Hair test number 4

This is my fourth hair test and comes a little more than six months after this one – I’m no longer shocked that I’m still copper toxic but at peace with the fact that at least my copper is probably on its way out.

I’m also still very concerned about the calcium, sodium, potassium, and lithium numbers as I know those are signs of serious issues and probably the combined effect of lead and mercury. This hair test (once again) shows “deranged mineral  transport” according to Dr. Cutler’s definition.

It’s about time I get some expert eyes looking at this to see if there’s anything I can do to speed up my recovery through mineral balancing. I’ll update this when I get feedback!


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  1. interesting eric that you actually are/were low chromium and high copper…….the website ‘acu cell’ say that chromium is the main copper antagonist and zinc is the weakest…

    who is right here??…why are so many taking zinc/molybdenum/b6 etc for copper toxicity as recommended by cutler etc when acu cell say chromium is the main thing to take and that zinc has an effect in the gut only and wont remove bio-unavailable copper stored in the organs?!..

    seeing as you are low chromium and high copper i would suggest that you take a good look at what acu cell are saying in regards to chromium and copper.

    whlist searching online it seems to me everyone is mentioning zinc but no one apart from acu cell mention chromium for copper toxicity in any detail at all….

    1. it does worry me when there’s only one source for a theory. I meant to mention in my reply to your other comment that Morley Robbins recommends you avoid all citrate forms of vitamins. I find magnesium glycinate seems to work especially well for me.

    2. I also had high copper with chromium so low that it couldn’t go any farther to the left on the scale.

  2. Without sounding the conspiracy theory alarm which shuts intelligent dialogue down, we need to at least be aware of geoengineering methodology and how it might be increasing our symptoms.

    Aluminum, barium and strontium are KNOWN factors in chemtrails and respiratory illness has skyrocketed to the #2 cause of death in America. Numerous heavy metals testing is being conducted around the world with shocking results.

    I’m not hijacking this forum, I promise. Just see the comments at and you’ll find familiar symptoms. BTW…South Florida is heavily sprayed. That may be why geography contributed to your worsening conditions.

    I’m not suggesting that what we’re feeling is purely external. Just that massive heavy metals are raining down on all of us and making a bad situation worse.

    Sorry, gang, I’m one of the tribe. Been fighting chronic fatigue and mercury poisoning for decades.

    Issues relating to geoengineering matter to us because it’s all heavy metals. Doubt me if you want, but please just look up!

    Be well,

    1. hey Bryan, there’s no doubt in my mind chemtrail’s aren’t good for us, but what can we do other than chelate and consider moving to Alaska?

      1. Unfortunately, Alaska too is heavily sprayed. Numbers have been collected from Mt. Shasta with readings that would shock you. Aluminum uptake in the soil is the reason so many trees are dying everywhere. Just look around.

        Our groups may soon emerge in the forefront of how humanity fights to stay alive. Chelation protocols will make all the difference…and most people are clueless.

        There’s a reason autism is skyrocketing beyond just vaccines. Everyone is now testing high in heavy metal contamination. Monsanto has even patented an aluminum-resistant seed for crying out loud. And Glyphosphate is now suspected not only in bee dieoff but in gluten issues as well.

        Why mention all this then? Because we have to raise awareness at least within our own community. We should be less prone to be thrown off as crazy “conspiracy theorists” when we KNOW mercury is poison yet allowed in amalgam fillings and vaccines.

        I know it sucks. Fighting toxicity is bad enough when the source is within. But you have to know the scope of the enemy to fight it. And now we realize that aluminum, barium and strontium are raining down on us from above. Keep that in mind while analyzing test samples.

        Chelation protocols are even more mandatory than ever. Just be aware the sources of metals have gotten exponentially more complicated. But it’s also probably why so many of us remain so sensitive to toxins overall. The very air we breathe has become suspicious!

        1. he he I figured you were going to tell me Alaska was polluted also. I remember reading that the snow at the top of the continental divide is polluted because China really isn’t that far away!

