I’m dreaming again

[I]’m not talking about daydreaming of recovering my health and all the fun things we’ll do.  I’m talking about dreaming during sleep.  As long as I can remember, I’ve been telling people that I don’t remember my dreams.  But yesterday, reading Amalgam Illness I came across this:

As the victims level of intoxication waxes and wanes they go through periods of life when they do or do not dream.

Now, I believe that what I really experienced over the last 10 years or more was the absence of dreams.  When I started chelating, I had remarkably vivid dreams and I’m still having them although perhaps a little milder because they are not waking me up so much.  I thought these were side effects but now I’m starting to think they are just signs of healing.  That I’m dreaming more normally again.

For someone who hasn’t dreamed  in a long time, any dream would seem vivid. This morning I dreamed that I was driving along a beach road in a beautiful tropical place and came to the airport where I could see jumbo jets taking off one after another  uncomfortably close to each other….

I’ve also read incredible descriptions of how Mercury affects victims that fit me like a glove.  Issues that no doctor I saw could ever explain.

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  1. Yep, same here for the dreams. B6 triggered it back into action. Such joy… chelation also has weird effects on my dreams and sleep in general. Weirdly, it now I take the living supps chelators, I sleep better on round, I suspect because of the steady dose of magnesium, which I was horribly deficient in.

    1. That’s interesting, I also believe that drinking magnesium water all day long is helping me a lot by loosening my muscles. Previously, I didn’t do it because it gave me fatigue. But combined with the acceleration I get with the chelators, it all balances out…

  2. This is really strange! You seem to be remarkably similar to me.

    I also felt that Cutler’s descriptions of how Mercury affects victims fit me like a glove.

    Furthermore, in the book he says that not remembering dreams is a typical sign of lack of one of the B vitamins (B6 if I recall correctly) that is typical for mercury toxic people. Since I had had very few dreams over the previous 10-20 years, I went and got some high strenght vitamin B complex and almost the same day, I started remembering dreams! This was before starting chelation, but it really made me belive that this Cutler guy was on to something that was very relevant to me.

    Also, I have seen many that claim that their dreams get more vivid when thay start iodine, but I don’t think that has been the case for me.

    If we in fact are similar, it may be good news for you, since I have had great success with chelation.

    1. I read that about vitamin B6 and dreams but I started the B vitamins during my second round while my dreams started in the first-round. Also I only take 2 mg of B6 a day which is very little…

      Glad to know we are similar and you’ve had great success! I’m also very hopeful for my wife because there is an uncanny fit for her too – she had a mouth full of amalgam for 20 years.

      I’d like to email you a question – would you mind writing me at e@howirecovered.com ?

      Thanks for recommending the selenium and higher amounts of antioxidants also. I’ve started working on it already.

      1. Chelation has brought me back to the land of dreaming again, too! I don’t think I’ve had dreams since I was a kid. I think it’s a super fun perk of chelating 🙂

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