My migraine miracle

[I]’m no longer afraid of migraines! For a couple years I couldn’t take any vitamin D or be in the sun because both invariably triggered a migraine that lasted 2 to 4 days. From research, I know the vitamin D effect is common too. I believe I’m the first to ever publish something about the cure for the Vitamin D migraine.

Without a doubt mine is not the only type of migraine nor have I found the only cure. In a quick search I found many people have cured migraines with celery juice. I haven’t tried celery juice but I’m certain it won’t work on my migraines because mine are triggered by biotoxins in the digestive tract.

If you have migraines, I think there’s a way for you to determine if the source of yours is similar to mine. How long do your migraines last? Do you know what the average migraine duration is? A quick search showed the average migraine lasts 29 hours. Do you think it’s a coincidence that this is roughly the time it might take toxins to wash out of your digestive system?

Here’s something to try – take a heaping teaspoon of activated charcoal (I use the Charcoal House brand). If your migraine diminishes, you are probably being affected by toxins as I am. Activated charcoal is amazing stuff. If your child accidentally swallows something poisonous and goes to the hospital, they are going to give your kid a tall glass of charcoal slurry to drink. It happened to my daughter and I remember it well.

Some of the amazing features of activated charcoal:

  • can bind up to 60% of a toxin when given even 30 is 60 minutes after ingestion – it catches up with toxins.
  • even after toxins have been absorbed into your bloodstream, activated charcoal can still mop some of it it up through a process of back diffusion from the mesenteric capillaries across the G.I. epithelium into the G.I. tract – not only does charcoal adsorb toxins from your gut, it also cleans your blood.

So here’s my story: first, look at the pictures of what came out of my digestive system with a vitamin C bowel flush.

As this stuff came out, it triggered a migraine. When I did retention enemas to wash out this nasty stuff, the migraine disappeared. I’ve repeated this process several times now and I know it is pretty much a foolproof formula for me.

You can kill that slime (which is fairly common judging by pictures on Facebook groups) by drinking water mixed with hydrogen peroxide or using medical grade ozone or any other oxygen therapy.

As a result of these therapies, I can go out in the sun again and take vitamin D, no more migraines!!

And here’s why I think the sun and vitamin D both triggered the migraines – they both stimulate the immune system which probably started attacking the slime in my digestive system causing die-off and migraines.

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  1. Hey, I think I read somewhere, maybe on the Weston Price Foundation website, that the active form of D3 calcitriol will get real high in response to the storage form being low

  2. I too cannnot tolerate vitamin d supplements and sunlight. They give me migraines. I always thought the reason for this was because of the increase in absorption in intracelluar calcium caused by vit d. Calcium can act as an excitotoxin and cause nuronal death especially when it is already high.– Amy yasko has mentioned this sometimes. I always thought i needed to take vit d because my 25 D blood test showed it was low, but when i tested the active form( 1-25 dihydroxy vit d) it was skyhigh. I am really sensitive to anything that can cause overexcitation of neurons… be it glutamates, vit d, calcium, amino acids etc.

  3. Vitamin D lowers Magnesium. Either up your magnesium supplementation or better yet don’t take synthetic D.

    1. thanks Sara, I’ve been following Morley Robbins for a while and did already quit taking vitamin D. I’ve always taken my max dose of magnesium which is around 1 g per day 🙂

      1. I first saw it mentioned in a precision nutrition article – stumbled upon it after quitting vitamin D that I had started supplementing 2 winters ago for only a couple weeks. Noticed I started getting a headache every afternoon (I had been taking magnesium for migraines for about a year at that time). Quit the d and the headaches immediately disappeared. It was only a few months ago I found morley’s mag page on Facebook, 23&me testing and methylation. Do you have anywhere posted as to your timing and with food/empty stomach with your supplements? Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge!

