The extraordinary Master Cleanse

Why did I wait so long?!! I’ve been following Daniel Forsyth’s blog The Mercury Diaries for a couple years and never forgot about his remarkable cleansing experiences. I tucked it away for a rainy day and thankfully, that day has come. Sunshine (Daniel’s nickname) is a masterful blogger and I highly encourage you to read his main master cleanse post.

My detox & recovery has really accelerated in the past couple of weeks and of course we never know for sure what’s to ‘blame’, just as we never know for sure what the cause was when we are afflicted with such multi-factorial illnesses. But here’s my best guess as to what’s happened:

  1. Stopped eating processed corn.
  2. Manganese supplementation finally got me into the normal range (still on the low end) maybe improving my sugar control.
  3. Lost 10 pounds of fat which had to be full of toxins.
  4. Started taking turmeric and fish oil (in preparation for taking cholestyramine – my MD diagnosed me with CIRS and wants me to follow Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker’s protocol)
  5. Restarted Fenben and found detox no longer causing frontal headaches (probably due to anti-inflammatory action of turmeric and fish oil).
  6. Started Master Cleanse and found sugar control not an issue and big acceleration of bowel cleansing occurring without the old detox symptoms!!!
  7. Have completed 2 or 3 Ivermectin follow-up doses and each one got easier until the last caused virtually no side effects at all.

For years I’ve also wanted to start shooting video as practice for an eventual documentary about chronic illness. I’m off and running and hope you’ll help me out by subscribing on YouTube and ‘liking’.

Day 1-3:

Video is a very different medium and especially difficult for someone with as much cognitive impairment as I have so I’m going to supplement it with text here. I will eventually probably cover everything in the videos, but I think it will be helpful for me to summarize a few things here to highlight what I think is most important.

One thing I haven’t mentioned yet in the video is that I’m not doing the Master Cleanse (MC) by the book. You are not supposed to take supplements – I have continued to take mine (including Fenben) but it definitely is not interfering with the bowel cleanse!! Today (day five) especially has been my most productive day yet. Yipppeee!!!

Last night I also began adding in psyllium and bentonite (P&B) shakes which turns it into an ‘Ultimate Cleanse’. There are some on curezone who say this is dangerous due to risk of dehydration, so I’m proceeding with caution, but I realized that while I have seen a lot of slime mold stuff coming out, I haven’t seen much/any of what I call toxic tapioca – and I know I have buckets of it waiting to come out.

I believe some mechanical scrubbing is needed and that’s what the P&B does. So the MC and the Fenben weaken the biofilm and then the P&B pushes it out.

Day 4-6:

I haven’t been able to create the time to do daily videos, and tell you the truth the first six days were the most interesting. Since then it’s been fairly routine and there isn’t quite as much to talk about.

Day 7-13:

  1. Was really excited about bentonite and psyllium but when it came out there was a little bit of slime mixed in but mostly I was not too impressed and decided not to do it again.
  2. Had a small bout of depression on day six after making the last video
  3. Left eye was swollen (my detox signal)
  4. Some periods of very low energy
  5. Some odd rear headaches that lasted just seconds
  6. Some minor frontal headache at bedtime
  7. Lots of stomach rumbling at bedtime
  8. Stopped all supplements except for magnesium hydrocortisone iodine and quercetin
  9. Passed lots of baby slime mold thingies – no more big daddies.
  10. Started ozone therapy again, first time using rectal insufflation (RI)
  11. Eyes looked less swollen in evening, first time in ages
  12. Strong energy boost from ozone, lasts about six hours, hands bloated in evening (normal for ozone)
  13. Shaky when hungry
  14. Tight muscles for a few days probably related to coming off potassium. Here’s how I treat tendonitis.
  15. Tongue very white and furry
  16. First salt water flush increased flow of slimy things and then a decrease two days later.
  17. Cold, slow and hungry at times but used to it.
  18. Using magnesium instead of laxative tea and realized I needed to reduce dosage in half  – much more comfortable now.
  19. Gut much more relaxed now maybe result of less magnesium and less slime.
  20. Two nights of improved sleep in a row.

