Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS)

I’ve never liked labels like CFS and I was really angry when they diagnosed me with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome at the Mayo Clinic — seemed like they were just washing their hands of me with that diagnosis. Now my doctor has diagnosed me with Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) and this time it feels different, much more useful. That’s because there is a treatment protocol associated with it. The problem with CFS is that it’s just too vague and there are hundreds if not thousands of possible treatments.

So what is CIRS, how was I diagnosed and what is the treatment? It started when my MD asked me if I thought I was biotoxic. I said without hesitation, “YES, of course!” So she wrote me a script for a bunch of blood tests which I have attached here and really was no surprise that I qualified for this new CIRS thing.

My test results: MSH, ADH, Leptin & Osmolality, Tgf-bi, orginal labwork with more detail, diagnosis

I couldn’t find any plain English definitions for CIRS, so here’s my translation from the gobbledygook I found: CIRS is the illness that occurs when someone who is genetically vulnerable to biotoxins is exposed and reacts with chronic and systemic inflammation. It turns out 25% of the population carries the genetics responsible for this condition. Check out what Dr. Dave Ou says about this:

About 25% of the world’s population have one of the 10 susceptible types of HLA DR/DQ gene. As of Nov 27, 2012 in my practice, I have tested 227 patients.  Out of those 227 patients, 222 have one of the 10 types.    That’s an astounding 98% of all of my patients who are vulnerable to the biotoxins from indoor mold and Lyme!   Another way of putting it is  nearly all of my patients come from only 25% of the population.  I have spoken to my colleagues across the country and they’ve had very similar findings to mine.  I sometimes joke that the HLA DR/DQ gene predicts if someone will get frustrated with conventional medicine and seek out alternative care.

I’ve written about some of the symptoms and diseases that are associated with these genes in my previous post. Unfortunately, there are only several hundred doctors in the world who  are aware of this gene.

The surprise for me was that while I was focused on methylation as the key to detoxification, I was missing the HLA-DR pathway which is 100% responsible for clearing mold toxins and partially responsible for clearing other toxins like lyme, herbicides and microwaved protein.detox-pathways2

My HLA genes are only partly flawed but according to my doctor, that’s enough to cause serious problems. My thoughts – maybe by itself it wouldn’t be significant, but taken together with my heavy metal accumulation, methylation flaws, use of antibiotics and acid blockers, and stressful life, it’s probably a key piece of the puzzle. More about mold genetics here.


After my blood tests came in, I sat down with my doctor again and she showed me this road map for bio toxicity disaster and as I read around it I thought, yep, I got that, check, I got that,  check, I got that….


My doctor is following Dr. Richie Shoemaker’s work with the diagnosis and treatment and she believes that my toxicity is due to previous mold exposure which came from growing up on the East Coast, spending time in Guatemala and living in Florida. It wasn’t until I was 37 years old that I moved to dry Colorado.

I should mention that I first moved to Colorado thinking that I was suffering from mold toxicity. At the time I was reading Dr. Shoemaker and took his online visual acuity test which in theory diagnoses mold toxicity. He does say that there are rare cases of people who pass the test but are still mold-toxic. Nevertheless, I thought to myself, “hey, I passed the test and what are the chances that I’m one of those rare cases, nah…” and I moved on.

Well, turns out I am one of those rare birds. I should’ve known better because I do have some very strange visual issues. I’ve always chalked them up to adrenal insufficiency which affects the ability of the iris to contract sufficiently in bright light. The thing I should’ve thought about more is that I’m sensitive to certain patterns where bright and dark lines combine together. For example, I cannot talk to someone sitting in front of a window with those narrow metal blinds if they’re partially open. I get all disoriented and cannot see the person I’m talking to at all. Indoors I need very bright lights to function normally and outdoors I need sunglasses.

Back to my doctor. She says I’m toxic from old mold exposures. I argued that my gut is full of biofilm including what looks very convincingly like slime mold, and she answers that gut biofilm produces neurotoxins not mold toxins (I’m guessing we’re talking about VOCs). Is she right? Who knows! I think this is unexplored territory… She also says, of course you have gut problems, because you can’t have a healthy gut without normal levels of MSH.

It seems our mucosal tissue health is dependent on MSH. That would probably explain why I have to tape my mouth shut at night to avoid having my throat dry out. My MSH is too low to measure. Normal range is 35-81 pg/mL according to Dr. Shoemaker.


And now for the treatment… she asked me to take the anti-inflammatories, fish oil and curcumin, for 30 days before starting cholestyramine. I’ll be on the cholestyramine for up to nine months if I tolerate it. We checked to make sure that my cholesterol was high enough that I would not dip into dangerously low territory on the cholestyramine and I’m cleared for takeoff. This is all step one. There are some additional steps after the cholestyramine is done.

I did some reading on my own and found that Dr. Shoemaker says you don’t want to begin cholestyramine until your mold exposure has ended. So that brings me to the master cleanse – I thought, if my gut is full of biotoxins, I’d better clean it out entirely before starting the cholestyramine, just in case my doctor is wrong about the biofilm not being an issue…

I’m hoping that after the master cleanse I’ll be using ozone, blackseed and other antifungal’s to keep my gut clean, cholestyramine to remove the old biotoxins and chelation to help me get to Shangri-La, where I won’t need anymore therapies in order to stay healthy! Is it too much to ask, too much too fast? If it is, I’ll slow down.

