My ozone therapy

I’m four weeks into my ozone therapy titration and want to start sharing what’s happening. Since it’s not easy, I’m rather proud that I’ve kept it going and managed to find a way to do daily ozone when previous attempts had failed. I should mention to that my wife is coming along for the ride with me and she’s doing well also.

  • Week 1: One minute of ear insufflation (EI) – two days prior I increased my folate by 250 mcg, so my experience this week was muddled by the increasing methylation I always experience with folate boosts. Anyway, my notes  from first couple days include “feeling blue in the morning, took a deep one hour nap and felt better afterwards. . . Some muscle cramps, really slow thinking, apathetic in afternoon, unable to work, frontal headache in afternoon. . . some muscle cramps, sleeping poorly at night, headache in evening”. Doing better by the end of the week but fatigued on Sunday, my day off of ozone.
  • Week 2: Two minutes of EI – “fatigue in morning until switched to magnesium glycinate, sore hands, forced naps, frontal headache, hands sore, sleeping poorly, unable to nap towards the end of the week”
  • Week 3: Three minutes of EI – “knee still hurting a bit on and off, some dizzy spells, warmer than usual in evening, burned out and moody in the afternoon/evening, hands hurting but restored by DMSO (which gave me a slight rear headache), better towards the end of the week, some mild rear headaches”
  • Week 4: Three minutes of EI – ” hands tight and sore, calfs cramping, forearms cramping and pain at the wrists, hungry  and a little nervous all the time, realized I was low in potassium and supplemented which immediately lessened tightness and cramping  and made me feel more relaxed”
  • Week 5: Four minutes of EI – coming soon

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  1. Hi Eric

    I am thinking about ear insufflation soon. Are your symptoms due to the insufflation detox or mercury redistribution?

  2. I bet high quality wood would work fine considering that each session would be filled with ozone. periodic ozone cleaning maintenance and drying out maybe in the sunlight would prevent mold growth and accumulation on just about any material I imagine.

    I also noticed that your genetic profile shows no HLA mutation in the mold section. I think this is why you had no problems with Shoemaker’s visual contrast test.

    So, it looks like your immune system can tag and eliminate biotoxins to some degree without the impairment others suffer from. This genetic expression makes chronic lyme disease much more arduous as its the fat soluable toxin category that lyme neuro toxins and mycotoxins are both in.

    I have the HLA biotoxin mutation, and have suffered from the visual impairment after mold exposures and lyme die off… even with perfect vision when toxins are not involved.

    Do you have problems with your night vision at all? Ive had times where I lose huge patches of black voids at night… or a fuzzy blurred area suddenly looks like a cat a few away on the ground as my brain tries to make sense of the impaired section of my vision.

    PS Not trying to place any type of judgmental comparison between our situations in any way… its just nice to have this outlet to talk to someone else in a similar situation with this vast amount of unusual specified information I have no other outlet for.

    I really admire what you have done with your site, and it feels really good to contribute to this ever evolving database for people looking for answers.

    1. thanks James, interesting about that mutation, thanks for looking at mine!

      I’ve never had any nightvision issues like you describe but my night vision is poor… Driving at night is pretty uncomfortable for me. But I also have weird things going on during the day also. My eyes are very sensitive to bright light so I always wear sunglasses outside, but I also need lots of light indoors so I’m always turning on all the lights in every room I’m in! My pupils don’t respond normally in the adrenal light test and that was one of the first visible signs of my illness that I saw years ago. Have you ever seen the way someone’s pupils with adrenal fatigue react to light stimulation?

      Just sent you an email…

  3. I was a delivery driver in Boulder for years back in the day…, I know that town meticulously

    I know my posts are long, but…. your amazing website really gets my mind firing on alot of inter related materials and they are so many looking for help on here.

    You are a jedi in bio-chemistry, Ive never seen anything close to what you have compiled here…

    Ozone is oxidative therapy which you have given the rundown on… It can turn a super nasty long harmful molecule into smaller harmless molecules that the body knows how to deal with..

    Without utilizing are ability to sweat… all this chemistry occurring inside our bodies still has to go through our filters…

    but with ozone sauna, in my experience, being able to sweat out the nasty oxidants during a 20 min session… provides a “bio-hack” to use a term from Dave Asprey… and is a major shortcut in comparison to ozone therapy without induced sweating

    if you can work up to 20 min, which was hard at first for me, but I believe anyone can if they can just push through that wall..

    at first I would be extremely tired for an hour afterwards, usually falling asleep immediately… but eventually.. really not to far in… maybe 6 weeks I felt great, super clean, clear, and energized afterwards.

    Mold and mycotoxins are quite ubiquitous, and if you have impaired detox genetics, regular ozone saunas for maintenance after recovery have to be the best tool to have in your arsenal. Infrared as well, but IR doesnt have the oxidative advantage, although I have heard of people building their own “hybrid” saunas.

    I have just used the cheap asian made steam saunas, with a rice cooker for steam you stick your head out of with a towell around the neck.

    yes, they have chemical, plastics, potential off gassing and they fall apart after a year or so.. but the benefits for me fall outweighed any of these negatives… im chemically sensitive… like in a perfume shop… not to a debilitating degree though

    and I had no issues using a cheap steam sauna with an ozone tube coming in… just do it in a ventilated room with windows open

    I think having a belly full of fiber during saunas could be ideal as well

    lyme and co infections really overburdened my liver, and ozone saunas are huge for me

    1. thanks so much James for your compliments and for getting me fired up about the sauna – I’m going to start thinking about how I could build something that would be non-toxic. Maybe out of Redwood? That would probably get moldy. Maybe aluminum frame? How would you make one? I’m sure I can’t tolerate enough ozone yet so I have some time maybe 3 to 6 months…

  4. I have read of parents being able to make sure their children are able to live in clean off campus housing free of mold through discussion with the dean… dorms are not healthy places at all.