Day 14-25 wrap-up:

  1. With a few days left in my cleanse, I started taking and tolerating 300 mg of acetyl glutathione which I could NOT do before. It’s like letting the clutch out in a car, if you don’t ramp it up slowly enough, you get jerked around a lot. Well, presumably being on the cleanse reduced my inflammation level and toxic load on my liver so that I could make the
    big jump without any trouble. Previously I just could not tolerate the detox headaches with such a large dose. This time, almost none. However, after I started eating again and taking Fenben, the old headaches returned so I quit the glutathione.
  2. I’m sunbathing and tolerating sunshine without getting migraines -super wonderful for somebody low in vitamin D who loves to be outside.
  3. Got rid of a lot of nasty slimy things and started a biofilm busting protocol including RI ozone therapy which also might have not succeeded had I started it prior to the master cleanse. My flow of slimy things almost came to an end around a 20 on the master cleanse, but then when I started ozone, black seed oil etc, the slime started pouring out again and is still coming…
  4. Got over my fear of eating anything remotely sweet. So now I am eating fermented beets, enjoying the hell out of it, glad to get the trillions of probiotic CFUs and not worrying about the tiny bit of sugar in them.
  5. Burned off 15 pounds of toxic laden fat without breaking a sweat!
  6. I was a little too thin at the end, have regained a few pounds three weeks later, mostly muscle since I’ve started doing a minute of jump rope three times a week or so.


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  1. Have you ever been tested for auto immune disorders?

    If not you should look into that. Colostrum is what mothers produce right before a off spring is born. New borns naturally have a leaky for a few days very important for them to get the colostrum ASAP.

    it contains protiens that improve the offspring immune system. Calfs that don’t get the colostrum have like 25% increase in dying in the first few weeks.

    If you have a problem with lactose then try to find a brand that has very little in it. Colostrum has very little lactose to begin with.

    If you got leaky gut you will have no problems absorbing the largest protiens in the colostrum. You will know it is working because you are going to feel like crap for at least a few days because your modular your immune system.

    Also for detox nothing beats ozonated water. Has to be ice cold water and has to be ozonated for 30 mins and have to use a glass diffuser.

    1. You’re pretty close to he mark because colostrum has high levels of lactoferrin in it. And I’ve just started taking lactoferrin to lower my iron…

  2. Eric,

    Thanks for the detailed explanation of this process. Do you think these cleanses along with any antibiotic use over the years has depleted your good gut bacteria?

    I just had my micro biome sequenced through Ubiome and it turns out my probiotic levels are terribly low. This has a direct connection and complicated connection to hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, low progesterone and many other things. I learned that my Epstein Barr attack years ago damaged my gut lining and left me with low bifido.

    I’m at 150 rounds and I think this might be the nail in the coffin for my recovery. It might be worth looking into.



    1. Hi AJ, I believe antibiotic use has been harmful, but not the cleanses. Do you know your FUT2 genes? Have a look at my genetics page under FUT2 – just added a link to something very interesting written by Sterling and my daughter and I are going to start taking the supplement she recommends…

      1. That’s fascinating. I’m going to have to dig around in my gene data to find that. Two steps forward, one step back.

        I’m actually going to the Taymount Clinic in the UK for fecal matter transplant on top of trying a much higher range of probiotics. Maybe I’ll have a report I can update you on at the end of September.


    1. Well, I’m not very dogmatic and I kept taking what I considered my critical supplements. I also only used cayenne pepper for the first 10 days and then stopped. I didn’t measure my quantities much after the first four or five days either as I pretty much knew how I like it to taste. The one thing I think is important, is not to skimp – if you drink too little syrup, you will run out of steam and be tempted to quit!

  3. Hi,

    I am thinking about doing the master cleanse and I was wondering what benefits you found after you were done. Did your head feel clearer, more energy? How did you get through the days. I feel like I have to eat copious amounts to function better for a period.

    It was not difficult to get through the days at all until the very end.

    1. Hi Chris, I can’t say that I have more energy or have a clearer head as I am constantly pushing my detox to the limit. I have been able to increase my Fenben at seven times the rate previously and have not had any migraines. That’s huge for me.