I probably said this before but now it is especially poignant for me – I need to figure out all my health puzzles to protect my children. My youngest daughter is struggling with undiagnosed gut problems and we just had her MSH level tested. It came in at 14 which is in the normal range but I am worried that it is not up to Dr. Shoemaker’s standards. It looks to me like Dr. Shoemaker considers below 36 pg/ml to be low. She did live in Florida and has spent time in Guatemala also….

This weekend we are ponying up the big bucks for the Genova Diagnostics premium stool test for her and she may start the master cleanse on Monday. She’s already been through gluten and dairy elimination diets, a SIBO diet, and IBS diet and nothing has made a significant difference.

That’s all the news that’s fit to print.

More info:


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  1. On the same note of maybe having to be extra proactive… I recently put some focus on lithium. Are you taking this, Eric?

    My most recent mineral analysis showed lithium as being ‘undetectable’. And when I looked back over the last five years… it has always been the same. Where depression and other issues are showing up in me, I wondered it lithium would help.

    I can so easily do overkill. 5 mg of lithium orotate knocked me out. I hated it. But, I found some natural sources… among which are San Pellegrino water. From the very first bottle of water, I FELT BETTER. More stable. My mood lifted almost instantly.

    I googled and found some lithium hot springs out in the desert. I went out there, stayed a couple of days, and soaked. The sense of stability and well-being has been amazing. I have continued drinking San Pellegrino daily, while looking for another natural source of lithium.

    I know that lithium is now being researched for all of the various neuroendocrine functions it has. What I can say from personal experience, now on my 7th week of drinking this water and soaking in the hot springs is… I’m laughing again. I feel solid. Ok, I’ve been LAUGHING a lot!, almost constantly… just really enjoying this inner change.

    So… here’s to lithium from natural sources!

    1. Hey Lori, congratulations on your find – I also have tried to take lithium 5 mg multiple times and always stopped right away because I felt so crappy. Not sure about the San Pellegrino though, seems to have fluoride in it. I’m sure you can find something better and when you do, let me know please 😀

      1. Eric, I understand your reluctance with San Pelligrino, although I researched as deeply as I could and found that it has .4mg of naturally occurring flouride. My bigger concern is that it has quite a bit of uranium, and you may recall that I have had enormous levels of uranium in my hair analyses over the last decade.

        I was drinking a water called Starkey’s for awhile, naturally sourced, glass bottles and felt terrible. It turns out that the level of natural flouride in that was .9 mg and that was doing a direct hit on my thyroid. I stopped drinking it as soon as I discovered that, and within a few days, was feeling better.

        Right now I’m on a mission for lithium… not in a pill. I’ll be heading back to the lithium springs in a few weeks, and will continue to drink San Pelligrino in moderation. I have found very few tables of food values for lithium (actually, none) except that it seems to be in nightshades and maybe lemons? And listen to a lot of comedy… because it turns out, that laughter is just about the best medicine there is.

        1. Maybe that’s one reason why people on the master cleanse diet typically do well. I’ve been thinking I should have a lemon every day. It’s a lot of work though…

  2. Eric: I hadn’t read your blog in about a year, just overwhelmed with my own journey, but great to catch up yesterday with all the posts and progress. I have also been doing ACC (just DMPS so far) but with good gains.

    I’m curious where you got the interpretation above for your HLA DR genes? It looks like output from Genetic Genie?

    Mine are

    rs7775228 6 32658079 CT

    rs2155219 11 76299194 TT

    But I don’t know how to get that interpreted in terms of the risk factors.

    Many thanks for your continued documentation and thoroughness. I’ve learned a ton from your site.

    1. welcome back stone carver! glad to hear about your gains. I’m getting all of my genetic reporting from livewello these days… warmly, Eric

      1. Many thanks, I will check that out. Again sending all the best to you and your family.

  3. Hi Eric –
    this is really interesting to read. I found your site a few months back when I was just starting MTHFR treatment. I have just found out about CIRS, and found you again! I have a definite mould history, and found out because of an acute reaction to a mouldy house.
    . interestingly my online VCS score was good (in fact above average) too but I have similar trouble with bright lights (live in sunnies outside), stripey/flickering light and shadow and also fluoros (no one else seems to notice their flicker) so that’s interesting.
    I have likewise been uninspired with a default diagnosis of CFS/ fibro, its something of a relief to have something definite. Seeing the specialist this week.
    Good luck, please keep up posted on this one, and cheers for sharing

    1. hi Yvonne, very interesting to hear you have all the same light issues as me! Now I’m starting to think that my mold allergy could be linked to iron and copper issues. Immune system doesn’t function properly without healthy copper management…

  4. Hi Eric,

    Real interesting that you got a CIRS diagnosis. It’s something I’m working towards ruling in/out right now. I tested positive for MARCoNS last year, but that was the only test I was able to do, as I live in Canada. Also tried CSM for a few weeks but didn’t feel anything. Apparently having MARCoNS can interfere with that. Looks like now I’m going to be biting the bullet, traveling to the states and paying up for some tests to know for sure.

