I’m drinking hydrogen peroxide

hydrogen-peroxide-model[I]’m on day ten – drinking five drops of 35% hydrogen peroxide three times a day. It’s exciting and I want to jump up to six or seven drops but I’m restraining myself and going slowly. The protocol is a fast-moving one, starting with one drop and increasing one drop each day to 25 drops (three times a day). Instead, I’m staying at each dose for two days.

Why would I do this? It’s another oxidative therapy, related to drinking ozone water which I did for about a week prior to this. I got really interested in ozone and wanted to do insufflation but the machine required to do medical grade ozone is more than $1000. During the research I came across this from curezone.com:

i no longer drink ozonated water becaue i’ve found oral H2O2 to be much more effective and longer lasting.

Around the same time, one of my blog readers mentioned that he recently resolved a number of mycotoxin symptoms using H2O2 and is currently taking 25 x 3 drops. I started getting really interested. Hydrogen peroxide seems very similar to chlorine dioxide therapy which I had researched earlier and actually purchased (though not used). The chlorine dioxide smells noxious and while they are both disinfectants, I’m more impressed with the chemistry behind H2O2. It seems that the hydrogen peroxide science is much more defined.

Next, In the Rope Worm group on Facebook, I read Prof. Alex Volinsky saying:

Any oxidation therapy is effective, including hydrogen peroxide, chlorine dioxide, ozone and hyperbaric chamber.

I’ve also heard  great things about the hyperbaric chamber and want to try it, but it’s expensive too. Since a bottle of 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide (FGHP) cost less than $10, I stopped researching medical grade ozone generators and went to buy my first bottle of FGHP on Amazon, where I came across this spectacular review:

FATIGUE: GONE!!!!!! Even the first day I started, it just felt as if it was one of the very good days! 4-5 days down the road….. never felt better since I was 20 years old and 50 kilos less….

The author of that review has a blog where I found a useful calculator for juggling 3% and 35% equivalencies and a link to this great e-book on FGHP by James Roguski. The chemistry section of his book was very convincing to me. I’d like to go into the chemistry deeply but am very pressed for time so I’m just going to highlight one single aspect out of a long list relating to the SOD2 genes.

I have some substantial genetic flaws in my SOD genes. See all the red and yellow? Those would be green and read -/- in a genetically flawless person.

SOD2 rs2758331 A AA +/+
SOD2 rs2855262 T CT +/-
SOD2 A16V rs4880 G GG +/+
SOD2 gene is a member of the iron/manganese superoxide dismutase family. This protein transforms toxic superoxide, a byproduct of the mitochondrial electron transport chain, into hydrogen peroxide and diatomic oxygen. In simpler terms, the more energy your mitochondria produce, the more byproducts (also called free radicals) get produced. These toxic byproducts tear up cell membranes and walls through a process called oxidative stress.  Mutations in the SOD2 gene diminish your ability to transform these toxic byproducts into harmless components. People with SOD2 polymorphisms may not tolerate nitrates or fish oil well. Mutations in this gene have been associated with idiopathic cardiomyopathy (IDC), sporadic motor neuron disease, and cancer.


Note the statement “Mutations in the SOD2 gene diminish your ability to transform these toxic byproducts into harmless components.” I think the word harmless is very misleading – it should say “valuable” components. why is that? Because hydrogen peroxide and oxygen kill viruses and bad bacteria! So if you’re deficient in hydrogen peroxide, the pathogens are taking over. Furthermore, the good bacteria, your flora, manufacture hydrogen peroxide. So we have a vicious circle where a lack of hydrogen peroxide allows pathogens to proliferate at the expense of good bacteria. Because you have less good bacteria you have even less hydrogen peroxide. See how circular it is?

Here’s how the ebook author James Roguski puts the SOD question:

Ask yourself a simple question.  Why would Mother Nature provide human cells with multiple versions of an enzyme that would enable us to manufacture hydrogen peroxide at a rate that is a billion times faster than one would observe if the enzyme did not exist?  Moreover, SOD has the fastest reaction rate of any known enzyme.  Doesn’t that point to the inherent importance of hydrogen peroxide?  To further drive home this point, please realize that, of the more than 100,000 types of protein in the human body,  only four are found in greater abundance than SOD!  The mere existence of SOD indicates that hydrogen peroxide is an extremely important nutrient!