  3. Hey Eric,

    Just wondering what your supplement routine is like now. I too have a tested copper toxicity, Ive gone with Dr. Wilsons protocol on detoxing copper but now I am unsure after reading your posts. I understand your latest post in this regard was following Andy Cutler’s protocol, which relies on elements such as zinc and molybdenum. Yet Dr. Wilson doesn’t seem to address these anywhere in his own version.
    From what I see the basic idea is to restore balance with zinc, remove from the brain with a chelating agent, and then out of the body with molybdenum. All at the same time increasing bile flow with taurine, ox bile and other supplements.
    Im getting really confused as to what is the right strategy in order to remove toxic copper levels, your advice would be a great help!

    1. I know it’s frustrating, everyone has a different formula! Some say you should take copper to help move it out, others say no. I haven’t changed much regarding copper in a long time… I also take 1500 mg NAC daily in three doses in addition to the other stuff. What I wish I could do more than anything else is sauna. My dad showed me a research paper showing that was possibly the most effective way to detox copper. I don’t think I can give any advice yet. Soon I will have a new hair test and appointment with Morley Robbins. Will post the results.

  4. Hi Eric, may I ask how you keep a functionning mind with all this toxicity ? I mean I believe I have toxins stored in my body that are put back in circulation when I take a hot shower or when I exercise/walk a bit. Everything stop functionning when I do, I lose my memory, I can’t concentrate, I lose my energy, plus many ibs symptoms in the days that comes. At my worst I needed to concentrate to remember my name or today’s date.

    1. I don’t! my mind stops functioning regularly!! I’m almost sharp in the morning and my IQ drops probably 40 points by lunchtime, comes back maybe 20 or 30 points when I nap after lunch and then by evening probably drops 50 points. It drives my wife insane because the window of opportunity to have a good conversation with me is pretty narrow… and I’ve been like this year after year after year.

      1. Wow this is tough. I know the IQ points coming and going feeling, but I can’t imagine having it everyday for years. Fuck heavy metals toxicity. I wonder, do you get worse in winter like me ? Feels like the closer I get to january, the worse I get, like my body slows down the production of glutathione, and probably many other things. This summer I was feeling better and I had the foolish hope that I was gonna get my life back after 25 years of chronic deseases, but I spent the past months watching my hard earned progress eroding slowly, lying down more and more in my relaxation chair.

        1. I don’t think I get worse in winter, but even if I did I would have a hard time remembering what I was like in the summer! hang in there, you’ll figure it out if you keep trying..

      2. Hey Eric, I have done 73 rounds. I feel much much better. I have a sharper memory my moods are better, i have more concentration and control. Although i am not perfect. And my situation has been complicated by a trip to Cuba where i got sick (digestively) and it has effected my entire body and metabolism including sexual drive and hunger for food. I never had these problems despite having mercury and lead. I still have to figure out how to fix those other problems that came after Cuba. I am on the hydrogen peroxide therapy on day 3. I don’t feel too encouraged. My motivation went down. But i can say for sure that the Andrew Cutler Protocol works. I went down in lead and my mineral balance was a lot better. I don’t react to ALA like i used to. Rounds are much smoother. I will get back to chelation therapy after i do hydrogen peroxide and/or some Chinese herbs. Because i know there is something else that is going on here and i don’t want to mix therapies in case of contraindication.

        Best of luck

        1. Congratulations on your 73 rounds! thanks for sharing that… How’s it going with the peroxide? There are quite a few other options.

          I will probably be starting ALA again next week!

    2. If you’re having reactions after a hot shower or exercise, this is a histamine/mast cell reaction.

      1. Symptoms after a hot shower could also be to do with the chlorine in the water. If the shower is hot so that there is steam then some of that is inhaled. I used to be especially sensitive to chlorine, which I could tell from swimming in a public pool. Times there I would black out + also I was tested for various chemicals by a allergist.
        Also though as you say it could be a histamine issue. I had high levels of that. I keep my showers at warm level with spells of cold water only in wake me up and invigorate me.

