First liver flush down!

[I] did my first liver flush yesterday starting at 6 AM and feel like someone should give me a medal or ribbon or something. In some ways it was easier than I expected – I stayed active and productive all day, but in other ways it was a little harder – the runs were pretty terrible and lasted until this morning, so that’s like 18 hours of diarrhea. I’m wondering if I should do only two Epsom salt doses instead of three.

Here’s what I did:

  • 15 mL of apple cider vinegar four times a day for a week preceding the flush
  • 6 AM – 1 tablespoon magnesium sulfate in one glass of water
  • 8 AM – drank 1/4 cup olive oil blended with three-quarter cups grapefruit juice
  • 12 AM – 1 tablespoon magnesium sulfate in one glass of water
  • 2 PM – 1 tablespoon magnesium sulfate in one glass of water

I probably expelled about 75 stones or so starting after lunch and finishing the next morning – most really small but a handful the size of one or two peas put together.

How the hell does olive oil and grapefruit juice do THAT, anyway you ask?

Your liver pumps bile in response to fat in your diet, so if you drink a cup of olive oil – it goes crazy and pumps hard enough to push out the stones.

Once your bile ducts are clear, your liver can regain its health and pump enough bile to properly digest fats and go back to detoxifying your blood normally…

That’s the theory – I’ll let you know if anything good happens…




12 thoughts to “First liver flush down!”

  1. Liver flushes are a hoax:

    This activity resulted in the painless passage of multiple semisolid green “stones” per rectum in the early hours of the next morning. She collected them, stored them in the freezer, and presented them in the clinic.

    Microscopic examination of our patient’s stones revealed that they lacked any crystalline structure, melted to an oily green liquid after 10 min at 40°C, and contained no cholesterol, bilirubin, or calcium by established wet chemical methods. Traditional faecal fat extraction techniques indicated that the stones contained fatty acids that required acid hydrolysis to give free fatty acids before extraction into ether. These fatty acids accounted for 75% of the original material.

    Experimentation revealed that mixing equal volumes of oleic acid (the major component of olive oil) and lemon juice produced several semi solid white balls after the addition of a small volume of a potassium hydroxide solution. On air drying at room temperature, these balls became quite solid and hard.

    We conclude, therefore, that these green “stones” resulted from the action of gastric lipases on the simple and mixed triacylglycerols that make up olive oil, yielding long chain carboxylic acids (mainly oleic acid). This process was followed by saponification into large insoluble micelles of potassium carboxylates (lemon juice contains a high concentration of potassium) or “soap stones”.

    1. Human knowledge progresses in fits and starts and it can take decades or longer for new discoveries to spread. One of the reasons that it takes so long as that there are always people opposed to progress and willing to block it for personal gain or out of simple ignorance. You’ve been deceived by our culture of medical doctor worship and corrupt healthcare system. Copying and pasting erroneous information from another website is hardly interesting. Are you ill? Why would you bother visiting my website if you weren’t? What’s your interest in the liver?

  2. Eric have you considered trying enemas? From what I read the coffee enemas apparently clean the liver really well and apparently raise glutothione by 700%. There are also other types of enemas, and all of them apparently also clean out the colon really well, including taking out mucoid plaque/ ropeworms.

    1. thanks Ron, I haven’t considered the coffee enemas much because I’m extremely sensitive to caffeine and I’ve read that it does affect you… Today I was reading about diatomaceous earth and it seems that it can do something very similar regarding the colon cleansing.

  3. Good stuff Eric. Especially great links! I was sick from HG most of my life until I recognized it after some particularly dirty dental work in summer 2000 caused a cascade of progressively more acute health problems culminating in severe A-Fib incident.

    Better now – though not without ongoing challenges. i

    I wonder if you have investigated the role of apo-lipoprotein types of HG related illness? A search of Duke University/Apo-lipoprotein and Apolipoprotein E genotyping as a potential biomarker for mercury neurotoxicity will yield a bountiful harvest of food for thought on the issue of why some people are made very sick my Hg exposure, others not so much.

    Anyway, I thank God for the help/inspiration of many people (yourself included) who have walked this path and shared their support, knowledge and experiences. I am especially grateful for the work of Andy Cutler, the folks who started and maintain the Yahoo frequent dose chelation forum and the folks at DAMS ( Keep the great posts coming. Good health to you!

  4. I found the Malic acid instead of the apple cider vinegar or juice to be better for me. Andreas Moritz has a great book the amazing liver/gallbladder flush.

    1. thanks Michael, do you remember what the apple cider vinegar did to you that you didn’t like? I will probably try the malic acid also:)

      That is the book I read to get started…

  5. Hey Eric,
    Do you do private consultations over the phone? If so, please email me.
    Thank you,

    1. sorry Mike, might seem like I know what I’m talking about but I don’t! I’m still ill and just trying to pull a rabbit out of a hat!! happy to listen if you want to ask questions here in the comments though…

  6. Wow, you do get a medal! How vile was the taste? Did you use just regular store bought grapefruit juice? I may have to try this.

    1. actually, I liked the taste. i did use store-bought grapefruit juice but it was, organic not from concentrate and delicious… I am having a lot of fatigue this week and I suspect it’s from the liver flush. Believe I am producing more bile which in theory might be loaded with toxins.

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