Strongyloides POSITIVE


Strongy’s is not a typical parasite, and hittin’ it with a little diatomacious earth or pumpkin seeds is not gonna touch it.  These guys burrow into small intestinal wall, they self-populate, they hang out in lungs and other organs, move through skin… and only two or three meds have been identified as killing them.  -Lori

As weak and ill as I’ve been for so many years, it always seemed incredible to me that I didn’t have parasites. In fact, in my 20s I knew something was wrong and my first thought was that I might’ve picked up some bug during my family’s foreign travels. My parents tell me that I was very sick in Yugoslavia. They say they were even contemplating cutting our trip short to return to the US.

And I remember a very intense illness in Tunisia when I was 12 which started with immediate vomiting after drinking a cup of tea… as in, I don’t think I even put the cup down before I started vomiting.

My parents traveled with me when I was a baby in Mexico, and later when I was four years old, we traveled in northern Africa, Corsica, and Yugoslavia. So, for that reason I went to an infectious disease specialist who did some blood tests — and told me I was fine.

Then in Florida I did stool testing which showed I had Blastocystis hominis and I did two separate treatments of very intense antiparasitics which included Nitazoxanide (Alinia) and Metronidazole (Flagyl). Those treatments were so harsh, I was in the densest fog I’ve ever experienced for several weeks and I’m not sure my brain ever recovered fully. Never felt any benefits from the treatment at all.  Just FYI, this is a bug which seems to ruin some people’s lives and not affect others at all and is famous for being difficult to eradicate.

Next in 2007, I had extensive blood testing by Dr. Galland in New York which included Lyme and a number of other pathogens which were all negative. But he did not include the Strongyloides, IgG antibody test which I just had done. Yes, it came back positive.

While we’re on the topic of MDs, my current doctor says that nobody gets osteoporosis at my age without having leaky gut (a consequence of parasites) for more than a decade. However, I did have my gut permeability measured years ago and it was not out of range. Furthermore, I believe osteoporosis could be a result of mercury toxicity.

So fast forward to my current detox / cleansing efforts… As a result of my liver flush reading, I got interested in Hulda Clark and read her book which led to me buying a zapper. Really, I didn’t expect it to do anything at all, but I did feel fatigue (extra) after zapping and seemed to sleep more deeply as a result.

I stopped using the zapper, though, because I felt like I could only get a really good zap by using salt water and wet paper towels on my wrists, but then I ended up with electrical burns. And truth be told, it’s quite a hassle to do.

During my liver flushes and colon cleansing efforts, I really did expect to see worms coming out. This is partly because I joined several Facebook groups such as Bottoms Up, Steve’s Images, CD Health and Rope Worm. Reading those posts and looking at the images you’d think there wasn’t a person on earth with a chronic illness whose body wasn’t teeming with parasites. Really a lot of the pictures are shocking and unbelievable.

So after that,  I figured it’s a sure thing I have parasites, but mine must be the microscopic sort. Sometimes I was envious because it seems that people with visible parasites have a really clear and reliable path to healing.

As sensitive as I am to ozone therapy, I’ve got to be riddled with pathogens of some sort! Here’s how sensitive I am: I do daily ear insufflation and I’m up to just over six minutes. If I hold steady, I’m reasonably good meaning I’ve worked out ways to compensate for all of my limitations and I can get through the day without any serious meltdowns.

But if I increase my insufflation by five seconds, I’m going to have a hard day. If I increase by 15 seconds, I’m really gonna struggle. And if I increase by one minute, I’m totally unproductive from 2 or 3 PM on, as in incapable of working.

So that brings me to Strongyloides – as luck would have it, it’s not one of those slamdunk diagnoses where a quick treatment typically results in a miraculous recovery. First of all, many people live with it for decades without symptoms. Here’s what I’ve turned up so far that seems interesting:

  • it’s a nematode or roundworm – males reach .9 mm and females up to 2.5 mm
  • possibly very low communicability as one study showed that none of the wives married to husbands with it, picked it up after years of living together
  • can cause leaky get syndrome
  • you can pick it up walking barefoot or digging in the dirt because the worms pass through your skin
  • some say it’s the hardest worm to eradicate
  • normally it lives in the intestines but can disseminate to other parts of the body including the lungs and when this happens 90% of cases are fatal (this can be triggered by steroids)
  • all horses may have strongyloides
  • in Saudi Arabia they use ozone to kill Strongyloides in the water supply
  • on curezone, they say veterinarians are the only ones that really know how to treat Strongyloides and you need a three stage protocol which is not quick.
  • From Wikipedia: “The drug of choice for the treatment of uncomplicated strongyloidiasis is ivermectin” and “Other drugs that are effective are albendazole and thiabendazole…” – of course Wikipedia will not mention fenben (even if it’s helping a lot of humans) because it’s used mostly for horses, goats, dogs,  cats, fish etc.
  • most MDs probably think you have to go to an exotic country to pick it up, but it’s probably very common in the US now

Given my history, I’m very very unsure about taking antiparasitics again (in this case,  fenbendazole, ivermectin and albendazole) so I’m really not sure what to do… And that’s why I’m writing this! I’m tempted to just keep going with ozone because it kills everything, all pathogens including fungus, and even breaks down toxic chemicals.