    I have a couple questions – which markers led your practitioner to the diagnosis? As I understand, there have to be 4 or more abnormal markers, as per Shoemaker. Your MSH and Tgf-B1 are definitely out of whack, and maybe the Osmo/ADH ratio, but what else? Just curious about this.

    Also – I’m aware some of the tests require fairly specific handling – immediate spinning down, freezing, etc. Are these things you had to tell the phlebotomist about, or did they know the protocols to follow?

    Would be interested to hear an update on your progress as well. Thanks for the great site.


    1. Hi L, I wish I could give you good answers to your questions but honestly I’m a very practical person and I’m not too concerned whether or not my diagnosis is textbook or not. My health problems stem from a perfect storm and CIRS is not really at the top of my list. I think there are multiple possible sources for my chronic inflammation. I know I have a very severe gut infection which I think is fungal, so why should I pay much attention to CIRS testing when I still am working on knocking out that infection. I’m still copper toxic which probably is the cause of the fungal infection. So these two things are very high on my list.

      If I have CIRS, the primary treatment is cholestyramine, which should be good for me even if I didn’t have CIRS, so I am working on the Cholestryamine. It’s going to take me a long time to work through that…

      As for progress, I feel like I’m making great headway! Still suffering but rocking and rolling with it.

      1. Hi Eric,

        The primary treatment for CIRS begins with avoiding exposure and this includes making sure your work and home have been properly tested. Testing isn’t an exact science so care needs to be taken to ensure your home and work are safe. Once you’re in a clean place and any moldy possessions have been dealt with, the next take is to take CSM for at least a month before treating a nasty nasal infection called MARCoNS. This deep sinus infection is quite common in 11-3-52b genotypes like yourself.

        This wicked nasal infection is not to be under estimated and can easily account for a broad range of symptoms. Trust me, I know. After dealing with MARCoNS, if you’re lucky, you may be able to leap-frog past many of the other steps in Dr. Shoemaker’s protocol by using the fish oil and curcumin your doctor prescribed. The last step would be to use VIP nasal spray to re-balance many bio-markers that otherwise would be un-treatable.

        By the way, to my knowledge, Dr. Shoemaker has never said that avoiding mold exposure involves treating any suspect internal mold infections. Rather, he solely focuses on making sure places of dwelling are free of mold. While cleansing and using anti-fungals may be helpful, they’re not part of Shoemaker’s protocol. Also, for what it’s worth, it’s a given that CIRS produces massive inflammation and impairs the immune system along with lowering MSH which, as you’ve written, leads to gut issues. If you do indeed have CIRS, then treating it will go a long way toward helping your gut.

        Peace out man. You write an excellent blog.


        1. thanks Greg! it may be time soon for me to go get the marcons test… not looking forward to it as my doctor says it’s painful.

  5. Hi, you can say that i am having some symptoms who are very similar to yours, including a relatively mild but constant brain fog, IBS (pretty severe), chronic fatigue, very low cholesterol (although high HDL) muscle pains especially on my right side (in its entirety, including dense feeling also in my chest) – anxiety… generally something that is there ALL the time. I was generally healthy until my early 20’s, ethouh i had asthma and allergies, when I came back after some trip to india, i was living in my parents house which had some kind of mold appearently, then i started having these severe symptoms. it was about ten times as worse as it is know… walking from here to 10 meers away was a difficult task, braing for from hell ALL the time, extreme allergy symptims all the time (sneezing and the like), extreme muscle pains, extreme fatigue. after moving to a dry place it flattened to become something extremely hard to deal with, and yet somehow manageable, like i said earlier….

    in the past 3 weeks i stumbled on your blog, right after iv’e noticed dr. shoemaker work also… Iv’e ordered 100g of cholesteramine. and will recieive it in a few days, but in the meantime ive also started taking 3-4 1000 mcg mb12 a day and 200mg of sam-e, waiting to revieve and add also methylfolat and ad12….

    my question is:
    what would you advise me? would you still advise the active methyl process??? do you think a 100g of cholesteramine is worth taking or should i order some more? it is rather expensive for me, i think on trying some now and if it works ill do a large invite…

    Hoping to also hear how you are doing… really hoping that your journey will lead you to full well being and thank you for sharing from your heart. I hope that hearing that it inspires people like me to read your posts is fullfiling to you.
    sorry for a little weird english, i am from israel.

    1. Asaf, I think you would do well to focus on your gut health first – need to make sure you don’t have a fungal, bacterial or parasitic infection first. I would probably also experiment with methylation before cholestyramine…

      1. Ive been dealing with gut health for the past 6-7 years, sibo, rifaximin, probiotics (always have a bad response to them), curcumin, berberine hcl, nothing really works for a period (althpugh i had ~80% improvement with rifaximin for about 2-3 weeks and then everything returned). by the way, the feeling in my gut (and right side altogether) is many times that there is some kind of blockage, as if something is stuck instead of flowing as it should… so right now i am looking for different things

          1. Thanks, Ill try i think. The thing that for me attracts especially to cholesteramyne is that it also treats habba syndrome, and now i mostly suffer from my digestive system… I think it is worth a shot. Ill try the cleanse…

        1. HI Asaf. As you have found SIBO is a real Bastard. I am seeing more and more this is because of Mercury, it is VERY disruptive in the Gut, and until someone chelates SIBO will just keep relapsing when enough disruption is happening. Chelation is the answer to SIBO, and why nothing else works.

