EMF mitigation? Really?

emf pollution smogI’ve dabbled in electromagnetic field (EMF) shielding over the years but never had any evidence that I’m sensitive to EMF… until now.

For the most part, all of the EMF reduction tools are pretty expensive and I felt I couldn’t afford the best stuff like the filters for removing RF  pollution from household wiring or the fabric  used to make bed canopies etc. Of course, if I knew my health would improve, it wouldn’t be too expensive! But what a gamble – thousands of dollars (probably) to find out for sure.

But a month ago, one of my blog readers suggested  flipping the circuit breaker for my bedroom before going to sleep… How come I never thought of that?!!

Lori wrote:

I thought I’d give it a go, started throwing my circuit breakers to my bedroom and surrounding rooms every night. Wow. An immediate change in my sleep… sound, sweet sleep without waking up a single time. I don’t know if this is forever, but maybe when everything is delicate and in the process of healing, it’s a good idea to get rid of as much radiation and electrical noise as possible. I hate to admit it… it’s made a huge difference. I’ll be camping in Santa Cruz tonight, for that very reason; I’ve noticed that sleeping outdoors, on the ground, just revives and energizes me like nothing else.

So you’ve probably figured out where this is going now – yes I flipped the breaker three nights ago and the first night I slept 5 1/2 hours deeply without interruption when I was averaging about 3 hours previously. The second night I slept well again with four hours of uninterrupted sleep. And last night, I was interrupted by a bad dream after an hour and a half but afterwards slept well for four hours uninterrupted.

That might seem a little spotty but it’s actually pretty impressive because normally if I sleep well one night, the next night I am bound to sleep poorly. So two good nights of sleep in a row would be a guarantee that the third would suck. I wouldn’t say it’s conclusive yet, but my impression is that I’m sleeping deeper.

Now here’s what I had done in the past:

  • bought a tri field meter which was supersensitive and allowed me to position my desk away from high RF areas – it died and I returned it to the manufacturer though. I see the prices of come way down and I will probably purchase another.
  • bought the cornet electro smog meter – not very sensitive and I don’t think it’s useful for my purposes
  • used aluminum screening on my bed headboard and underneath my bed to shield some RF from the window and hopefully from our wireless router
  • turned off wireless router for a year or so, with no noticeable effect.
  • moved my bed away from the walls to the center of the room with no noticeable effect

If flipping the circuit breaker really has improved my sleep quality, it will be life-changing and I can assure you the very easiest of anything I’ve ever tried or done to improve my health! At times I thought that 95% of my health problems stem from poor sleep and I’ve done some really ridiculous things like building a rocking bed to try to improve it.

I’m busy now working on changing my work environment. About a year ago I started using a stand desk and it doesn’t have enough depth. As a result, my face is very close to dual monitors, which I know is really bad. So I’m working on that situation and going to pick up more aluminum screening and probably order a new tri-field monitor.

A big thanks to Lori and all my blog readers for sharing their thoughts and comments! As much as I enjoy helping others by sharing my experiences, I’m always reading your comments looking for anything that might give me even the smallest edge:)


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  1. Hi Eric, you should check Dr. Jack Kruse and his work. I think you will be amazed of his findings about health and biology.

  2. Hi Eric,

    I’ve been following you! Great work on the site.

    Come to Green Bank, WV. If you google it you’ll know more about the EMF sensitivity community here. We’d be happy to host you and you can tell how reactive to EMFs you are here as it is a complete whitezone (or as close as possible to it)

    Onwards and upwards! Best luck on the rest of your journey.


    1. Thanks Leo, I’ve heard about Green Bank – sounds very special – thanks for the invitation:)

  3. Hi Eric. Recently I moved 450 feet beside large powerlines. EMF readings in the house are between .6 and 2 Milliguass. For the first two years here I felt like I could never relax. I had always been sensitive to powerlines. I began reading about EMFs and taking my gaussmeter everywhere. I noticed that the only EMFs that made me nervous were the ones at low frequencies like powerlines and electricity. If Wi-Fi and cell phones are harming me I cant sense it. For example I get just as good sleep sleeping next to my computer and cell phone than I do camping miles away from civilization with all electronics off. I have been next to powelines for four years. Now that I am healthier I don’t feel so nervous in the house. I think being demineralized can make me more susceptible to the toxic effects of emfs. I also think EMFs that are on a similar frequency as the bodies natural EMFs (around 60 Hz I think) are the most disruptive. And they may be more harmful than cell phones and Wi-Fi which on higher frequencies and more ionizing. (Though microwaves are scary: if I sleep on couch and someone uses microwave on adjacent wall I wake up instantly!) I have a safe shield room clearing disk that I sleep with beside my bed. I am not sure if it’s making a difference but since I got it I do feel I have more energy and sleep better. I also take a small dose of folate and b vitamins at night which puts me right out. I will not be staying at my current residence longer than I have to though. In my next home being free of emf pollution will be a priority.

