Fighting copper with copper

I’ve been fighting copper toxicity for about three years now and as a result of blogging about it, I’ve heard from a number of others in the same boat. It’s always very motivational to hear from those who fought the battle and won. But sometimes it’s much more than motivational because hearing their stories brings new information and ideas.

Mark Power is a great example – first his story and then I will tell you what I did with that information:

To get rid of the copper I was religious about supporting the adrenals with adaptogens of various types as well as large amounts of Vit C (ascorbic acid form, maybe not the best form to use), magnesium bisglycinate, manganese, 300 mg zinc citrate/day for nearly a year (massive amount that I tracked carefully with HTMA’s and serum zinc tests) and 3 mg chelated copper daily, two weeks on, two weeks off for a couple of months.

Even taking zinc at theses astronomical levels my hair zinc values barely rose. I had regular copper dumping episodes that included periods of psychosis lasting maybe a day or so. It was supremely challenging to get through the worst of the dumping episodes but I began to recognize the dumping onset symptoms and warn my wife in advance things were going to go south for a while.

I had a lot of coaching from Dr. Richard Malter, an expert in clinical copper toxicity (now retired in Arizona) on what to expect. My copper cleanse took three years, rising in my hair from 67 PPM, to as high as 202 PPM, but in a step fashion, rising, then falling a bit, then shooting way up to its peak before falling precipitously down to 24 PPM.

I am not well versed in methylation issues and didn’t focus on that during my copper lowering journey. People need to be informed and warned about copper dumping so they don’t get scared off the process, but THEY MUST TRACK THEIR HAIR COPPER LEVELS TO KNOW WHERE THEY ARE AND TO BE ABLE TOO TRACK THE DUMPING. Most of the copper is going to go out in the bile so your liver must be cleansed periodically with lemon juice and olive oil flushes.

This knowledge I learned and am sharing will give them confidence to carry on.  Blood tests for Ceruloplasmin or serum copper are useless and do not reflect body burden. I ran those several times and they didn’t correlate with my HTMA copper levels. I did HTMA’s every three months for a total of 14 HTMA’s.


The first thing I did was to consult Dr. Malter. He asked me to reduce my vitamin C supplementation to slow down my detox a little bit in light of the risk of cardiac arrest. Noting Mark’s use of copper supplementation, I also loosened up my copper free diet and ate a little more variety. The second thing I did was to get a second opinion from Morley Robbins, who said the root of my problems is iron overload, not copper toxicity.

There’s some interesting evidence for this too:

Dr. William Walsh, formerly of the Pfeiffer Treatment Center says the best way to diagnose excess copper is by measuring serum copper and ceruloplasmin (copper binding protein).  With these two levels the percentage free copper in serum can be calculated here. According to Walsh:

a year ago


Percentage free copper above 20% is classified as elevated.

  • 5 to 20% = normal
  • 20 to 30% = high normal
  • 30 to 40% = elevated (high oxidative stress)
  • > 50% = severe elevation (severe oxidative stress)

Serum copper levels are classified as follows:

  • 12.5 to 17.5 umol/L or 80 to 110 ug/dL = normal
  • 17.5 to 20.0 umol/L or 110 to 125 ug/dL = high normal
  • > 20.0 umol/L or > 125 ug/dL = high

Turns out my free copper fell from 48% a year ago to 20% currently. If copper toxicity were my primary affliction, I might be fully recovered now. I’ve certainly improved  significantly, but I’m nowhere close to dancing in the street yet.



After my consult with Morley Robbins, I gave blood and started using the natural iron chelation supplements phytic acid, lactoferrin, milk thistle and rutin. I noticed an uptick in die-off from my seemingly interminable gut infection. This makes sense because iron feeds fungal and bacterial infections.

