Sulfur-free at last!

low-sulfurI made a massive diet change yesterday, replacing 80 to 90% of my diet –  a change that frightened me as much or more than going vegan. It began Saturday night with a few hours of research and cross-referencing of the low-sulfur/thiol food list and the high-folate food lists. Sunday morning continued with two hours of shopping at Whole Foods and Vitamin Cottage, followed by a nap and then 3 to 4 hours of cooking followed by near total exhaustion.

You’ll see the product of my work in the photo at the right which was my breakfast this morning. For someone who has been eating large quantities of vegetables for many many years, this is an enormous challenge because the food list I am working with is way too short.

Now, here’s how I got here.

  1. I don’t have even the slightest doubt that I have mercury and other heavy metal toxicity.
  2. Mercury is known to cause intolerance of thiol containing foods in which my diet was very heavy for many years.
  3. Mercury is hypothesized to block the methylation cycle causing functional B-12 deficiency.
  4. B-12 deficiency is well known to cause fatigue, concentration difficulties, and memory impairment (among lots of other bad things) which I have in spades.
  5. Overcoming methylation dysfunction is aided by avoiding both folic acid supplements and high-folate foods.
  6. At the time that I became very sick in 2007, I was eating extraordinary quantities of broccoli, a very high sulfur food. As much as 4 to 5 pounds a day.
  7. I stopped eating broccoli long ago but continued eating a very high sulfur diet including lentils almost around-the-clock.
  8. There is a substantial overlap between the high-folate food list and high-sulfur food list, so I combined them to create my own elimination list.

What exactly does Andy Cutler say about thiols?

Sulfur is an atom in many food molecules. Sometimes it is in the form of a thiol, and sometimes in another form that can be converted to a thiol. Sulfate and sulfite are the only forms that seems not to convert to a thiol. People with too many thiols running around stir up their heavy metal burdens and are in essence more poisoned than they have to be given the amount of metal present. High thiols also activate the allergic part of the immune system. Glutathione is one of the body’s major thiol containing molecules.

Not wanting to be more poisoned than I need to be, I took the plunge!  I’m trying the low-sulfur and methylation diet at the same time.  There may even be some scientific basis for this according to METHIONINE AND METHYLATION: CHICKEN OR THE EGG:

First, there’s this:

Methyl group production in the methionine cycle is intimately linked to other portions of the system, namely to folate and sulfate metabolism. These pathways cannot be isolated from one another. They supply each other with substrates and work together like gears, so if one cycle isn’t moving in a progressive direction, the other two may not be either.

And then concerning sulfate metabolism:

Excess sulfur generates excess sulfur breakdown products like hydrogen sulfide, sulfite and other toxic molecules. It can also result in reduced glutathione production because of unbalanced and non-optimal function of the transsulfuration pathway. Sulfur is able to directly activate the stress/cortisol response that can lead to elevations in adrenaline and depletion of dopamine and norepinephrine. A constant state of fight or flight produces sympathetic versus parasympathetic overload and a wide range of secondary effects in the body, including changes in the magnesium/calcium ratio, decreased levels of serotonin and dopamine, effects on the methionine cycle via BHMT pathway substrate levels, changes in GABA/glutamate balance, as well as potentially depleting important glucose metabolizing enzymes and causing blood sugar fluctuations.

And ultimately concerning sulfate metabolism and detoxification of heavy metals:

When functioning optimally, the transsulfuration pathway generates glutathione (GSH). GSH is the body’s main antioxidant and heavy metal detoxification agent.

My summary:  Methylation and transsulferation work together — so excess dietary sulfur can interfere with methylation.  Excess dietary sulfur also creates toxic molecules, disrupts sugar control and neurotransmitter production and may interfere with heavy metal detoxification.  Very, very bad!

In order to make this combined elimination diet work, I’m being forced to eat foods with a higher glycemic index than I like. Well, I actually like high-glycemic foods but have avoided them for years because of my poor sugar control. So, now I’m eating yams, spaghetti squash and acorn squash for example. The easy way to use this list is to eat lots of meat which I like. The challenge for me is to include enough vegetables to stay healthy (ha ha). Note, a low-sulfur diet has also been used by others to fight inflammation.

