Vitamin D deficiency and sunlight deprivation

This is a very painful post to write. It’s about my mistakes. There have been so many missed opportunities over the years and many times I have been on the right track but given up too soon not having clearly understood what was happening. What am I talking about? I gave up on ozone, vitamin D and sunshine and it set me back a year. My sleep had improved so dramatically a year ago, I was giddy with excitement about my recovery. But at the time, I didn’t understand how I had made such remarkable progress. Too many things going on at once.

Now I’ve come to believe that 33 years of vitamin D deficiency was a key driver of my illness. Of course we are all deficient – that is unless you are a landscaper or a roofer or anyone who spends morning hours outside in strong sunlight. But I’m the canary in the coal mine because I have homozygous (the worst) mutations for the VDR BSM and TAQ genetic defects. Those are vitamin D receptor flaws. I’ve also been working behind computer screens for 28 years and it turns out the blue light they emit destroys dopamine and melatonin and other hormones necessary for good sleep.

I’ve always understood that poor sleep was behind my decline. I knew it in my bones. And I’m pretty confident that the vitamin D deficiency (and maybe blue light exposure) is what lay behind the poor sleep. The vitamin D deficiency packs a heavy punch because it destroys sleep and weakens the immune system at the same time.

Yes, I had heavy metal toxicity, and I have Lyme disease and multiple co-infections and viral infections but I’m looking at those as symptoms now, not primary problems. Lots of people get exposed but they aren’t felled by them. My brother for example is relatively healthy. I looked up his genetics yesterday and he has heterozygous mutations (not the worst) of VDR TAQ and BSM. He also did not become a computer programmer and Internet entrepreneur.

How did I get on the right track two years ago and then abandon it? I’ve always been fascinated by the therapies that I could not tolerate. For example, I’m extremely sensitive to ozone. Why? Because my body is loaded with infections. As soon as I increase my oxygen, it starts killing pathogens and I feel like garbage. Small amounts of vitamin D like 2000 IU daily for a week would result in intense migraines that lasted three or four days. Why? It boosts the immune system which starts attacking pathogens, releasing neurotoxins and I get a migraine.

Two years ago, I was researching these vitamin D migraines and came across Dr. Jack Kruse and Dr. Stasha Gominak – that’s when I really started to believe in the vitamin D master theory. Watch this from beginning to end – it may change your life:

Sadly, when you are as ill as I am, the complexity of detoxification can derail your recovery. If you get hit by a three day migraine that totally incapacitates you every time you try to take vitamin D, you may give up as I did many times. I’m seeing a homeopathic doctor now and when she examined me the first time, she said that my lymphatic system was hardly moving at all and that if I could not get it going, she wouldn’t be able to treat me for Lyme disease. And that’s my theory on the migraines. My lymphatic system gets overwhelmed easily. I’m working on it now and believe I’m making great progress.

The point is, if you’ve been ill for 15 years or more as I have, recovering is not just a matter of knowing what caused your illness. There is some magic in putting together the right step by step recovery program that considers the best timing for each step.

But knowing as much as possible about your condition does help. Knowing that I have Lyme disease and co-infections helps me understand my reaction to vitamin D and that helps solidify my commitment to breaking through any barriers necessary to raise my vitamin D level. Dr. Gominak says her patients sleep well when they get their 25 Hydroxy D levels to the 60-80 ng/ml range (and deteriorate above that).

optimal vitamin D levels

So what about Dr. Jack Kruse? He is extraordinary and I highly recommend you consider his message also. He agrees with Dr. Gominak that our professional lives have created a physiological permanent winter for our bodies. But he also says that our addiction to technology is equally destructive of good health, both exposure to blue light and cellular / Wi-Fi radiation.

He’ll tell you not to take supplements and explain the physics behind his reasoning (he’s a neurosurgeon and self-taught physicist). He recommends you eat lots of seafood, get in the sun every morning, maximize your oxygen levels, and take ice baths or other cold therapy, all to rebuild your mitochondria and restore your sleep. Dr. Kruse Is not the only one recommending we avoid vitamin D supplements – don’t forget about Morley Robbins and his copper/ceruloplasmin Crusade.

Jack will also tell you that you need to do whatever it takes and that might mean moving from Canada to Florida or Louisiana for stronger sun. He also strongly advises rural living because the average person has seven wireless devices now, so if you live as close to your neighbors as I do, you have a dozen Wi-Fi devices are more showing up in your home even when your own is turned off.