  5. thank you so much

    Because of the many problems,i can not buy this book

    i want to know what supplement is good for arsenic to decrease my agony

    thanks again

  6. Hi to all

    can one persion give me some information about arsenic?

    what supplement must be used and how i can chelate it?

    i am very ill and could not fine good answer

    please help me
    thanks so much

    1. In his book titled ‘hair test interpretation: finding hidden toxicities’, Dr. Cutler says on page 240: “Alpha lipoic acid is the best agent for arsenic chelation. Optionally DMPS can be used with it as an accessory chelator. DMSA is less effective in this accessory chelator role than the DMPS is.”

      But don’t just start taking Alpha lipoic acid. Purchase Dr. Cutler’s books first… you can really mess yourself up by experimenting blindly.

  7. Eric, obviously you got a professional to look at your hair analysis, but I was wondering if the high levels of copper in your hair is both a good and bad thing? Because I remember you posted one time about still being copper toxic because you had such a high readout of your hair for copper, even with the crazy amount of zinc you were taking, but I was thinking it was a sign that you made all this biounavailable copper, stored up in your liver, kidneys, brain and elsewhere, mobilized, adnd available through your zinc supplementation and everything else you were doing. I thought that high levels in the hair get there from available copper incorporating itself into your hair. And how you made it available had much to do with your body producing more metallothioneine, a zinc-dependent protein carrier of copper and also cerulloplasmin, which is made by your adrenals. You seemed to be unaware of cerulloplasmin in that original post and how weak adrenals can’t make much of it and that is a big part of how the copper becomes biounavailable and how it was a sign that you were releasing a lot of copper. Maybe you can clarify this for me and how I might be wrong or that you were unaware of this and what the professional might have said recently. My understanding is based on William Walsh’s book Nutrient Power, Louise Gittleman’s “Why am I Always so Tired?” and the ARL website.

    1. hi Joshua, thanks for writing – yes you are right that I now consider high copper on the hair test to be a good sign. A sign that it’s moving out of my body. Honestly, my memory is not even good enough to answer your questions about what I knew when without going back and researching! it feels to me like both the things you said here:

      “And how you made it available had much to do with your body producing more metallothioneine, a zinc-dependent protein carrier of copper and also cerulloplasmin, which is made by your adrenals.”

      are kind of new for me. I read so much and forget so much, that’s one of the reasons for this blog so I can always come back and relearn when I need to! For now, the lowest hanging fruit in my system is the massive overgrowth of biofilm in my intestines and after I finish clearing it out, I’ll go back to the metals.

  8. Hi Eric,

    I’ve been following this blog for a few months, as I was researching some minor chronic issues of mine that led me to tendonitis help side of your site. This might be a long post, and not sure it belongs here, so feel free to move it.

    Basically, I’ve had some mild insomnia for the last 20 years, and more recently unexplainable major ones, as well as what looked like arthritis, which is what got me on this site (I’m 47). So I did most of the tests you did (DNA, hair test, blood works) and came up with probable B6-B12-B9 and Lithium deficiencies, and possible heavy metal issues (Cutler test positive, and lots of copper). I also had my son and wife tested in the same manner, as cross references since we share the environment.

    I decided to do the Fredd B12 protocol and bought all suggested supplements and went through it for a month; it resulted in not much except 5-10% more energy with sub-lingual adb12 and no startup symptoms at all, meaning I probably did have a very slight deficiency, but it was unrelated to my overall issues. The initial research I did on the B12 therapy cofactors DID cure me of the more recent major insomnia: it was because I was taking increasing doses of Omega-3 for the last six months. Like yourself and others, it was giving me insomnia. I stopped it, and the major insomnia stopped too. I tried it again, to verify, and they came back. Lesson learned.