A little more from my genetic profile:

FUT2 rs492602 G GG +/+
FUT2 rs601338 A AA +/+
FUT2 rs602662 A AA +/+
FUT2 gene encodes the fucosyltransferase 2 enzyme which determines “secretor status”. Non-functional enzyme resulting from a nonsense mutation in the FUT2 gene leads to the non-secretor phenotype. It has been shown that non-secretor individuals show significantly reduced bifidobacterial diversity, richness, and abundance. This is significant because intestinal microbiota plays an important role in human health.FUT2 has also been called a robust genetic predictor of vitamin B12 levels by Harvard researchers.

So in addition to having a genetic defect that results in low hydrogen peroxide production, I’ve also got genetic defects that result in reduced flora abundance and diversity.
This leaves me even more defenseless against intestinal pathogens and lower still in hydrogen peroxide levels.

Now, I have not  experienced a miracle cure yet but I have had some really promising results and remember my case is a pretty messy one.

First to summarize the side effects/detox reaction I’m experiencing, at times I’ve had:

  • mild dizziness
  • extra fatigue
  • headaches, frontal headaches and rear/upper ones that I’ve never felt before
  • abdominal bloating
  • abdominal pains (strangely not associated with gas)
  • soft stools
  • diarrhea
  • feeling cold especially hands
  • mild depression
  • difficulty sleeping right after taking h202 (I take my first dose around 5 AM)
  • dry lips
  • passing mucus in stools
  • strange feeling in sinuses

And the good stuff:

  • more energetic
  • less brain fog
  • more relaxed at times when ordinarily my body would be crashing

And here’s the blow-by-blow:

Day 1: one drop x 2 – mild headache after taking peroxide, unable to nap, some intestinal gurgling (not stomach)
Day 2: one drop x 3 – deep nap after lunch, feeling better than expected considering sleep loss previous night, no headaches, less than normal bloating until evening
Day 3: two drops x 3 – good nap, good energy until after dinner, headache in evening and exhausted
Day 4: two drops x 3 – somewhat better than expected energy at horseback riding, inhaled way too much dust, wiped out the rest of the day as usual.
Day 5: three drops x 3 – less fatigued than expected in the morning considering previous days exercise, light nap, feeling exhausted at 3:30 PM (I am usually crashing at this time of day ) when I took my last peroxide dose and 20 minutes later I felt miraculously better with partial lifting of brain fog and relaxation without eating food (this has NEVER happened before). Abdomen somewhat bloated. Woke from abdominal pain (not stomach) in the middle of the night and had trouble going back to sleep.
Day 6: three drops x 3 – sleep deprived, deep nap, feeling energy surges from peroxide but muted due to sleep loss, frontal headache in evening.
Day 7: four drops x 3 – difficulty falling back asleep after first early morning dose of peroxide, stools getting softer, extra fatigue today, feeling lactic acid and muscles just walking up stairs, feeling a little cold today, mildly depressed in evening after taking my usual dose of Mag 07.
Day 8: four drops x 2 – softer stools again, long lunch meeting means no nap, destroyed for rest of day.
Day 9: five drops x 3 – very bloated all day, probably detox! nap, lots of burping.
Day 10: five drops x 3 – loose stool with lots of yellow mucus (small thin sheets) followed by diarrhea. Still very bloated.

to be continued…

If you’re interested in learning more or trying out hydrogen peroxide therapy, I highly recommend reading  James Roguski’s e-book titled “The Truth About Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide” and the hydrogen peroxide info on CancerTutor.com.

Speaking of cancer, I found this YouTube testimonial fairly credible and very interesting.

UPDATE: Coronavirus is rampaging around the world and I’ve just gone back on FGHP again after reading Dr. Robert Rowen’s article saying hydrogen peroxide and other oxidative therapies will inactivate coronavirus.

