When I get healthy, I’m going to…

[I]f you are like me, you’ve been stockpiling things you’ll do someday but can’t because you’re not well enough.  It’s time for me to make a list, right now, right here:

Big things

  1. vacation with my family in Spain
  2. visit my brother and his family in Texas
  3. take my family camping
  4. take intro snowboarding class
  5. take the train from Denver to Glenwood Springs for a weekend
  6. take family sailing somewhere tropical
  7. go surfing
  8. go fly fishing
  9. spend some time on the beach at North Captiva

Little big things

  1. go for a jog
  2. go for a swim
  3. hike barefoot all the way to the top of Mount Sanitas with Evan
  4. take the family out dancing, maybe to a summer concert
  5. take a weekend road trip
  6. take the girls fishing

What did you do when you recovered or what will you do when your cover?

3 thoughts to “When I get healthy, I’m going to…”

  1. Love it! Great list. I’ve been thinking I should put my list into writing as well… I continue to salivate for the day I can return to bikram and vinyasa yoga, hiking, biking, camping, traveling, and enjoying an occasional meal in a restaurant…

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