    After I tested my tendonitis/arthritis/sore joints issues with blood tests, x-rays, ultrasounds and even magnetic resonance (all came “normal”), it was solved with a another test I did: a food intolerance test for 227 items. I already knew I couldn’t stand some dairy products, but it came back with 27 items to avoid, including stuff I had no digestive issues with (egg whites, some cereals, yeasts). So I cut those out for a week, and nearly all my joint related symptoms went away. Again, I ate some forbidden food to verify, and symptoms came back real quick.

    And this particular food sensitivity test is the reason of my post: have you tried it? I searched on your posts and didn’t find much clue. On the contrary, you seem to quite often go with certain food types and stick with them for long stretches (lentils apparently, eggs for mini-flush I think, etc). There’s quite a lot of relevant info on the net about those tests, as well as symptoms that you wouldn’t necessarily associate with food intolerances (migraine, joint/back pain, skin issues, runny nose, etc). And the more you keep eating food that don’t tolerate well, the more you start to become intolerant to other food. The test is about 300$, but frankly, after spending about 2k on other paths, it was money well spent. I don’t regret the 2k either; I take it as the price of a good nutritional and genetics education.

    As for my milder insomnia, it’s still there (although without the bedtime muscle nervousness, which went away with my food exclusion list). It might well be related to excess copper in my brains, if the hair test is accurate. I’ll try some nutritional balance a bit later, but since my wife also has excess hair copper (and no amalgams), I looked for external clues as well: all of our pots and pans are in stainless steel, but are a bit old and worn. Stainless steel cookware are usually just a thin coat of it on top of a base made either of aluminum or copper (our case). If you scratch the steel coating and cook acidic stuff long enough in them, you can actually start to see brownish strains and coloring over the years; that’s the copper, and it leaches into the food at varying degrees (the stainless steel also leaches with time, by the way). After testing my water (normal) and limiting copper rich food (broccoli, others), I think those pots could well account for a lot of the copper in my organism. I’ve replaced them with Pyrex pots and enameled cast-iron skillets, and will do new hair tests in a few months. Could some of your cookware have similarities with mine?

    Kind regards

    1. Great story Pierre, thanks for sharing!! interesting that you had the same omega-3 response as me. It did go away after I ramped up methylation. I have had some very expensive food allergy testing and done a handful of trials which never resulted in any significant change. Now I can see that many of my symptoms are related to intestinal biofilm overgrowth.. I don’t know whether it’s bacterial or fungal and don’t really care, maybe it’s both. It’s coming out and I am certain I’m going to feel tremendously better in a few months. I will still need to dump lots of copper, lead and probably Mercury, but I’m convinced 50 to 80% of my suffering comes from massively clogged pipes!!

      Oh, and no copper in my kitchen 🙂

      kind regards,

      1. I wonder how much bacterial/fungal overgrowth are linked to heavy metal toxicity, some people are talking about this link here and there on health forums. There is also one study linking healthy gut bacteria to general detoxification function (I don’t rememeber if it’s endotoxins, environmental toxins or both) . I was wondering if my fungal overgrowth symptoms might have indicated my body was trying to eliminate/protecting itself from heavy metals by feeding it to intestinal bugs able to deal with the toxins better. So I tried heavy metal binders like clay, charcoal and chlorella and it did improve my fungal overgrowth symptoms by a lot. I wouldn’t be surprised if intestinal disbiosis was in some degrees linked to heavy metals toxicity.

        1. I believe I have read many times about a link between heavy metals and candida / SIBO etc… glad to hear the detoxifier stuff worked for you. I’m going to try bentonite clay/psyllium husk shakes soon…

          1. HI Eric. Just curious which test you did for intestinal biofilm overgrowth confirmation and what you are doing to overcome it?

            Just to answer a sort of question between you and M4777, Candida is especially linked to Metal Toxicity. I had a very wise person tell me many years ago that someone will have a very hard time getting Candida under control and keeping it that way if their Metals are too high. I am pretty sure I have read that the opposite is true too, killing off Candida can really help with Metal Detox.

            I just wanted to make a couple of comments on your Hair Test. I had a sort of similar test where I had high Calcium (yours is getting down now great), High Copper, Low Potassium, Low Chromium.