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  1. HI there, I have the same SOD2 mutations 2 of them, anyway.
    SOD2 rs2758331 A AA +/+
    SOD2 rs4880 G GG +/+

    and am hetero on my FUT2 –
    FUT2 rs492602 G AG +/-
    FUT2 rs601338 A AG +/-
    FUT2 rs602662 A AG +/-

    I had a plasma-rich-platelet (PRP) shot (cleaned up from my own blood – on the spot) intradiscal, hopefully to heal an annualar tear. I was prepared for it not to work, while hopefuly of course it would.

    However I was not prepared for it to have triggered mast cell problems for me.

    Thing is, I can’t figure out why. My own cleaned up blood platelets should not be an irritant to me. Totally unexpected!

    Also I cannot figure out how to reverse the clock and get back to where i was 7 months ago.

    Hard to handle salicylates, histamines, you name it, and hence, to take supps to cure it. I do take an SOD supp by Seeking Health that doesn’t seem to bother me, though I can’t tell if it’s helping, either.

    Would be open to ideas. Thanks.

    1. Wait two hours after eating to take FGHP, and wait one hour after taking FGHP before eating.

  2. Women with auto immune issues, mycotoxins, and/or bacteria, really need to consider any biomedical implants, particularly breast implants, as the source of their problem. Nothing worked for me until I removed the implants. My husband was given mesh tor a hernia and this caused similiar problems, with prostate infections. All biomedical implants cause biofilm which protects bacteria and toxins from antobiotics, hollistic treatments, and the immune system. Once the source of the Biofilm is removed, these therapies can cure the remaining disease causing bugs.

  3. I’m Scared I’m Really Sick With Mold Poisoning Inside Of Me, I Feel Weak. Doctor Are No Help. They Don’t Believe In Mold Poisoning. Ridiculous I Know. It’s Been Hard For Me I am Weak, Headaches, I Look Really Sick. I Cant Use The Bathroom It’s Offal. I Saw A Video On U tube About A PHD Holistic Doctor That Explains How To Get Mold Out Of Your Body. Charmaine Bassett Is Her Name. Can You Watch It And Tell Me If You Agree. I Bought The Protocol, But I’m Scared To Try It. Also My Husband And I Are Trying To Move Out Of My Daughter’s House Where The Mold Spores Are At. I Feel So Sick This Has Been Very Difficult For Me Because I’m I’m Alot Of Pain, And Cant Stop Crying. Please Help.

    1. Hi Anna, Charmaine sounds very good, I think she knows what she’s talking about. I also use ozone… hang in there!!

  4. Hi there

    I have tasted a sip of h2o2 to my tongue and then i spit it all, and washed my mouth but still i felt like it has gone inside my throat. The one which had mistakenly is use for ears and teeth, is it dangerous?

    1. it does taste yucky but it should not be dangerous… just make sure to get some food grade peroxide and make sure to dilute it properly!

    2. Dude , don’t drink that straight you’ll die. You have to dilute it with distilled water

  5. I’m ta king 10 drops H2O2 since a month for my Psoriasis,
    Singles & other skin infections. Althogh I have remarkably
    reduced appetite & taking lesser food & seem to losing weifght
    the protocol has not addressed my skin issue. Dont know whether to continue or stop. Need advice. I can handle only
    l0 dropos & nothing more which leaves me dry & burning sensation in the throat

  6. What an amazing story of God’s faithfulness to give you the wisdom you needed. My daughter-in-law has lymes disease and has become paralyzed from all the antibiotics they gave her (although they will never admit it.) Praying that this will help her too as it has come close to taking her out a few times. God has given us so many natural things to help us. Thanks for sharing!

    1. look at greenmed info website and read about stevia for lymes disease better than any antibiotic

  7. Do you have any updates you can share on Day 11 and forth on your H202 Protocol? How is it working?

      1. When you quit did you step down? I’m wanting to come off & have been stepping down as suggested, but wondered what happens if you just quit?

        1. I believe i just jumped down from 13 to 4 drops and then stopped after a few days at four…

      2. Hello, I have taken the 3% peroxide and was nausea afterwards. The next day I took it only after eating…I didn’t get sick at all.