Last tidbit: fenben is commonly used to treat horses and there are quite a few people in a Facebook group I belong to who have cured themselves of long-standing chronic illness by taking it.

What do you think?

Would you believe it was one of my blog readers who suggested I get tested for strongyloides? She was also just diagnosed and also finds the landscape bewildering. Some MDs say you only need two single doses to eliminate strongyloides… I told her that I tend to put more stock in what I read on cure zone.

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  1. Hi Eric and all, I am going to start Chlorine Dioxide as soon as it arrives in the mail. Am going to follow the protocol Mary mentioned back in January,the Kalcker Protocol as outlined in Kerri Rivera’s book”Healing the symptoms known as Autism” This is a year and a half long routine beginning three days before the full moon and continuing for eighteen days each month.The Chlorine Dioxide is taken everyday.Hope this clears the parasites. I have much hope. I have been following the autoimmune Paleo protocol for eight months now and still have antibodies for Hashimoto’s in the damaging range.I am now sure that a focus on parasites is my next step in healing as I passed a fourth stage rope worm during a coffee enema. I am grateful for the information and support shown on this site.

  2. Hey. I’ve just red your text. From few days, I’m sure that I have it too. I have to test it. I live in Poland, I think it’s endemic in Europe and everyone have it. That’s why there is a lot of cancer everywhere (especially colon cancer and lung cancer) I’m sick more than 20 years. I have high IgG, IgM for all roundworms which I have tested. I have syndromes similar to lyme, but I feel the tiny worms in my body. 🙂 I’m gonna try fenben. I have tried albendazole and I felt like a shit, my head was exploding. But it helped in long term. I have found home remedies for this desease. You can use wheat pastry with honey on the skin, they’ll come out of You. You can hold liquid honey in mouth (best during starvation), they’ll come out :). Just spit it out and take fresh dose of honey to Your mouth. I think milk baths with honey will be good as well. Best thing that I’ve tried is garlic enema (deep colon flushing) with wormwood and salt added. To do it, I use 1,5L PET plastic bottle. Than I do exercises, to let the liquid reach the vermiform appendix. After few minutes I reverse exercises to let the liquid back to the ass. Be carefull, not to shit the ceiling 🙂 I haven’t experienced things like this yet , but it’s possible. It is very important not to overcome temp. 40 C deg. becouse You’ll have your colon burn. (best temp. is 37 C). Everything I’ve written works. I’ve checked it on myself (except milk baths). It helps, but I’m still not cured. I was successull once, but desease got back after three months of eating everything and drinking beer.

    best regards

    1. Funny you should mention the garlic Ignacy… I just did a garlic coffee enema the other day. Accidentally dumped about a gallon of garlic coffee on my bathroom floor, oooops, this is hard work! speedy healing to you.

  3. I know that this is an old thread but I’m hoping for some info – Lori when you say 90% death rate, that IS untreated? or treated? I’m hyper-infected and disseminated and not getting a straight answer out of anyone.

    I live in Atlanta (was in Africa – the CONGO!) for a summer. I got sick before leaving and took a local anti-parasitic. I was sick ten days then ok. Fast forward to a year later and after taking steroids and using inhalers for a bronchial infectection here I am hyper-infected. My blood is at the CDC but I know I’m positive. My ID doc even told me that I wouldn’t still be alive if I’m hyper-infected but he doesn’t know I’ve been treating myself.I get fluids every other day, I took albenza for months and just tapered on ivermectin 6 weeks ago – it was all over my eyes and larva currens had begun (they still appear daily). Right now I’m struggling with reactive arthritis (2nd time) and can’t feel my fingers as I type. I’m passing a record # thanks to flagyl but I believe in my heart I won’t make it. It took a lot of pigmentation off my face, lost my body hair – weird stuff. All the ID docs are saying is that I have a “skin parasite.”

    Are you getting your 90% figure off other websites or is that something you’re aware of? I’m terrified. When I read #’s like that I want to give up this fight. It’s like a nightmare I can’t wake up from.