For any other readers with VDR SNPs like me, Dr. Kruse says that they are irrelevant for anyone getting plenty of sun.

Where does that leave me? I’m on the warpath with ozone, sauna, sunshine, blue blocker sunglasses, black lights and all kinds of lymphatic therapy. Going back through my old calendars, I discovered that my sleep had improved dramatically when I had reached six minutes of ozone (via ear insufflation). So I’ve been increasing five seconds every day and I’m at just over four minutes now. With any luck, I’m a month away from the better sleep I’m so desperate for.

I have not had a serious migraine in a couple months so I’m very hopeful that the big setbacks are behind me and I’m really going to reach my destination this time. I’m doing so many things though that I will really never know what it was that got me over the migraines which was my biggest obstacle.

Here’s what I’ve got going on:

  • almost daily near-infrared sauna – 25 mins at around 135 degrees Fahrenheit
  • daily ozone by ear insufflation
  • I sleep on a PEMF device made by EarthPulse and have documented improvements via breath hold testing
  • german homeopathic drainage kit for lymp, liver and kidney
  • one minute of rebounding before saunas
  • 15 mins of chi machine
  • 10 to 20 minutes of sunshine before noon
  • starting with a bit of vitamin D3 – 1,000 IU daily at breakfast
  • Jarrow DHA Max x3
  • ordered a grounding stake and pad for my desk
  • ordered UV lights to supplement my incandescent office lighting (UV light meters too to make sure I’ll get a lot less than the sun would deliver)

Dr. Kruse doesn’t believe in supplements but I know from my mineral balancing reading and experience that people do recover this way and my own family’s hair tests show the efficacy. Also, my reaction to small amounts of vitamin D probably shows that my body is starving for it. In any case, I plan to take a hybrid approach. In the summer, sun only. The rest of the year when I can’t get enough sun I’m going to take this 5,000 IU D3 from Innate Response (I use their raw Vit C too).

You might be thinking, what about skin cancer? Well my preliminary research leads me to believe that it mostly affects people who live in a permanent winter and then go out in the sun and get sunburned. Apparently roofers and landscapers have lower skin cancer rates than the rest of us. Here’s a dermatology professor and vitamin D researcher with some thoughts on this:

And what about Lyme Disease? Here’s Dr. Klinghardt on Vitamin D and Lyme Disease:

ALS, MS, cancers, etc. are all vitamin D deficient states. Lyme spirochetes utilize vitamin D3 to stimulate their own growth. It helps the spirochetes to multiply much faster. Sarcoidosis is a condition of lumps in the lymphatic tissue and lungs. It is often caused by Lyme disease. Dr. Marshall is not an MD or a chemist. Dr. Klinghardt has not seen one improvement on the Marshall Protocol except in a sarcoid patient. It has not been helpful for pure Lyme cases. If a person is Vitamin D deficient and being treated for Lyme, it seems to take longer for them to recover. When you give vitamin D and Lyme treatment together, the patient does far better.Β  Lyme disease multiplies every 22-36 days. With Vitamin D, that process may be every 19 days. The organisms are most vulnerable to treatment when they are multiplying.”

Lastly, I wish I could explain how I got knocked off track a year ago after having made such dramatic improvements… I had reached 10 minutes of daily ozone. I had accomplished this by increasing five seconds every day, so it was a very slow ramp up, and my sleep improved somewhat slowly also. Around the same time I had started Fenbendazole and Ivermectin and I think I was attributing my improvements to those treatments.

Having reached 10 minutes by ear insufflation, I thought I should try rectal insufflation because it directly stimulates the liver. I found it too messy however. At that point I should have restarted the ear insufflation, but I was ramping up Fenben and thought it too much. Then I started to fear the effects on my liver of daily Fenben and stopped that but forgot about ozone. I may have also been experimenting with Mitosynergy’s copper around that time. Basically it was the fog of war. I screwed up.

Still hungry for more Vitamin D info? Here’s one more for good measure:

What do you think?