        1. Theoretically, if you take hydrogen peroxide after eating, it oxidizes your food and won’t have any health benefit.

          1. Help. I want to start peroxide treatment but don’t understand how to use it. Should I be using the one I have that says 3%? Does that also have to be diluted? And where can I get the info on what and how many drops are needed. I’ve seen things like 4drops x3. What does that mean I’m so confused and need this for a very specific reason. Topically it is a miracle cure so I’m sure it will work internally for me. Please help!!!

  8. The Chlorine Dioxide is effective for so many things from burns and colds to hep c and cancer too. It does smell noxious. I have been using it since 2008. I usually use the 50% concentration at a 1:1 ratio and place in a capsule. I have taken anywhere from 4 drops to 25 drops with success and I have a friend who got up to 65 drops. Honestly 4drops is sufficient. It is already created in your immune system in minute amounts. It usually only stays in your system for two hours. I use it in a spray form, I make eye drops and I also use it in my nebulizer. If it makes you sick you took too many drops drop back a drop or two and stay on that dose for 3 days and the increase by one drop.

    I recently started the Hydrogen Peroxide in my water. I took 35% food grade and created a 3% solution. I also add a mineral supplement to the water. I do feel more energy. Let’s see how that goes!

  9. I have non small cell lung cancer with the ALK gene. I have been taking 6 to 8 oz. of wheat grass juice daily. I was wondering if I should take FGHP at the same time. Wheat grass juice is antioxidant and HP is an oxidant. Will one work against the other ? Tks for any guidance you can give me. ~ Tom ~

    1. hi Tom, I don’t know whether these two treatments would work against each other, but you might look into hydrogen peroxide nebulization… good luck to you!

      1. Do You Put Water Also In The Nebulizer And The 35% Food Grade Hydrogen peroxide?

  10. Did you find this treatment to be effective? What was the end result of this therapy? Why did you stop?

    1. yes, I believe it was effective. I stopped when I started getting very strong nausea…

  11. Whats the different between the regular Hydrogen Peroxide that you bought from drugstore to clean dermal cuts etc and food grade one? Why they have same ingredients? Is there any ingredient being hidden in a regular one? If there is hidden ingredients, is in it illegal for not mentioning/putting on the list/bottle?

    1. sorry I don’t know the answer to this but I would not take any chances with non-food grade… Not worth the risk

    2. The drug store variety has added chemicals that make it unfit for consumption. Buy the food grade! The ebook referenced explains it all.

  12. I put one teaspoon of 35% in a glass of water and drink it little by little until finish at night. That the only day I drink it. A week later I feel like s stabbing pain in my left abdominal behind my lower ribs. Could it be a gas trapped in my splenic flexure that causing that pain, or could h2o2 intefere with spleen. Because the on and off stabbing pain thing is in that area. I also have experience diarrhea for a week, I do take magnesium tablet supplement 200mg, once a day (lunch). I stop magnesium two days ago but I still experience diarrhea last night four time to toilet. Could it be the h2o2 csuding damage to my digestive system ?

    1. Rik, you are not following the instructions! Don’t invent your own protocol. Most likely the diarrhea is caused by bacteria die off. Please mix your hydrogen peroxide properly.

      1. Thanks for warning Eric. The diarrhea still on but no fever that made me think its not caused by bacteria or virus. I also took magnesium tablets five days ago that is worries me as a cause of my diarrhea but I stop that two days ago. Could it take couple days if the mag is the cause.Only took that once. I know was a mistake. I am just afraid if already causing physical damage to my digestive system. Do you mean good bacteria die off is the good bacteria? Should I consume probiotic? Does probiotic lactase base if fine? Also has been experience a stabbing pain on the left side of my upper abdomen behind my ribs like in the side of my spleen area. Could it be h2o2 causing gas trap in Splenic Flexure?
        Thank you Eric

        1. Rik, I really doubt a couple of magnesium capsules could cause lasting diarrhea. I would stop hydrogen peroxide for three or four weeks and get back to normal before you try anything else. If you tried again, do it exactly according to the recipe next time and maybe it will work out better…. I’m no expert on probiotics so I can’t help you there.