    1. Hang in there Nat and make sure to read all of Sharkman’s posts on the cure zone – he beat disseminated Strongyloides with the help of his veterinarian mother… I’m sure that 90% figure just came off of casual research on the Internet. You know you can’t trust half of what you find, there is so much BS from institutions.

    2. Nat, Nat!

      Whoa there, buddy! Don’t get a head of yourself! We’ve all been there…terrified and imagining the worst. I think you’re going to be just fine.

      What I can tell you is that hyper infections are really rare, and when they happen it’s almost overnight. Only really compromised individuals (think starving Third World children), the very weak and very old, are vulnerable. Late stage AIDS. And then, if it happened, its fast.

      I took a fairly conservative approach (I think Eric chose to be more aggressive), I took maybe 8 rounds of Ivermectin until my lab tests were negative and the obvious symptoms were gone. I don’t know for sure if they are gone forever or just dialed way back for now. But I have a fear of taking so much “stuff”…vitamins, minerals, herbs and medications that my own body will get lost. Will not know what to do. So I have been moderate, but persistent. Looking back, I am grateful this was discovered because I was in so much acute distress…but it didn’t take a lot to reduce or eliminate the load.

      Please also remember that healing is a process and could well be about multiple issues. Formaldehyde, molds, mercury and arsenic can all feel pretty much the same…”sick”.

      So take it easy, trust your physician as much as you can, try to trust. You sound strong and well able to survive and get well. I’m rooting for you!


    3. Hello Nat. My feeling is that ID doctors are the worst of the bunch. Telling you that you wouldn’t be alive if you had a hyperinfection is ridiculous. An ID told me that if I hadn’t been in a hospital I didn’t have a hyperinfection. Sound similar. I also had been treating myself for a couple of years. I have tested positive and still the doctors don’t believe the test results and have not treated me.

      My feeling is that many are admitted to hospitals in a coma or near-coma with no idea they have strongyloides. Many of these do die. Sometimes the hospitals diagnose properly and give medications orally, but the patient is suffering from malabsorption and the meds don’t work. The hospitals are not able to give ivermecton rectally without CDC’s permission–which may not come fast enough.

      I also have skin parasites, but the doctors don’t believe I have ANY parasites whatsoever. You mention that you are taking flagyl. Are you taking it for strongyloides? Any info you’d care to provide on this med would be appreciated as it’s one I have not taken.

      I believe you will survive! Healing the gut and everything else takes time. Hang in there and keep fighting!

  4. Good morning Eric and whoever this may concern,

    I know you started this blog with a quote saying you can’t hit strongaloydes with diatomaceous earth and expect results. I myself do not think I have strongaloydes but I do have parasites and yesterday for the first time, I tried diatomaceous earth- I was scared to use it before because it sounds like something that could shred up one’s insides, but I was desperate, having been in a great deal of pain and not being able to sleep at night in weeks.

    Last night, after taking the DE in the afternoon, I had my first restful sleep of the summer (with the exception of the nights I took pin-x). It caused some mild diahreah and I felt really cleansed. My experience from one dose has been miraculous!

    My problem (I think) is pinworms not strongaloydes but both are roundworms so I wanted to know what your experience was with DE. Thanks!

    1. hi Helen, I just restarted DE a week ago because it increases ceruloplasmin. I’m taking about a teaspoon a day and don’t really notice any thing at all from it. Congratulations on your restful sleep!

    2. Hi Eric…my horse had severe encysted Strongyles (sp?) over 600 ct. She was treated with vets antiparasitic double does for 5 days straight. that was in the fall…she looked awful. in the spring when she should have been shedding out she didn’t and looked terrible once again…not wanting to put all those toxins into her again i researched for alternative/natural method…i came across http://www.wolfcreekranch. who use Dietomaceous Earth 365 days a year…so i began the process for my horse of 1/2 c per day in wet feed…it took about 6 weeks and she began to shed out beautifully with rich dappled coat. she has been on it for 2 1/2 yrs now and continues to keep her dappled coat. these strongyles also encyst and migrate from what i understand…and likely migrate back to the food source-bowel…so its important to stay on DE consistently at first at least to catch them in transit. i have started taking it for Blasto Hom and am looking at the long term not instant. it is safe, if it wasn’t my horse would be dead by now im sure. i wish us both success.

      1. Much appreciate the horse story Lucy! I take DE because it supports ceruloplasmin production and will make sure to keep taking it 🙂

  5. Hi Eric, I just had the nicest moment with my dog’s veterinarian and thought I’d share. Finally, I found someone who knows something about strongy’s! Overall I’ve been feeling better. But it’s a fragile ‘better’, and easy to backslide. As you may recall, the Infectious Disease docs I saw both said I simply couldn’t have strongy’s, and to move on. My Functional Medicine doc said “You do have it, and you need to take Ivermectin for a long time.” It’s been very difficult navigating between the two.