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  1. Hi Eric,
    Its great that you have given such a lot of info here.
    Like yourself – mercury toxic, extreme fatigue, insomnia that got so bad I didn’t sleep for a month in 2014 (Nov) many health issues like liver congestion gall bladder congestion and acute then chronic pancreatitis. plus so many other issues its hard to recall.
    Doctors or MD’s as they are called on your side of the pond have always treated me very poorly (from birth) I was breifly paralyzed ( couldn’t move my legs)round about 7 years of age after vaccinations, at 8 I had my first fillings and my first blinding headaches! and its been a slow downward spiral since.
    In all I had around 18 mercury fillings if I include replacements and more than one filling in several teeth.
    What I have always found baffling is the lack of clear rationale in the medical industry – when an ill person is interviewed by a doctor I have always wondered why they do not firstly try to establish what their mineral profile is? Since minerals and water provide the structure that everything else hangs off from. It should be the primary course of investigation from rational point of view , of course this is dependent on the nature of the illness.
    Its now june 2018 and 4 years have gone by with extreme insomnia – I have not been able to sleep at night virtually at all and only can sleep when so extremely tired usually from 4am onwards for about 4 hrs.
    I have of course had the amalgams removed save for one gold crown which is giving me trouble and I suspect that it harbours mercury beneath.
    I followed the frequent low dose chelation as per Andy Cutlers protocol. An over the past 5 years i have gone from dark haired to /grey which feels quite sudden.
    Weve just had the benefit of some summer sun and I have been getting about adn hour a day and for the first time in years I have been getting tired at normal times – 9pm on and actually getting 5 or 6hrs sleep.

    I chelated 2008 – 2010 (around 100 rounds) and thought that was enough but clearly not. My left knee just ruptured in January the cartilage felt like it burst and I was unable to walk so thinking I had got over Hg issue got some crystalline msm and within 2 weeks the swelling had subsided and mobility slowly returned. I maintained taking the msm for around another month but started to get severe headaches, fog , depression – you know the story im sure! and then I realised that deep tissue Hg was getting mobilised.
    so stopped the msm.
    I also noted the pancreatitis issues partially resolved! It made sense because Hg will induce glutathione production adn thereby using up Sulphur supplies and when this runs out it will rob the joints of sulphur so I felt supplementing was essential to restore some of this essential element. It undoubtedly has caused damage but as you know we do what we feels right at the time. I have had some extreme polemic emotional episodes though and some very deep suicidal depression over the years esp recently with the Sulphur for (stupid I know- but I need to be able to walk & now I can pain free)
    Organic brazil nuts have also helped with the sleep for some reason! ( I note you mentioned L-Selenomethione in another post).

    One thing that I have noted is that Morley Robbins angle really works for me. Comparatively, mitosynergy copper caps boosts my energy but I get a deep depression kick for the first few hrs. Whereas with desiccated liver caps I get the energy and my mood lifts leaving me feeling balanced and calm (Im 50 yrs now) with the benefit that this improved mood lasts for several days so Mitosynergy is not for me.

    Its been a rollercoaster. with MCS to boot.

    Anyway Im not that coherant atm so please pardon my jumbled post which is just to share my troubles and acknowledge yours.
    It sometimes feels like there are only a few who are afflicted with such misfortune as ours. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone but its very isolating all the same.
    So thanks for writing and sharing your experience, it is so helpful to read through other peoples experiences and findings to gain a relative gauge on all of this.

    1. I feel for you Paul! I’m sure you are aware that you may worsen your situation by chelating if there actually is a mercury filling under your gold crown…

  2. I’ve followed Jk for a few years and enjoy his podcasts over the detailed science. I love your blog here and found it because I was trying to see if JK had anything to say about the Chi Machine. I see your reference to it, not his. How far reaching have you found the effects of daily use of the chi to be in helping someone with sleep issues, getting to sleep, staying asleep, perhaps due to lower oxygen (only slightly) and its affect on sleep apnea. From what I’ve read it seems to be an important tool in overall health. Lymphatic advantage and ANS regulation. TY

    1. Hi Ann, everyone in my family that uses it gets sleepy but it’s hard to say if it makes a significant difference in our actual sleep patterns because we are all so ill. Regardless, after experiencing the effects of lymphatic massage, the humankind, I am a strong believer in the chi machine as well, by association πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Eric

    I have followed your site for years but this my first comment. I have experienced many things that you have including a very positive first couple of weeks on the freddd protocol until the results diminished. I have also done close to 18 months on cutlers protocol. Currently i am doing ok on b12 oils and they give me physical strength to do my job but i lack the light switched on in the brain that i had on the intro to freddds protocol. Anyhow you bring up something i think important in my case – lymphatics. I have found some exercises that have boosted my lymphatics and when i do them the change to my life is night and day. I gently activate (slightly clench) my muscles in lymph areas and give the nodes which feel like small peas a very light massage. Early days but if i don’t take b12 oils then the effect of the exercises doesnt seem as great so there seems some synergy between them. I know you do a tonne of research so please keep us updated with the lymphatics bouncing and how you do with the German tablets as well.