          You surely have a Candida issue as well, and these things pull down your Adrenals, once you reel in the Gut just enough (SIBO requires extremely strict diet and many natural supps) to stabilze it for a bit you can address the Adrenals and hopefully alleviate some of your Fatigue.

          Understand all these things are “Bandaids” if you have a Mercury problem, and it is a constant battle of Whack-a-Mole until the Mercury is dealt with.

          Good luck

          1. Thank you. I genuinely feel your generousity and wisdom in this response. I will definitely investigate this further and try it. Thank you.

  6. Hi Eric! Forgive me for being graphic and gross but.. wanted to know if you’ve had any of these symptoms:
    1. I have to do periodic enemas and it sometimes smells like fishy lake- water.
    2. I sometimes have sharp pains under my right ribs after the enemas. Only at night.
    3. I have constant nausea that is only relieved with anti parasite herbs such as wormwood, embelia ribes, kutaja, oregano oil, papaya, enemas and activated charcoal.
    4. I feel like my body is holding on to something even after my enemas- like a sickening feeling of fullness.
    5. The most disturbing: I have this recurring dream that I’m approaching beautiful turquoise water in a warm inviting place. I want so much to swim or raft the water. It looks so alluring and beautiful. When I am on the water- I discover all the fish have suction cups and fangs and are horrifying, man-eating monsters. Sometimes I fall in the water or almost die trying to get out, barely escaping with my life. Then I wake up with horrible nausea or abdominal pain. I dreamed this same dream over and over for the past 5 years- not every day, but only when my abdominal symptoms are bad.

    Have you had any of these symptoms? My doctor is treating me for general detox of heavy metals and I don’t know if these symptoms are more indicative of parasites, heavy metals, mold exposure, pesticide toxicity or a combo. I have sensitivities and have been exposed to all of these. Sometimes it is hard to know what to go after first and I’m not asking you, just wanted to share and get your thoughts. Thanks!

    1. I have not had the symptoms Helen. Yes it is very very hard to know what to do first! I think heavy metal toxicity and other toxicities caused so many downstream problems that it is very common to have a big tangle of issues… Which makes it hard to avoid Catch-22 situations. Wishing you well!

      1. Hi Eric. I just saw my naturopath since the last post. He wants to work on my GAD snp’s, which in combo with CBS, folate, GSTM, DHFR, etc. snp’s, are making the perfect scenario for illness. He thinks excess glutamate is fueling the production of free radicals that are causing inflammation, and this the missing link to getting my gut healed. Heavy metals it seems can also exacerbate problems with the GAD enzyme as can EMF’s. For now my strategy is lowering my dietary glutamate intake even more (I am already grain-free and eat very little meat) and will be taking various supplements to soak up excess glutamate. (Someday I want to live in a house completely shielded from low frequency EMF’s except for the little bit of electricity to run the refrigerator!) Will update you on my progress.

        1. good for you Helen, it must be nice to have someone helping you with knowledge of genetics heavy metals etc. and sounds like a good plan, let us know how it works out… Thanks

    2. Hi Helen, have you had your liver function tests done? Those symptoms sound very much like mine, I have had hepatitis for 26 years, that horrible fullness and the burning ribs, I used to get it on both sides not just the right. I have just had my first normal liver tests in 26 years after going very strictly gluten and dairy free. The gluten is even more important than the dairy to eliminate. I do coffee enemas, they have changed my life, reduced nausea by 90%. It’s only the first step though, I think I have cirs aswell which is how I found this site, my thyroid antibodies are through the roof. Be very careful with the enemas, I wouldn’t do the ones with long tubes as too risky of damage. Good luck!

  7. I did not see your C4A which has to be done at the National Jewish laboratory. That is one of the key markers and usually takes about 6 weeks. Talking with Dr Cheney, if it is close to or over 20,000 that is consistent with Shoemaker’s patients and if it is less than 12,000 and still having similar symptoms then it is more likely CFS. Anyway, I will share a link to my Box account for you from the Lyme Health where one of the doctor talks in detail about CIRS and treatment.

    1. hi Chris, my C4A came back normal! I don’t know what that means… thanks for sharing the video, I started watching it several times but keep getting interrupted!

  8. Tons of people are curing lyme with ozone iv. But it is very costly. Like 15,000 for the for 6 week treatment.

    Or you can can a ozone sauna and drink ozonated water for alot cheaper. Around 2500.00 for the equipment needed.

  9. You guys should take a way closer look at your diet. I bet it is what’s causing most of your problems.

    I ate only fruit for 10 days and good lord the things that came out of me. I then tired to eat meat and it made me Ill. I tried gluten and dairy the next day made me ill again.

    Just started drinking ozonated water again and not getting the horrible herx like I was the other 3 times. Feeling way better now. Been doing research on ozone and I’m going to try iv ozone soon or steam ozone.

  10. Hi Eric,

    I have been following your blog for a long time and i have VERY similar issues.