        2. MagO7 will not cause diarrhea days later. Unless, of course, you took 14 capsules and did not take enough liquid for them. Then I have experienced up to a 2 day delay. Hydrogen Peroxide is created in your body. It will not hurt or burn. You can also inject a small amount into physical tumors and watch them dissolve. That does burn!!! Only a small amount is necessary for it to occur.

    2. To all those that are getting die off symptoms…Detoxification with hydrogen peroxide…Diarrhea is on that list. I have known many people on hydrogen peroxide H2O2 now that have experienced areas that they have needing to be healed…Will react in that manner such as the colon intestinal area. The people that are experiencing more symptomatic issues are the ones that are being benefited the most… But it’s something you ride through. My girlfriend Denise also had diarrhea 5 days when she got up to 14 drops. So she remained on the 14 drops as it says to do until the diarrhea subsided. Now she is going forward with the increase. She is taking it slow knowing that it is actually healing and cleansing her body…
      Hang in there????
      Sinerely, Liann Liberto

  13. God bless you for sharing your stories. We just lost our dear neighbor that battled pancreatic cancer 4 years…it went to his liver…The oncologist told him that diet and nutrition have nothing to do with cancer and the research doctor guinea pig him and did research studies..He was an intelligent bright very helpful kind soul. He died at age 50! Id like to add in addition to the baking soda which is the main protocol to alkalizing the body! Potassium bicarbonate which you can find at (nuts.com) in powder form a pound at a time. It will help balance out the sodium from the sodium bicarbonate for those that are sensitive to sodium…with my own PH tape I have researched that the hydrogen peroxide does Not make me As Alkaline as the baking soda does. For those who are thinking of just using the hydrogen peroxide, I would do potassium bicarbonate & baking soda, Plus the hydrogen peroxide adding juicing and change of diet. I hate cancer with a vengeance! it has taken so many beautiful people I know as well as many others of you out there. Peace & love & more love! God bless all of you.????
    Liann Liberto

  14. Thanks for all of this. I have the 4880 +- and the FUT2 you’ve listed all +- but I have a lot of NOS3 that are ++ and a PEMT ++ as well….do you know if these mutations are ok with H2O2? I’ve been very sick, homebound, for 17 years now, Lyme, was treated and do everything I can think of but keep getting worse, any thoughts?

    1. on’t know about the mutations and H2O2. when you say Lyme was treated, what do you mean? is it gone? I suspect if it was you would be feeling better…

      1. Susan, try looking into mold wherever you are living. I have had mold in my home and was unaware of why I was so sick and could not recover! Also on top of it I had mercury way too much in my mouth from the amalgam fillings…A good book to read is Crazy Sexy Cancer book by Kris Carr. Coffee Enemas, Juice Fasting on Fresh juices…Greens more than Fruits…Give up Sugar cuz it Feeds Mold plus its wat cancer feeds off… if you have a mercury or mold problem alcohol and or cigarettes will add havoc also…Try a pure pea protein powder if You are weak during a Fast????Fasting completely rejuvenates every cell in our bodies. After all …It is what our Lord did for purity. I also have a genetic problem which many of us probably have many defects and do not even aware of. Stay strong, keep on praying and never give up Susan????

        1. Yes mold for sure. I’ve known about it and had the house tested and had the tgif-beta and others tested and way off the charts. I tried to move out a couple of years ago and got so much sicker from the effort and then discovered the place i moved to had an air exchange unit that was sucking in fumes from the garage. since then haven’t put much effort into it, friends looked for awhile but no mold free places yet. i worked with amy yaks of some years trying to get the genetic stuff right. always eat really well, organic, low emfs, had amalgams out years ago but i don’t death from anything well. thank you for your concern and keep me in your prayers! xoxoxsusan