    I thought I was losing my mind in 2005 at CU when those steam heating units went on in october… my dorm room happened to be directly over the central steam heating unit room for the entire building… became hypersensitive, respiratory distress, insomnia, confusion…

    no help, doctors and faculty thought I was having a recreational drug related reaction… but I was having a much more intense experience on prolonged undetectable mycotoxin exposure… had to go home for a year, ended up in a psychiatrists treatment told I just had anxiety, and couldnt handle the stress of college

    saw tons of freshman weight gain, sudden skin eruptions “acne” in the dorms (endocrine dysfunction) Shoemakers work shows how biotoxins funk up hormones and neurotransmitter production… lots of kids go home after one semester in the dorms… I would bet the farm that 99% of these “unhappy” kids that “cant hack college life” while residing in dorms have genetic predisposition to biotoxin illnedd

    people without genetic hiccups walk around symptom free, while a kid with near perfect SAT math scores can forget how to do basic functions

    terrifying experience, my heart rate is up now while recalling this trauma.. but this is important information

    on that note, LSD is synthesized from the ergot fungus… so mycotoxins are the most powerful and potent psychoactive substances on the planet

    you have such a large following on your site… and this is very important information for parents with children about to enter college

    I saw some extreme changes in close friends while living in various student housings in Boulder that most definitely were mold related

    former class presidents turning into reclusive drug users trying to cope with changes in their brain chemistry from moldy environments

    1. That’s scary – I’m really glad you brought it to my attention because I’ll be very careful when my girls go to school. Sorry you had to go through that and be told by a psychiatrist you just needed xyz. Been there!

      I don’t think I have written about it yet but I have been experiencing mild but very strange perceptual/thinking changes during my ozone therapy. Some odd out of body like perceptions and weird thinking, just short flashes, but happening often enough that I’m sure it’s the detox.

  5. I started out very heat intolerant as well, grew up in Dallas… so my heat intolerance was one of the major reasons I ended up choosing Boulder for college. But, regarding the ozone sauna… for me pushing through the first month of the extreme discomfort got me over the hump, then it was very relaxing without the crawling in my skin feeling I had always gotten with heat, exercise etc…

    Yes, very Boulder. One would have to have lived in Boulder to really understand that statement…
    But as we both know from the many failures of the mainstream, theres nothing wrong with having plenty of alternatives.

    just out of curiosity, what part of boulder do your familial tribe inhabit?

    I lived all over Boulder, 12th and college, 6th and Marine, Goss at 23rd, 17th and Pine, and finally out by Fairview Highschool down in South Boulder.

    Knowing what I know now about mold and my genetics the student housing situation is abysmal… the dorms are most likely the worst… they use antiquated steam heaters that turn on when it gets chilly in october that are most likely 40 years old, never cleaned and full of mold… such a travesty that all these kids paying to get essentially nerve gassed in obligatory ancient housing on campus their first years of independence.

    Luckily now there seems to be some awareness about mold in dorms spreading courtesy of the information age.

    In hindsight I definitely know which residences were the moldy ones, and Im sure I could diagnose around 1 in 4 of my friends with the similar underlying detox mutations….

    1. interesting about your heat intolerance! I am definitely interested in the ozone sauna – was just reading about it this morning in relation to breast cancer treatment and noted that you supposedly need a way of venting the ozone so you don’t breathe it also. Like a vacuum hose… What did you do?

      we live in North Boulder off of Lee Hill Road…

      really disappointing to hear about the dorms, something I had not considered at all about my kids going to college which will probably happen four years from now…

      Really want to update this post because ozone therapy is so fascinating – I reached six minutes today and it’s still intense and I’m still adapting reasonably well. Wish I knew what the ozone is killing!

  6. Hey Eric, I wanted to share that I have benefited greatly from ozone for my chronic lyme that went 10 years undiagnosed. Have you considered or already done any ozone inside a portable sauna?

    For me the endotoxins released by the lyme infection as it died were too much to be processed by my liver, and being able to sweat that poison out rather than rely on my overburdened liver really helped get me out of a severe hole.

    Also on an unrelated note, I spent 4 years living in Boulder trying to attend CU, after my health had fallen with zero answers… this is out kinda there but Boulder is teeming with alternative therapies.

    This is a highly trained hypnotherapist up in Longmont, and when I had zero answers at 19 in 2007 with full blown pneumonia that Boulder ER sent me home with an oral antibiotic prescription… somehow this woman could put me in the most relaxed state while my mind was still fully aware, getting my body out of its fight or flight response into a place where I could feel my body start healing.

    She did 3 sessions and then gave me a recording to listen to every day on my own to continue the healing.

    It sounds hokey but this woman Zolita was really amazing, she didnt say it but I believe she was a shaman with native american ancestry as well, and this helped get me out of a serious hole… during her treatment I coughed up a lungful of advanced pneumonia when I really should have been hospitalized and monitored rather than sent home w oral abx.

    I really admire what you have done with your site and just wanted to share yet another alternate healing perspective.

    Also Hemi Sync Binaural recordings are another healing tool with some real science behind them, a decent pair of headphones and a CD are a small investment that really helps me shift my mind and body out of sympathetic nervous mode and into the relaxed state where the body gets the healing done.

    Just thinking out loud, youre the man!

    1. Thanks for sharing your story James and suggestions!! Your experience in Boulder is so Boulder lol..

      Glad to hear ozone worked well for you. I’m very optimistic about it. It’s frustratingly slow but I’m pretty used to that by now. I don’t think I can do some yet because I’m very heat intolerant. As soon as I develop some more tolerance I will start sauna though. So many people have recommended it to me including my father.

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