What I fear the most about this diet is the lack of foods I can easily use for snacking. I need to snack all the time in between meals to keep my energy up and brain functioning. But without beans or nuts, I’m not sure what to do. Coconut flakes are the only packaged food on the list that is easy to make snacks with, but I need something to combine with it to replace seeds and nuts…

One thing I don’t understand yet is how the low sulfur list was put together…

Because of the challenges of this diet and because of the changes I’ve made to supplements, I felt that I should do an easy round this week, so I am doing DMSA-only at four hour intervals.

Here’s what I’m eating now – listed as combinations that I enjoy:

  • bacon and spaghetti squash
  • acorn squash and butter
  • yams covered with cinnamon and mixed with coconut flakes
  • chicken thighs with skin and little chunks of ginger
  • artichoke hearts
  • beef brisket
  • roasted turkey
  • diced zucchini sautéed in butter with sweet corn
  • lamb chops
  • ground turkey
  • coconut flakes mixed with cinnamon and cayenne pepper
  • shrimp

That’s about it, I don’t have much variety and hope to add a couple more things. Definitely will try butternut squash soon.

Here are the relevant lists I’m working with:

Low sulfur/thiol (to eat)

High-folate (to avoid)

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175 thoughts to “Sulfur-free at last!”

  1. Hi Eric,

    I am new to hydrogen peroxide. Do you have a recommendation (maybe a product on Iherb)? Is it all the same?

    Thanks in advance!


  2. Flushing, no. Only to the extent that I’ve had a colonoscopy and had to drink the stuff the cleans you out. I remember for about 5 days after that, I thought I was cured; I could eat anything and had no fatigue. Of course it came back.

    Antifungal, yes: Nystatin made me soooo tired when I first tried. I was scared to take another dose. I dropped to a very low dose, and for a week+ I felt 80% symptom removal. After which it stopped working entirely. I could take a fistful of the pills with no reaction. May as well be white flour pills.

    Lufenuron: If you’ve not tried this, it’s very safe and worth a shot. I got mine from I had profound die off symptoms, and for a few months my symptoms were much better. But I was young and foolish (2 years ago), and resumed a normal persons dietary lifestyle (those jerks) including pizza and beer. That good spell eventually turned into a bad spell. BTW, for those of us lacking creativity, Lufenuron can be used as a sort of “Litmus test” to determine candida overgrowth, with a much greater degree of specificity than dietary changes or herbal antimicrobials, both of which affect bacteria as well as yeast. Lufenuron only affects yeast/fungal, not human tissue, or bacteria. A normal person will have no reaction. If a reaction is present, it’s from the die off of yeast organisms. Interesting!

    The most powerful antimicrobials I’ve ever used are GSE and to my surprise, Uva Ursi (tried separately). If you’ve not tried that last one, I recommend it. Nature’s Way brand was dirt cheap and super potent… tread lightly!

    As for the sulfur comments originally mentioned, the only person who reports symptoms similar to mine is Andy Cutler: “You typically get a couple of hours of feeling good, energized, happy, and then libidinous, then you feel tired, draggy and depressed, which goes on for a day to a week.

    I don’t get the draggy depressed part always, it’s kinda hit or miss. But for reasons too lengthy to disclose, I still suspect some kind of sulfur reducing bacteria. For those who care, I have a GSTP1 homozygous (double mutation) which somehow regulates glutathione activity, and also low glutathione levels to boot! Lastly, a CBS C699T heterozygous mutation messes up sulfur metabolism to some degree, but I don’t think that’s an uncommon mutation.

    I hate genetics. Everyone has something to say about em but we can’t really determine if it’s actually hurting us or what course of action is best.

    1. I think you might benefit a lot from something like hydrogen peroxide and/or vitamin C flushing… one interesting tidbit for you – Steve the guy who teaches the Fenben protocol, says that we are all being poisoned by giant sulfur bacteria that originated in the heat vents on the ocean floor. He says that’s what’s crawling around in our guts messing us up so badly. The good news is Fenben kills it.

      1. What? How in the world does “giant sulfur bacteria that originated in the heat vents on the ocean floor” end up “crawling around in our guts messing us up so badly”?

        Serious question Erik.

        1. I’ve no idea Kelly! I don’t really need to believe anything wacky to take Fenben because I tested positive for Strongyloides. Sometimes these conversations go off on weird tangents.

