Stumped by my DW’s hair test…

[W]hen I opened my dear wife’s (DW) hair test results a few minutes ago I was relieved and a little surprised. It looks like she doesn’t meet any of the counting rules according to HTI. But, she had a mouthful of mercury fillings removed a couple years ago and still has some mysterious health complaints which had me thinking I’d see high mercury on her test results.

Her issues include:

  • psoriasis of the scalp and elbows
  • orthostatic hypotension (gets dizzy when standing up)
  • varicose veins
  • neutropenia (low white blood cell count)
  • persistent low magnesium (even with supplements and IVs)
  • feels cold when her body temperature is normal (98°F) especially hands and feet
  • headaches
  • occasional jaundice (and once had cholestasis of pregnancy)
  • sub optimal sugar control
  • some peeling skin on nose
  • frequent fearful dreams
  • not sure how I can say this lovingly – often worried, irritable, overly sensitive, impatient, resentful of criticism, prefers to avoid social interaction and indecisive
  • pain in legs (feels like bone pain)
  • a touch of OCD
  • some acne on the face

On the bright side, just a few of her qualities include being incredibly and obsessively dedicated to the family, selfless and hard-working to the point of collapse, concerned for others, has great judgment, is a master chef, beautiful, highly athletic, never gives up, loves being a mom with great attention to detail, and there’s lots more… not the least of which is having nursed me back to health over five years after my nervous breakdown!!

I’ve started her on the Cutler supporting supplements, methylation support and iodine with good results. She no longer gets up at night to pee, greatly reduced leg pain, face is clearer and mood has improved.

Here’s Linda’s analysis of my DW’s hair test (from FDC):

Don’t want to be the one to burst anyone’s bubble, but it is common to have a hair test that does not meet counting rules and still have mercury toxicity. Especially common when exposures were long ago, such as in your dear wife’s case (long time exposures to amalgam fillings, then removal a couple years ago)

The counting rules are only useful when there is a lot of mercury in the body. That mercury disrupts mineral transport. When there is a lot of mercury in the brain it isn’t available to disrupt mineral transport so isn’t taken into account by the counting rules.

If ALL amalgam has been removed then it is easy, easy to test….. side effects or improvements with trials of chelation confirm toxicity. That is the definitive test.

So hopefully we can arrange a trial around in the fall!




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  1. I took a quick look but haven’t found it yet – what does “FDC” stand for?  (from context it sounds like a discussion forum?)  I know about Phoenix Rising, but the acronym FDC has me stumped.

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