My healing circle experience

healing circleDid I mention that I am starting a Power of Eight healing group? As I watched more and more testimonials from Dr. Dispenza, I became increasingly impressed with the number of people who mentioned the powerful experiences and spontaneous healings occurring in healing circles.

So I joined a Facebook group for students of Dr. Dispenza and started asking questions. That led to two things. First I was advised to read Lynn McTaggart’s book, The Power of Eight, which I did and loved. Second, I ended up getting a healing performed virtually by 17 intenders who have attended Dr. Joe Dispenza’s advanced workshops and participated in the Dispenza healing circles at those events.

According to Lynn McTaggart, this would be significant because meditation experience seems to affect the outcome more than the number of ‘intenders’ in the circle. I have to admit that this stuff all sounds sort of crazy to the son of a scientist who was raised as an atheist. But, reading Dr. Dispenza’s book, You Are the Placebo, opened my mind a long way, and that’s how I ended up lying on a massage table in front of my PC as the healee of 17 beautiful souls connected through Zoom videoconferencing.

Prior to this, I had some extraordinary experiences in Dispenza meditations including a vision which led me to a somatic therapist singer-songwriter who opened my heart and mind to attachment theory. I read a great little book about attachment theory and came to understand the root of emotional problems which I believe at least partly caused my lifelong health challenges.

My attachment difficulties left a hardness, an unease and a craving in me, that nothing satisfied for many many decades. That is, until DNRS and Dispenza meditation came along and began to crack me open.

For weeks I anticipated my healing circle as the date on the calendar grew closer, and now it was starting. I lay down after thanking my 17 intenders and listened as their leader started a Dispenza recording which began with the Pineal breath meditation, which I had in fact done myself only hours earlier.

But my role was just to receive, so I did not do the breath. I just listened. The leaders words echoed in my mind “there are 17 of us here today…” and I reflected on the extraordinary idea that 17 people would come together to heal me, a complete stranger. I might have thought about the intentions they were sending me as love broadcast through the quantum field.

At some point early on, I became aware of a ringing in my ears, louder than I had ever experienced and noticed that my fingers were tingling. I thought to myself, “This is real, something is actually happening. It’s as if these meditators are reaching into my body with their intentions and love.”

At the same time I was hearing Dr. Dispenza’s voice urging the meditators on and his voice spoke to me also: “Fall in love with the moment, come on, let it consume you!” With all these things happening at the same time, I was overwhelmed. My body and mind were convulsing together as if I had my finger stuck in an electrical outlet. I sweat which made me cold (the room was warm so I had a fan on) and I trembled a little from this also.

This lasted for around 18 minutes when Dr. Dispenza says “And now embrace your healee, and exchange energy.” This surprised me greatly because it sounded as if the meditators were not sending me energy previously while I was going through this deep catharsis (or whatever you want to call it).

From this point forward, meditation music played for around 15 minutes during which I felt like I was floating on a cloud basking in the sun. And then it ended.

Over the next couple days I found my healing crisis had escalated several notches. It felt to me like something earthshaking had happened, maybe one of the most important experiences of my life. As time goes by, I have wondered if these 17 souls filled up the burning hole in me that has ruled my life for so long. I felt different. I felt emotionally healed, but I was also in a deep physical healing crisis, so as good as it was, there was also this haze around everything, that I could only attempt to peer through.

My DNRS practice has become so enriched that often the past and future memories seem irrelevant because I am quickly lost in ecstasy before I get to that part… I also ran a family healing circle for my daughter and LOVED it so much, I wish we could do it every day.

Since my virtual healing, I’ve also been the healee in two in-person healing circles, one sitting upright in a chair holding hands and the second lying on the floor with the healers around me. Sitting upright, I had a very warm pleasant experience but lying down my body again went berserk, bouncing, jerking and twitching as it did in my virtual healing. I should add that this hasn’t happened to anyone else in my healing circles, though our healees have reported significant and moving experiences every time.

My second ‘finger in the electrical outlet’ healing tells me that my experience on the massage table with the 17, was probably not related to the intense Dispenza meditation that I heard on that occasion. That’s because lying in my home during my most recent healee experience, we used a very short and gentle audio. My body seems to be reacting instead to the intentions of the group.

