planned on blogging about all this but when I thought about how much my attitude had shifted and how crazy the idea of putting a pot of coffee in your butt first sounded to me, I realized I didn’t have a choice – had to get this insanity down on my permanent record.

8 thoughts to “My first coffee enema”

  1. I have done:
    Liver flushes, The Blessed Herb Colon cleanse, (and many others) coffee enemas and many other kinds of enemas and colonics.
    My experience:
    They all worked (except all the other colon cleanses) and all contributed to better health. The Blessed Herb cleanse is amazing. I felt like bouncing off walls on the last day. You feel incredible without all the plaque in your body. The coffee enema is now one of my faves. Way less pain with arthritis and my liver is happier. The Liver Flush is something that should be done under supervision in my opinion. It’s easy and helps many people but it’s a smart thing to have an experienced person assist you with that. Sounds like you had great success in getting out all of the unneeded toxins out of your body. That’s awesome!

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  3. Ha! I feel your pain but I had to laugh. I also have MTHFR, CBS, COMT…etc. I have tried many things but have bailed out on actually trying the often suggested coffee enema. After reading this post I have to say that I am still on the fence 🙂

    1. I can’t blame you Audrey! If you haven’t done a colon cleanse already, I would say that the Oxy Powder (or similar) cleanse could be a good place to start. Not the same as the coffee enema, but there is some overlap and I think having a clean colon is probably even more important than stimulating the liver with coffee…

  4. Eric, is there a reading source somewhere that gave you the idea for the sodium ascorbate enema? I’ve done enemas with a small amount of ordinary ascorbic acid diluted in water, and had odd results that I’ve wondered about. (they seemed to lead to constipation a half day or so afterwards, which doesn’t make sense to me). But I haven’t found much info on any kind of vitamin C enemas, whether using sodium ascorbate or ascorbic acid.

    Coffee enemas are very useful to me – I usually get a clearer head afterwards. I don’t use much coffee, nothing like the large volume of liquid some of the books recommend; just a half cup of liquid for me does the job.

    1. I found a few mentions here and there for vitamin C enema, but really just single sentence type mentions. If you search for Vitamin C flush, you’ll find more. Since I had already done two sodium ascorbate flushes which were productive, I just thought it was reasonable to try the enema. And sodium ascorbate is gentler than ascorbic acid. I used 3 tablespoons in 2 quarts of water which is far less concentrated than the oral flush I did. No constipation afterwards.

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