    So, today I asked the vet while I was there with my dog. He just said, OF COURSE you can have strongyloides, but they’re difficult to eradicate. The Ivermectin will kill all live parasites, but cannot touch the cysts. And it’s the cysts that occasionally burst open and create new parasites and start the whole thing over again. I told him I felt that I had cysts in my lungs, and he confirmed that possibility. Turns out, he was a microbiologist before he became a vet, so he could have talked on this subject for hours.

    His suggestion was to take Ivermectin in pulses, over time. Eventually the living parasites will thin out to nearly nothing, and there won’t be any left to form new cysts.

    And it turns out this is exactly what I’ve been doing. I take a big dose just about monthly, and follow up one week later with another dose. And maybe that’s the way to go, for a year or more. Even though the side effects are minimal, personally, I don’t want to take anything constantly. I noticed a change in my digestion with Ivermectin, and new yeast. So, I’d rather hit it hard, and then dial it back and recover.

    One other thing. I do think that detoxing and elimination are really important. I have the sense that Ivermectin, or any anti=parasitic is pretty useless if there is constipation or other clogged channels that don’t allow for the movement out of the body. So, I’m focusing as much on detox/elimination as I am on taking the Ivermectin and herbals.

    How are you? Updates, please?


    1. hi Lori, good to hear from you! that sounds like a breakthrough at least for your peace of mind that you are doing the right thing. Your description of the cysts coincides with what that guy on curezone who spent a year or more fighting systemic strongyloides was saying. The last time I read him, he was saying he had just a few cysts left. I can understand how he could know that but oh well. He was also relying on veterinarians to help him.

      I’m waiting for doctors appointment on the 10th to get my Ivermectin. In the meantime I’ve been doing psyllium and bentonite shakes and adding in charcoal and have had great success with it. I think it helped me do an increase of fenbendazole without getting a migraine although it was touch and go.

      Also very excited about starting low dose naltrexone. Ever heard of it? It boosts your immune function significantly and seems like it has almost no side effects, and can be taken for decades without losing effectiveness. I’ve read about and listen to many LDN recovery stories:

      Wish I had time to write blog posts but really overwhelmed and working seven days a week…


    2. Ok so after reading this I am pretty nervous, I was just diagnosed with M.A.C. macrobacterial avium complex which is bacteria in my lungs. I had a sputum test done because I have been really having problems with breathing and been coughing up dark greenish brown mucus. Now after reading this post we had a horse for 4 years and my symptoms slowly started while we had the horse of coughing up thick mucus, I’m sure that a lot of my problems have a lot to do with the newly diagnosed M.A.C. but I wonder if I have this strongyloids as well so I was going to start drinking the food grade hydrogen peroxide for the Mac will it help me of I have this strongyloids as well? And what type of testing do they do to find out if you have strongy? Also have you ever heard of M.A.C?

      1. Oh yeah and when I start out with the 35% peroxide how much water do I use like what’s the safest mixture with the least amount of side effects? And when you say drops do you literally mean drops like with a pipette? So 1 drop to how much water? Thanks in advance for your help and advice and since I have been reading the posts from everyone you have all been in my prayers for a speedy recovery with minimal amount of side effects!!

      2. This is Eric’s mother replying – I had MAC years ago and took Clarithromycin and 2 other antibiotics for 14 months. I don’t remember how long it took, but I became terribly allergic to the Clarithromycin (almost confined to bed, difficulty walking, no appetite, etc.) and another drug was substituted. I have been clear of MAC for over 10 years. Look into NAC (N-acetyl cysteine) to help thin the mucus.

    3. Hi Lori. Do you take OTC pet/livestock Ivermectin? If so, is there a brand or type that you recommend that did well for you?

      Thanks, Helen

      1. Hi Helen, My doctor prescribed Ivermectin for me, and I believe it was 12 mg per dose. I don’t know if it’s exactly the same or different from what you can get OTC. Since my labs are now completely negative, I haven’t taken it in awhile.

  6. Eric,

    Wait a second. you have diagnosis for Strongylodies, and you write a blog here telling people you don’t know what to do?
    I cannot even begin to say how irresponsible you are.

    The drug that will eliminate Strobgyloides is Ivermectine. PERIOD.

    Take it from someone who got it; it was confirmed by the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta.

    You need to take Ivermectine for two days and repeat again after TWO WEEKS.

    Otherwise, what you are doing is completely irresponsible.

    1. Thanks Jason, that’s exactly what I’m going to do.. Just waiting for my doctor appointment to get the script. What was it like for you while you were taking the Ivermectin?