As overwhelming as it is, I’m sure it’s a healing response and I’m confident my body hasn’t finished it’s work yet – there’s more to come. After each healing, I experience a Candida release over the next few days. I wish I could say that it feels like I’m on the verge of a big improvement in sleep and energy, and there are days when it feels true, but right now, I have to fall back on ‘forward is forward’ and honor the pace of my recovery as my own.

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  1. Hi Eric,
    How are you progressing in your journey? I would love to read an updated blog post! I wanted to share my recent discovery and practice of Internal Family Systems therapy, which has catapulted me to a new level of healing and coherence. Developed by Richard Schwartz, IFS helps people to deal with their “exile” and “protector” parts of our inner psyche, which are the ones that create major energy blocks in our bodies. While DNRS targets the limbic system (as impaired or injured), IFS takes it a step further (side-stepping any conversation about limbic injury) to actually talk to the parts that create issues of lack of safety that lie at the heart of many ailments targeted by DNRS. There are some interesting intersections between DNRS and IFS (the self love and compassion is one). While DNRS has you talk directly to the limbic system during the rounds, IFS has you identify and talk with parts of you that are often quite young and scared as well as protector parts that have habitually thrown up distress signals (with the help of the limbic system). The end goal is the same: to relax the protector parts (or over-active/impaired limbic system in DNRS terms) and negotiate a new path embodying your new self leader. But with IFS, the ultimate end goal is to heal the exiled parts (often our inner child or children but sometimes adult exiled parts too). Since you wrote about your journey with deep emotional healing from the past, I wanted to share IFS because it has been incredibly profound for me over the past few months and catapulted me back into really active gym workouts that have alluding me for quite some time. IFS has also helped me to have intense and highly emotional clearings with important family members (with mind-blowing and positive results). I still actively use Dispenza meditations and find it fits beautifully with IFS. I look forward to hearing how you’re doing. Happy holidays to you and your family, and happy healing!

      1. Hi Eric,
        That looks like a great book; I’ll have to check that out! I started with the founder’s Audible book called “Greater Than the Sum of Our Parts” and have been working my way through his other books. I’ve been doing self-guided therapy only with extensive reading and journal writing. Based on this process, I instigated healing conversations with my family members on my own. IFS gave me the framework I needed to understand why the blocks existed in the first place and provided constructive language for both me and the family members (so they could understand where I was coming from and respond with love and care). It also helped me understand where I carry these energy blocks in my body and learn to quickly identify when these blocks or parts express themselves and why. There are a number of certified IFS instructors (literally hundreds worldwide); I believe they are listed on the main IFS (self website. However, I found the concepts easy enough to work through on my own. I would suggest, however, that if you do the self-guided route, make sure to always first build trust with your parts before moving into the negotiation and healing phases of the therapy. Moving forward too quickly without ‘permission’ from your parts can be counterproductive. Having your exile and protector parts trust you is absolutely key in this process. I’m so glad this resonated with you! Enjoy!

        1. That’s great, bravo – I’m impressed you did it solo 🙂
          Looking forward to learning about it..

    1. Oh, my work – I’m down to just 10 mg of Hydrocortisone from 30. This is my river and it’s very very wide. I’m detoxing nearly constantly as HC feeds candida. Have started to play with oxygen and found it also triggers big die-off. Set up the LiveO2 system for my wife and daughter and can’t wait to get to where I can use it too. For now a bit of oxygen during sauna is all I can manage. Enjoying lots of new Dispenza meditations and start my day with 2 hours, always BOTEC 8 and then either New Potentials, Space Time, or Body Parts. Will try some more soon too.

      1. I just downloaded a bunch more Dispenza meditations too! I love the new energy centers IV meditation and just downloaded the new walking meditation. LiveO2 looks terrific. Will check that out. Thanks for the update. Sending positive healing vibes your way!

  2. Hi Eric,

    I wondered if you’ve ever considered faecal micobiota transplantation?

    PS: One of the better websites out there for people suffering like us, really appreciate your efforts to educate mate.