            I did a TON of research about Hair Tests, Adrenal Fatigue, Slow Oxidators etc etc, I see you must have too since I think you have that book that I would love to have.

            Anyway you probably know (although you may have forgotten, I am totally with you on reading WAY too much and forgetting too much of it) that High Copper and Adrenal Fatigue very often go hand and hand. It is thought that with AF the Copper becomes bio-unavilable, and some Experts even recommend taking a little Copper for this reason and even mention it might help gets things back in balance, though I am not sure I agree (seems a little risky) and some others don’t either.

            I think you are powering Zinc and Moly which is great, those two helped me a ton for sure ( I was somewhat low on Manganese and Phosphorus like you so took those too which helps balance Copper), but I also was doing some other things like supplementing for the AF and boy once everything started working which only took 2 weeks and the Adrenals kicked in, they REALLY kicked in, of course I am pretty sure I have COMT (which can be a root cause for the damn AF in the first place). I was also taking MSM as Sulfur balances Copper as well, but later learned that was screwing me over, either both because of CBS/SUOX issues and/or possible Mercury issues (Trouble with this is it is really hard to test for as you likely know, the body holds on to it and DMPS test is somewhat risky).

            Since your Sodium is so low, and since taking something like Himalyan Sea Salt is a HUGE help to Adrenal Function (low Sodium will keep them in sleep mode) if you are not already consider added this to your Water, this is what I do. Also since your Chromium is low, supplementing with that can help balance the high Calcium.

            The most important things I took to kick my Adrenals in the A$$ which they badly needed, was the Sea Salt, Pantethine (best form of B5), P5P (best form of B6), Gladulars and lots of good form Vit C like liposomal or Ascorbyl palmitate. Other things not quite as important but help are Minerals in general esp. Mag, Ashwanda & Licorice.

            1. thanks for the reminder about salt Jason, I am such a creature of habit… Stopped using salt when I got concerned about copper and I know I should not have done that. Going to try to change today!

              As for biofilm confirmation, he he, I didn’t need any confirmation from a lab because I can see it coming out in the toilet when I do any treatment that kills pathogens like ozone, fenben, hydrogen peroxide, vitamin C flushes… But, I’m about to do a blog post with some lab results that prove I’m bio toxic. so now I do have the confirmation from a lab.

              1. Damn sorry to hear this too is another ongoing issue for you. I have quite a few issues myself, and as you know too well when this is the case it can be honestly quite hard and exhausting trying to keep up with them and play constant “whack-a-mole”. (I have at least 25 confirmed things that cause me Brain Fog for example, by far my most troubling and debilitating issue when it is present)

                I look forward to your biofilm article and hopefully what you think are the best ways to combat it, I’m not sure if I have the issue, but GUT in general has always been an issue for me for the last 30 of my 47 years at least, can’t remember past that….

  9. Well, I did have a consult with mineral balancing expert Rick Malter and he said that in his 35 years practicing he’s only seen a couple cases of such biochemical chaos as I’ve got going on.

    He mentioned that the magnesium deficiency caused by this kind of copper toxicity can be dangerous as it introduces the risk of heart attack.

    He inspired me to reduce my hydrocortisone a little because of its drag effect on magnesium.

    He thought I was pushing the limits with my aggressive detox and wanted me to slow down by reducing my vitamin C to 1 gram.

    Suggested I salt my food if I want to and encouraged me to keep supplementing the potassium.

    And also recommended I not take any supplemental copper or eat high copper foods.

    I was kind of happy to hear the ‘slow down’ message because I’m so deep into the ozone/fenben detox now…

  10. From Onibasu…

    One of the problems with zeolite is that supposably it is made of aluminum, or often times contains silver ions to make it more effective, even though that is not listed on the ingredients.

    Andy’s take on metals like silver, gold, etc is that we should not use metals to chelate metals because it is counterproductive in the long run, and it will slow progress with chelation, and I don’t even think he thinks metals will chelate metals, but even if they did he would probably call that tactic “INSANE”.