    My problem is, i dont know where to start? Im totally overwhelmed.

    What i know is that i have a huge mercury burden, and other toxins. I cant even tolerate 12.5mg ALA. I have no amaglms but ate 15 tins tuna a week for 3 years !.

    I have very rare mutations. For example MTRR + + and MTR +. Less then 1% of white men have this. Mercury blocks this too.

    Im wondering if you have any tips on where to start? Do i do methylation first, chelation first, both, liver flushses, juice fasting etc. The hollistic nature of the body makes it so hard with all these catch 22s. I wish the body was as simple as conventional medicine says so !


    1. Hi Michael, this is a difficult question. There are people who start with tiny amounts of ALA, like 1 mg is succeed that way, low and slow. I think I’m somewhat partial to the idea of cleansing the digestive system and liver before starting with chelation. One of the reasons is that we struggle with mineral derangement and this has to be worsened by mucoid plaque and bacterial overgrowth. Also when we go through chelation we expect the liver to do a tremendous amount of work for us and it’s all clogged up with old toxic stones, that makes it so much harder… Just my two cents though!

    2. I would not start with ALA at all. I did 3 years just DMSA until I could tolerate even a little ALA, and it’s still hard for me to take ALA.

      ALA is very hard on the stomach lining, and it promotes candida (at least for me). Since the intestinal lining is usually in bad shape anyway, it’s not a good idea to use ALA in the beginning.

      Contrast that with DMSA which actually seems to even help the intestines heal a little bit. DMSA also does not do deep nervous system chelation like ALA does. You have to clear your body burden in the right order. Starting deep with ALA before cleaning out the “upper” layers first might not be the best way.

      So my advice is forget ALA in the beginning. When I tried DMSA the first time it immediately helped me. In fact DMSA never made me nauseous or worse, it always helped. ALA on the other hand can make me very sick with long recovery times because it’s so irritating to the small intestinal lining.

      Intestinal integrity is worth more than its weight in gold. If you chelate but shred your intestinal lining at the same time you’ll have a hard time recovering, or you could even make it impossible. Intestinal integrity has higher priority than most anything else you do.

    3. I did want to mention that sometimes homeopathics can help get the ball rolling in a more gentle way. In fact, it was a test with Nosods Homeopathic Mercury that helped my own doctor diagnose me with mercury toxicity. That was followed up with hair and urine tests which confirmed absolutely that I had elevated mercury everywhere. He gave me the same mercury homeopathic formulas to take daily at home, or during symptom flares. So, give it some thought… It could help… and it wouldn’t hurt.

  11. Hi Eric,

    I came across a book written by a Director of Immunotherapy Research Japan, Katsunari Nishinara MD PHd. Key words to speed up healing from chronic AI disorders are: Natural Nasal Breathing (as opposed to Oral Breathing we humans do unknowingly) to kill pathogens and massive dose of Bifidum Bacteria to promote gut healing. He claimed to have cured many Japanese from AI disorders. Original tittle is Nanbyo Kokufuku Manual Tadashii Honeyasume De Kenkouni Naru. No idea what that is in English, lol. Who knows it may benefit you..

    Ive been on AIP for a while, and digging out more as I finally hit a plateau n realize the need to arm myself with more protocols.

    Whats your take on Retention Coffee Enema, Moritz Liver Flushes, and EggYolk Liver Flushes?


    1. That’s really interesting, where did you find this book? I always feel more relaxed when nose breathing and for years of wanted to stop mouth breathing during the day but can’t remember to do it. Thinking maybe I should take my mouth during the day also for a few days and see if that helps, lol. I am a very strong believer in liver flushing and I don’t think it matters how you accomplish it as long as you are getting results. Have you seen my liver flushing posts? I did one coffee enema and posted about it. For me it’s too time-consuming. Not a big fan of retention enemas in general for that reason. Very effective but I need protocols that allow me to keep working as much as possible.

      1. The book, Thank God, is in my mother tongue.I tried finding the English version one online, but it was to no avail????. Another major thing emphasized is to N.E.V.E.R consume any cold food n drink as that destroys the mitochondria leading to myriads of chronic ailments. Mitochondria thrives best between 37-41 C temp, beyond that is fatal. Nasal breathing, room temp to slightly warm food n drink, and bifidus massive dose are his AI treatment method. He didnt talk much about diet, so my take is to combine it with AIP. We’ll see in 3 months’ time…

        In addition to this, Ive just started incorporating anal suppositories, using blackseed. It sounds nasty, but who knows it may eradicate pathogens from the rear end, lol. Check out Cool guy with great writings!

        I havent been able to testify all these yet, but I thought Ill just share hoping you or anyone here will benefit them.

        Any insights for Candidiasis n Adrenal Insufficiency Sufferers when embarking on Liver flushes with apple juice fast?

        Thanks n wishing your daughter well.

          1. Another extremely important, and vastly underutilized compound for candida is raw, unprocessed, sodium – Seasons 90 Baja Gold, sea salt ( This should not be compared to Pink Himalayan, Celtic, Real or other salt products. Energetically and chemically is is superior, plus it tastes amazing. Without this product, many protocols will either fail or be far less effective. It’s okay during a biofilm protocol as well.