    Thank- you

    1. Glad to hear you are seeing benefits from lymphatic work too Jamo! I’ve never used B12 oils but that is an interesting option. I quit doing methylation support for almost a year and believe that caused my sleep to deteriorate, so I’m working on building it back up… Wish I had never stopped! anyway, I’m also combining exercise, with lymphatic therapy and hope we will both keep making progress.

  4. Hey Eric! Really enjoy your page. Hey, have mycotoxicosis really bad right now. Methyl and hladr defects and have Lyme. Mycotoxin exposure this year wiped me. C4a was 20000. Having difficulty eating because of inflammation, leaky gut… have severe MCS, endocrine issues, etc.

    Started ozone and I read about you and the interesting things with ozone. I do rectal every other day with clay enemas inbetween days. You should see what is coming out! Tonight a gook about 6 inches long!

    What do you bind with? CSM is too hard on my histamine reactions right now. I have tried activated charcoal… cant do that one either. Need one to get those mycotoxins off the neurons or whatever in the brain.

    1. Hi Gina, I know what you are going through is very difficult! Right now I’m not using any binders because my gut seems to be much cleaner – fortunately it looks like all the cleansing I did was somewhat cumulative, so even when I took long breaks, I did not regress much. If I do get in trouble now, I would use charcoal, vitamin C or salt flushes and possibly retention enemas. I may try Cholestryamine again at some point. Wishing you speedy healing…

  5. Eric, love your page – you rock by the way!
    Someone just posted a link to your post about Iron in a closed FB group.
    I also have Lyme, Co infections and CIRS. We live in the DC area and are moving out of our home today…heading to Denver in a few months permanently. I’m currently taking Pure CSM to treat the biotoxin illness – it seems to be helping – it’s been about a month. My neurological symptoms are mostly gone but I still have vision issues and head pressure. Not sure if it is the Lyme or CIRS causing those symptoms. Your post has me a bit concerned because my iron has always been low. I am slightly BELOW the normal range right now and I have stopped taking iron supplements because I’ve read that bacteria and viruses feed off of it. I didn’t realize CSM lowers iron levels…not sure that is something I should be doing right now. Based on your research, do you feel that anemia will prevent healing? My TGF B1 was 16,000 2 months ago…one of the most significant results seen by my doc. She seems to think it’s the mold and Lyme. I need to bring that down ASAP. Thoughts?

    1. Thanks for writing and yeah we do have a lot in common! Congratulations on your decision to move to Denver, I think it will help you a lot. Wish I could give you some answer about the iron but truly it’s over my head. My wife’s iron is very low and she also has Lyme so kind of in the same boat with her… I give her desiccated liver caps with vit c but no iron supplements. Maybe that’s a compromise.

  6. HI Eric ,

    can you pls update how the copper and morley robbinson approach is working ? is your ceruloplasmin higher and your unbound iron lower ? did the magnesium help ?

    1. Hi Jonas, I guess you could say I gave up on the Morley Robbins approach because I’m taking the Mitosynergy copper and recently decided to take vitamin D as well. I don’t think I ever saw any impact from the Robbins copper protocol. I will get blood tested soon to see where I am now… Specially interested in seeing the vitamin D level because I have never before been able to tolerate so much sun and vitamin D supplementation without getting migraines. Seems that my lymphatic system might have been the problem and I think it is running better now.

  7. Hi Eric,

    Thank you for all that you share and for opening your journey up to the world to help others! It really does make all the difference!!! πŸ˜‰

    I was wondering what your results have been doing the Fenbendazole and Ivermectin? And, if you have written an updated post article on this subject in particular?