          1. Hi Susan it’s Liann. That’s really sad about the Air Supply when you made the whole ordeal to have to move Not feeling well. I too have been in your shoes 8 years to where I felt horrible and wondered WHY? & Nobody understands unless they have been there! I do not know your age but I am now going through menopause & suffering with night tremors ….At first thinking I was getting MS…But putting peices together…Its Menapause! No Hot flashes tho????a suggestion would be to get cool mist humidifiers maybe for each room and do the distilled water with the H2O2 in it to cleanse and purify and oxygenate the air you breathe in the house. I was so sick I was always at home for year after year no car I& babysitting the grandkids never went anywhere and had no idea that where I was living was toxic! I was juicing eating organic as much as I could almost vegetarian diet and everyone would say what’s wrong you eat so well why are you always feeling sick! 2.other things you may try is get a PH tape from Swanso?s Vitanins for $7.00. & pee on it and see if you are acid because if you are you will feel like CRAP.I am feeling better since the mold has been fixed somewhat and taking the hydrogen peroxide 25 drops 3 times a day has really helped. there is another procedure I would like you to consider and it is in the book the gallbladder liver flush by Andres Moritz….Boil water not tap water… 15 to 20 minutes and pour it into stainless steel thermos. Drink that every 30 minutes taking a few sips of hot deionized water. It gets toxins and waste out of the body…it does not hydrate you so you need to drink other water as well…It thins the blood and even helps you shed pounds. I am just starting this protocol and you may be interested in it also…Remember too that it takes years to detoxify the mold and the silver fillings out of our bodies. it gets stuck in our organs…I am dealing with my liver because of it which the hydrogen peroxide helps alot…On my honeymoon I was bit by a tick suddenly became ill with fever and I am wondering if this is why I have battled ill health all my life since I was in my twenties but sustained getting worse by my healthy eating. I have yet to be tested for Lyme disease but now after reading your comments I believe I need to go and get tested. But I have complete faith that the hydrogen peroxide will tremendously benefit …if in fact I do have Lyme disease?!

            1. Hi Liann, thanks for telling me your story, wow what a long hard journey. and yes yes yes do get tested for Lyme! Igenix.com. thank your your suggestions for sure, they are appreciated. It wouldn’t be worth it to remediate our house, would cost more than it is worth and so I slowly as I am able try to figure out how and where to move.

              Eric I was treated for lyme by the famous dDrHorowitz and in spite of abs and antimalarials and tons of herbs and metals chelation i wound up just getting sicker. Tried rife, tried salt/c, tried everything i could think of. When it is late stage it hides in cells and the body attacks itself trying to find them.

              I am interested in the h202, just feel cautious as so many things i’ve tried have made me worse. I am missing a lot of the G6dp genes and that concerns me as well.

              1. Susan, have you thought about trying chlorine dioxide? I recently read an amazing success story from a woman who cured her lyme in four months with it…

                1. Yes, I have it here, bought it many years ago. And have some new. I am trying to find out if the G6PD1 gene (which they say if mutated or missing is bad to do high oxygen therapies or even high c therapy) stuff I have means it is contraindicated but haven’t been able to tell from my own genes. no call or no data on 4/5 of the G6Pd so hard to know.

                  1. I don’t know much about this but in the ozone therapy group that topic comes up occasionally and the old-timers/experts always say it is nonsense… At least that’s my recollection. let me know what you find out!

            2. Liann

              it may be worth your while to check out http://chroniclymediseasesummit.com/
              Lots of info and stories of people who conquered Lyme and how to at least ameliorate it.
              cost to buy the summit is 99 right now. I recorded parts of it to send to a friend who has chronic lyme.

          2. Liana:
            haha, noticing all the auto-correct mistakes, I guess I had better proof these posts better!

            I just listened to a lecture by Raj Patel about the way they are determining the difference between mold and lyme. I’d had many of the test before but not as a comparison and just found a dr willing to do the protocol per richie shoemaker with me, very excited. need clarity!

    2. For Lyme I would do research on Royal Rife, or read the, The Secret of Life
      by Georges Lakhovsky and Mark Clement

      1. Yes! I’ve had a Dan Tracy machine since 2004 and also a coil machine for many years. I just can’t tolerate much die-off, can’t seem to detox well enough to do anything full-on. I was on abx for four years, 2002-2006, and cowed hers, burner herbs, metals chelation, etc etc…I’m just getting worse and worse.