            1. THANKS Dr. Ettinger, I appreciate you dropping by and commenting – just ordered a bag of seasons 90 🙂
              love what you do with your coaching business business, bravo!!

  12. So I just read something very interesting looking for a cure for leaky gut. People cured them self with probiotics and enzymes. I believe probiotics make the enzymes in our body.

    And when I think about it probiotics are the only thing that had helped my stumic. I was constantly nauseous then I started to drink milk kefir I got at the store.

    I would ferment it till it no longer tasted sweet and it would get thick. I’m no longer nauseous and I have my sense of hunger back. I would get get the sense of hunger I would just get tired and eat again for more energy.

    I’m going to do a week of nothing but milk kefir and oat meal as a prebiotic. See if I notice a improvement.

    Like people love to say illness starts in the gut. Sigh I’m so tired of being sick. I can see my self giving up soon if I don’t get better.

    1. I will be drink a large amount of milk kefir like

      5 liters a day but it will be probiotics and enzymes it has 10 different strains in it I will add pill probiotics to it also

      1. I have done fecal transplants and they helped with some food allergies. I will start doing them again after maybe two weeks of nothing but kefir and oat meal

    2. I make coconut water kefir.. Probably much healthier than milk kefir. Coconut water has loads of potassium which most people could use more of. It also tastes great!

      1. Milk is better alot more nutrients for the probiotics. Coconut is natural antibacterial.

  13. Sometimes it seems like we need a course correction. (or at least I do). When the subject of Lyme comes up, I get pretty defensive. 7 years ago I took an Igenix Lyme test, and by all accounts, it was ‘positive’. My LLD at the time nearly kidnapped me… shook a finger in my face, lectured me for nearly the entire hour I was there, and wouldn’t let me speak. YOU HAVE LYME. For that, he was going to put me on IV antibiotics, for a year. And even THEN, he had no promise that I would get better.
    I think that was an all time low, because I was indeed so sick–I remember going home and feeling nearly suicidal. But I doubted the Lyme diagnosis. And, after all, tens of thousands of ranchers, lumbermen, and normal folks also have been bitten by the Lyme tick… and they are FINE. I also had none of the more obvious symptoms: rashes, arthritis, etc. In most people, if there is residual Lyme, it is asymptomatic. I had to go with that.
    That same doctor, today, still practicing Lyme medicine… says he is stymied. He wishes he had not prescribed antibiotics for everyone… because they largely did not work. In fact, most of his patient’s health went downhill…and I still know this doctor pretty well, he’s a lot more humble. And he’s looking into other avenues, including heavy metals, and all the rest. He’s a good doc. But I’m glad I stayed strong on this, and did not go down that rabbit hole.

    It’s about making the ‘host’ (us!) stronger. It’s about getting rid of what you can, safely, while building up the body and soul in every way possible. At least that’s my thoughts on this today.

    1. Great story. I’ve seen some very convincing Lyme recoveries using CD and ozone… something to think about!

  14. Sorry to hear about your Daughter Eric, I hope the Stool test will turn up something, SIBO and Candida are extremely common I have both myself, SIBO is extremely hard to treat and keep in remission if the true root cause is not addressed, in which most cases it is not, and why relapse rates are so high. If you have not already, please consider doing a Hair test for her, Hg is at the very root of many Gut issues, by at the very least weakening the Immune system to fight off exposures.

    Quote “I’m hoping that after the master cleanse I’ll be using ozone, blackseed and other antifungal’s to keep my gut clean, cholestyramine to remove the old biotoxins and chelation to help me get to Shangri-La, where I won’t need anymore therapies in order to stay healthy!

    Shangri-La sounds like a great place and one you very much deserve, you will get there!

    1. Thanks Jason, I have been thinking about doing the hair test for her for a very long time and I agree it’s time! Thanks for your encouragement 🙂

  15. hey Eric, the MSH range is 0-40. Thus it is seems hard to believe that really the range should be 36-40 which you said Dr. Shoemaker believes. Also are you sure there is no mold in your home??? btw, your ALK Phos is low end of normal range, I read that’s often a sign of low zinc. Wishing you all the best!

    1. that’s really good to know Ron – I will try increasing a bit and see if it changes, thank you!

      Oh yeah, forgot your other comments – I do agree there’s quite a discrepancy between the labcorp’s range and Dr. Shoemaker’s. Whenever that happens I tend to trust the expert, and it’s not the lab! Thyroid testing comes to mind…

      I’m very confident there’s minimal mold in my home. Believe I’m very lucky in that regard. Certainly vastly more growing in my body than in my home.

      1. That 0-40 is for normal people not HLA bad gene people. We need ours up higher than others. Just like they say normal vitamin D is 30 or higher but if you are ill like us it needs to be between 50-70 and even higher if you have cancer. Have you done the NutrEval test from Genova yet? It will tell you everything you are lacking. I didn’t buy any new supplements until I had that and I’m happy because I would have been wasting a lot of money on stuff I didn’t need. I did that all my life and never got me anywhere but broke.

        1. Kim, my doctor just suggested the Genova NutrEval for my daughter and I will take it also if we end up paying only the Easy Pay amount… Can you tell me how much you paid for it? You may know the list price is $2000!

