[M]y fourth round is complete now. Yesterday was my first day off round and I was fatigued with lots of brain fog until late evening. Feels like the standard adrenal crash I experience on Mondays after a busy weekend. In spite of the fatigue and fog however I was and still am obsessed with chelation.

I can read for 8 or 10 hours a day in the chelation forum  and Mercury blogs (see the right-hand column).  It’s a strange feeling to be obsessed but slow and drained at the same time. In addition to reading  everything I can about detoxification, I’m spending a lot of time wondering if I’m improving.  I suspect I am but my symptoms ebb and flow so much based on my activity level, sleep, diet, the temperature etc,  it’s very difficult to know.

At this point, I feel little bit like a pregnant couple waiting to announce the pregnancy. But, it’s still too early for sure. The one most promising possible improvement I have my eye on right now is muscle tightness.  I think my hands feel looser.  That’s my number three symptom so it’s a big one. I’ve got high hopes.

Yesterday,  I set up NewsBlur,  a replacement for Google reader and added the Mercury blogs that are listed on the right at the bottom.  Reading MercOver,  I got interested in a book about iodine and bought the Kindle version for $.99.

In other news –  I’ve completely given up eating vegan  and/or vegetarian. I also had my first appointment with Dr. Rick Marshall a naturopath that Andy Cutler worked with at one time. On his recommendation I stopped supplementing with calcium and will take a saliva test soon  to look at additional hormone supplementation,  especially for thyroid. This is the first time I’ve seen anyone but an MD.

no-bipap-on-side2I’m also preparing to travel in June which provokes a lot of anxiety.  I’d like to leave the BiPAP machine at home so  in preparation, I’m training myself to sleep on my side.  Last night I slept my side without the machine and used my oximeter.  The graph looks pretty good and I’m thinking I can cross sleep apnea off my symptom list! Tonight I will use the machine to get a comparison just to be sure. If I were getting a small advantage from it I might stick with it anyway.

My notes:

Round 4 (2.5 days) – 50 mg DMSA, 50 mg ALA every 3 hours, total chelation days to date: 11

  • Monday, April 8: feeling tired and accelerated all day… still wiped out after 4 saunas last week.
  • Tuesday, April 9: added vitamin A, lots of energy, headache in the evening.
  • Wednesday, April 10: sledding, headache possibly from vitamin D?
  • Thursday, April 11 (off): fatigued and slow all day

4 thoughts to “Obsession”

  1. Congrats on making the move to bring back meat. I, too, easily lived without it, but with chelation, I’m convinced it’s imperative for a successful recovery. I try to eat organic chicken on most days I’m on round.

    And I understand the obsession, especially when your life is at a standstill because of your health. I, too, am desperate to get a good chunk of this behind me. Try to be patient though, only 4 rounds in. For me, the early days were a messy blur. 30 rounds has been my first turning point. All are different, but continue on, and you WILL recover.

    I hadn’t known about Dr. Marshall. Very exciting! Please post and share all that you learn from him. I’ll be eager to hear your reports 😉

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Tara 🙂

      Dr. M said something that would be very controversial on the forum – that after 30 days of standard chelating, I could skip night rounds!

      1. Hooey! That’s bologna, for sure. Ha. Controversial, maybe, but I’d suspect it’d give more people a laugh than a cause for argument 😉

        1. I won’t mention it on the forum. but it is tempting when someone gives you contrarian advice you kind of want to hear 😀

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