  3. I would appreciate anyone who has symptoms soon after sulfur veggie ingestion chime in.

    My sulfur issue is most perplexing: veggies like onion, cabbage, Brussels, etc. make me feel FANTASTIC in a mere 20-30 minutes after eating. Happy, horny (forgive me), and energetic. The effect lasts 1-2 hours before I mellow out into a euphoric calm state. I’ve had times where my chronic gut illness makes me feel like death, and after a dinner with crucifers I’m up happy staying out hours past my bedtime. If I abstain from these foods for a few days and come back to them, that’s when the results are really at their peak. I have had this since I was a teenager and first started trying to eat lots of veggies to get healthy… I thought it meant that the veggies were good for me.

    I chanced across an article by Andy Cutler, who was the first to describe my symptoms almost to the letter, and identify it as mercury being stirred by thiols. That article was the sole reason I found out about mercury, and ultimately, Eric’s blog.

    To this day, everyone I know who is talking about reactions to sulfur mentions them in a bad way; inflammation or allergies, etc. I don’t know anyone like me who feels like a million bucks, almost “high”, following their ingestion, and would love to know if anyone has this issue.

    My day to day problems are entirely gut based. To ensure the above symptoms don’t stem from some weird FODMAP loving bacteria in the guts, I have replicated this exact same symptom sequence on an empty stomach using about 1/3 a dose of liposomal glutathione, a very potent thiol source.

    Does anyone know anyone who knows anyone with this issue? Thanks if you’re out there!

    1. Matthew, that does sound very unusual. I wonder if you have tried any flushing protocols or antiparasitic/fungal meds?

  4. Hi Alacia…did your nutritionist subscribe any supplements along with your low sulfur diet? Did you detox at all?

  5. After genetic testing it was discovered that I had to avoid sulfur in my diet. However, the doctor I go to is a Board Certified Nutritionist as well as a Biologist. He actually has the same genetic problem with sulfur…but acknowledges that it is not good to avoid ALL sulfur foods, so he told me to avoid “the big 5” – Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cabbage or Brussle Sprouts, Onion and Garlic. The onion and garlic are the most difficult for me, but I trust this doctor as he himself has the same problem and has researched this extensively. There are so many high sulfur foods, I was actually relieved when he told me to simply avoid 5 of them. ( I can’t remember if it was cabbage or brussel sprouts that he told me to avoid. They are both high in sulfur). Anyway, I wish you well on your food journey…

  6. Check out Dr. Robert Morse ND, watch his youtube videos on the lymphatic system. What you are trying will make you sicker. Good Luck.

  7. Another thing to consider is helminth therapy. A google search will turn up more info.

    A lot of people are finding their food intolerances go away (some gradually, some within days) by reintroducing specific helminths to their gut. Helminth therapy is also being used (and there are studies to back this up) for a wide variety of chronic illness, like Parkinson’s, rheumatoid arthritis, and Crohn’s disease.

    I’m looking into HDC helminths because a friend is doing so well with them. Also her son is autistic and she says he improved more in 1 week after the dose of helminths than in the last ten years after trying hundreds of different supplements, protocols, diets.

    Hope this is helpful.

  8. Thanks for your comment, Emily. You sure know a lot about everything I’m looking into for my MTHFR, CBS, VDR Taq and COMT mutations. I also have a DAO mutation. I’m trying to connect the dots of my symptoms. Like Eric, I also have brain fog. I get nausea/headache with methylB12 and methylFolate, indigestion from sulfur-rich foods, and nasal congestion with high-histamine foods.

    I have a phone interview with a Naturopath who specializes in genetics set up for tomorrow to get supplement recommendations. I hope they are only needed in the short-term to jump start my pathways. He advises against everyone doing heavy metal chelating because of the time and energy required to dedicate towards the process; I haven’t been tested for heavy metal toxicity. My PCP Naturopath believes I don’t tolerate methyl vitamins because of a sluggish liver and wants me to take a liver support supplement full of herbal methyl donors but I’m afraid I’ll be left with daily headaches and nausea like the MethylB12 and MethylFolate give me.

    Do you see patients for these issues? What state are you located in? Thanks, Sierra.

  9. MTHFR is a genetic defect resulting in inability to properly metabolize folate, and can be tested for for only $40 if you have insurance. 23 and me gives you lots of results regarding SNPs, but then you go chasing all the SNPs.

    Any treatment should be based on the PERSON, not how many SNPs they happened to be tested for (who knows how many others there are?) Support for MTHFR is needed in the form of either FOLINate or methylfolate, and methylcobalamin or hydroxocobalamin. Support for the transsulfuration part of the cycle is molybdenum. You also need B1 and B6. It’s not wise to cut out too much sulfur; your joints need it. Take Mo, and the issues will resolve. Zn also helps.