        1. No, I haven’t posted details about timing but generally speaking:

          vitamin C early in the day because it is stimulating
          magnesium on an empty stomach to avoid deluding stomach acid during meals
          anything that’s really bitter I take with the magnesium which I take between meals
          adrenal supports and B vitamins when the adrenal glands need the boost, for me that’s roughly 7 AM, 11 AM and 3:30 PM

  4. Where’d you go? Haven’t seen any posts in a long time. Love this blog. Everything good?


    1. Thanks James! Everything is good, I went to Europe – first Spain, now in France with family. A big stretch for me to manage my health problems and lead my family on such a big adventure, but it’s working out. Forgot to pack vitamin C which I consider my 2nd most important, but managing fine without it. Maybe it was actually hurting me since it’s a manganese antagonist…

    2. Hey Eric we have a lot in common. Thank u for the info on the vitamin d! I have the same response to it :(….. i used bentnite clay (is there a difference) instead of activated charcoal. I got a migraine 🙁 what do u use for your retention anema.

      1. clay and charcoal are very different!! I tried a number of things for retention enema, and I think they all work, even plain water…

  5. I also get migraines from vitamin d. So I was a of in reading this but I’m naturally skeptical.

    Is this something you could detect in a stool test and if so have you done a stool test? And if not why not?

    1. Stool tests are notoriously unreliable and I also imagine it would be hard to find one that reports fungi and other microscopically small organisms. I did have stool tests around 10 years ago and they showed blastocystis but that was a wild goose chase. Anyway, I realize what I’m saying sounds a bit wacky. Consider though that getting migraines from vitamin D which is supposed to be like mother’s milk is just as wacky too!! I researched forever and never found anyone who even had a theory about the vitamin D migraines. Considering how debilitating it can be for two or three days at a time, I think the enema or colonic is a reasonable investment:)

      You’ll find there are plenty of reports associating migraines with the colon.

      1. When I searched I found the celery thing you mentioned and also found a few articles suggesting magnesium deficiency in tandom with D supplementation was the cause of migraines. That doesn’t seem right in the case of someone who supplements with magnesium though. Unless it’s neural magnesium.

        In any case it’s a little relieving that someone else shares my reaction to vitamin d 🙂

        So does activated charcoal totally countervail the migraines or do you also need the colonics to tolerate it? I’ve had little success with charcoal in the past. Though I don’t doubt there might be something to this theory.

        1. The charcoal never stopped a migraine, only the enema does that. But the charcoal did alleviate it and my cognition problems somewhat. I think if you feel any improvement whatsoever from charcoal that’s a clue about the source of the problem…

          What is the timing for you in between taking vitamin D and getting a migraine?

          1. I have MCS so it’s the same onset as anything else usually 30-60 minutes after exposure. I’ve thought it might go away when the mcs does but your post made me reevaluate that.

            For mcs I do know my glutathione is exceedingly low and my liver phase 2 is the bottom 99th percentile so it would be straightforward to take cysteine supplements but hitherto I couldn’t tolerate NAC. Interestingly I do tolerate l cysteine wonderfully and feel the same benefits as a glutathione IV.

            1. My vitamin D migraines develop much more slowly – anywhere from six hours after a big dose of ssunshine or even a weeks after starting vitamin D supplementation, kind of depending on where my starting point was. So I’m guessing mechanism/cause might not be the same for you…

  6. Very interesting and it makes sense! How many hours after you take your teaspoon of charcoal do you start to feel the effect? I have ordered my active charcoal and I’ll try it. I already have expensive capsules with only 150mg of active charcoal combined with probiotics, so I have to take a lot to have the same effect of a heaping teaspoon.
    In the past I did enemas with hydrogen peroxide and had the same slime stuff coming out (your reference to cyanobacteria) and now I’m using chlorine dioxide. Thanks for sharing and enjoy the sun! 🙂

    1. Nice to hear from another oxygen therapy fan Olivier! I also purchased chlorine dioxide, and took one dose, but had a hard time with the smell. I’ve done tons of research on CD and I think it’s probably good stuff but had quite a psychological block relating to the smell. So I’ll stick with ozone for now but someday might give chlorine dioxide a whirl too…

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