  15. Eric,
    So have any of you heard that H2O2 can cause erosion of your stomach? That is what I read recently in an article. I’m trying ozone suppositories. I’m not having the same effect as H2O2. I did try ingesting OOO. It gave me such a horrible headache . Apparently I suffered from an oxygen overload. I may try the 3% instead of the 35%. Has anyone tried a ozone sauna?

    1. well sure many things can cause erosion of the stomach depending on how you take them. I didn’t experience any stomach problems all the way up to 15 drops of 35% if I remember correctly. I get headaches from anything that causes die-off or detox.

    1. I believe this is a very individual matter. 10 drops of 3% peroxide seems very low to me. I did not experience any changes until I got to 48 drops of 3%.

  16. Hi Eric – I have read that DISTILLED water should be used with H202 therapy versus regular water – do you have any comments on this?

    Also, do you have any recommendations as far as WHEN to take the therapy? I am only doing it 1x a day in the early morning for now, but would like to increase it to 2x and then 3x per day. Have you experienced any issues with food/drink and taking H202?

    Thanks for your input.

    1. I never use distilled water because I felt like my spring water was clean enough. don’t know too much about it.

      I never did experience any issues working around/in between meals. The problem I had was that I started having nausea and it just got worse and worse… I was separating the peroxide by one hour before after meals but that may be more than necessary.

      1. hello, eric’.. base on the oneminute cure book, h2o2 should only be dilluted in distilled water, because of u dillute it in spring water the h2o2 would react tp the minerals of spring water.. because distolled is just pure water..

        1. yes I believe I read that and I remember thinking that I would switch to distilled water if the peroxide became a long-term supplement for me…

  17. I tried FGHP a week and half ago. I was amazed at the energy from drinking it! I used 35% strength. I got up to 9 drops per 8oz water. The next morning I vomited foam. I tried to drink it again on three separate days. But my stomach was still inflamed. So I’m going to try ozone suppositories instead. Has anyone tried ozone? Are the effects the same as FGHP?

    1. I wouldn’t give up so easily on FGHP. Why not stick with four drops or even three for a while? You might get the same energy without the inflammation if you keep at it…

      Ozone has a very broad array of physiological effects… some are similar but definitely not the same!

  18. hello to all,i have been using for the first time 35%food grade hydrogen peroxide therapy and after 30 days am finishing my therapy and i have 7 days left,although am still in pain with my fingers and feet toes arthritis,please does any body have any tips or healing experience to share with me,the pain and stiffness are still their,or any other therapy or natural remedy,thank you and looking forward to your sharings,happy new year to all.

    1. Try eating more spices like oregano or even better margino or even better cinnamon or even better than that cloves are the best they will give you lots of oxidants.

    2. There is an interesting article on the net, “How they effectively stopped Borax from curing arthritis”. Definitely worth the read.

    3. Amira, try Turmeric, one tsp with some black pepper as it helps the body digest the turmeric, and take a table spoon of coconut oil which also helps to digest it.. look up its benefits on the net it is amazing…
      I thought that I was going to have to give up typing, I could not even knock on a door nor could I shake hands with people it was far too sore and it all happened in two months, but after two weeks on it, I felt that maybe there was some improvement, after a month I knew that there was great improvement and now I have very little pain at all…
      I have suggested it to others and one guy said within two days he felt a difference… hope this helps..

    4. Have you tried cherry concentrate. Do some research on it first but it has helped people with authritis.

  19. Everybody touts the FGHP but nobody gives the Exact combination of water/hp to take. Bet some want to sell something.

    1. I’ve found exact recipes all over the place on the Internet and I’ve also posted them here on this website. I’m not selling anything either.

  20. Hi Eric
    Thanks for the info
    I buy in online food grade hydrogen peroxide 3%.
    I’ m confuse to use it for internal use. Other web said

    Dosage schedule for 3% food grade h2 o2:
    Day 1………………..1 oz. daily
    Day 2………………..2 oz. daily
    Day 3………………..3 oz. daily
    Day 4………………..4 oz. daily
    Day 5………………..5 oz. daily
    Days 6 through 12……. 5 oz. 2 times daily
    Days 13 through 19…… 5 oz. 3 times daily
    Days 20 through 25…….5 oz. 2 times daily
    Days 27 through 32…….5 oz. every other day
    Day 33 and on…………5 oz. every third

    So please comment on my question, also when should I stop the treatment? And what supplement can I take and can not take during the treatment? Is probiotic ok to take during the treatment?