    If a person needs constant snacking to maintain energy, they are a sugar-burner, and need to convert to being a fat-burner. They also likely have gut dysbiosis, and maybe even a candida biofilm problem. Again, this must be addressed using certain supplements, and by avoiding ALL sugar; honey is OK. A “candida diet” will NOT get rid of biofilm; I know, I tried it. Coconut oil or organic butter are both excellent for keeping up energy.

    A third issue is that of heavy metal load. Even hair analysis gives false positives. So if there’s a lot of S attaching to the metal load, the person’s detox system may not be able to handle it, and they’ll feel sicker. Same for too-early chelation: all it will do is release toxins from where they’re hiding, into the bloodstream, and thence to the liver and kidneys for detox/removal. But if your detox system isn’t up to handling this, the toxins will just “resettle”.

    Butyrate is a good H2S “grabber” and will help colonic health. Hydroxocobalamin is also helpful. Hope this is of interest.

  10. I was just told that taking charcoal pills with every meal would help get rid of the sulfur.
    Have just started ta king them, too soon to tell.
    If someone else has had good results with charcoal, please let me know.

  11. Sorry, I was so interested in what you might have to say, since I have a lot(all) of the symptoms that are talked about when having “Genetic Methylation defect”.. But after reading a little in this website,
    “I COULDN’T UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU WERE TALKING ABOUT, THE READING HERE IS NOT PEOPLE/PATIENT FREINDLY!! So, Oh well, didn’t get very much from you guys, and I so much wanted to learn.. PLEASE try making the conversation, more people friendly!! Thanks! Art…

  12. Thank you for this page! My husband and I finally discovered a couple years ago that he has sulfur intolerance (though not a single doctor believes it exists) and we began the journey of removing sulfur from his diet. We have done foods that are low in sulfur for a long time and once in a while, he “cheats” like someone with a lactose intolerancy. I’m afraid, however, that it has come back to haunt us and now any small amount of sulfur is killing his system. I’m trying to understand the mercury issue and this page has been extremely helpful.

    Unfortunately, between pregnancy and nursing, I’m supposed to have foods high in folic acid and I had no idea that he was supposed to avoid those foods. Also, of the foods that are not high in sulfur, many of them are shellfish and I’m severely allergic and cannot prepare them for him. I feel completely at a loss in what to make for him that does not contain any sulfur, is not shellfish, not extremely expensive when working with a tight budget, and is actually on the list of foods that he likes or will eat…. for instance, he hates acorn squash, butternut squash, etc. These lists, though still part of a daunting task, have definitely helped.

    1. I hope you didn’t decide your husband was supposed to avoid foods high in folate after reading this page… that is a separate issue. Good luck and good healing!

  13. its all a balancing act. I have been trying to reduce my sulfur burden for over a year now and still not sure how much significance it really has with my health since genetic polymorphisms are just an indicator and don’t necessarily mean that it is significant for you. SAMe is huge for me also, but its also a sulfur donor. Any sulfur donors and methy donors attribute to more CBS up-regulation (methlfolate, methyl-B12, SAMe, TMG, DMG, Betaine Hcl, Turmeric/Circumin, methionine, choline, onions, garlic, cruciferous vegetables, etc) making it more difficult to reduce sulfer overload. but ihave found that if I just limit eggs, onions, garlic, cruciferous vegetables and don’t eat a lot of meat, that I am better off. you need to do what you can to mitigate ammonia generation if you eat meat like myself. I eat a Paleo diet for the most part and need animal protein. I take activated charcoal every ither night to absorb ammonia and flush it out of the system. Ornithine and arginine or Ornithine and Aspartate also help quite a bit with ammonia reduction. Balancing hormones helps. Glutathione is a must if you are MTHFR and CBS positive, but glutathione is a sulfur containing methyl donor too. having CBS polymorphisms is a total “catch 22” scenario. I tried eliminating all sulfur to get my sulfur burden down and I got sick. You need sulfur to detoxify and be healthy. if you are in the same situation I am and need to detoxify, ask your doctor about glutathione suppositories. its not pleasant, but this form of glutathione does not seem to provide sulfur burden because it bypasses digestion, etc.

  14. When you say ‘folic acid’ do you mean ‘folate’. Folic acid is a completely man-made chemical that has to be converted into the active form of folate within each cell. Many people are deficient in the cell enzyme that does this and this can lead to many health problems as the body is then starved of the vitally necessary naturally occurring ‘folate’. Please could you clarify?

