My honest low carb no grain diet

I’ve been eating a low-carb, whole food, high-fat diet for so long now I can hardly remember eating any other way. My diet is very very strict – no sugar (not even fruit), no juice, no alcohol, no caffeine, no high glycemic foods at all. It evolved this way because it’s what makes me feel best. Basically I eat meat and vegetables… lots of vegetables.

But to fight constant hunger, I had to snack often and for years my snacks were an exception to my otherwise honest diet. I started eating popcorn rationalizing that it was still a whole food and relatively unprocessed.

In the back of my mind, it bothered me because I knew eating popcorn made me feel bad. Then I started eating corn cakes. Okay, I rationalized, it’s processed a little bit, but the processing removes some of the mold found on corn. I also thought it was okay because corn is gluten-free.

At night, before bed I was eating a veggie patty. I knew the primary ingredient was millet. Veggie patties are never really mostly vegetables, so even using the word “veggie” patty is a bit dishonest. But I was thinking it was just a small part of my diet and the carbs were helping me sleep.

Eventually if you eat enough popcorn, you will end up with a mouthful of mold and you may also crack a tooth or ceramic filling. I was already nervous about my fillings because I knew they already need some maintenance. Then I ended up getting a mouthful of moldy popcorn twice in one week and the second time it happened I just decided to quit all grains. I believe they all carry mold and they all feed the fungal growths in our gut.

So I quit the corn and millet and replaced both with cheese. I’ve really never been able to think of any other solution because the alternatives either don’t relax me or are impractical or high in copper. Actually, I replaced the veggie patties with a black bean quinoa salad that I get at Whole Foods market.

Technically, the quinoa means I am not eating 100% grain free, but I am at 100% unprocessed whole foods now. It has been about 10 days and it’s going very well. I thought I would gain weight eating more cheese but I’m actually losing weight. I’ve continued to eliminate toxic yuck from my gut. I no longer feel bad after snacking.

I also avoid the uncontrollable snacking I used to do when getting into my favorite bag of jalapeno cheese popcorn.

There was one other nagging problem with my diet which I also fixed. For years and years I wanted to quit using the microwave, knowing that it destroys 50 to 90% of the nutrition in my food. Well I’ve done it. I’m eating cold food or heating my meals up on the stove.

There you go, that’s my dietary news!






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  1. Hi Eric- coconut flour I have found, is a great substitute for grains when I am having cravings. I use a little psylium powder in place of eggs. I also mix in chia seeds and potato starch sometimes. I make scones, biscuits and pancakes. Not everyday but when I need a treat – I have been grain free long before paleo- grains give me panic attacks.

  2. You should not eat high fat diet. Theres a misconception regarding paleos and eating fat. You need bloodflow, as smooth as possible to fight your problem.
    Also, my opinion is that you are overtaxing your body with too much chemicals for chelation or whatever. Keep in mind that all that dmso, msm and other stuff come mainly from china. Let me put in other words, 85% of raw materials to produce supplements are coming from china, and china is today a very polluted country. Msm come almost from china, chlorellas, spirulinas, etc. be careful with that.
    In my humble opinion your problem is in your teeth. I have a friend with same symptoms than you and I helped him figure the problem. When you removed the amalgams, your dentist must have put composite resins. This is your main problem, these resins are loaded with bisphenols, acrylates, methyacrylates, polyurethan materials, glass ionomer and modified plastics. I would recommend you to do an allergy test for dental screening, ask an allergy physician to do the dental screen patch test from chemotechnique DSM-100, the most complete. Regards, andrea

    1. thanks Andrea, my dentist is recommending the Clifford test – know anything about that one?

    2. Andrea, I find your comment very interesting.

      I have recently removed the remaining two amalgam fillings (of 10) and had them replaced with a white “composite”. I honestly have no idea what is in it, I was so eager to be amalgam free. I am interested in hearing more about what you have to say and am desperate to get better. Can you email me at

      I once ate a high fat diet but found it too stressful for my body and eventually did more damage then good.