    I love your sharing because I have been through a very similar journey, as I am sure so many others have…Having Mercury removed, going through chelation (done improperly), Dietary changes (at one point unable to eat almost all foods) Nutrient Balancing via supplements, IV’s, LOTS of coffee enemas (a life saver, if ever there was one, lol), having 4 negative stool tests, while WATCHING critters fall out in droves in the toilet, oy vey!, lol, etc., etc… And I know well all the Characters in the Play…i.e. all the names you mention… πŸ˜‰ There must be some honorary degree we receive at the end of all this…lol πŸ˜‰

    Thank you again & Cheers, Gloria

    1. Thanks for writing Gloria!

      I have not done any update posts on Fenben and Ivermectin. Here’s the update though – around two years ago I had made tremendous progress improving my sleep and then lost it. So for the past nine months or so I have been going back over my old notes and trying to repeat the things I had been doing when my sleep improved. after lots of experimentation and failure, I’ve come to believe that the magic came from the combination of methylation support, ozone, fenbendazole and ivermectin, so I have been slowly ramping those things back up for a couple months. I see some signs of progress but it is still too early to say. These are all difficult things for me to ramp up unfortunately so it’s a slow process! I’m currently back up to eight minutes of ozone (ear insufflation), 110 mg of fenben and I have not restarted Ivermectin. My methylation support is still very low too at 400 mcg methylfolate and 2500 mcg mb12…. I love the honorary degree concept πŸ™‚

      Speedy healing to you!

  8. I made a mistake with the vitamin D recommendation – the vitamin A in the Allergy Research brand is too high and competes with the D in your body – see

    This is a very good alternative: and you can add a beta-carotene which is the precursor for Vitamin A:

  9. Eric – thanks for asking! I raised my Vitamin D from 31 to 47 in two months without Vit D supplements. (I do take Rosita’s Cod Liver oil, 3 capsules per day).

    Cofactors: I consume over 40,000 IU Vitamin A daily from food (sweet potato & kale/mustard greens mostly). I also eat 15 g of Natto daily, so I have a natural source of K2.

    Because I only got a rise of 8 per month, I am getting more aggressive. My new plan is:

    I am out in the sun as much as possible, up to 40 minutes a day, but of course every day I get less as it gets colder.
    I am using the Sperti sun lamp for 20-30 minutes a day, rotating the parts of my body I expose (belly, legs, back).
    I am irradiating portobello mushrooms for 20 minutes with the Sperti lamp, letting them sit a few hours, then cooking. I eat about 150 g of mushrooms a day.

    I appreciate the warning about the mercury in the Sperti lamp. I will be careful not to break it!! I’ll report back when I get my next Vitamin D results.

    1. That’s fantastic Melissa!! I’m looking forward to checking my vitamin D levels soon. I hope you have good copper metabolism because you will be getting a lot with those mushrooms πŸ™‚

  10. You are a hard man to contact from old blog posts! I am curious as to the development of use of low dose naltrexone for you and your thoughts on it. Though I know this may not be he appropriate place for this comment, I could not find another way to contact you and comments on the LDN were closed. My doctor is trying to strong arm me into taking this medication for what they have diagnosed as fibromyalgia though no typical fibro treatment has done anything for me. The only resource I have is myself and my research-so I appreciate any input you may have.

    As an added oddity pertaining to this forum, knowing a RN from Florida, she said even there EVERYONE’S Vitamin D was low, even for people who spent immense time in the sun-without sunscreen.

    1. Hi Jessica – you got me, thanks for writing! My wife and I still take LDN, though we have not noticed any improvements even after a year. We continue taking it because I believe it’s a good cancer preventative. Why are we not recovering? Our bodies are too loaded with pathogens and toxins in my opinion. Lyme disease is a powerful opponent… That’s pretty surprising to hear people in Florida getting lots of sun without sunscreen would have low vitamin D, bbut there are people saying that air pollution is causing this.

  11. Thanks for this detailed, scientific update Eric. I’m still pushing through chelation and I’m about to hit 200 rounds but I’ve been able to be back in grad school up in Portland, OR. Last winter was brutal and I noticed a similar dip in my strength and drive when I neglected Vitamin D (I rotated D2 and D3 forms and never identified a difference). If tanning beds and Happy Lights are out of the question, then I suppose I’ll keep getting the real sunshine by trekking up to Mt Hood in the winter to be above the marine layer.

    Keep up the fight.

    1. Thanks Alexander and CONGRATS – 200 rounds is a huge accomplishment πŸ™‚
      Mt Hood sounds beautiful!

      1. Eric,

        Thanks the for the encouragement. One day I would like to write a recovery story on your blog. Is there anyway we can chat, briefly, via email?