  15. Has anyone discovered WHY we don’t process sulfur?
    The low sulfur diet is just TOO restrictive, I can’t stick to it. Plus the supplements I need to stay healthy, SAMe, NAC, and turmeric are all on the high thiol list.
    I’d rather fix the base priblem, just have to find out what it is.

    1. I think I’ve stopped processing sulfur because of gut dysbiosis created through long-term use of antibiotics. This has generated high levels of sulfate-reducing bacteria causing production of hydrogen sulphide. Added to this was the destruction of the oxalate-degrading gut bacteria Oxalobacter formigenes so foods high in oxalates cause phenomenal pain and brain fog. Am working on rebuilding my gut flora.

  16. My son has MTHFR and a CBS mutation. He is 11 now and his problems have gotten worse the older he got. He has been suicidal, depressed and very anxious with panic attacks. He has hypersensativity to medication and gets weird rashes that seemed out of no where to products he had always used. Getting the gene mutation test helped more than any other test (and we’ve gone into debt with so many). Now he’s on a low sulfur, preservative free, MSG free, soy lecithin free, egg yolk free, dye free diet. He eats organic meat and veggies, the only salicylate he has trouble with is apples and he takes enzymes, with a baking soda Epsom salt bath (that really calms him down) when he is exposed to something that causes a reaction. He is 90% better now, he used to be sick all the time with allergies and asthma and it’s all gone. I was reading your list and saw shrimp? I read they sprinkle sulfur on shrimp as soon as it gets on the boat and he’s had a reaction to it every time he tried it. Does it cause you any problems?

  17. I was recently diagnosed with CBS mutation and intolerance to sulfur which was causing my entire neurotransmitter systems to work inefficiently. I had always for the most part eaten a healthy diet and yet this diet, because of my sulfur intolerance was still causing my cortisol and other hormones to spiral out of control causing life long insomnia and mood/temper issues

    The doctor even told m that he had seen another case similar to my mutations where the person was being put into a home to address his behavior issues. Essentially because I had eaten fairly healthy my entire life, this was my saving grace.

    So now I have to further modify my diet but seems this issue isn’t that much written about from what I’ve been able to gather so far. There also seems to be some controversy whether some foods are low in sulfur or not as I see certain foods on the avoid list on one site and on the ok to have list on another website.

    Maybe the diet should be specialized on an individual basis but I’m looking for as much information as I can find on this topic so that I can get my systems working efficiently again.

    Thank you for posting this information.

    1. One should get tested for the MTHFR gene mutation. Now it really gets crazy. This has to do with methylation and sulfur and too many things to think about. That’s why I go to someone that knows how to deal with this. I have to now cut out high sulfur foods and one thing I was taking was tumeric for my inflammation. I crashed. Went off of this and now I feel much better. Good information, thanks. By the way, this is how I learned that folic acid is the synthetic form of methylfolate and it is an absolute no, no for those with this gene mutation.

  18. Hey Eric — so how did this diet work out for you in the end? Do you have an update or a post on what worked for you in terms of elimination?

    1. it was helpful at the time but not enough to justify the agony of such a limited diet! I don’t seem to have significant troubles with sulfur… it was just a test for me.

  19. Thank you for the interesting lesson on thiols and sulfurs. I came across your website when one link led me to another on my quest to better understand my lactalbumin allergy. (I’ve been diagnosed allergic to milk but not cheese and lactalbumin was the protein source, in particular.)

    I’ve avoided cheese for about 7 months until a recent reintroduction. I didn’t have any symptoms until I had a homemade cookie that a loved one made- a rare low sugar whole grain treat I have. Then, I was buckled over. Prior to reintroducing whole organic cream from pastured cows and organic mozzarella cheese from grass fed cows, I could have the occasional sweet treat and not have these same symptoms. I have a hunch the reaction may not be to the dairy products that I reintroduced (which I understand to have little to no lactalbumin), but the addition of sugar, vegetable shortening, and the leavening in the homemade cookie COMBINED with the minute amount of dairy in my gut caused a reaction. On the other hand, I have been avoiding the addition of salt, oil, and sugar, which could have added to my sensitivity.

    Anyhow, I am commenting here to also offer you an additional suggestion, if you aren’t already trying this by now- since this is a post of along ago now. I see in your diet that there is little in the way of vegetables or fruits- due to sulfur? My concern is that this appears to be naturally low in sodium (unless you are adding salt), which is good, but I see that this appears extremely low in potassium, as well. I am interested in learning what potassium-rich foods you have been able to incorporate and if you are tracking whether you are getting enough.

