Supplement changes

I made a number of changes starting Friday through Sunday.   I believe the most significant are the ones related to methylation  and functional B-12 deficiency.  I’m going to post next about that and the massive diet change I made yesterday.

  • b-complex – eliminated because it contains folic acid (related to methylation)
  • folate –  added 800 mcg (solgar,  related to methylation)
  • b12 –  changed from liquid VitaminShoppe  to sublingual Jarrow,  same amount at 1mg (related to methylation)
  • zinc –  increased from 44 to 66 mg
  • molybdenum –  increased from 500 mcg to 750 mcg
  • chromium picolinate –  added 200 mcg

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  1. Dear Eric, 
    I found your page on methylation first, and have kept coming back because of the structured, excellent way you’ve been presenting your information. 
    I’ve been using methylfolate and methylcobalamine together with low levels of Mg Taurate, and the trace minerals Se, Cr, I (+Ki), Mn, Mb, and tiny doses of Li, alongside fish-oil capsules, high omega-3 oils, and trips to the sauna, and a gluten-dairy-grain free diet. 
    I started in December with Jarrow B-right, and it halted an onset of insomnia. 
    I’ve had amalgams since 1994, at a total of 13 at one time, and I’ve been having them removed with a biological dentist. Got 2 to go. 
    I’ve been having extremely dry skin- not flaky, but very, very slow to heal, and when I eat, it feels as if all the ‘good’ – I don’t know quite how to explain it- like the structure of my flesh, the substrate under the skin, gets drained away. 
    It happens too sometimes when using B-vits, I try to balance the B12 and 5-mthf with B1,B2,B3, B6 (P5P) and a little B5. 
    Sublingual Methylcobalamine was giving me light head throbs and difficulty concentrating for a brief period (2-3 weeks) for a while too. 
    I’m trying to understand the puzzle, could you help me? 
    My mercury symptoms have manifested themselves as severe seasonal insomnias, depressions, periods of on and off crying spells, and the most dramatic- type 1 diabetes within 8 months of the first amalgam. I had a swollen liver and pancreas 3 weeks after the first dental installation. 😛 

    1. hi Jeanette, sounds like you have a lot of the classic symptoms – I also have dry skin and when chelating or (increasing methylation sometimes) extremely dry eyes and lips… Sounds like you have made great progress in identifying the source of your problems and moving forward with solutions. Keep up the good work!

      1. Thank you, Eric
        Have you figured any methods for dealing with the dry skin and sleep disturbances? Pausing the supplementation does let things calm a bit, but I don’t have a method to deal with the madness yet. 
        I have right now a pretty difficult situation, sweating and difficulty sleeping when my blood glucose is over 7, and anxiety and the emotional trouble when it’s dipping under 4. I’ve read you use GABA at times when you are sleeping poorly? 

        1. Glad you asked Jeanette, I meant to mention the one thing that helps me with dry skin is pure lanolin – I use it many times a day. Also use cocoa butter on my lips all day long… for sleep I used to use Country Life’s GABA Relaxer and that other times 5HTP. I’ve tried lots of things but those seem to work best for me.

  2. But who prescribes the b12 in the different types and knows the right dosage for the individual and there circumstances?

    1. All the information is online. At first, I took the recommendations of an anonymous blog poster named Viking who guided me a little in the beginning. I took too much B12s too fast and got dizzy. Then I started reading and I read for weeks, six hours a day roughly. That’s when I made this FAQ:

      I started over with small doses and have been working my way back up successfully and making tremendous progress.

      The worst you can do with the supplements is make yourself extremely uncomfortable but it seems you cannot physically harm yourself because they are simply not toxic at any quantity.

      But there is a very conservative way to get started if you are patient and willing to go really slow. You can start with 1/8 tablet of Source Naturals dibencozide every day under your upper lip. With a start like that, you are unlikely to have any uncomfortable startup reaction at all.

  3. Hi there, I suffer from CFS (or symptoms like) for 10years now on and off.
    i am off gluten, dairy, eggs, sulfates, fructose- and basicly meat, nuts and zucchini!!!
    my weight doesn’t change (even though I train like a beast) and I constantly have headaches.
    why did you begin elimination- and how is your progress in weight loss going?

    1. Lauren, I’ve actually started making progress with my weight in the past couple weeks as my thyroid has come back to life with iodine supplementation. my energy level has also increased dramatically as I have worked through methylation support and I think that is helping substantially too. It seems to calm my hypoglycemia so I’m snacking a lot less.

      I wonder if your training isn’t hurting you. If you have CFS your adrenals are likely weak and heavy training could be a terrible drain…

      What is your average body temperature? Have you read about iodine? Seems to relieve headaches for many. Methylation support also.

      1. Thanks for getting back to me 🙂
        i have done iodine, B12 injections, thyroid support, cortisol, melatonin, progesterone, as well as natural ways to balance out.
        i have been to naturopaths that have put me on murcury detoxes- once without any gut support and I got very ill. They other had a high folate / sulfate metholatuin ingredient- so I was then told to stop that.
        i just need to find a doctor that can help- either internationally via Skype – or australia (I aam willing to travel) as I would like to have an MD taking me through all these steps.
        i have done DNA tests, my secretery IGA is so low I have none. But all my bloods and extensive pee tests- adrenals, thyroid, fasting glucose, etc- are perfectly normal. Though I do have low white cell blood count and my growth hormone is in good range.
        My doctor (at the moment- not really a fan) says all my symptoms are due to prolonged stress- and he has put me on synthetic hormones (im not a fan) to feel better.
        i do not train much any more at all. So I know that can not be effecting me- and the way I train is to support my body in recovery- with long rests- but giving it a boost of blood flow every 2 days.
        My weight- is still gaining

        1. I know there are Australians in the FDC forum and believe you should ask there for a reference. B12 injections often aren’t done right. the same with mercury detox, which can be very harmful if done wrong…

            1. I gave up on MDs – I’m using Dr. Cutler’s books and help from the FDC forum. Will use my MD just for routine blood testing to make sure my liver and thyroid are happy.

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