Then I started reading some crazy success stories from people who started taking “proper copper” from MitoSynergy. I’m in a Facebook group called BIOCHEMICAL THERAPY SUPPORT GROUP with these people, many of whom are Mensah patients being treated by Dr. Bowman and Dr. Mensah, who were trained by Dr. Walsh at the Pfeiffer Treatment Center.

This chain is interesting because the original copper detox formula that I picked up from the Frequent Dose Chelation forum was posted by someone who had been treated for copper at the Pfeiffer Center.

Interesting connections aside, lots of the people in this Facebook group are copper toxic AND copper deficient. Remember that copper toxicity creates a deficiency of bioavailable copper.

So I started reading these remarkable recovery stories on Facebook and I started thinking about Mark Power. I watched the MitoSynergy videos (see below) and then called Charles Barker the CEO / founder of MitoSynergy and talk with him on the phone for about an hour. He explained the importance of taking copper in the rate oxidation state or valence which is copper-1 or organic copper.

He mentioned Prof. George J Brewer’s work at the University of Michigan and it’s quite compelling. Prof. Brewer believes exposure to copper-2 from supplements and water pipes is toxic and causing the epidemic of Alzheimer’s disease in developed countries. he also strongly supports the need for a copper-1 supplement.

So, you guessed it, I started taking Mitosynergy’s proper copper. I didn’t notice much at first. I didn’t really feel more energetic but when I looked back at the end of the day, I noticed that I was more active and surprised at all the things I had done. But I wasn’t sleeping better and maybe not sleeping ‘normally’.

Then I woke up after only sleeping 1 hour and 40 minutes one night and the next night after only two hours. Then I thought about the increased muscle cramping I was experiencing and I realized I was experiencing a big uptick in methylation. It made perfect sense that I was getting more done during the day but not feeling energetic. That is the classic wired and tired feeling you get from increasing methylation.

copper_enzymesThe next day I was reading in Facebook again where the first person who started taking proper copper told her story in more detail. After taking the copper for a week or 10 days, she started feeling worse. Charles Barker suggested she stop her methylation supplements and when she did, she felt great. That’s because copper enzymes play a key role in  the methylation cycle.

Because I wasn’t feeling better on the copper, I was debating whether to stop taking it just at this point when I discovered the copper methylation connection. so I kept taking the copper and started reducing my methylation supplements. Bingo, I started sleeping better and my muscle cramps disappeared. But it wasn’t as simple as that because I started experiencing increased die off from my gut infection.

I woke up in the middle of the night with a migraine, that’s when I knew  something big was happening. What a crazy tangled mess! A little research uncovered the fact that B12 and folate feed fungal infections. Ok, I get it, for years I had been doing almost everything possible to keep my gut infection thriving: hydrocortisone supplementation, iron overload, copper toxicity/copper deficiency (bioavailable), and high dose methylation supplements.

Note also that Candida overgrowth seems to go hand-in-hand with copper toxicity because Candida requires copper for its proliferation.

At the same time I started with the copper (MitoActivator) I also began giving it to my wife who has Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and craves chocolate (high in copper) like no one I’ve ever seen before. Since Morley Robbins asserts Hashimoto’s is caused by copper deficiency, it seemed like a good bet because the immune system requires healthy copper metabolism to function well.

She’s also very low in iron, so a week before beginning the copper she started taking desiccated liver. Because she started two supplements around the same time, we don’t know why it’s happening, but she’s remarkably better! Her energy and mood are much improved and her hands felt warm last night (I can’t even remember the last time that occurred). Of course, liver also has high levels of copper in it, in addition to the heme iron.

Anyway, I know a lot of people are reading the MitoSinergy copper success stories and wondering if they should try it, so I thought I should share my story even if it is just a fragment at this point. I will be watching my free copper percentage with regular blood testing.

I found some really good YouTube testimonials that are worth looking at:

And finally this is a good overview on “proper copper”:

A penny for your thoughts?





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  • avatar

    Lori October 26, 2016, 8:46 pm

    Wow. Seems we all have such roads to travel! I have great admiration and compassion for us all.

