Back into the fire with ozone

madrid2For those of you wondering about my blog silence… I’m doing pretty well all things considered and very excited about the next six months of detox after taking a break for almost 2 months. I really believe I’ve figured out what I need. As you know detox is slow and difficult and I am so constrained by my need to remain the leader in my family and business.

If you can believe this, I just got back from a family vacation to Spain and France. My wife had been talking about it for more than 10 years and it just so happened that I was in the middle of hydrogen peroxide protocol and there was one day when I had a big energy surge, I was so confident I said “yes! let’s go”.

Funny, because I wasn’t able to maintain that energy. We purchased trip insurance in case my health issues caused us to cancel at the last minute. But we didn’t cancel and you’d have been proud of me wearing my breathing mask on the plane and occasionally in the streets. There were a few days when I got overwhelmed and had to lay low the next day. Had a migraine for about 24 hours but it was mild. We did miss a museum or two.

They nabbed my hydrogen peroxide and DMSO at security in London so I didn’t have my tools with me. I made the mistake of putting my DMSO in a 4 ounce bottle and leaving it less than full, thinking that it was just obvious I was complying with the 3.4 ounce limit. Ooops. That caused them to give me special attention and when they did the little wipe test, the bomb sniffing machine flagged my food grade hydrogen peroxide. I had forgotten that H2O2 is also used as rocket fuel. So that was extremely stressful – they asked for my passport and made lots of notes. Hopefully I’m not in any bad traveler database now.

madridMany many months of planning went into making this trip happen, maybe even going back years as I had to wean myself off of the BIPAP machine, make sure I could sleep in a small bed, train myself to sleep with a noise generator, overcome my sensitivity to the sun etc etc. The trip was a big success but now it’s over and I’m back on a new detox plan.

I’m so sure that I’m on the edge of a real recovery that I want to start doing video for my blog. I don’t want to waste the opportunity to see my recovery evolve on video. After the fact it’s just a little too late.

Without a doubt heavy metals play a big role in my situation but my experiments with peroxide and ozone have helped me understand that I have some really serious layers of pathogens whether they be viral, bacterial or fungal doesn’t really matter to me, I just know that I need to deal with them.

I also believe that I have only scratched the surface of the methylation/genetic flaws which led me to accumulate heavy metals. So I also want to build up my folate dose too because it feels like a more natural way to detox then chelation.

Two weeks ago,  I started with one minute of ozone by ear insufflation daily and this week I am up to 3 minutes. I’m so grateful that this time (because I started lower than before) my body seems to be adapting and processing, and if I can keep up this pace, by the end of the year I could be at the 20 minute dose that healthy individuals tolerate easily.

Not sure if I will be able to work in folate increases at the same time. If not, I’m going to do this in order:

Ozone > Folate > Liver flushing > Chelation

sa-tunaMight take a couple years still but fine with me as long as I’m making progress!

Now, a little bit more about the ozone. One of my blog readers pointed me to this ozone group on Facebook which I’ve joined and I’m really impressed! Looks very relevant and full of people like me. While browsing the group, I also found this great ozone webinar by Dr. Shallenberger, MD.

Here’s what I’m doing in more detail:

  • Monday through Saturday, ozone after breakfast by ear insufflation. Increasing one minute per week.
  • Flow rate: 1/32
  • Output: 55 ug/ml
  • Sunday is a rest day, no ozone.
  • I’ve given up worrying about timing antioxidants. Now I take vitamin C before breakfast and with breakfast but only 250 mg of natural raw vitamin C whereas previously I was using megadoses of liposomal C. As long as I’m reacting to the ozone, I know it’s doing its job with or without antioxidants!
  • The first 1-4 days (Mon-Thur) after an increase are very hard for me, I burn out mentally by lunchtime and really need a nap to restore my brain. My tendinitis also flares and I have sore hands and feet in addition to on-and-off knee pain. I’m also moody and prone to depression at the end of the day. Much less productive in late afternoons. Sometimes I get frontal headaches in the evenings that I associate with detox.
  • It’s not so easy for me to describe my reaction to ozone because there is also a feeling of malaise that I can’t quite pin down. Something mild in between fatigue and depression just hanging around me.
  • Am I really ready on Monday for the next increase? I’m not entirely sure yet, but I am really sure that I’m a lot better on day six and seven than I was in the beginning of the week.

