Hitting the wall

[W]hen chelation began to feel overwhelming early this year I reduced my doses and timing drastically, cutting from  my high of 75 mg  every two hours, to 25 mg  every three hours.  That felt a lot better, but even in between rounds,  I started to feel more fatigue and less endurance.  Something didn’t feel right and I thought it was my adrenal glands wearing down.  On my last round, I decided to try  doing 3 mg of ALA  which I thought I wouldn’t even notice.  SURPRISE!  It was not easy.

I sent a short email to Tara mentioning my ALA intolerance and  she wrote back telling me about the gains she’s made flushing her liver.  We have some things in common which caught my eye –  especially the  water retention and bloating.  I picked up the book she mentioned and it makes so much sense, so logical,  I’ve decided to try the amazing liver flush.

In a nutshell,  if your  liver can’t release bile  because the bile ducts are plugged,  your body won’t detoxify and this is a good explanation for why chelation can drag some people down.  There are lots of other  interesting symptoms I have that tie in the liver, but I am  still overwhelmed with too many things to do to go into details now.  I’m on day three of preparation for my first flush which I will do on Wednesday or Thursday next week.


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  1. comment…I suspect liver problems/bile blockage in myself as well. I have most of your symptoms and also can not tolerate ALA.

    I discovered years back that that taking ox bile capsules inbetween meals/empty stomach acts like an antibiotic for me. If ever I get diarrhea or gut problem(infection) I take the bile, get die off symptoms then the infection is gone. This turned out to be a cure for my arthritis as well. (lots of research out there on how arthritis is an infection)

    1. The ox bile is interesting, I can see how that would help you digest fats without flooding your body with toxins from your own liver. Of course someday you have to get those toxins out if you want to be well. Have I mentioned that liver flushing is fun? You may want to try it:)

      1. the reason for using bile inbetween meals/empty stomach was to eliminate bacterial ( other?) infections in the gut caused by a lack of bile from a congested liver. I could not tolerate bile taken with meals.

  2. Hi Eric! Hope everything is looking up with your recovery! Q: Have you heard of chelorex? It is an all food based chelator. It has some NAC in it and was wondering if it might interfere with methylation? Any thoughts? Thanks!

  3. Hi Eric,

    Been following you for awhile as I have my own battler with CFS/ME/MSIDS (who knows) – anyway I was looking at doing a 6 hour urine chelation test and wondered where you get your DMSA. One of my big challenges is I still have 9 amalgams and I am very wary about removing them and then getting worse at the same time I am concerned about not removing them and not getting better, so I am trying to evaluate using the urine challenge as I am suspect about the reliability of the hair test.


  4. Hello Eric. 14 months ago I was bitten by our dog and received the tetanus/diptheria vaccine and underwent surgical debridment. Weeks later I began to experience odd pains in my feet during runs. This progressed into plantar fascia pain in both feet. The pain proceeded to spread from my feet to my shins, hands and wrists. I had insomnia, night sweats, headaches, lower back pain, metallic taste in mouth and muscle twitching. I began getting mouth sores and sore throats. All very odd. I have seen 12 different doctors, all in different specialities, all inconclusive. The only abnormalitiy they can find is bone marrow edema and gastritis. Prior to this event I was an active long distance runner, consuming a diet very high in fish and seafood (known to contain large amounts of heavy metals). I drank coca cola from a aliminium bottle (a sig like bottle) and recall complaining to my housemate about tasting metal. I also have had the tetanus/diptheria vaccine years prior for a broken leg that was fixated by titanium pins. I know that the tetanus/diptheria vaccine contains aluminium and thimersol (mercury). Are heavy metals known for cause bone pain? It seems that most forums focus on the neurological side effects. Would it be possible to email you about this, just to perhaps talk about it in a little more depth? It’s great to hear that you have made progress chelating (sounds horrible but no doubt worth it). All the best, Piers

    1. Hi Piers, I’m already pretty overwhelmed, sorry! I’d start by getting a hair test – it’s inexpensive easy to do…

    2. Hi Piers,

      I also suffered from insomnia, mouth ulcers and a metallic taste in the mouth as a result of mercury poisoning. Muscular pains are also a common complaint. Some people experience arthritic pains

      Some of the effects of aluminium include proximal muscle weakness, bone pain, multiple nonhealing fractures, acute or subacute alteration in mental status, and premature osteoporosis.

      You can read more about my story on Eric’s blog here



  5. Thank you for your blog and stay strong! I am just beginning to research mercury chelation now after getting all of my amalgams replaced (17 of them) last year. I have been heavily considering doing some colon, parasite, and liver cleanses before embarking on chelation, as I want the pathway out of my body clear as possible haha. Again though, know that your efforts are appreciated by others, and there are strangers out there wishing you success on your road to good health!

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