    With kindest wishes for you and yours for optimal health and well-being,


    1. thanks Joy, I now eat lots of sulfur containing foods – three eggs a day. My potassium is still low however and I take about 1 g a day of potassium gluconate. thanks for stopping by.

      1. Hi, Just wondering if you could uptake what has worked for you, and how you were able to add sulfur rich foods back in successfully with the 3 eggs a day?

        1. Dan, I never had really significant sulfur issues – I was just following up Dr. Cutler’s suggestion that anyone with a mercury toxicity experiment with a sulfur free diet. While using chelators I may have been overloading on sulfur, so the sulfur free diet could have helped me feel a little better for that reason. But it wasn’t significant enough to eat a crazy diet long-term.

  20. WOW!
    I’ve had a problem with depression my whole life due to low serotonin levels I assume.
    this explains WHY .
    I still need to take the SAMe, even though it is high thiol. Better than suicide.

  21. HaVing trouble figuring out what to eat for breakfast now that eggs ,dairy , and cheese are off the menu.
    I work 90 to 100 hours a week, I need PROTEIN!
    I’ve been eating grass fed steak and potatoes but can’t afford to do that very often.
    Don’t want to eat bacon or ham because of the nitrates.
    I ordered the sulfate strips, if I am high sulfate I’ll go ahead and order the CBS test. But not sure how I’ll get it interpreted.
    Trying to find blogs from people who have actually been healed by this low sulfate diet.
    Not happy about having to give up all the things I love…, chocolate, cheese, yogurt, eggs, ice cream……

  22. What kind of test for I take to check CBS mutation and where can I get it? I don’t have indurance, everything comes out of pocket.
    I just ordered the prescript assist probiotics from
    Amazon. Will let you all know if it results in good changes.
    Really confused about the low sulfa lists, they contradict each other. I eat a lot of beans and they are yes on some lists and no on others.
    My body needs more protein than most people.
    I’ve just lost eggs and dairy and not excited about eating lots and lots of animal protein.

    1. If you go to the site and look for the armchair genetics post, you’ll understand how to use and interpret your genetic data. Blessings and health!

  23. Went to the 23andme website, they no longer offer dietary help.
    Just now learning about the low sulfur diet. I break out in rash if I take sulfa drugs.
    I have COPD/asthma, which results in copious mucus production.
    It’s gotten better with all my supplementation but now I read half of what Ive been taking ls bad.
    I take tumeric extract and pills, SAMe, NAC, put raw organic cocoa powder in my morning coffee and eat my own chickens eggs.
    Really nervous about all these changes.
    Now trying to figure out which test to take.
    Does anyone recommend the iGg test? It’s soo exprnsive!

    1. Was just reading about brocolli sprouts curing asthma,which I have, COPD strength.
      was unhappy when I discovered the active ingredient is sulforophane, a sulfur derivitive, right?
      I’m getting really frustrated about all the good for you foods and supplements being disallowed on our low sulfur diet. I’ve decided to try to figure out how to heal this condition without giving up my supplements, onions, garlic, and vegetsbles.
      still waiting for my 23andme results to arrive.
      there HAS to be a better solution!

  24. You should check your CBS genetic mutation. I was also eating all of those healthy greens…kale, broccoli, spinach, etc and also taking supplements that are not recommended for CBS mutations because of the sulfur. These included turmuric/curcumin, NAC, MSM and methionine ( ). Taking curcurmin made my joints so achy. I am +/+ for a CBS mutation and I felt so much better once I stopped eating the sulfur vegs and cut out the offending supps. Originally, I thought I was histamine intolerent, but it may have just been the CBS mutation. Yasko says to fix CBS before working on MTHFR. Best of luck and good health!

    1. Kish-Kish,

      I wouldn’t be surprised if the aching joints, etc., were caused not by the sulfur, but by the high oxalate content of the foods you were eating. Spinach — one of the worst — and curcurmin is extremely high in oxalates.

      Just food for thought, pardon the pun.

  25. Hi there,

    Not sure if anyone has pointed this out but shrimp is very high in sulfur. Just thought you’d like to know since its on your “eating” list

    1. Shrimp is only high in suffer if you get the kind that has had sulfite so added as preservative. If you can get wild caught that is individually frozen it is most likely not subjected to sulfites.

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