  7. Whatever you do please go ahead and take Ivermectin! You are doing yourself a massive injustice if you have tested positive by conventional means to strongyloides and don’t take the recommended Meds.

    Ivermectin is not like flagyl or nitazoxanide which are antibacterial. Ivermectin will not mess up your gut like they will.

    It will make you feel a bit dizzy and possibly slow for a few hours but pls do yourself a favour and take it. You could be cured within a matter of days.

    1. Thanks Paul, your timing is impeccable – previously I was afraid of what I thought could be a massive die off if I used Ivermectin, but I just started using psyllium and bentonite shakes and I can see that they will help me a lot to get through this, so I think I’m ready now. Going to my MD as soon as I can for prescription. Thanks for the heads up about the dizziness. I’ve been experiencing that for a while presumably from ozone.

    2. Hi Paul,

      I think I might have started this mess with my own positive results for Strongys. I have never been to a foreign or tropical country. As far as I know… strongyloides is not found here in Northern California. So, when I tested positive three different times from LabCorp, my treating doctor was shocked, but agreed with the results and told me to take Ivermectin, 12 mg in pulses, for up to a year. Two different Infectious Disease doctors told me “We don’t care what your lab tests say, YOU DON’T HAVE IT.” They sent my blood to the CDC which came back ‘negative’. Both docs said please let this rest… you do not have strongyloides.

      But I felt I must have SOMETHING, even if it was not specifically strongy’s, my test showed 3 times that I have been exposed to some parasite. So, I have taken 7 doses of Ivermectin over the last six months–and I do not know if this is overkill or underkill. The CDC says 2 doses is all that is needed. Folks on Curezone and elsewhere say of course you need to take this FOREVER.

      You are right, it causes a bit of dizziness and fatigue, but I had no big side effects from this drug. What I DID have (perplexingly) is some pretty serious depression 4 days after taking the drug… all 7 times.

      So… do you have any updates or thoughts on strongy’s and it’s treatment? I certainly did not think that parasites were the only thing making me sick… but they were at least one thing. And I understand they have a weird reproduction cycle, which makes them hard to eradicate. Or so say the Curezone people.

      My own doctor shrugs his shoulders and says he doesn’t know… but thinks I should just keep on taking this until every symptom I have is gone for good. Again, I don’t know if ‘every symptom’ is parasite caused. I have had a chronic lung issue for years, one lung only… and every time the cold comes, I am trying to cough up something. I’ve had some itching. Mostly, I have had fatigue and for a time, severe weight loss. All the weight is back on me now, but I do not feel as though I have solved the problem. I have just learned how to deal with it.

      I have been keeping a journal, and I do notice an improvement in symptoms after taking Ivermectin… but it’s subtle. Then, after 5-6 weeks, I notice the fatigue and odd symptoms coming back… I take another dose. I have no idea if one is related to the other.

      Sorry to go on and on but just seeing someone who seems to know something about this darned bug makes me want to grab you and get every bit of info you have. (please?)


      1. I’m sorry to get your hopes up but I only know about Ivermectin (having taken it for more than a year daily) and I know about strongyloides from what I have read.

        I believe I acquired a parasitic infection on holidays in Brazil 5 years ago and have been desperately ill since then but all tests to date are negative for parasites.

        I’ve found Ivermectin one of the few drugs which helped me.

        I just know from my reading that it is strongly recommended (and considered curative) for strongyloides. And the side effects are not terrible or damaging on the gut so was surprised you hadn’t taken it if you tested positive for strongyloides.

        But I see now that you have and that there was some confusion with your testing.

        I wish I had some great protocol to offer you but I don’t sorry.

        It’s extremely difficult to cure something when we don’t know what it is.

        1. hey Paul, have you tried or considered chlorine dioxide? I’ve read some really incredible recovery stories. I actually bought it and haven’t used it yet because I went with ozone instead… now I’m thinking CD might’ve been a faster route.

      2. Have you ever tried a sputum test? I too have been really having problems with my lungs and I had a sputum test done after being on 6 different types of antibiotics for bronchitis, pneumonia, sinus infection, and never got better so I asked for a sputum test and the results came back with M.A.C. macrobacterial avium complex which is bacteria in my lungs and it takes several antibiotics at the same time and then 1 for 12 months to get rid of it, so I think I am going to try drinking hydrogen peroxide for the extra help with killing the bacteria. Just a thought you might want to look into this for your problems with the lungs..

  8. I am also writing a blog about ridding myself of parasites. It’s on Curezone, blog #4190, Getting the Parasites Out. I seem to be having some success. I think some of the key elements are attacking them from both ends, destroying bio film, working with the lunar cycle and using frozen oil in capsules. Also, Dr. Andreas Kalcker and Kerri Rivera are great. Read the book, Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism and watch the YouTube videos on the AutismOne 2014 conference. This is a long term project. Keep up hope. My health seems to be returning.