  3. Eric:

    I just discovered Dr. Terry Wahls MD and wondered if you were familiar with her work. She was diagnosed with secondary progressive MS in 2000, and through diet, exercise, and meditation has managed to put her symptoms into remission. Back in 2007 she was in a zero gravity chair and now walks without assistance and even rides her bike. She documented her protocol (commonly referred to as the “Wahls Protocol”) and has conducted research on her protocol being tested on subjects at the University of Iowa Carver College, where she is a professor of medicine.

    From what I have read, people with chronic conditions, including autoimmune disorders, have seen benefits from her protocol. If I type much more, I will probably do her a disservice, so I am including the TED Talk she presented back in 2011.

    I purchased her book and am eager to read it. While I do not suffer from MS (formally diagnosed as chronic vestibular migraines) I have read others with neurological conditions (including traumatic brain injury) have benefited from following her protocol.

    1. Wow Shane, 89 rounds – you rock!!

      I’m pretty confident my diet is well tuned to my needs at this point. I don’t think there’s any diet that can kill slime mold and parasites. As for MS, I wonder if she has tried LDN, I’ve seen so many incredible recovery stories with it..

      keep up the great work šŸ™‚

  4. What I have learned is that the no sugar/carb dite to kill fungus off does not work. That is because candida feeds off of both sugar and ketos. Hence why diabetics get fungus infections. Because thier ketos lvls are off the charts.

    Sure the diet might make you feel better but it’s not killing the fungus.

    1. Thanks Bob, your comments let me to some very interesting reading. I think my diet might place me somewhere in the happy middle ground since I eat such a large quantity of vegetables. However, I’m pretty sure diet alone won’t eliminate the fungus, at least in the time frame I’m hoping for!

  5. hi Eric,

    I have mold sensitivity, and I’m wondering if you’ve found nuts to be safe? what about small amounts of dates?

    Also, what part of colorado are you in? years ago, I went to durango and felt great, but the epa spilled contaminants in the river last year, so I’m reluctant to give durango a try… I’ve heard mixed reports re boulder/denver.


    1. I live in Boulder and yes I’ve heard mixed reports also. I guess it all depends on what you are comparing it to. I’m sure it’s better than anywhere on the East Coast! Someone with a mold allergy who moved here 30 years ago wrote to me saying she had to leave because over time it got worse and worse with agricultural watering. I don’t eat nuts because of the copper content…

  6. Great, I also used to eat VLC but realized it is too stressful for my adrenals and had to add some carbs. I almost don’t eat gluten but don’t mind potatoes and rice cakes/crackers. Since I don’t eat any bread the crackers are a good substitute and taste great with some butter on them. Good move about the microwave, heating the food on the stove tastes better anyway.

  7. Cold cooked potatoes (assuming you don’t have any allergy to nightshade vegetables).
    Precooked and then cooled potatoes have resistant starch which keeps you satiated for hours, doesn’t jack up your blood sugar, and has some evidence of helping probiotics in gut survive.

    In a different manner, legumes (pinto beans, black beans, kidney beans) keep you satiated for hours – the component in them is different than what is in cold potatoes. Some people do better on the cold potatoes, others do better on legumes.

    1. thanks Mary! I am hesitant to try cold potatoes because it’s so counterintuitive… For a while I did take potato starch but didn’t notice any benefit. Of course at the time I was still full of biofilm so no big surprise. I do pretty well with legumes.

  8. this is not related to this topic or low carb….. but have you ever had your ferritin levels checked?

        1. Mine is 140 ng/mL, ref range is 30-400. For some reason my wife’s test says the reference range is 15-150. Maybe that’s for women. It’s the same test. She scored just 15.

          1. if you ask me, the range should be 20-80 for men and women. So in my opinion, 140 is high, but I’m no doctor. You could donate blood a couple times and see if you feel any better

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