The morning liver flush and other recipes

The standard liver flush formula (boiled down to its essence) takes place in the evening and looks like this:

  • take no supplements on the day of the flush
  • eat no fat in your meals at breakfast or lunch and avoid sugar
  • have no food or drink after 2 PM
  • drink 2 cups epsom salt mix (see below for mixture) between 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM (the old-school says one cup at 6 PM and a second at 8 PM, but sipping continuously between 6 and 9 PM may be more effective)
  • drink 1/2 cup olive oil at 10:00 PM (mix with 1/4 to 1/2 half cup lemon or grapefruit juice if you want for taste)
  • immediately lie down flat on your back with your head slightly elevated for 20 minutes (massage your liver with hands or lacrosse ball if you want)
  • go to sleep (consider taking some charcoal capsules before bed)
  • wake up and drink another cup of Epsom salt water (about eight hours after the flush)
  • two hours later, take some psyllium fiber to push any remaining stones
  • after the last step, start eating again whenever you feel like it

The double flush formula

  • some people like me and liver flush guru Michael Handel do two flushes in a row
  • if I’m doing an evening flush, I would wake at 5 AM and drink 1/2 cup epsom salt water, wake again at 6 AM for another half cup Epsom salt water, followed by a second half cup of olive oil at 7 or 8 AM

The morning flush formula

  • take no supplements on the day of the flush
  • eat no fat after lunch (or dinner) the day before
  • drink 2 cups epsom salt mix (see below for mixture) divided into thirds at 5:00 AM, 6:00 AM and 7:00 AM (you can play around with the timing because there are probably lots of ways to make it work)
  • drink 1/2 cup olive oil at 8:00 AM (mix with 1/4 to 1/2 half cup lemon or grapefruit juice if you want for taste)
  • immediately lie down flat on your back with your head slightly elevated for 20 minutes (massage your liver with hands or lacrosse ball if you want)
  • take three charcoal caps if you want
  • around 11 AM do your second bowel flush with either Epsom salt, saltwater or vitamin C
  • about two hours later, take some psyllium fiber to push any remaining stones
  • after the last step, start eating again whenever you feel like it


  • it’s not necessary to use olive oil – any healthy oil will do, so theoretically you could use avocado, almond, hazelnut, coconut oil etc. (preferably organic)
  • some people use a combination of raw egg yolks and any vegetable oil in place of olive oil
  • some people use salt water instead of epsom salt for the last bowel flush (I found it dehydrates me terribly and I’m going to try  vitamin C instead next time)

Bowel flush recipes

  • epsom salt flush: the old-school mixture is 4 tablespoons Epsom salt in 3 cups of water – 1 tablespoon Epsom salt per cup of water is more than enough for me
  • epsom salt is hard on the kidneys which is why some people prefer alternatives like the following:
  • salt water flush (SWF): works well for me, mixing 2 teaspoons of sea salt in 4 cups of water (but the dehydration makes me feel miserable)
  • vitamin C flush: powder or magnesium citrate/oxide can be mixed with water easily but you’ll need to experiment to find the amount that causes your bowels to flush because everyone has a unique tolerances. I use sodium ascorbate.

What can go wrong

  • bile is oily and slippery which prevent stones from getting stuck but… although it’s rare, a stone can get stuck on its way out and be very painful – just repeat the flush starting with 1 tablespoon of Epsom salt in a glass of water every 2 to 3 hours followed by your olive oil an hour after the last epsom salt – here’s a video explaining a slightly more elaborate procedure
  • if you’re worried about stones getting stuck, you may want to take Chanca Piedra or malic acid for several weeks before your flush
  • nothing might come out – try again

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13 thoughts to “The morning liver flush and other recipes”

  1. Have been sporadically doing the Liver Cleanse over the past few years…but the past 3 liver cleanses that I have done, have not given any ‘real’ results. It was like….’just another night’ with some bowel movement in the morning.

    Then I read an article that says:

    “In 2008, more than 400 Italian police officers conducted an operation called “Operation Golden Oil,” which resulted in 23 arrests and confiscation of 85 farms. Companies were adding chlorophyll to sunflower and soybean oil and selling it as extra virgin olive oil. As a result of these raids, the Australian government decided to allow olive oil brands to submit their oils for lab tests, allowing them to certify companies as pure “extra-virgin olive oil.” Alas, every company failed to gain certification in 2012.

    “Prompted by all of these olive oil scams, researchers at the University of California decided to test 124 different samples from eight major brands of extra-virgin olive oil. Over 70% of the imported oils failed the test.”

