Thank you for my headache!

[N]ever been as pleased with a headache before. After seven days off-round, I was so anxious to get started again that I couldn’t wait for Monday morning, so I started chelating at 8 PM on Sunday. By 10 PM I had a beautiful frontal headache that filled me with joy. Having just discovered my heavy metal toxicity in April, this is only my 14th round and I’m still slightly incredulous at having discovered the source of my 12 year health crisis (and 30 year history of weirdness).

Have you ever moved to a new city that was dramatically different – like from the beach to the mountains? We did that and it took years to feel like home – I’d look around (even after three years) and think “How did I get here? What am I doing here?”

After plumbing the depths of despair with my illness, learning that I could recover to near 100% someday, takes some reminding and getting used to. So, that chelation headache was my little reminder that I’m on track and got it figured out. Wow.



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  1. Grrrr…  Just lost everything I typed.  Hate it when that happens.

    Anyway, are you taking anything for adrenal support other than iodine?  I just looked at your supplement list.  Wow!  You are taking a lot of stuff!  I’m surprised you’re not having the bloating that Viking and I are.  With your temp chart looking so nice, it doesn’t seem like you should be having adrenal crashes post-round.

    “Did you always have that reaction from your first round?”

    More or less.  The beginning was a blur, especially the first couple rounds with DMSA.  Switching to ALA alone helped immensely, and then getting all the support supplements in place.  From there, I can say that it was apparent I felt better on round, and these days, it’s the same though less dramatic.  I can’t remember ever having redistribution hit already on the first day off though.  It makes me wonder if I have less momentum or a slower metabolism with the Hg pull?  Not sure.  That’s something else I could ask in the forum, what exactly that would mean…

    “That’s remarkable, no wonder you are so committed to chelating above all else:)”

    Haha.  My biggest sole motivator in chelating back to back and putting in the rounds is that I’m still so far into the red.  Chelating as efficiently as possible is my only hope for getting my health and my life back.  I want to get to the finish line not tomorrow, but yesterday!

    Regarding your post-round fatigue, wouldn’t you think that’s mercury settling, as in, redistribution?  I think of it similar to the post-exercise fatigue we get.  In both cases, mercury is getting stirred around.  With chelation, it just happens to get excreted.

    1. For adrenal support I take a pretty substantial amount of Isocort, probably equivalent to 22.5 mg of cortisone, unfortunately. And I have put on some weight. When I’m struggling with chelation, I eat more because it makes me feel better physically, takes the edge off my suffering. But I haven’t put on those automatic mystery 20 pounds you talk about.

      I think you’re probably right about the post-round fatigue being redistribution, it’s just that it doesn’t feel any different to me so I kind of resist the technical label without proof. I’m generally skeptical of everything:D

      I can identify with the first rounds being a blur. Blogging is helping with that but even so I often take poor notes!

  2. You got a headache two hours into your next round?  I’m confused about why you’d get that at the start of the round…  Nonetheless, happy you’re enjoying it!
    I can relate to that, as I’m always eager for my redistribution headache to kick in.  I actually love them, as it’s confirmation that chelating is working.  What a relief!

    I can also relate to your feelings of oblivion to your surroundings.  I feel the exact same way.  I’ve had some days of clarity where I’ll look around and feel like I’m seeing my apartment, my town, the world, for the first time in a long, long time.  Like the veil has been lifted, or I’ve come out of my coma. 
    It’s incredible, and I hope that this clarity and awareness is a permanent fixture in our futures!

    1. “You got a headache two hours into your next round?”

      Has always been that way for me…

      Here’s to clarity!!

      1. Well good news then, indeed!  I find it interesting how we all have different signals with chelation.  I start to feel realllllly good by my third dose into a round.  Visual and mental clarity, happiness, energy.  And then my first two days OFF round, I’m also feeling pretty darn good.  But then redistribution hits me hard during that night after Day 2, headache, darkness, lethargy. 

        It seems like most people have said that redistribution hits them much earlier, like hours after their last dose or into the evening of their first day off.  I don’t think I’ve ever had it that quickly.  I wonder about what all of this says about each of our bodies…  If it has to do with metabolism, support supplements, current toxic load?  Not sure, but in my usual curious style, I’m always wondering!    😉

        1. “I start to feel realllllly good by my third dose into a round.”

          That’s remarkable, no wonder you are so committed to chelating above all else:) Did you always have that reaction from your first round?

          Odd that our experiences are so different. My redistribution is the common one, first day off round until dinnertime roughly. Not sure I like the word “redistribution”, because while it’s logical, I’m not sure it could be proved that’s what’s happening. To me it feels the same as a typical Monday when I’m fatigued from the extra activity of the weekend. Basically adrenal crashing.

          Your experience, however, would probably boost the claim of redistribution because of the delay in between chelation and your event.

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