Switching from hydrogen peroxide to ozone therapy

medical ozone generator[H]ydrogen peroxide therapy was intense for me and while I was sure it was the right thing at the right time, I began experiencing nausea somewhere around 12 drops (that’s 35% H2O2, three times a day) and by the time I got to 16 drops I detested the peroxide so much I couldn’t go on any further.

So having read a lot about oxygen therapy in general, I figured ozone would be equivalent and I switched to medical ozone using an earscope (also called ear insufflation). In fact, I had originally planned on using ozone but the cost was prohibitive and I had read this comment on curezone.com:

i no longer drink ozonated water becaue i’ve found oral H2O2 to be much more effective and longer lasting.

Now to present a balanced picture, here’s Dr. Saul Pressman, DCh, LOH arguing the other side of the coin:

Ozone is more useful than hydrogen peroxide, because it doesn’t have the hydrogen component, which gets in the way. For example, when doing IV, hydrogen peroxide must be kept to an extremely low concentration : .0375%, to avoid burning the vein. That is 80 times weaker than common drugstore 3%. But ozone can be used at quite high concentrations, even 70 ug/ml, before there are problems with vein sclerosing, red blood cell damage, etc. So ozone is actually much safer.

Even though hydrogen peroxide didn’t work out for me as a long-term therapy, I may go back to it for a maintenance dose eventually, possibly taking 10 drops once a day in the early morning while I’m still sleepy enough not to notice the taste.

But, back to the story, with generous help from my mom, I got the 03Elite dual ozone generator. My first dose was 10 minutes at 1/32 and about 50 ug/ml. That was too much and it has taken me some time to work out a level I can tolerate reasonably.

This past week I was able to do five days in a row (starting at five minutes and rising to seven minutes) but it was still a very intense week with lots of muscle aches and pains, tightness, and feeling crummy generally.  On the third night I developed a migraine which I stopped with an enema and discovered that the cause was the usual biotoxic slime I’ve seen come out before when doing hydrogen peroxide.

This makes me very happy because now I know that ear insufflation ozone has the same cleansing effect as drinking ozone and drinking hydrogen peroxide – that’s pretty cool that these therapies are pretty much interchangeable. I’m super impressed with ozone and this experience over the last few months makes me think that the biotoxins are probably equally important in the grand scheme of my illness as the heavy metals.

Most people with heavy metal toxicity can simply chelate the metals out and all of the other physiological problems melt away gradually without the need to go into liver and colon cleansing etc. I just happen to be one of those difficult cases who needed much more comprehensive support and preparation.

It’s also possible that I could have succeeded with DMSA chelation alone for a year before attempting ALA. That’s because DMSA relies more on  the kidneys and less on the liver and would not have exacerbated my copper problem. And because reducing lead, reduces mercury toxicity dramatically. Anyway, I’m glad I did it the hard way because I’ve learned so much about human healing.

Some other tidbits relevant to my superoxide dismutase flaws:

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  1. My theory is that liquid from the ears is lymph fluid. Lymph is more or less clear and odourless. I have the same leaky experience with ear insufflations (EI). I’ve read the lymph discharge could be due to toxin release from inside the ears, but it could also be breakdown of skin tissue inside the ear because of the drying effect of the ozone, and lymph is simply discharging from the cracks or breaks in the skin. Daily olive oil drops in the ears helped me discharge any extra fluid and stopped it from crusting over. Crust or globule buildup is bad because an infection and build behind, so it must flow. I stopped EI weeks ago simply because it seemed more work than benefit, but not basing it on anything. I also do home ozone sauna and rectal insufflations twice weekly and ozone water daily. I’ve also been doing blood ozone treatments weekly at a clinic for the past 2 months, now changing to bi weekly, and hoping eventually this will lead to monthly or less, but regardless will continue home treatments. Clinic treatments are expensive plus I have travel expenses. After 2 months of ozone therapy I feel considerably better, after 14 years of bad CFS related symptoms. It’s all still an experiment but it feels this is the right treatment for me.