  9. My doctor told me that strongyloides crave oxygen (I have S, too). So this would make ozone a bad therapy — it would grow the infection. I have done a lot of ozone (MAH, rectal insufflation, ozonated water) and each time I do a lot of it, I get a lot sicker with strongyloides…..I’m not sure it’s a good thing to do with strongyloides.

    1. hi Jessica, what have you done to kill the strongyloides? I’m wondering if you combined ozone with an antiparasitic as I have been doing how that would work out…

  10. I just thought I’d do an update, and check in to see your update(s). Today I’m feeling pretty lost. It’s easy to wonder if you really feel the way you feel (or at least, for me that’s the case)… if this is “real”… something new, something already existing and I’m just getting more sensitive or depressed. I DON’T KNOW! And like the lovely lady above who posted that she gets PTSD just making the appointment… SAME HERE! I don’t trust any doctor… not my alopathic doctor, and not my ‘woo woo’ doctor. None of them.

    But here we are. I at least know that I tested positive twice for strongy’s… and the CDC said two doses of Ivermectin is more than enough… IF you have strongyloides, which they assured me I DON’T. However, two previous Labcorp tests assured me I DO. And my ‘woo woo’ doctor was the one who picked it up in the first place (or ‘saw’ them, or ‘felt’ then… I don’t know what the hell he does). And my regular MD physician backed him up and said.. .yup, you gotta treat these. So I took four doses of Ivermectin, after a month of Vermox. That should do it, right?

    Meanwhile, on a rampage through my life to find anything that might be causing fatigue, depression and so much distress… I discovered hazardous levels of arsenic in my Rice Dream… a product I drank every day for the last two years, and high levels consistently in my hair and stool. So the arsenic is gone now. As is any mercury. Lead. All household cleaners. ALL plastic. I now squeeze my own oranges and keep the OJ in a glass container. So if I had high levels of phthalates, etc… they’re gone. I asked my doctor if he thought heavy metals might be a current issue… he thought long and hard and said, I think you’re gonna cause yourself more distress chelating than it’s worth. There’s really just not that much here (commenting on various hair and stool analyses).

    But I feel shitty again and increasingly so. And I don’t know what’s causing it, but I can say that SOMETHING is dragging my system down. Not to where an ER doctor would find something and say “Let’s admit her”. But just where it’s a struggle to make it to noon… and I am just aware that ‘somethings not right’. I know there is the old fallback of Lyme. I have an allergy to that discussion.

    So, are we back to parasites? My Labcorp test a month ago came back finally negative. (odd.. since it’s an IGG). I’m testing again. My ‘woo woo’ doctor says he now picks up blood-born parasites and sent me home with an herb that made me very sick. He standing by his diagnosis. He wants me to take it anyway. (artemisian).

    So very frustrated! But enough about me… how are you? 😉

    1. Hi Lori, sorry to hear you’re feeling lost! It has been one week since my Fenben dose increase and I’m back to ‘normal’ and ready for another increase. It was so intense even though I didn’t get a migraine this time. I know in my bones I’m on the right track with this because this pattern is so predictable and I believe I know what’s happening. I think that when I increase my dosage the Fenben reaches a little further down my intestine and cleans out another section, who knows, maybe 12 more inches? It’s like a long hose – 27 feet long, so maybe I’ve cleaned out three or four feet? I personally wouldn’t pay any attention to what the docs say about ivermectin. The thing about Fenben is that it doesn’t just take out worms like strongyloides, but also hits bacterial overgrowth and fungi…

      I’m going to stop doing weekly increases though and start increasing a tiny amount every day just like I do with ozone.

  11. I think you’ll be relieved to know, it’s deemed a “pesticide” because it destroys organisms harmful to animals.

    It is used as a veterinary drug. It’s been dosed in countless millions of animals for decades with zero side effects known, to my knowledge thus far. It’s intended for use in mammals: I’ve seen studies on fungal infections in primates (gorillas I think).

    Keep it in your pocket then, it’s probably a totally viable option. Good luck!

    1. Thanks Matthew, I figured that… I shouldn’t have given you a hard time about it lol! when I first looked at Fenben, I thought it was crazy, and now I’m taking it. Funny how things change.

  12. Two ideas of importance come to mind, yet I cannot be sure of their accuracy:

    1) IgG tests, to my understanding, are the result of taking a foreign particle (whether Strongyloides or a piece of a cookie) and mixing with blood in a fancy way to determine if antibodies – in their “infinite wisdom” – react to the substance to offer you protection against it… as though it were an invader or toxic substance. It’s up to us to interpret whether that means anything. It does not automatically mean you have the substance in you (ie. Strongs), or that your body has ever seen it before. I’m IgG reactive to many foods I haven’t eaten in 10-20 years. Even still, with your condition, no one can judge you for experimenting down this path.