Why ear insufflation (EI)?

  • Because it’s easy and I’m so sensitive to it, I don’t think there’s any point to doing something more difficult and complicated like rectal insufflation. I believe the ozone is systemic anyway based on my experience so far.
  • As simple as EI is, it makes a good starting point and my wife is also on the same plan, so the machine is in our living room…

You might be wondering “is ozone doing anything good for you?” And, “If not, how can you be so sure this is the right treatment?”

Funny you should ask. here’s the scoop – NO, ozone makes me feel sick! My confidence in it goes back to my experience with chelation, methylation support and peroxide therapy.

  1. I experienced all the classic signs of heavy metal toxicity during my chelation rounds and I came to know what heavy metal detox feels like.
  2. I experienced all the classic signs of methylation startup when I began taking folate and mb12 and still experience them whenever I do an increase. There is some very significant overlap with chelation side effects too which leads me to believe that my genetic flaws in methylation were responsible for the accumulation of heavy metals. I’m confident that my methylation support reactions are essentially detox.
  3. I experienced sudden severe illness when food grade hydrogen peroxide started flushing out toxic slime from my digestive system – this included muscle tightness and knee pain.
  4. There is significant overlap between the symptoms I experience with ozone and hydrogen peroxide (especially knee pain).
  5. Summing everything up – all 3 prior therapies have caused me quite a bit of pain which subsided after three or four days of continuing therapy. All 3 therapies and ozone have virtually no effect on healthy people. I conclude peroxide and ozone are killing pathogens.

So, essentially I’ve learned what detox feels like and I’ve noticed that I’m especially sensitive to the therapies I seem to need (confirmed by DNA testing and hair/urine tests). No, I never feel like I’m making progress day-to-day or even week to week, so I can’t really tie my improvements back to specific therapies easily. Everything I try makes me feel like garbage and I assume it’s because my body is still chock full of toxins. So I’m operating on faith and intuition, like a chef experimenting in the kitchen.

I’m very sensitive to ozone so I conclude that my viral, bacterial or fungal load is high! I could be wrong but I’ve got a lot of experience under my belt now and feel like my decision-making is getting better and better…

There is still the issue of ozone and my SOD2 flaw. Ozone is supposedly harmful if you have some SOD genetic defect. I have a bunch of those and they are in fact quite common. I haven’t researched this well enough yet but my general impression is that you can get into trouble if your body doesn’t process the byproducts of oxidation well. Basically ozone will flood your body with free radicals and SOD flaws may prevent you from cleaning them up. So they run around your body causing more damage.

Well, first of all, if that were my situation, I don’t think I would be feeling better on day five or six after an ozone increase. Second, I could use DMSO for clean-up which is a powerful free radical scavenger. I’ve experimented a little with it but it’s a bit complicated because when you take DMSO, 15% of it is converted to MSM which causes its own detox reaction (and I felt that). Third, I could always go back on Tempol if needed, which was costly but didn’t seem to have any side effects.

There you have it, you’ve been around and around in my head with me for a few minutes. I’m on day three of an increase – so struggling a bit through the fog. Hope this all makes sense!




4 thoughts to “Back into the fire with ozone”

  1. Hi Eric,

    I like your website. Looked at your Dr.s Data toxic metal test and 23andMe. Why are you doing so much DMSA chelation? Your test shows a low level of Mercury. I am doing the same thing you are here in CA. Just finished 13 months of CAEDTA for toxic lead. I have CFS for 8 years. All due to enviromental toxins. If you want to compare notes just email me at


    1. thanks Warren, I have some Mercury symptoms and Dr. Cutler says that Mercury often doesn’t show up on a hair test but when you see deranged mineral transport that’s a clear sign that you do have Mercury problems. The proof though is when you chelate with ALA, if you react badly to it, you’ve got mercury toxicity. And since led makes Mercury 18 times more toxic, it seems like a good idea to get the Mercury out since it comes out faster than lead. but, I am going to work with DMSA next to start working on the lead. I will write you.

  2. Hi Eric, this post made me smile, so happy that you were able to go on holiday and enjoy life.

    I agree with your comments about methylation startup giving the same detox symptoms as chelation. I have also experienced the same symptoms when I took high dose iodine and also when I started taking coconut oil, which kills pathogens too.

    Seems like you are on the right track and I look forward to reading more about your adventures.

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