    1. wow, glad to hear about your great results Greg… I’ve also stopped EI and going to start RI soon. First I want to start psyllium and bentonite shakes to see if that makes the die off more tolerable…

  2. hi
    appreciate everyone’s comments. been sick for over 2 decades with Chronic Fatigue Fibromyalgia and candida, viruses, and now SIBO. (small bacterial overgrowth in stomach. extremely sensitive and with energy so low. imperative to have minimal die off. have worked with alternative medical m.d.’s for years but not much success. want to start with 1/4 rectal ozone.(which my doctor does not do but have a place I can get) other than enemas (colonics too debilitating) and probiotics, what has anyone used to replenish your body if depleted by rectal ozone therapies? what has anyone used to reduce die off? and does anyone know if rectal ozone can also affect bacterial in the gut? I have heard yes and no. thanks much. Karen

    1. you might consider joining Facebook groups for hydrogen peroxide and/or ozone therapy… Personally, I use vitamin C, DMSO and sometimes activated charcoal. I’m experiencing die off right now from my Fenben protocol and just drank a teaspoon of DMSO.

  3. I cant do ear insufflations either! The exact same side effect happened to me. A lot of weird watery discharge coming out of the ears that eventually crusts over and is extremely unvomfortable and itchy. I was told that the ozone is too drying for my sensitive ears, i now try it wil a bit of olive oil and only insufflate for 3 seconds.

    Rectal insufflations are a MIRACLE for me. Totally gave me my life back after years of suffering with severe lyme symptoms.

  4. Hi Eric, Thank you for the amazing work!
    Can you please elaborate on the dosage you are using for your ozone theray?
    Are you using a humidifier with your therapy or straight ozone?
    I have PromoLife ozone and I’m currently doing rectal insufflation
    I’m getting out biofilm as well wrapped with feces color white.
    my dose is 1/8 oxygen and Ozone is 33 ug

    Thank you

    1. Hi John, you’re ahead of me. I’ve been using ear insufflation, started at 10 min and found that very difficult. I’m going to start back at 1 minute and do a week before increasing to 2 min. Eventually want to move to rectal too.

        1. Funny you should ask John! That is the challenge I’ve taken on… I started on Monday. Here’s what I know – it’s easy for people in good health to do it daily. If you watch Dr. Rowan’s long video, you’ll see he does a rectal insufflation every day on himself. I’ve tried to do it daily several times with ear insufflation and only tolerated two or three days each time. This time I am reducing my dosage to one minute per day. It sounds like nothing, but it affects me pretty significantly. I have to do it in the morning and need a nap after lunch and it causes me to nap very deeply. Yesterday I tried doing it in the afternoon and it was a complete failure, I was so fatigued and brain-dead in the afternoon I couldn’t work – also got a frontal headache for a couple hours. It causes me knee pain too from tightness and inflammation. I’m sure it’s all detox so I’m going to push on!

          1. Watched the video twice 🙂 you are right.
            Interesting that you chose the ear insufflation.
            I started with rectal insufflation once daily 1/32 oxygen and 52 gamma ozone I did this daily for 2 minutes using a humidifier, the results were amazing energy surge like I have never felt before for one entire week !!!
            Stupidly, I decided to incorporate ear insufflation in my regimen, same oxygen level but 30 gamma for 2 minutes. So second week, I was doing rectal insufflation in the morning and ear insufflation at night. I kept feeling good especially with energy… until the third day of that week my ears started to discharge water, doesn’t have a smell, no pain just water. I have prior problems with my left ear, ear drum replacement surgery because of a Staph infection when I was 20 years old I’m 38 now. I kept doing it for another 3 days the water discharge got worse, still no pain… then I panicked and decided to stop because it’s die off reaction so I stopped everything top and bottom insufflation, because I stopped all the toxins/water coming out of my ears remained there and formed a bad infection in both ears, went to ENT doctor to get ear drops of antibiotics.
            I’m better now, both ears infections are gone but doesn’t mean whatever toxins I have is gone as well. Therefore I’m terrified from incorporating the ear insufflation again :–)
            So I started this week again just with the bottom insufflation, I’m gonna wait longer to incorporate ear insufflation again but I will do it less time and once a week
            Now my regimen is daily 4 minutes in the morning. will see how it goes !

            1. Sorry to hear about the ear infection! Your experience is so interesting, and I think you are so lucky to have that energetic reaction! It makes me wonder if I would get a different reaction from the rectal insufflation.