    2) I just had this occur to me, and I cannot be sure of everything, so please check my accuracy. Strongyloides I think belongs to a “chitin synthase” family. Chitin gives it an exoskeleton for protection, upon which it is reliant. Humans don’t need chitin. There is a substance called Lufenuron which is a “Chitin synthesis inhibitor”. It prevents chitin from being formed and thus organisms which are reliant on it suffer greatly because they need the chitin for protection from the immune system. Yeast/fungal organisms can rely on chitin, which is why Lufenuron works well against that kind of infection. You can try Lufenuron to help with Strongyloides, in addition to any yeast/fungus. it’s very safe, it’s systemically absorbed, even helping clear up fungal infections of the skin, I believe. You can read about it on It is one of the few treatments that helped me, but only for a few months before my foolish lifestyle habits took the wheel… but that’s a whole nother story!

    1. Thanks for sharing that Matthew! I have to say Lufenuron looks interesting but I have an even stronger block against using something Wikipedia calls a “pesticide” than I did at first about using an agricultural wormer like fenben 😀

      But, I do believe you’ve researched it and found that it’s safe. That will go in my back pocket.

      Whether I actually have strongyloides is rather academic now because the Fenben/reishi protocol is really doing its job. I’m dumping lots of nasty bacterial looking stuff every day and have been for two weeks. I also believe that I’ve actually seen the strongyloides but again, I’m not too troubled by the idea that I could be wrong…

  13. I would love to chat as we are on the same so sensative to the emfs i can’t handle reading your blog..I posted yesterday on Steves Images something he called tubules..a friend of mine told me you had similar things..following almost identical path as you with more female complications..

  14. Hi Eric,

    I also have just come to the realization that my kids and I are probably loaded with parasites even though our stool tests always show negative. I keep reading about people who recovered their chronic autoimmune issues with Kerri Riviera’s autism protocol, which include use of MMS and a specific parasite protocol. The MMS is going to kill all the bacteria, yeast, viruses that we are loaded with and the parasite protocol goes after all the other nasties. I am linking the you tube video where she goes over the protocol. I think we will start it soon.

    1. hi Susie! I tore through all of the chlorine dioxide reading I could find including Kerri’s book earlier this year – then I bought the CD and mixed one dose. I was so intensely turned off by the odor that I decided to go with food grade hydrogen peroxide instead and then I switched to ozone. I think they all work, just pick your poison:)

  15. Hi Eric. Thanks for the great write up on Fenben. Interesting stuff. Compared to what you have had the courage to undertake in the past 13 years, I’m a novice and quite frankly, even though I feel as though I’ve earned a agree or two in biochemistry and other sciences, I’m scared shitless about the trajectory I’m on. There are at least three doctors I’d like to sue who landed me in the hospital for long periods of time. I managed to eventually rebound from those episodes but this last one with the steroids was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I am so doctor phobic at this point that I go into PTSD mode just making an appointment with one. And finding anyone who can understand the complexity of where I’m at is impossible. I’m still searching for someone who can help me but keep running into brick walls. I really appreciate all the emphasis on detoxing as that is one area I haven’t paid much attention to despite knowing that it is critically important 🙁 I’ll be following your Fenben experience and cheering you on from the bleachers, Oh, and I forgot to mention that I live in South Florida with most of my family living in Colorado. So, yeah, hoodoo voodoo coincidences. Really glad I found your site and looking forward to any new updates. Best wishes.

    1. thanks Alison – I’m right there with you on the MD front. I recently found one with an open mind who would give me a prescription for hydrocortisone without any hassle. I was so prepared for the fight, I just broke down in tears when she said ‘yeah, no problem’…

  16. Hi Lori. Thanks so much for your contribution to our general education about this. I have an undiagnosed case of what is most likely Strongyloides, according to a PA at the Cleveland Clinic. I have lab tests pending that may or may not confirm her instincts about probable diagnosis. I’ve just started ear insufflation of ozone. I’ve been doing rectal insufflation as well. The benefit of rectal ozone is very discernible. I’m not yet certain the ear insufflation is helpful. What turned you on to ozone therapy? By the way, I appear to be in a hyperinfective state. I either going to die of this infection or get a diagnosis with a robust treatment plan.