    1. Thanks Peter! I’ll get interested when it’s available in pill form. I know they are working on it…

      1. Nice work,

        Your story is disturbingly similar to mine, and my path has led me down the FMT route. I start in the next 2 weeks, will reach out if I observe anything interesting.


  3. Eric, have you heard of Peter Winslow? He has a group on Facebook and many people pretend to get cured from AS with his help. I think it’s about meditation and workout. There is also Kyle Mecca who told me he got cured through Vipassana Meditation. Inspiring and intriguing stories…

  4. Eric my friend! It’s been a long time since I have checked in on you, and something was telling me too, so glad I did! First off, I am SOOOOOOO HAPPY for you! I read the last 3 or 4 updates you made and this is amazing!

    It finally looks like you are not only on a good path, but the right one! I have read of the power of meditation in past years, and other similar modalities, and there are indeed many miraculous stories of recovery from pretty much any kind of illness. I have always been a firm believer in the body can heal itself, the power of positive thinking, etc things like this (I have a friend who heals with energy I think I mentioned to you before), but, I was not sure it was possible with something like Mercury, and I guess I am still not sure.

    These HUGE emotional healing experiences you are going through, I have had as well, but on a much smaller scale. Also because I was not practicing them (or even doing them on purpose) of course the effects did not last. Anyway, your experience has definite hit a chord with me! The uncontrollable crying and then feeling relief after has to be healing, and the fact it comes so easy for you likely means you are in dire need of them, and I suspect the exact same for me. Our journeys have been very similar, so I am hopeful my foray into this will yield similar results once I push myself to do it.

    Kruse – There have been some comments on him in past posts. While off the wall, he is no doubt brilliant, and while cocky and a show-off, often fluffing up info to the 9’s, he makes some extremely important points. One of them is about the Sun (and he is right about EMF’s, too). The Sun IIRC is a VERY important source of electrons (as is grounding). Him and Jerry Tennant (remember healing is voltage!) taught me some of the extremely important things about Electrons, and how they are NEEDED to heal. I suspect meditation plays on electrons somehow but have not looked into that. Anyway the other REALLY important thing I am sure I mentioned to you before is the Sun is the Earth’s most powerful anti-fungal (not sure if Kruse actually talks about this, maybe not). Also I think I mentioned this to you before as well, mold issues are nothing more than an extension of candida issues. Think about this for a moment, SAD, you know, the “disease” people get in the winter from less sun, yep, that is candida big time. You read the book, The Yeast Syndrome”, which we have discussed in past pages (has to be one of the best books on the topic, these guys are true experts on it), it estimated, back in the 80’s when it was written, something like 75% of the World has a candida problem, I suspected the same but holy hell these are the experts that is scary! It is without a doubt, the thing plaguing peoples health more than anything else (well, maybe 2nd to Western Medicine, which causes Candida). Just about everything in the World today, fosters Candida sadly, the food big time, the environment, the medical system, and on, and on. 🙁 Anyway, it sounds like you are clearing some out and feeding the good bacteria “good vibrations” to help with that 🙂 The immune system is so important in the fight against it

    Finally, if, for some reason, you still need to chelate metals out after, because it is possible that someone can be metal toxic and still feel REALLY good (I felt totally cured before several times in the past, once was when I was on Master Cleanse, I had unbelievable energy and clarity of mind = Candida total overpowered, zero inflammation, etc), and the body is not clearing out the toxins on its own, I would go to OSR not Cutler, given our past experiences. I have some OSR on the way now, I have seen MANY people who struggled on ACC, or got worse, having GREAT results with OSR, it is just a superior chelator.

    Take great care and keep making updates for everyone please! Jason

    1. Jason! Thank you, glad you stopped by 🙂

      Yes, I’ve discovered that Candida accounts for 80% or more of my symptoms and that I’ve been maintaining my colony with Hydrocortisone and too much iron in my diet for about the past 15 years. Spent most of this year tapering HC and every time I cut, I get slammed by the die-off. Same happened when I cut back on chicken recently.

      And yes, I do plan to chelate again. Tell me more about OSR please, where can I learn? Is there an FB or Yahoo group?


