Supplement changes

I really fear changing so many things at one time but so far so good.  I  increased and added the following supplements this week:

  1. Iodine –  6.25 mg Iodoral (added and stopped using  17 mg of potassium iodide liquid )
  2. Selenium – 100 mcg (added) in addition to Brazil nuts
  3. Magnesium –  increased from  150 to 500 mg
  4. Borage oil –  1 g (added)
  5. Fish oil –  63 mg  of omega-3  child formula (added)
  6. Vitamin C –  increased from 1 g to 2.2 g
  7. Vitamin E –  increased from 400 iu  to 600 iu

I’m holding off on the following changes but will make them over the next couple weeks:

  •  increase molybdenum
  •  add chromium picolinate
  •  add mixed carotenes
  •  add milk thistle

2 thoughts to “Supplement changes”

  1. Great move, I think.

    On that list, chelation should be safe. Then you can think of adding other things, if that makes sense, as you progress.

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