  17. Hi Eric. So glad to have found your site and thanks for all the great journaling as well as dissemination of ideas. I too was a patient of Galland’s around the same time as you. And I also lived and travelled throughout the world including Africa, India, the MIddle East and Caribbean, to name a few. Then I got really sick in 2009 after and endocrinologist overdosed me with steroids and I never got better, rather started in a downward spiral that continues to this day. Found I had Blasto and a lot of pathogenic bacteria which I finally got rid of on triple antibiotics that nearly killed me and certainly tanked my liver. Who knows if it will come back though. After countless unhelpful doctors, menopause and an ongoing nervous breakdown from the stress of all of this, I started kinesiology which indicated chronic nematode and other parasitic infection. I recently had the IGG Strongyloides serum test but it came back negative. I am wondering since I have a diagnosed IGG deficiency (CVID) if that could be a false negative. Not sure where to go from here but just to let you know, Ivermectin is the one drug I took that finally got rid of a lot of parasites I had before. I only did a 3 day dose one time so it’s very possible I needed to repeat several times more. I didn’t have as hard a time on it as I did on many other abx and it is a GABA agonist so at first makes you feel very calm. That turned into more agitation as time went by but not unbearable. I am scheduled to do a repeat stool analysis as I haven’t done one in almost 2 years now. Ivermectin will not kill the eggs though so either following with an azole medication (very harsh) or repeat dosing until all the adults are gone seems to be the current protocol. It’s even being used continuously long term for Lyme where nothing else has worked. Not familiar with Fenben but will look it up. Thanks agin for all your great sleuthing and making your notes available for the rest of us. Best wishes in health.

  18. I can appreciate that! Relieving to find out answers! I have lead & mercury poisoning (mthfr homozygous.) It’s feels good to get some answers! I’m like at least 2yrs behind you with research but why does Cutler recommend oral chelation opposed to iv?

    1. some people do very well with IV chelation but others get much sicker, so you have to decide whether you want to roll the dice… The problem with IV is that it’s done with a short duration. This causes a more significant re-distribution of heavy metals. every time you chelate, heavy metals attach to the chelator, but it doesn’t grips perfectly and some are released. that’s okay if you have more chelator in your blood to pick them back up. but when you end a round or session, you invariably redistribute some heavy metal in your body (from one place to another).

      With Cutler’s three and four day chelation rounds, you pull out a lot more heavy metals relative to what is redistributed. That’s done by keeping your chelator blood level constant for three or four days. Then the redistribution is smaller as a percentage relative to what you removed.

      That’s my layman’s understanding of it anyway. I know from experience that the redistribution is real – the day after a round can be terrible.

  19. Eric,

    So sorry about the strongyloids. But knowledge is power! I applaud you for continuing to dig until u figure this whole thing out! Thanks for the info!!

  20. Hi Eric,

    I was just today reading about diatomaceous earth being used to eliminate parasites. Have you read much about it or tried it yourself? I have ordered some to try myself.


    1. I took diatomaceous earth for about a month and didn’t see any creepy crawlies coming out so I gave up because it gave me a little irritation when urinating and I worried it might not be good for me…

  21. Hey Eric! Since we last emailed I saw my “regular” doc (the one who did the strongy’s lab tests). Here’s my thoughts on strongyloides as of today. #1… it’s a “real” diagnosis (finally) and it “must” be treated. It’s not an option to just let this ride. We know this much! #2… Even though I am extremely paranoid and sensitive to meds, I found the Ivermectin to be really ok. Since it’s really not wiping me out, I think I’ll extend the treatment a bit, per my MD’s recommendations. He doesn’t care what “they” say (the conventional medical establishment). He’d like to see me take this weekly for at least a few months. When I told him I experienced some fatigue and depression from it, he thought that was wonderful! “Take it until you experience NO fatigue or depression afterwards. Let that be the bar for your treatment.” #3… not putting all my eggs in one basket, I will continue to do all the other things I was already working on, particularly getting arsenic out of my life. Somehow it has consistently shown up as dangerously high in all hair analyses over the last ten years, along with uranium. I have my thoughts on uranium–but as to the arsenic, I have identified my love of Welche’s grape juice and Rice Dream milk as a substitute for dairy, both loaded with levels of arsenic above even FDA limits. #4… it does seem important to toss out the theories that are NOT keepers. part of the problem with this journey is that you can fall apart just from trying to assemble all the different theories and juggle the care. There is a whole lot that is NOT wrong with us. Let’s remember that! I must also honestly say that taking the Ivermectin and other meds for the strongys has turned the corner for me. I don’t think that’s ALL there is… but I think this is a big player and so I’m committed to seeing this through. Will love to hear what others say!

    1. I feel the same way Lori – know for sure this critter not my only issue – and yes there is a lot right with us also 😀

      In my experience, depression always accompanies strong detox so that may be a very good sign for you… would like to hear how you progress!

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