      1. Dam really cutting out chicken gave you die-off, you sure it was die-off? The book mentioned something like only pork and _____(cant remember the other one) are safe to eat, basically saying beef was not which I found surprising. I really don’t think the beef is the problem, or the chicken per se, but rather what is IN there, hormones, antibiotics, etc. I usually feel better after beef myself, but you know what is interesting? I usually feel hungry right after, and sometimes crave sugar! 🙁

        OSR is an old chelator Boyd Haley created, it was used for some years before the FDA decided it was a “medicine” and took it off the market. It had mixed results back then, but then all forms of chelation do, and Cutler heard enough of the bad ones that he was against it (of course he also believed his way was the only way, so…). Many autistic parents were using it, there were groups dedicated to it including a yahoo group that I think might be defunct now, not sure, I think there was more than one as well. Fast forward about 6 years or so, and Boyd is in phase 3 of clinical trials, the last phase, to get it approved for sale. In the meantime, 2 Chinese manufacturers have created versions of it now called NBMI or Emeramide, and have been selling it to people that need it. The thing about NBMI and what Boyd’s first phases of trials show, studies etc, is that it is a dithiol where the thiol components sit exactly opposite each other in the chemical structure, having the effect of making a very strong bond, it is even said the bond is permanent. You can learn more about in the facebook group:

        In theory as you know, when someone’s body is working fully the way it is supposed to, their body should detox on its own. However as we both know, Mercury is one nasty insidious metal, that can itself impair this process. I do wonder if years of HMTA and proper nutrition, meditation, emotional well-being etc could be enough, maybe it can be for those who have a minor mercury burden. For those more toxic, I suspect it would not be enough, but it is only that, speculation, not sure anyone knows for sure a very hard thing to quantify

        1. Oh yeah, it was die-off. I found this which explains why I shouldn’t have been eating chicken twice a day every day!!! Didn’t realize it contained heme-iron. I guess I thought it’s whiteness might exclude it from that category but no. OSR looks interesting as I’d like to find one that doesn’t affect copper metabolism…

        1. Hello ! Are you still taking the Fenbendazole? Did it help in anyway? I believe I have candida and SIBO

          1. no, i quit long ago. i believe it was helping but i didn’t want to be reliant on a pharmaceutical…

  5. Thinking about trying DNRS. Were you able to follow the program on your own after watching the videos or did you have to go with one of their coaches?

    1. Hi Maria, I did it ‘on my own’ after the videos but then found the online DNRS community VERY helpful…

    1. Not yet. I’m tapering off Hydrocortisone, giving myself about a year to get from 30mg to 0. Many MDs would say it’s not possible, but I’m doing it. Will be down to 10mg by the end of the year. As I taper off, my Candida dies off and the release is not fun. So I’m in a process and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel 🙂

  6. Hi Eric,

    Thanks so much for writing about your experiences. Just curious, did you find any relief treating the Fusarium? Do you have any updates on that?

    Thanks for any feedback and advice

  7. Hello Eric, I actually happened upon an older submission of yours from late 2017, was going to comment to someone on there, named Ann (my name also) about her sleep issues with some suggestions. But was unable to find a place to do so. However, I am not familiar with “How I Recovered” but clicked on other links regarding your posts and ended up here. Certainly, serendipitous…..I have followed Jack Kruse for about 10 or more years, follow Doris Loh, and went to a Dr. Joe Progressive around fall 2014….It’s a small world….Is this site related to DNRS or limbic retraining, in general as to the recovery posts? Hope you get this and I can understand just where I ended up! LOL

    1. Hi Ann, glad to hear from you, yes small world! This website is about my journey back to health, where ever that takes me, and it has stretched out in time much longer than I expected. I’ve also ended up mixing together a number of energy practices into my own personal hodgepodge – I’m doing DNRS, Dispenza, Power of 8, past life regression and Theta Healing… Those last two are practices I haven’t written anything about yet 🙂

        1. Sorry Kirk, that’s not something I want to promote. I stopped using Fenben a long time ago and am trying to get off all pharmaceuticals. There are lots of other more natural ways to kill fungal infections.

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