    The following exerpt from a post here jumped out on the page for me: “First, take boron. Lots of it, and make sure it’s 100% pure sodium borate. (any recommendations as to how much boron?) Do not take any other supplements, esp B vitamins. You terrain and body will dictate what needs to be made and when. Second, you need iodine, like ~80% of americans do. Not too much, and dose transdermally. (again… how much transdermally? I’m extremely low in iodine) Third, don’t get short on selenium, and do not use supplements for this; only natural food forms (99% of “vitamins” are dosed with metal nanoparticles now, like SiO2, TiO2, microcrystalline cellulose, etc). (are we talking brazil nuts here?)”

    This summer, I had my thoughts so set on Boron I almost made a trip to the town of Boron in the desert, just to soak up some desert minerals! I do think Boron is important, and I’ve read some amazing articles on it–people who just focused on taking a dilute borate in water, and simply felt amazing. BTW, boron is plentiful in fruits and vegetables… maybe another reason why pure squeezed apple juice is so healing.

    Eric, for the heck of it, I ordered a sampler of your copper. we’ll see how it works. Meanwhile, I’m tempted to do the juice cleanse I’ve been thinking of, in a modified way… to let my own body ‘reboot’ and remineralize in a more natural way. Boron. Hmmmm….. 🙂

    • avatar

      Eric October 27, 2016, 7:51 pm

      thanks Lori!

  • avatar

    mike September 24, 2016, 5:23 pm

    Eric, can we get an update on how the new copper supplement is going for you and your wife? still having good effects?

    • avatar

      Eric October 3, 2016, 10:42 pm

      Hi Mike, I think we are both doing reasonably well though neither has experienced the flat out miracle cure others have. I’m very encouraged by the fact that I have had to progressively lower my methylation supplements. and something else really remarkable happened – I forgot to take my hydrocortisone one day and DID NOT NOTICE until the afternoon. I think if I were not doing quite well, I would have experienced heavy fatigue without the cortisone. So I’m planning to try starting the taper off next year. Hopefully early next year.

      I think it is difficult for my improvements to show through at this point because I am undergoing very intense die off. I don’t know if the copper is helping clean me out or if it is just the iron chelation and sauna but my gut infection is clearing rapidly. That doesn’t mean I’m feeling better, it’s actually the opposite because this stuff is so toxic it wreaks havoc on its way out.

      Silly as it may be, I’m very very excited by this and feel strongly that I will really be feeling my recovery by the end of the year. Our intestines are 35 feet long so at some point it just has to come to an end 🙂

  • avatar

    James September 23, 2016, 4:47 am

    After reading a lot of your webpage, I’m going to give you some advice. Don’t bother with trying to balance copper. Don’t bother trying to raise your zinc (but make sure to eat good red meat from time to time). The main problem you are having is a *major* deficiency in boron. I know you won’t believe it, probably from your hair analysis, but I see it from your data. Your cells are having communication issues. No matter how much copper, mercury, or lead you forcibly chelate, the problem is just going to keep coming back. Your ND will say it’s due to epigenetics. Your MD will say it’s due to lack of a pharmaceutical. Your acupuncturist will recommend a herb. And so on….

    The problem stems from the fillings you had replaced. You should have removed the silver amalgam and went with gold. Instead, you put composites in. Have you read the FULL MSDS and analyzed it fully? You will see the new composites are full of nano-particles of inorganic aluminum, titanium, silicon, or zirconium. All of these, in an inorganic, nano-particle format, are displacing boron from your CSF fluid and slowly lobotomizing you. They are disrupting cellular communication, so messages are scrambled as they get to the cells, so your cells don’t have clear instructions on how to use your PERFECT DNA. Yes, I said perfect, because you, like me, were made in the Lord’s image. We are all equal. Boron is the #2 mineral is CSF fluid. Read: Multi-platform characterization of the human cerebrospinal fluid metabolome: a comprehensive and quantitative update.

