Ozone is a powerful healer

[N]ot only is ozone good for you, but it may be one of the most powerful healing substances available to us. If you don’t know anything about the healing properties of ozone yet, you probably think of the smog over Los Angeles. It took me a very long time to get educated about it but now I’m going to classify ozone with vitamin C as one of those unique and cheap cures that the medical establishment doesn’t want to know much about because there’s no easy money in it.

Actually, it’s just the US medical establishment that keeps its head in the sand. It seems ozone is widely used by medical doctors in Japan, Germany, Cuba and maybe Italy. Its widespread use in Germany apparently resulted from the need for powerful medicine after World War II when there was no money for it.

I got interested in ozone through colon cleansing. As I was looking at all the options for cleaning out the colon, killing bad bacteria and parasites, ozone water kept appearing as a good tool. The Mag 07 cleanse that I used employs an ozonated magnesium which releases oxygen into the intestines so I was predisposed to like the idea. I was impressed by one study showing that ozone was seemingly more effective at disinfecting water than chlorine dioxide (another tool I’ve been considering).

My thinking about ozone was just limited to its cleaning power until I saw this astonishing video by Dr. Rowan, a California MD, who has been using ozone with extraordinary success since 1986.

I had already ordered this ozone generator from Amazon but watching Dr. Rowan’s video gave me the confidence to quickly increase my dosage and so far so good. I had about 2 quarts today so far and I haven’t experienced any side effects other than a little bit of lightheadedness and passing small bits of mucus in my stool. I think it’s given me a little more energy but can’t say for sure yet.

Ozone therapy is is just one of the arrows in the ‘oxygen therapy’ quiver and can all play a role in eliminating parasites according to Prof. Alex Volinsky who recently wrote in relation to rope worms, “Any oxidation therapy is effective, including hydrogen peroxide, chlorine dioxide, ozone and hyperbaric chamber.”

I’m just getting started with ozone but wanted to have a place to share and record my research and experiences… here are some interesting  odds and ends:

From curezone.com:

. . . We had one on about 18 hours a day at times when my wife had cancer the first time. That and drinking ozonated water from it cured her cancer. 16 tumors. That’s why I say any ozone is better than no ozone & I don’t put down people who use medical grade generators. Again, that’s just my opinion. I’m sure Dr. Pressman and others will argue that, but they are the ones selling medical grade generators too. Some people have problems breathing medical grade ozone too. I can breath medical grade ozone in amounts that would make just about everyone cough for an hour. That’s only because I’ve been doing it for years. So always let the body be the guide in all alternative treatments. “First do no harm.”

From cancertutor.com:

  • Ozonated water should not be take with a meal, it should be taken between 2 hours after a meal and 1/2 hour before a meal.
  • Some ozonated water should be taken about 1/2 hour before each meal.
  • Use ONLY a high quality purified or spring water. NO tap water. Do NOT use distilled water as distilled water can pull/leech minerals out of your body.
  • To determine how much ozonated water to drink per day, take your weight (in pounds) and then divide that number by two. That is the number of ounces of ozonated water you need to drink per day. For example, if you weigh 200 pounds, you need to drink AT LEAST 100 ounces of ozonated purified or spring water per day. If the person can take more than the minimum, that is even better.

From curezone.com:

  1. Both ozone and peroxide impart extra oxygen to the body, so both are good. but peroxide is more reactive and you have to be more careful with it. you have to carefully regulate dosage levels, and you hvae to be sure to take on empty stomach etc. with ozone, once you get used to it you can do as much as you like. its much more user friendly so to speak. some don’t like the taste of the peroxide, the ozone water tastes great to me. i have done both and MUCH prefer the ozone water to the peroxide. but it could also be a personal preference thing.
  2. You may or may not have die off symptoms, it totally depends on the specific health issues you are dealing with. i drink one big glass per day first thing in the am on an empty stomach. you can drink as much as you like, but just be sure to do it on an empty stomach and then wait a while before eating. you can drink ozone water indefinitely, its great for your health, why stop?
  3. Ozone water has never interefered with any supplement i have taken and i don’t know of any it would interfere with. tho it possible that some prescription med should not be mixed with ozone water, but not really sure about that. also DMSO and oxygen therapy should NEVER be used together. but things like enzymes or probiotics or herbal supplement will only be affected positively by the ozone water. MSM increases the body’s ability to take up oxygen.