      1. Hi,

        How much maple syrup and how many lemons did you go through each day? Also, I am just wondering if you need to take a break from all of the detoxing. Sometimes, you need to let the body get back into equilibrium. The last time I improved before I got sick again was when I stopped most of the treatments I had been doing for 2 years. I managed to get from 50% to 70% which was huge., but then my kids got sick multiple times and then I got it and ended up bedridden for 10 weeks. Currently, back at 40% and working on my master plan. So, I will throw another one out there to add to your list to evaluate. Many of these chronic conditions cause cellular damage. Your cells walls are composed of a lipid layer and during my last recovery I was diligently supporting them with homemade liposomal concoctions (tumeric, vitamin c, uridine, COQ10) and plan #3. The liposomal conconctions contain phosphatidylcholine and phosphatidylserine which have been shown to help damaged cell membranes. Buying good quality versions of these are not cheap, so I started making my own from Soy and Sunflower lecithin.

        Here is a video on that

        1. hey Chris, my health the store had some gigantic lemons the size of grapefruits so I probably only used two or three a day. A bottle of syrup probably lasted three days.

          I probably should take breaks more often! Sorry to hear about your recent setbacks.

  4. Congrats on such a HUGE accomplishment Eric! have you considered doing the blessed herbs cleanse during a fast? I’ve read some great stories of people seeing lots of mucoid plaque coming out on it. Wishing you continued healing ! Ron

    1. thanks Ron! I actually ordered the blessed herbs cleanse but I returned it after thinking about the long list of herbs and the likelihood that I might react badly to one of them… it has great reviews and I think it’s a good kit but I just got cold feet.

  5. When I met up with Danny last (before he moved away from London) he said to try the master cleanse as it’s the best thing he ever did. I tried it for a day but my candida was so bad at the time it flared up massively. What is your take on candida and the master cleanse Eric?

    I’ve just been told I have high oxalate levels which I need to cut out (as has a huge impact on the gut and health and seems to have a connection to mercury (as always)) so the master cleanse diet would be great now – depending on candida…

    1. Tim, I don’t know if I have candida or not I do believe I have something Fungal in nature which did not seem to flare during my master cleanse. I attack it with Fenbendazole which does kill it but I can’t remember if I continued taking it during my cleanse. It became apparent that the fungal thing did not flare but also did not go away during my cleanse. What symptoms did you get from Candida during your master cleanse attempt?

      1. I found that my prostate flared up (very slow pee, straining and waking at night to pee a little) and testicular pain returned too. I get it when I drink alcohol too and need to stay on Citricidal permanently as a result.

        Btw, i like the videos! Great idea and nicely done!


        1. That sounds pretty uncomfortable Tim! And thanks, it’s very hard to do video that I’m happy with in my sorry state lol

  6. My wife has the same going onas you do need to research your findins more, have you tried methyl blue as i was thinking that would help my wife as the end point to clear the oxidation near the mitochondria

  7. Man what the heck is wrong with us. I read your detox systoms and mine match yours.

    My right eye was swelling up for the last week and I was getting eye strain. That started with the ozone and dmso.

    Took a large dose of liposomal glutathione last night. No eye swelling today.

    I’m done with detoxing for now I’m just going to focus on massive amounts of probiotics and prebiotics. I believe our problems originated in the small intestine.

    I know mine did. I was perfectly healthy till I took broad spectrum antibiotics for a month.

    1. I don’t think the pre / probiotics work until you clean out the bad stuff… at least for me anyway. I tried.

    1. yes I am – it’s not a good idea to go cold turkey off HC when you are taking near full replacement does and have been for years…

  8. Eric that is GREAT news you are starting to feel better after these so happy for you!

    I did the Master Cleanse myself, twice. The first time, the first 3 days I had headaches etc the usual stuff, and then day 4 to day 10 I FELT AMAZING (someone who has suffered 30 years, Brain Fog, Fatigue, no Memory, etc), I had so much energy I wanted to jog around the City, my wife at the time also had this response and of course it is very common (I had one friend who did one for 30 days). It did not last and usually will not as someone starts eating again. The second time I did it I only lasted about 4 or 5 days and did not have the same response and threw in the towel because I was too hungry and already on thin side too and other reasons too. Anyway it can help someone temporarily feel good, or really good, but they don’t solve many, if any, root causes, possibly a few Gut ones if some things starve down there. Mine turned out to be Mercury, 30 years of suffering, took me 5 years to figure it out.