    With that being said, what the “safe, composite” metals are now doing in your mouth is called “synergistic toxicity.” You are never going to be working 100% unless you get them out and replaced with gold, nobel gases, ruthium, rhodium, platinum, or palladium. Sorry, but we knew this almost 200 years ago, and this is why most fillings were made of gold at this time. This has been well-hidden from our knowledge, but it’s deep in the Catholic teachings of yesteryear.

    First, take boron. Lots of it, and make sure it’s 100% pure sodium borate. Do not take any other supplements, esp B vitamins. You terrain and body will dictate what needs to be made and when. Second, you need iodine, like ~80% of americans do. Not too much, and dose transdermally. Third, don’t get short on selenium, and do not use supplements for this; only natural food forms (99% of “vitamins” are dosed with metal nanoparticles now, like SiO2, TiO2, microcrystalline cellulose, etc).

    It’s the crystals that boron forms in our body that enable terrific cell communication, hence your cells get to open their genetic library (DNA), and start doing what they are supposed to do.

    • avatar

      Eric October 3, 2016, 11:58 pm

      Thanks James, can you recommend any place I can read more about boron and composite fillings? Where do you buy pure sodium borate?

    • avatar

      Hope October 8, 2016, 4:53 pm

      James, what do you say to all the Morley followers out there who have been taking boron but are still struggling? And what tests, if any, would you recommend to look at boron status? I’ve had a plasma boron and an RBC boron and am on the high side. Yet I also had 7 mercury amalgams replaced with composites in 2008 and had even worse issues since then. Went through massive adrenal failure and PTSD. Blamed it on mercury dumping at the time but now wondering if the composites themselves have been contributing. Still, it makes me nervous when anyone recommends just ONE thing as a cure-all. Would like to know what got you so pumped up about boron being the answer? Thanks!

    • avatar

      Ryan October 19, 2016, 7:22 am

      James, your comment interested me a lot. I had composite fillings for 4 years, and they were of barium, aluminum ,etc. I am learning about mineral balancing now and the power of essential minerals like Boron which you mentioned. Do you have an email address you can be reached at? I’d be interested in asking you a couple more questions, seems like you have a good base of knowledge. Thanks.

  • avatar

    David September 21, 2016, 7:53 am

    Have you considered a complete new approach to all your illnesses? I struggled for couple years with similar issues, i went similar route, mercury, metals, supplements, terapies, functional doctors and their low carb candida diets. Nothing worked and i went downhill. Finally discovered liver flushes then raw veganism and juice fasting along coffee enemas and wow im coming back around like i never thought possible. Im learning a whole new paradigm on healing and the major missinformation that is out there. You may want to dismiss some assumptions and be willing to embrace new (actually old) ways of healing. You MUST eat fruit to heal, you must go raw vegan for a season. I dont care if you get flares
    from fruit ( i did not handle a drop of fruit, after fasting i started to tolerate them and gradually ramp them up) now i understand why. Check Dr Morse and Anthony the Medical Medium. No disrespect. I related alot with your case about 6 months ago when i was at my worse. Parasites make us crave meat, supplements are only stimulants and make condition worse. We need to let nature do the work. We are frutarians at a core. I send this with the upmost love and respect. God bless you

    • avatar

      Eric October 4, 2016, 12:23 am

      David, after lots of reading about iron and copper in the interactions between them I recently came to the conclusion that the best thing I could do was start doing liver flushes again! Planning one next weekend.

      As for the fruit thing, it doesn’t correlate well with what I know about sugar and fructose. Can you point me to any articles that might help shed light on this?

      thanks for writing!

  • avatar

    Little September 19, 2016, 7:21 am

    Hi Eric, glad that your wife is feeling better now.