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  1. For Eric and everyone:
    Here’s the most effective protocol for killing and expelling worms of all kinds…including rope worms.
    1. coffee enema with 30- 60 drops of eucalyptus oil hold for as long as possible prior to eating. The coffee delivers the eucalyptus to the liver and of course the intestines.
    2. After enema…take heaping teaspoon of ground gloves saturated with Oreganol oil P-76 brand..swallow with water.
    3. Wait sometime…half an hour to an hour then take cascara sagrada tea…half or a third of a cup.
    The first part of your morning will be spent on this protocol. Within a day or 3 days of doing this protocol you should be expelling lots of worms…if you have them. This is a very intensive protocol and kills worms from the lower and upper end of your system. The enema cleans the colon allowing for the discharge of the worms being killed from the top of the digestive system. Google eucalyptus and rope worms to read about the Russian research on this worm killing herb. I have expelled huge flukes ( whole body) for days at a time doing this protocol. Along with the flukes, I expelled rope worms attached to fecal stones. Of course…you will need to take a break after 15 days and then renew your efforts after a rest period. I was shocked at what I expelled because i have eaten very healthy for a long time including being dairy free. This protocol actually works. Worms do not like lemon/lime juice and orange juice. I drank a lot of fresh squeezed lime juice with salt and a little olive oil after doing my herbs.

    1. Someday I will do Hyperbaric! I’m not doing any ozone now but hope to start again soon. Everything going pretty well all things considered and big things on the horizon I believe.

      1. awesome to hear! Big things on the horizon is always good!!

        I’ll blog about hyperbaric on my blog soon – so will let you know when it’s up. 🙂


    1. I got mine from promo-life and while they are not the most expensive, they are not cheap either!

      1. I’m looking into promolife. Have you found anything on the use of ceramic for the cells vs. glass quartz? Thank you for sharing your experiences with ozone. 🙂

  2. Hi Eric,

    Please, Do you know if ozone insufflation or drink ozonated water can kill good bacteria from gut flora?

    Thank you!

    1. I’ve researched that over and over again and every time I decided not to worry about that possibility. Just eat fermented foods.

  3. Hi. I wanted to ask about taking hydrogen peroxide instead of ozonated water since I dont have a machine yet. Are you talking abt. Food grade hydrogen peroxide or the ones u see at a drug store? And how do u take it by the way?Sorry I’m totally clueless abt this. I hope you could explain it further. Thanks.

    1. My neighbor buys hydrogen peroxide in bulk. I had hi. Find out about food grade from his supplier and hers is what they told him..the only difference between food grade and not is that they have a. Checklist for it. The get 2 contains ERS of 35%,from the same batch from the same manufacturer. They do the checklist on one but not the other otherwise there is no difference. I’m am talking 35%. By the time it is diluted to 3%,on the store shelf there absutely is a difference. I am merely saying you can buy industrial grade 35% and self dilute with fferex water.

  4. Hi Eric, I posted something about zappers but it didn’t show so maybe not relevant for this site. I saw a couple of mentions by you in regards to Hulda Clark and so wondered if you’d considered/ever tried using a zapper and/or what your thoughts are on them to use in conjunction with other things for paras etc….and general health. Best, Elizabeth

    1. I did buy a zapper and used it for as much as an hour and a half over three frequencies. I’ve never seen any evidence of helminths, but do feel like the zapper affected me. I’m guessing that I have viral or bacterial loads which the zapper worked on. I stopped using it and probably won’t pick it back up again because I think the best way forward for me is ozone therapy. The zapper worked best when using saltwater on the contacts but it gave me electrical burns – overall I found it somewhat difficult to do.

  5. Interesting talk by Robert Owen. I found it interesting what he said about both fish oil and also calcium!

    So you are doing ozone yourself at home? Is that through the machine on Amazon in the link above? Does the one I posted look like it would do pretty much the same? Is it drinking ozonated water that you Eric? He also mentioned using rectally but I’m not sure whether these small machines would be used in that method. And does just drinking it cause you go through difficult detox? Its all new to me…sorry for the loads of questions. Thanks so much for all of this. I’m in Australia – I don’t see any ozonating/oxegenating practitioners on his website list. Interesting what he says about disc regeneration and relief from sciatic pain……..!

    1. the cheap Chinese small machines are good for making water and I wanted to test it before investing in a more expensive machine. it worked well for that. when I saw how expensive the medical ozone generators were, I decided to use hydrogen peroxide instead. I did peroxide for about six weeks but eventually got a lot of nausea. Later I was able to purchase the expensive medical ozone generator…

    1. you can definitely make ozone water with that one and if you read the cure zone site you will find that some people have used the nature kleen for vaginal insufflation successfully even though it’s not recommended. There’s another guy who cured 18+ cancer tumors by running an ozone generator in the house 24 hours a day and he used a cheap Chinese machine…

  6. I just got back from a trip by the gulf of Mexico. Felt so much better than here in the inland NE. In the inland NE I live near powerlines that emit 2 miliguass and attributed feeling sluggish to that. But could it be that by the Sea there is more ozonated air?

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