    1. Very interesting to hear your story Jason, thanks for sharing! this issue of permanency is exactly why I started using ozone again this week. I’m pretty sure that if I don’t take strong measures to keep my gut clean, the biofilm will repopulate. So I am really keen to figure out what combination of antifungals / oxidative therapy will keep my gut healthy so that I can go back to chelation without all the neurotoxicity from the biofilm.

  9. Hi Eric,

    Another long time follower and sufferer. This stuff is so crazy. My hypothesis is that the issue is either an epigenetic shift or a cell signaling issue based on the composition of the microbes in the gut. Thus things like fasting, binders, anti-fungals, etc all change the composition. The question is whether your body can find find the right balance again. Also, I wonder if our endless search for a solution is acting as a stressor making it impossible to heal.

    My Recent Story

    I have been dealing with this for 20+ years, but 3 1/2 years ago was when it tried to kill me. 2 years later after anti-virals, diet, bentonite clay, lipid replacement therapy, candida cleanse I got back to 70% and this was with mold in my AC system and amalgams in my mouth. So for 6 months, I am at this plateau and everything I try to get to a higher level knocks me back. Then my kids get sick and I am back to bedridden again. After 2 months in bed, I am back to about 40%, so, the first thing I attack is the mold in my house and 2 months later and 2 days after remediation which included spraying Chlorine Dioxide in my house, I start to feel better again (like 60% – like a switch got turned in). The next 12 days, I am feeling human again. Then, my kids are sick again, and I end up back in bed. Now, 6 weeks later I am back to where I was before the mold remediation and I have since found more mold in the house, but I know its a lot less than what I used to have (so it really makes no logical sense). I would spray my house in Chlorine Dioxide again to test if that is part of the problem but my wife and kids had chemical sensitivities to it and had to live with her father for 2 weeks.

    Anyway, I digress. I look forward to seeing your lab results for why you might Biotoxin illness as I just had all of my labs done. Anwyay, the c4a needs to be done from Quest at the National Jewish Lab and that from what I have read is the best marker for whether CSM is working for you. However, from my opinion, Bentonite, Charcoal, and similar binders do the same thing. You are supposed to get the C4a done, take the CSM 4 times a day for 1 month, measure your C4a after and that and then 1 week later while not on CSM. if your C4a goes back up, supposedly your home is toxic.

    When I was working with Dr Cheney (way too much money), he recommended the master cleanse, but I find if I don’t eat my limited energy quickly declines like yours. I, assume, you feel better about 30 minutes after eating. I have this fear of losing more weight as I finally was able to get over my constant hunger and constantly losing weight 2 months ago (just stopped – why, don’t know).

    I have one more blurb to add that I will post in another comment as maybe it will benefit some of your readers and won’t end up buried here.

    1. One more blurb.

      These are 3 concepts to keep on your radar for future consideration:

      Ketamine – not sure how it works, but seems to have some miraculous effects. It is used in Germany to treat regional pain serum
      Riutuximab – With a 66% success rate, it would warrant trying in the future. Issues are not approved for CFS and killing off part of your immune system, but the success stories are wonderful (bedridden to skiing).
      Prune and Shape the gut flora: best place for information to this effect
      Lastly, don’t forget to address the mental and spiritual aspects of healing

      Also, I don’t know how you find the time and energy to manage this along with working and trying to repair your health which is another full time job. Nevertheless, your devotion and perseverance are inspirations for all of us trying to find the solution to these baffling illnesses.

        1. Wow, that’s an intense story. I have to say I am very skeptical about whether Mike really figured out the cause of his illness during his recovery or not. You know how they say a hammer is always looking for a nail, well I think it’s very tempting to believe that everyone suffers from the same problems we suffer from our self. Maybe I’m guilty of that, but I look at chronic illness in very simple terms because I don’t have the brainpower to do anything else. I think most of us were kind of healthy when we were little kids. Something happened along the way. Some exposure, some contamination, some infection. So I believe if you clean all that out from the liver, kidneys gut, brain, lymph etc, you can be healthy again or at least a lot healthier. So the fact that Mike relapsed after being injected with anesthesia – I read that as a toxic exposure… admittedly I haven’t taken the time to learn his history. So I may just be spouting garbage, but that’s my gut reaction.