  16. Really interesting stuff. I’ve had CFS for 15 years now. I have improved in some areas by following Andy Cutler’s chelation protocol for mercury using DMSA, but have slowly progressed in other areas.

    I’m wondering if you have been tested according to US ILADS standards for Lyme disease and its co-infections? I believe CFS is NOT genetic, but it’s a hidden undiagnosed infection that is burdening the body thus preventing and taxing detoxification.

    There is a woman in Sweden who has had CFS for 8 years now. Her husband Mats Lindström ( has gotten incredibly involved and committed to finding the cause of CFS. He is getting close to being the front-line researched for CFS.

    Mats’s wife CFS started from a tick bite. She has been diagnosed with multiple simultaneous Lyme-related infections. She’s been on systemic antibiotics for several weeks, and walked outside her house for the first time in 8 years.

    Lyme bacteria have been implicated for MS, Fibromyalgia, Alzheimer, and consequently CFS and other “auto-immunity” related illnesses. I say “auto-immunity” in quotation marks, because if these really are driven by a pathogen or a heavy-metal or toxin’s not auto-immunity; it’s the body reacting to an ongoing burden and poison.

    My next steps are to test myself for Lyme and every conceivable co-infection associated with it. If I can figure out how to do that.

    You can hodge-podge patch yourself with different supplements and methylation protocols and supporting substances, but I don’t believe we will ever be cured unless we get rid of the underlying real exposure.

    It’s not genetic..we weren’t born with CFS. It developed in us for some reason. That is not genetic. It’s complete hogwash that any chronic diseases are genetic. They are all caused by exposure to toxins or pathogens. It’s the best kept secret of the mecical establishment in cahoots with the chemical pesticide industry.

    What if people found out cancer and disease is not genetic but caused by pesticide and chemical exposure? Imagine the potential for lawsuits and lost profits. Better keep telling people it’s in our genes. “Don’t look at the toxins..look the other way..look here, at the genes.” That’ll keep you busy and your hands way off the real topic.

    Anyway..get tested for Lyme and let’s see what you got. Not the unreliable PCR test, but the proper ILADS recommended tests (I believe it’s called ELISPOT, but I’m in the process of researching this myself so I might off on that one).

    1. And btw. I’m not discounting mold exposure. I think that’s a very serious potential trigger too. I believe I was also exposed to mold, and that’s what initially lead to a weakened immune system and eventually to CFS.

      But we should still explore the pathogen angle also. Ever been in the woods? Ever walked in tall grass or through bushes? You can be bitten by a tick and never know it. All it takes is some tall grass less than the height to your knees to touch your body and the tick is attached. They have even be found to jump down from trees.

      1. I’ve spent a lot of time outdoors and been bitten by plenty of ticks so I believe there is a real possibility that I do have Lyme and or co-infections. That would explain why I’m so sensitive to ozone. Although my gut slime would be enough on its own lol. The thing is, it’s the same gene that makes us react with illness when were exposed to mold and Lyme. So I think it’s all related.

    2. I think we are pretty close to being an agreement on these issues but definitely read this – these genes determine whether you get sick when you are bitten by a tick with Lyme or exposed to mold. Oxidative therapy has healed many Lyme patients so I’m confident I’m on the right track. Just started doing ozone RI and it’s going really well…

      1. Thanks Eric. Many years ago I tried intravenous ozone therapy. I had two infusions, and while it felt pretty good afterwards, strangely enough it did not really alter my condition in any significant way,

        The thing is I think mold is not that susceptible to ozone. Other pathogens however are.

        Ozone RI; I tried that too. Had 6 infusions. Same result as intravenous ozone. It felt OK, but in the end did not really make any major difference. I hope you have better success.

        I have the slime in the colon too btw..or actually, the problem is I think the slime is in the small intestine. This prevents nutrient uptake, AND it also is the most difficult place to reach in terms of medication, ozone and the like. Basically it’s a pretty good hiding place for a pathogen.

        A few years ago I spent a lot of time researching the slime issue.

        What I ended up finding is that it could be something called “Rope Worm”, a very controversial subject, so beware. I’m kind of on the fence about it, but I did manage to expel one of those ropes after a 20 day water fast.

        1. I’ve never seen any ropes yet.

          Ozone does kill mold. There’s a great story told by the guy who cured his wife of 18 tumors by letting a mold generator run 24 hours a day in the house. he lives in the rain forest in Northwest Washington state and his house was covered with mold on the outside, but after a month with the ozone generator on, the mold disappeared off the walls! And he used one of those cheap Chinese generators too.

          With ozone I think you need months not days. You can reach the small intestine also by drinking ozone water. Not only that but when I was doing EI, I was expelling fungus reliably, so even by year and breathing it will do the job. You might try getting a cheap generator and experimenting.

          Grow some mold on some bread and drop ozone water in the middle. I’ve never done this but would love to see it…

          1. Yes you’re right. Now that I think about it many mold remediators use powerful ozone generators to clean contaminated houses.

            I was drawing a parallel with MMS, which is chlorine dioxide, also an oxidative agent, and it is said it does not work on Candida for example, although it is extremely effective against almost everything else.

            Btw. what is EI?