    Thank you so much
    Happy Holiday!

    1. I did not change any of my supplements during my hydrogen peroxide therapy including probiotics. The protocol you copied and pasted here looks like a more user-friendly way to go about using 3% peroxide. Using drops is less convenient because you end up having to count very high. many people never stop taking peroxide, they just cut back to a lower maintenance dose. I see your protocol is doing that starting on day 33… See how you feel!

    1. I looked at them and they are too big. I also wouldn’t use it very often, as it takes so much time and is kind of unpleasant also.

  21. I’m confused about the SOD — in green which I have on my genetic tests from Genova. While I thought this meant I was in good shape,apparently having — means it’s the wild type. The explanation goes as follows:

    – – SOD2
    Health Implications: Superoxide dismutase is an anti-oxidant enzyme found inside the mitochondria of cells (where most of our energy is made). SOD2 converts reactive oxygen species into less reactive hydrogen peroxide. The wild type (- -) SOD is associated with increased risk of Parkinson’s disease, breast cancer and motorneuron disease, including sporadic amyotropic lateral sclerosis (ALS). The wild type is associated with increased oxidative stress.

    1. sorry, that’s really over my head! I think the easiest way to sort it out is to do the 23andme and run it through livewello

  22. Might be a perforation. Might wanna get that checked out. Have them do an endoscopy.

  23. I’ve done the hydrogen peroxide protocol. I followed the directions very well But once I got to 25 drops 3x a day I developed lower abdominal pain and bloating. It’s been 1 year since I’ve been off the protocol and every day I still feel this pain and have this bloating. I don’t know what it is but I wouldn’t recommend anybody go over 10 drops a day

    1. thanks for the warning John!! I hope you figure out how to heal your stomach soon… I don’t know if you take supplements or not but you might want to try going off supplements for three weeks. That helped me once in a similar situation.

  24. I’m interested in where this goes and if it actually works.
    Over the years I’ve read about H2O2 online, yeah all the free books and all the propaganda (presumably from Big Pharma) about how “deadly” it is. Eventually over a year ago I started my 90 year old mother on it, being afflicted with both cancer and AD. She went through the “protocol” 1 and a half times (half because she became difficult to work with and I couldn’t get her to drink a full glass on the “ramping down” portion). Now I have her on 8 drops three times a day in one-third to one-quarter glasses of water, which is easier for her to take.
    I see no miracle cure here but neither do I see it poisoning her system.
    I also should note that I have been using our local hard well water rather than “pure” or distilled water. I don’t think there’s much difference so long as it’s not chlorinated tap water.

    1. I got my 81-year-old mother started on FGHP and it eliminated a lung infection she’s had for so many years she can’t remember… she got up to 12 drops of 35% three times a day after ramping up for five weeks or so. She stopped now and waiting to see how long she can go without it.

  25. Eric are you taking any antioxidants, won’t they counteract the hydrogen and the ozone therapy you are doing ?

    1. I am taking antioxidants Evgeni but separating them from the peroxide three hours before and one hour after. I can tell the H2O2 is working so I know the antioxidants aren’t completely counteracting the peroxide. But after reading your message I have decided to reduce my antioxidants to see what happens… Thanks:)

  26. Hi Eric. I wish you all the best in this new therapy. Have you tried a hydrogen stick for your water? My naturopath recommended that to me but haven’t tried it yet but I think it is less toxic than FGHP, which I have tried btw. Please be careful because H2O2 must be further broken down by catalase, I believe and perhaps some other things like glutathione. Anyway, it can be extremely toxic because H2O2 is itself a free radical. But I do not know too much about it just that I did not do well on it. Glad you are keeping your doses very small and listening to your body.

    1. thanks Helen, never heard of the hydrogen stick before! I’m going very slowly with the FGHP…

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