          1. I was 100% healthy till I took antibiotics at age 27. I’m guessing it killed off my probiotics and fungus took over.

            Now I got systematic fungus infection that I can’t get rid of.

            1. Matt, I think I was around the same age when I started seeing MDs and doing experiments with antibiotics and fell seriously ill, probably the same thing happened to both of us.

      1. thanks Chris, for now I’m to stay focused on the anti-fungal/biofilm thing since it’s something really tangible I can see. I appreciate the reminder also to talk about the mental and spiritual aspects of healing – I want to do that, very important to me…

  10. Eric got some questions for you did you have joint pain? I get joint pain with the p&b but even time I take it but Mucoid plaque gets removed. Should I just man up and keep taking it? I also have lupus auto immune joint pain fron the leaky gut.

    Did you ever get your free radicals levels tested? I drank ozonated water last Saturday and by Wednesday night I felt like I had stage 4 andreal fatigue and was dieing. I took Olive leaf extract 20 % oleuropein and within 2 hours I was back to normal.

    I wanted to tell you about zappers also. I didn’t believe in them till I tryed one and it got rid of the fungus on my groin nothing else I tried worked.

    Even colloidal sliver gel helped but the zapper really killed the fungus alot more. Now you have to be careful when buying one alot people make them and have to idea what they are doing and it ends up doing nothing and electrocuts you.

    It can kill you but your arms will be number for a few days and it didn’t hurt just didn’t work.

    Here is a link to a trusted zapper maker

    Now thats that one I got but it’s not reallyfor fungus it more of general zapper.

    I just got one that has several frequencies so I hoping it does a better job.

    Zappers are not just for fungus and are for many types of infections and disorders and illnesses.

    1. thanks Matt, I don’t know if I’ve had my free radicals tested – I think I did indirectly through tests measuring oxidative stress which came out high…. when mucoid plaque was coming out I had all kinds of pain and when I was ramping up my ozone, I would get knee pain every time. My wife has the same experience. If you still have mucoid plaque I’d say you gotta get it all out because it harbors all kinds of fungal and bacterial infection. Which by now you know because you’ve smelled it!

  11. Hi Eric,

    Congratulations on your first video and thanks a lot for sharing your very personal life struggle!! Its really a big thing…

    Im also on a healing path, pretty much similar to yours and perhaps everyone here suffering from multiple chonic aliments.

    So glad to hear that you are finally reclaiming your life back, and to see how happiness is pictured in your face and smiles!

    A piece of wonder, though, have you ever tried incorporating blackseed as anti fungal and anti bacteria thingy?

    I heard its damn good????

  12. Eric, I’ve been following your journey and wish you luck. Incidentally, my DD hair test results look almost identical to yours. Just curious, how many amalgam fillings did you have? Why did you put frequent low dose chelation on the back burner?

    1. I only had to tiny mercury fillings which were removed… Believe the majority of my Mercury came from other sources like binging on tuna and sushi, allergy shots, eating fish from toxic lakes etc. Without lead exposure and genetic detox laws, my mercury level would probably not have been enough to cause serious problems.

      I put chelation on the back burner because I was getting weaker and weaker and tolerating less chelation. Felt like I was circling the drain.

      1. Looking forward to seeing your results from the Master Cleanse. But be sure to stay with the frequent low dose chelation. Your high copper levels are more likely than not an artifact of mineral transport derangement, so don’t get discouraged or sidetracked here. People with mixed metal toxicity (Lead and Mercury in your case most likely) take longer to see improvement than people with just mercury, according to Cutler.

        1. Thanks Stephen, I’m definitely going back to frequent dose chelation, would love to start this summer!

  13. btw, how did you get diagnosed with CIRS? and are you able to handle the fasting even though you’re usually hungry and need to eat every few hours? how do you know you still have a lot of toxic tapioca? is there any way to subscribe to your blog so I get notified when there is a new update?