    1. thanks for sharing that Helen, and I’m glad you will be getting away from the power lines!!

  4. Would this mean nothing battery operated as well? And I assume it means turning your phone off (or charging it far away from your bedroom) as well. What do you do for the alarm clock, or do you not use one?

  5. Hello! I am glad to see that you are still posting on this blog 🙂 I have followed your posts I think over a year ago and I have left one comment back then.

    I found my way back here today because I want to share a new form of diet that I have learned which helped myself greatly. It originated from Korea and appears to be pretty hot in Taiwan and mainland China. I haven’t found any English information on it, so I have named it the SLS diet (Solid Liquid Separation Diet).

    As the name suggests, it’s a very simple idea. You simply avoid mixing solid and liquid foods at any time. At meal time, you eat anything that is not liquity (no beverage or soup). Then, at drink time, you are free to drink anything you like (but you can’t eat anything solid along. The two should always be separated by two hours.

    The reasoning is tha, this way, your digestive juice will not be diluted, and the salivary will gets activated due to the dryness of the food, thus capable of converting all ingested food into energy. Two hour later, the digestive tract is cleared and any liquid will be absorbed and utilized fully.

    This diet is against the idea of 8 cups of water a day because the overwhelming amount of water overburdens the body while not truly being absorbed. When the body truly absorbs water, it will stay hydrated with little water. So this diet suggests one to only drink water when thirsty, and also of course, when two hours before or after a solid meal.

    This diet is also against the idea of water flushing upon waking up in the morning. It says that the Yang energy is the strongest in the morning and one should start the day with a dry solid meal to support healthy metabolism.

    So, there you go, a lot of conflicting information to what we all “know” should be healthy. However, as shocked as I was when I first encountered this diet, I am now actually a firm believer in it after I gave it a try for about 8 months. I found a lot of conditions improving and I guess the most convincing of them all, is that I am no longer interested in any supplements or new health trends, I have actually became confident in my body and health.

    So I really want to share this diet to those who are also striving for health. If you are at all interested, I really encourage you to give it a try and see what happens. Some people may experience healing crisis when applying this diet too strictly and too sudden as the body heals and gets rid of toxin etc., so you may want to keep that in mind.

    I’ve also made an illustrated explaination of this diet here if it helps https://www.behance.net/gallery/28591837/The-SLS-Diet-Illustrated

    Thanks for reading this far and I wish you all the best!

    1. hi Lan, thanks for sharing that – it does make a lot of sense. Reminds me that for those of us taking magnesium, you want to avoid taking it with meals!

  6. Grounding makes a big difference for me when I remember to do it. I’ve been meaning to set up grounding sheets of my own design at some point but life has been too busy. Instead of shelling out the big bucks for grounding sheets (trademarked and patented by another name), one can just as easily find a well performing grounding fabric from an online vendor.

    I have loved how sleeping feels with breakers turned off. But I’m still dealing with the need for AC units or space heaters in winter. I would love to have no electricity at night. I think turning off the WIFI has made a difference but I don’t know how much. I like having all the computers hard-wired anyway, they get faster internet. Switched all cables out with shielded versions. My work from home PC is close to 15 feet away. My monitor is a NEC MultiSync PA 272W which performed exceptionally well with my meters. The more expensive monitors are shielded from RF interference so media professionals don’t get images that are influenced with anything other than the video signal. They also support higher refresh rates which can help with eye fatigue. Some people are sensitive to that. I also installed a free app on all computers called f.lux which lowers the blues during later parts of the day.

    I did the Stetzer/Greenwave filters in my home and I’m torn. While they remove the transients, they also produce a strong EM field which can be read on the trifield. The good thing about EM fields (as apposed to RF) is that they drop off quickly with distance. So sitting 3 feet from a filter could be OK for most people. The better solution is to use BX conduit in walls, dedicated circuits for PCs to isolate the switching power supply, separate lighting circuits (so LED lights don’t broadcast EMF from fans in things like PCs, AC units, and Fridges), fatter wire than is needed, and proper wiring of 3/4 way switches. I have one 3-way switch that generates a crap-load of EM radiation. I don’t have it in me to tear open the wall and rewire it since it operates from 1st and 2nd floors.

    Love your site. You’ve helped me so much especially with understanding methylation info.

    1. thanks for sharing that Brian! very interesting to hear about the pros and cons of the Stetzer filters. I tried grounding once and didn’t notice anything – just a homemade thing… I think the ideal setup for circuit breakers is to have automatic switches that you can flip from your bedroom which turn on and off the breakers. But expensive.

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