              I started with the ear because it’s so easy. Later I thought that the ear was probably a good way for me to go since I had already done oral peroxide and bowel flushing. Also thought it would be good for my sinuses. Today was day three and I had the same fatigue and deep nap, kind of on the edge of my seat to see if I will slowly tolerate better so that I can keep going and increase dosage. I’m also using the 1/32 oxygen and 52 gamma ozone settings…

              I haven’t found any social/discussion group for ozone, have you looked?

              1. sorry for my delay response.
                I have not found any ozone group as well :–(
                Just so you know I can’t reproduce this energy back :–( still doing the ozone rectal insufflation, I’m still getting out worms in my stool. I have been having horrible pain in my arm like arthritis stiffness, it’s getting worse. One thing I can’t figure out is when I have a bowel movement or pee I get bloated, very bizarre…. By the way, these are not new symptoms. Have you heard of anyone experiencing similar symptoms?

                1. Good to know the energy burst was a one time thing – I also had a similar experience with peroxide although it only lasted for a day. When I increase ozone, I also get muscle and tendon pain, especially in my knees. I’m trying to go slow enough to make that minimal now. Happen to be experiencing it today because I increased to two minutes daily yesterday. Takes about five days for me to adjust to a new level. From my experience, when toxic stuff is coming out in your BM, you can expect a variety of ills…

    2. Hi john, wow I’ve never heard of anyone doing anything that helps with bacteria biofilm infections. I’ve been sick for 16yrs (minus a good 5 yrs in the middle), and since 2009 it’s gotten to be miserable to say the least. 100% disabled , can’t even make my own meals or wash my own clothes.

      Can you update us on your progress and more details of your disease and diagnosis and how you are treating it and especially if you have energy again and your life back.

      Have you done oxygen hyperbaric chamber treatments ?

      Thank you so very much!!!!

  5. Glad to catch up on your progress since my last visit to your blog a few months ago. I am super interested in this ozone angle and had researched it — but got hung up on where to get the o2 bottles. Completely understand if you don’t want to discuss it here but I am curious. Did you have to customize a regulator, for instance? Given where I am that seems a bridge too far. I was researching this for my trigeminal nerve pain and related ear aches.

    1. I bought the pediatric regulator from Promolife and picked up a tank from an industrial oxygen supply company – it all works smoothly, just expensive:)

      1. Ah, thanks for the details on that. Will note for the future and again glad it is working out for you.

  6. Hello, I also took hydrogen peroxide drops (went to 15 drops) in the past and I regret doing this (also had nausea and had to stop). I think it has damaged my good intestinal floral because its oxidizes with almost everything. I didn’t know about mms yet (Chlorine dioxide) (Jim Humble) and it only kills pathogens (everything with PH minus). You should try that instead. Now, I make CDS from mms through destilation and combine it with dmso. Here is a url for more information: http://jimhumble.is/
    I want to thank you for al the good information (well structured) that you put here. I already learned a lot!

    1. You should be able to replenish your good flora with probiotics. Have a look at the AOR probiotic-3 as it’s a very unusual one that I didn’t find anywhere else and has good reviews! Personally speaking, I don’t think I had any good flora to start with lol.

      When I was researching, I also read that hydrogen peroxide would not kill good bacteria. There is always so much contradictory information out there!

  7. Eric,

    I am curious why you are taking this protocol. Superoxide dismutase combined with hydrogen peroxide causes nitric oxide damage, leading to cell death. You can look up the study on ncbi.

    Also, hydrogen peroxide is combined with nitrate to form peroxynitrite, which causes more oxidative stress. I realize that you are trying to kill pathogens with hydrogen peroxide, but it actually might be doing more damage to you.

    1. I think the hydrogen peroxide was very useful for what I needed when I took it. Since stopping and starting ozone therapy my impression is that the effects are very similar which leads me to believe that hydrogen peroxide does convert very quickly to oxygen and water in the body. For someone who’s body probably doesn’t make enough hydrogen peroxide, I’m inclined to think that supplementing is helpful. My mom has been using it and it cleared up a lung infection nothing else has been able to eliminate – and this is chronic over very many years.

      Still, I grew to hate the hydrogen peroxide. Very very glad to make the switch to ozone.

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