    1. My pleasure, it’s remarkable but I am not anymore hungry than when I was eating meals. Most people sip the lemonade all day but I have been taking it at mealtimes because I think that is preferable from a sugar control standpoint. Sometimes I need more energy to get through some activity and I just drink another / extra glass.

      CIRS: My doctor did a bunch of blood tests which I’m going to share in a post soon.. The key test is MSH and then there are some inflammatory markers.

      The only way I know of to subscribe to a blog to get new posts is with an RSS reader…

  14. Also you should do vitamin c enemas and buy liposomal vitamin c.

    Make sure it buffer L ascorbate acid vit c for the enema.

    Start with 2 grams and slowly work your way up. With the vitamin c it instantly goes to the liver to be processed and you get a spike in blood glucose. Don’t worry its short lived and won’t feed fungus

    1. you know there are people saying that ascorbic acid is bad for you that you should only use natural raw vitamin C – Morley Robbins being one of them. I’ve done vitamin C flushes before with sodium ascorbate and they seem very effective…

      1. Yes it has to be l asorbic not d asorbic. Most are made from corn. I dunno vitamin c IV saved my life so I’m sure it safe

        1. Matt, I had a similar experience with vitamin C IV… it put some life back into me when I was hardly able to walk two blocks. What did it do for you specifically?

          1. Same thing as you I could hardly walk up a set of stairs if I did felt like I ran a marathon.

            What is this P&B detox you guys keep taking about?

            1. Nice! P&B is psyllium and bentonite, you mix 1 tablespoon of each in a glass of water, start with one per day and increase to five per day. Many people will shed large quantities of mucoid plaque within a week or two…

              1. O yeah I’m doing that there is a better kit out now called the yeast buster kit.

                It use to have the clay but they replaced it with charcoal. Also has carpillo oil in it. Made from coconut oil and it kills the fungus in the intestines then the rest mop up the junk and take it out.

                I did it 3 times are even got rid of intestine pluge. Lost a ton weight too when I did it.

                  1. Nope not dieting I was working out and bulking in fact.

                    Every ones intestine have this layer of crap in the intestines called Mucoid plaque.

                    Now I didn’t believe in it just google Mucoid plaque and look at the images

                    I took this before when I was fist got shit and holy mother did I get die off reactions.

                    But I stopped because it stopped working.

                    Fast forward 5 years and I tried the improved one. Now if you looked at the Mucoid plaque pictures what I pass 3 times looked just like them and smelled just horrible.

                    Mucoid plaque protects fungus and other pathogens so if you have fungus in your intestines then it is a must

                    You can get the same results with just the p and b you may have and didn’t realize it BUT more likely to get it with p and c (charcoal)

                    to answer your question getting the Mucoid plaque out really helps to lose weight because your out digestive system and liver and gallbladder and pancreas are all working better because you removed that build up of toxic waste.

                    I have also been regular with pooping

                    1. I see – I know what you mean because I did also clear my mucoid plaque about a year ago… Nasty nasty stuff. I’ve also combined psyllium bentonite and charcoal together.

  15. Hope your doing coffee enemas. If your so toxic not doing coffee enemas every day at least once a day.

    You are wasting your time even if you are slightly feeling better. If by some off Chance your liver and gallbladder are dumping into the small intestine.

    You will just reabsorb the toxins by not doing enemas.

    YOU HAVE TO DO A PLAIN WATER ENEMA EVERY 2-3 days to flush the toxins dumped by the liver and gallbladder or your sigmoid section of the large intestine will absorbe the toxins and make you more sick.

    1. thanks Matt, I suppose that’s another reason to do at least the salt water flush or the P&B shakes to keep everything moving out as fast as possible…

      1. binders like P&B should help stop reabsorption of toxins. Its great to see an update Eric and to see how you look! Please keep doing written updates as well bc I’m too brainfogged/ADD to listen to the whole video sometimes. Btw, the opening music makes me really shaky, maybe something a bit more peaceful would be better? Congrats on your improvements and may you have many more on this cleanse!

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