    The brands that failed to meet the extra virgin olive oil standards were:

    – Bertolli
    – Carapelli
    – Colavita
    – Star
    – Pompeian
    – Santa Sabina
    – Primadonna
    – Antica Badia
    – Sasso
    – Coricelli

    Trader Joe’s, Safeway, Giant and Whole Foods also failed to meet the extra virgin requirements.

    Filippo Berio, Mazola, Mezzetta, and Newman’s Own are also selling fake olive oil.

    Brands that you can trust are:

    – California Olive Ranch
    – Cobram Estate
    – Lucini
    – Kirkland Organic
    – Lucero (Ascolano)
    – McEvoy Ranch Organic
    – Bariani Olive Oil
    – Corto Olive
    – Ottavio
    – Omaggio
    – Olea Estates 100% extra virgin olive oil”

    I don’t recall what brand I bought, but I wonder if this had an effect.

    Next time, I will select one of the brands that is listed as the one that we can trust.

    Hope this helps…..


  2. Hi..

    Do you think a liver flush could help me?

    I had great fat digestion untill one day 8 weeks ago i consumed 150g fat in one sitting.

    Ever since that day i have had fat intolerance. My symptoms:

    -nausea starting 30min after consuming more then 5g fat. Lasts hours with a nausea sensation in the throat

    I am only consuming 10-20g fat right now to control the nausea. I have zero pain so idk if a liver flush can help out.


    1. I think very highly of liver flushing Mike. However you might look into pancreatic enzymes first, that might give you a quick fix…

  3. Hi, I am just wondering if its ok to do this live flush if you dont have a gall bladder? will it still work as there is no longer anywhere for bile to store?

    1. I’ve read about people without gallbladders doing liver flushes and it seems to work fine, but you should do your own research Lucy…

  4. Hi Eric,
    Salicylates are plant chemicals that some people can be sensitive to. The liver processes them, so I’m thinking that maybe a flush would help a lot of my food intolerances. What do you think?
    This post kind of answers my question. Olive oil is high in salicylates, so I could sub a lower sal oil- like cold pressed sunflower oil. I am sulfur sensitive- so could use mag oxide instead of epsom salts. I already take some malic acid every day in my magnesium citrate/malate supplement.
    I’m just concerned that I’ll throw up the oil- even a teaspoon of cod liver oil I have trouble digesting.

    1. Liver flushing has cured people of an incredibly wide variety of illnesses so I think there is a very high chance it will help you… As for throwing up, all you can do is try it out. And if you throw up with one type of oil, I would switch and try another. I actually like the taste of oil mixed with the grapefruit juice – tastes a little like salad dressing 🙂

  5. Hi – when you flush these blobs out from the liver, some toxins come with them out in the intestines. These toxins are partly absorbed. Most people feel fine from the first flushes, but I will warn you. If you keep on doing the flushes you may eventually arrive at a liver duct that contains concentrated nervetoxin. The liver is after all the main chemical factory and detoxifier. So when this gets flushed out and absorbed by the blood it will enter CNS (brain) and glands and you may never be the same. And you won’t be the first. There are people who did this 25 years ago. Ask them, they know. So what to do? Take a 50mg of DMSA after the flush has succeded, like within 60 minutes after drinking the oil. When the liver is flushed, if you feel a tingling or spinning sensation on the top of you head, pineal gland area maybe, that is a very bad sign and toxins/HM are redistributing/settling. Take DMSA (No ALA) immediately. People has become electrosensitive from doing this. Anyway, keep up the good work! And drink Gerson drinks!

    1. thanks Jeff!!! that makes so much sense and I will do it and also add your warning to this page. I wonder how I should time the charcoal I’ve been taking. I don’t want the charcoal to mop up the DMSA…

    2. Jeff F, that sounds like what is happening to me, sort of, except it happen as a result of a parasite dumping once a month and it goes to my brain. every month i feel i feel it. like a little piece of my memory gets zapped. i currently am doing the cutler protocol, but just getting started. is this that you speak about reversable? or atleast stoppable ? i have also just begun some ivermectin and will begin with alinia ,, two anti parasitics. and of course working in a liver cleanse when possible. can you direct me to more info on this action you talk about toxins traveling upto the cns ? would alpha lipoic acid or another supplement pull the toxins out of the cns ?

      1. I took Alinia and found it extremely punishing, not sure I was ever the same again mentally…

      2. I have had many of the symptoms and have done many different cleanses. I am electro sensitive… did it come after doing numerous liver cleanses. Maybe? I have never heard of this. I was getting ready to do another liver cleanse but now I am considering not doing it. I have a friend (Dr. Pompa) who was extremely toxic almost to the point of taking his life who now teaches doctors around the world how to detoxify. Maybe this will help. I am going to do his program.

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