  12. Thank you for sharing your journey. It has been a long and hard one and you are wonderful to share it with everyone. I would like to sign up for your blog. However when I click on the RSS link, I get metadata, but nowhere to sign up. I have an Apple MacBook. Maybe we cannot get RSS feeds. Any suggestions as to how to sign up would be helpful. Wishing you better health!

    1. PS: Reuteri thrives on Tryptophan in the absense of Fructose and Sucrose, Fructose being well known to damage gut flora.

  13. Thanks for this post and glad to year you are on the right track for you. I’ve tried supplementing D topically but it appears I may have been overdoingit with 10,000 IU per day — it made me feel worse so I stopped. My D has never been above 27 since I got sick, and now five years later it is at 8. Time to do something. I ordered the Allergy Research D3 you mentioned, and maybe can start taking it once a week and see what happens. I’m so sensitive to supplement contents like silicon dioxide, etc. due to leaky gut, not sure if I’ll react to that. We’ll see. Thanks again and all the best to you.

      1. It’s not the sunlight that bothers me, but heat itself — I can’t break a sweat. My body becomes more and more distressed until I have to get cooled down by some external source (AC, cold wet cloths, etc).

        Instead of trying the allergy research (which I saw once it arrived has silicon dioxide in it) I’m cutting open 1000IU country life D and putting the oil on my forearms. So far no changes but I’m sure I’m only absorbing a small percentage of the D. Slow and steady wins the race.

        All the best to you.

        1. Have you tried near-infrared sauna using standard red heat lamps? I didn’t sweat much in the beginning, it took about 12 sauna’s before I started sweating easily. The near-infrared is quite different from the sun… should cause you to sweat more easily. Sorry to hear about the silicon dioxide.

  14. I started vitamine D supplementation almost two years ago and after few months my level increased to 67ng/ml but I didn’t feel any change, no improving, no worsening. Still I have no idea why.

  15. Hi Eric,

    Please check out the Facebook group Exposing the Lies Candida: Weaponized Fungus Mainstreaming Mutancy.

  16. Yes I completely agree with you on Vitamin D. A lot of people are deficient. I take vitamin D3 supplement (including detoxing) and I’ve noticed positive changes in my health and overall well being. If you take vitamin D3 supplement, make sure it’s vitamin D3 with K2 as K2 helps move vit d3 to the bones, to avoid arterial calcification. Most effective form of K2 is MK-7.

  17. Thanks for telling your story. Fellow vitamin D supplement-migraineur. I used to be able to tolerate supplementing but now even a low dose triggers the migraines. I had the theory it might have to so with sulfur intolerance. I can handle the sun, but just got tested at level 28, at the end of the summer… I had hoped for more, but it’s better than 13 or so where I used to be (also low in A and B1). Trying the cod liver with oil now though that seems to trigger it as well, but less. Interesting about the screens being counterproductive. Good luck raising the levels!

    1. Thanks Caroline and sorry to hear of your migraines! You might try the Pekana or other drainage kits…

  18. Eric, thanks for all you share! I agree about Vitamin D. I’m trying to raise mine with:
    10-20 minutes of outdoor sunlight,
    a Sperti sunlamp 10 minutes a day,
    exposing 100 g of mushrooms to the Sperti sunlamp for 10 minutes a day.
    The Sperti Vitamin D lamp is expensive ($425) but I am trying to raise ceruloplasmin and am therefore avoiding Vitamin D as a supplement per Morley Robbins’ ideas. I really can’t vet his approach, other than to say I’ve followed his protocol loosely over about 9 months and raised my ceruloplasmin from 17 to 22.
    Another cheap way to irradiate mushrooms and raise Vitamin D through home-UVB’d mushrooms is lizard sun lamps. I wrote a blog post sharing how I did it (before I got the Sperti). For anyone who might want to try it, here are details:

    1. hi Melissa! you’ve reminded me that I forgot to mention Morley Robbins and the whole copper thing. The problem is that none of our experts and gurus really have expertise spanning all the issues. I spent years not taking vitamin D and it has not gotten me anywhere. I’m trying a different lighting system because the Sperti lamps are florescent and have mercury in them. So if they break you’ve got an environmental disaster in your house. Where is your vitamin D level now?

      1. Hi there! I was thinking of buying a Sperti lamp but got second thoughts when you mentioned the mercury..
        What lamp are you using?

        1. I haven’t been able to find any good alternative Karin. I bought a grow lamp but it doesn’t deliver enough UVB…

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