              1. Do you have a blog post on that topic? I’d like to try it.

                What equipment do I need? A assume my simple drinking water Enaly ozonator can’t be used for this purpose?

  17. Hi There,

    Have you ever been tested for bartonella through Galaxy diagnostics triple blood draw? I was diagnosed with “CFS” for 9 years before a doctor found out I actually had systemic bartonellosis which caused a laundry list of symptoms. After little over a year of abx treatment I am starting to get better.

    1. No, I believe I had the Igenex Lyme testing – I once posted it on the Internet somewhere and some experts said my results were ambiguous but possibly positive. If I do have Lyme, it certainly just one ingredient in my toxic soup! That’s another reason why I’m into ozone therapy… glad you are getting better!!

  18. Crap. Eric! Is your post on molds truly dated April 30, or do they ALL update daily? Because that’s truly weird (that you would be on the mold subject just as I am also dealing with it). I have been reading about HLA gene but now without my old insurance, I’m wondering where I can get this test cheapest. Does LabCorp do this test?
    Regardless… I was just so shocked to see so much mold right there in my bedroom–festering on entire my floor, where it’s no doubt been for years. I sent samples away this week to have it tested to see what it really is… maybe it’s just mildew? I am working with a Mold and Indoor air specialist to just get this removed… so far I’ve done everything she told me NOT to do, for instance, I had the gloves, soap and Clorox bleach out this morning and just scrubbed the damned thing myself. But the IQ Air purifier, EC3, and a bunch of other stuff…. when does it stop?
    We’re all doing our best, huh? And I do believe the good Lord has brought us to this place for a reason, and we will help others.
    I have decided to go ahead and optimize my HGH… I need all the help I can get.

    1. yes Lori, it’s quite a coincidence, I just posted this. All my tests came from Lab Corp. except c4a which I had to pay for out of my pocket… Be careful in your cleaning!

    2. Never use bleach on mold only ammonia. Bleach just makes the mold spit toxins out which worsens your environment even more because now you are not dealing with mold you are dealing with VOC’s (chemicals). Best thing to do with a mold house and all it’s contents is to leave it all behind.

  19. Jesus Christmas you have horrible luck Eric. Now your daughter is sick? That’s the main reason I wil NEVER go to a tropical country. So many pathogens and parasites and alot doctors have never seen.

    No offense but it sounds like your ND has no idea what she is talking about. And yes you can get mold infection in your intestines slime mold that is. Black mold infection is systematic. Candida can be systematic and she believes it’s not possible.

    What does she hope cholestyramine will acomplish? It’s not even a anti fungal. Seems like she is more interested in detoxing and making money then curing you.

    Olive leaf extract 20 % oleuropein
    Goldenseal 500mg 4 pills 4 times a day
    Gymnema sylvestre 500mg 2 pills aday.
    And look in to getting a zapper.

    You have to drink the herbs with hot water. I don’t know why you won’t listen to me.

    As for inflammation look into DMSO

    What I just told you is the most powerful know treatment for systematic fungus infection. It will also kill pathogen infection.


    1. Matt, I am listening to you and very interested in what you’re saying… I appreciate you repeating too:)
      I have used a zapper and DMSO and feel like both are effective but I’m a little uncomfortable taking DMSO every day and zapper burned my wrists. I felt like it needed salt water to really be effective but then it burned me. It is tedious to use. What sort of zapper do you use? Are you saying it is helped you with fungal infection? Going to look at the antifungal herbs now.

      As for my doctor, she’s good and not out for the money. She may not have a complete knowledge set (nobody has it all) but I like what she’s doing. She could easily be one of the high-priced functional medicine docs who don’t accept insurance and charge $800 for the first appointment, but for some reason she hasn’t gone that route and I’m very grateful for it.

      I think the truth of the matter probably lies somewhere in the middle – I probably do have old mold toxin circulating and fresh exposure from my gutinfection…

      1. You used the zapper wrong. Your not suppose to use the wrist straps have to use the copper tubes.

        Yes it will burn you on senitive skin when you use on bare mental and salt water.

        Now I have found out the hard way unless you make the zapper your self you won’t know if its working properly.

        Don’t follow the 7 on 20 off. Just do 1 hour stright.

        Try the mini zapper on ebay. It worked for me and is highly trusted.

        I just got another zapper with more frequencies hopefully it works alot better.

        Don’t be afraid of dmso it’s not toxic to humans at all. The only thing that is toxic is if the dmso is not very pure or your skin had toxins on it.

        I just started dmso and it’s just plan magical for my joints. I’m looking to get dmso introvenus. I can’t find anyone in canada that does it. Introvenus dmso cures arthritis so I know I got auto immune lupus from the leaky gut. I’m sure you also have it too.

        1. Have to wrap the copper tubes with paper towels and wet them.

          You can use salt and bare hands it won’t burn your hands UNLESS your zapper is a built wrong and electrocuts you.

        2. thanks Matt. You can just mix the DMSO in water and drink it – if you are getting such a benefit from it for your joints it may be the MSM (DMSO converts to 15% MSM in the body) that’s doing the job. Have you tried MSM?

          1. Rub it on my skin. Drank two tea 4 days ago and still have butt pee lol so I don’t think I will be doing that again.

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