    I just signed up on CZ, digging out more info on LF but to my surprise most posters suggested low animal protein intake while on LF. Ive been on Dr. Sarah Ballantyne’s AIP protocol for a year (high animal protein intake n forbidding plant based protein) and could attest that its helped me a great deal. So, these two camps are contradicting each other. I wanted to reap the LF benefits, clearly my liver is congested, but wanted to stay on AIP as well.

    Any thoughts? Thanks


    • avatar

      Eric October 4, 2016, 12:07 am

      Liver flushing! I plan to start doing it again soon and want to do one every quarter.

  • avatar

    Courtney September 17, 2016, 3:38 pm

    NDs do chelation infusions, so you’re under medical supervision should anything occur.

    For example:

    I haven’t done it, still in the early stages (3+ years) of standard medical diagnostic testing and have almost blown through my Rollover IRA. NDs aren’t in the budget anymore. I did see one ND for a couple visits after too many “Depressed” or “Fibromyalgia” diagnoses, or flat-out “kicked to the curb” made me a doctor hater. So I learned some things they offer. This guy completely reversed his cardiovascular profile using alternative therapies, he has a story somewhere on the site.

    I’m cool with Dr’s now btw, learning how the system works and doesn’t work. Found a bleeding edge Immuno MD so on the right path. He doesn’t stop digging and supports/drives research, uses ‘cutting edge’ labs, etc. That’s what I need – aggressive.

    • avatar

      Eric October 4, 2016, 12:03 am

      congratulations on finding a great Dr. Courtney!

      Having read lots of warnings about IV chelation, I prefer the safer path which is doing it orally. I don’t want to be one of the horror stories. I know it has helped many people, even someone who recommended it personally to me. As far as being in the care of a doctor during the IV chelation, that gives me no confidence whatsoever. No doctor can reverse what he’s done if he redistributes mercury from your liver to your brain, just for example… Drs. irreversibly harm and kill people every day in this country. Medical errors are a leading cause of death.

  • avatar

    Cristina September 10, 2016, 7:16 pm

    Hi Mark. You have not written about any improvements of your own yet. I know you will when yoy feel its worth it. I worry about a couple of people felling very bad after sopping or pausing the mitosynergy. I dont know what the means yet. Also , it must be pointed out that the ingredient ribose is a known energiser. I have not checked the quantity in Mitosynergy against the common quantity of ribose used.

    • avatar

      Eric September 11, 2016, 5:33 pm

      Hi Christina, yes I will let you know what happens down the road. The amount of ribose in MitoActivator is unlikely to have any effect on me. I’ve used Ribose before in very large quantities (up to 30 g a day if I recall) and am familiar with it…

  • avatar

    Becky September 10, 2016, 6:47 pm

    Is it safe to take this product is you are following Dr Mesah’s protocal for high copper/under methylated?

    • avatar

      Eric September 11, 2016, 5:30 pm

      Hi Becky, I am not familiar with Dr. Mensah’s protocol although I’m guessing it would be similar to the Pfeiffer Center protocol which I follow loosely. I don’t know if it’s safe to take MitoActivator and really no one will ever be able to tell you whether anything you take is safe. Tylenol kills people every year because everyone reacts differently to every drug and supplement. We are all unique! All I can do is share my experience and research here…

"...nothing ever goes away
until it has taught us
what we need to know.
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"God, whose law it is that all who learn must suffer. And even in our sleep pain that cannot forget, falls drop by drop upon the heart, and in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom to us by the awful grace of God."


My name is Eric - I‘m 48 and saw a doctor for fatigue at 17. I lived fairly normally if a little subdued by lack of endurance at times. But then, 12 years ago I fell into a nosedive after moving to South Florida. Now, I know heavy metal toxicity is a significant source of my troubles along with genetic methylation cycle dysfunction and Lyme disease. I spent 18 months chelating the metals out and starting up methylation but stopped when I felt myself circling the drain. Currently going after Lyme and co-infections. More about me here.

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"Battles are won in their darkest hours. Wars are won by learning something from each battle."

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