    They used to treat “mad hatters disease” which we now know to be mercury poisoning with mercury, and they have throughout history used gold in remedies and silver in other remedies that people swore by. It might even be true that these remedies make people “feel better”, but that does not necessarily mean that those remedies are compatable with dmsa/ala chelation.

    Are you on FB? If so, I’d love to add you to the Biochemical Supoort Group that follows Pfeiffer/Walsh/Mensah Nutrient Therapy rebalancing protocols. As you may recall, Cutler mentioned Pfeiffer several times in AI as a reference for help with copper toxicity. William Walsh furthered Pfeiffer’s research and now trains physicians at The Walsh Institute in balancing aminos, vitamins, nutrients, etc. A big part of this is copper detox. In any case, it’s definitely part of the puzzle.

  11. Eric, have you heard of ncd2 zeolite? It’s a painless way to remove heavy metals! Should get rid of your excess copper as well. It also acts as an antioxidant & rids your body of free radicals. I haven’t found any drug interaction issues. You just have to drink plenty of water. I’ve stuggled with yeast infections in different parts of my body for 10 years. My new doctor treated the yeast aggressively but it won’t leave. That’s when he checked & found heavy metals. He says infections /pathogens sometimes will hang on untill metals are gone. Having said all that wanted to share ncd2 with anyone with heavy metals. I’ve started on my dose & have no side effects. Which is a miracle 🙂

    1. hi Liz, I’ve heard of zeolite often in detox reading but never seen any convincing evidence that it’s useful for heavy metals… Would be happy to hear from anyone who used it successfully or read some case studies if you know of some.

  12. Hi Eric,
    Sorry for the OT comment- just wanted to maximise the probability that you saw it 🙂
    I am wanting to do liver flushes but I’m salicylate sensitive- do you think I could work around this?

  13. What about seeing Mensah Medical in January when they come to S. FL? They follow Pfeiffer and Walsh and do nutritional rebalancing, working specifically with copper toxicity. Cutler says copper toxicity should be addressed before mercury toxicity. Also, you likely have mast cell issues, which are contributing to your many and varied symptoms. I’m in S. FL too. Email me if you’d like and we can talk more.

    1. Thanks, I’m in Colorado actually… And yes I hope I can knock out the copper before going back to work on the other metals. Really want to start doing sauna as soon as I can.

    1. Yes, absolutely! I hope to start again next spring… I’m just pushing my limits with my current detox protocols. I think clearing out my pathogens will give me the strength I need to get through chelation.

  14. FCT is certainly stunning. But for easier approaches short of that, I at least urge people to look into the whole ubiome thing and consider resistant starch and soil based probiotics and such. This guy here has years of blogging on the subject

    I’m personally trying to do cutler and shade’s protocol combined. Have you ever tried larger doses of R-LA? or the Haritaki in Shade’s clearway cofactors? As far as cutlers rounds go, I would certainly shoot for at least 80 rounds, as I keep seeing and hearing and reading people who really do have to push through to the end to see improvement. This guy’s story really sticks out in my mind. The guy had terrible mold problems, he was awefully unlucky, but stuck through it.

    1. You’re the first one I’ve heard doing both Cutler and Shade together! I’m hoping to start one of the two in the spring:)

  15. I have a pressing question, as I have never tried chelation, but have ordered all the supplements and am ready to start:

    Due to my guts being a wreck, dosing vitamin supplements can quickly become disastrous for me, especially vitamin b’s. I know Cutler recommends tons of supplements, but I cannot seem to stabilize my guts enough to do so, which causes me to perpetually put off chelation… which might be a cure.

    Have you ever tried chelating without all the supps? I can probably tolerate the 1g Vit C / 400 IU Vit E in the mornings, probably with Zinc/Selenium. But that’s about it. Will I feel like garbage? More still, would feeling like garbage act as a diagnostic of some sort that mercury truly is being stirred around by the chelators?

    Any thoughts appreciated.

    1. My impression is that you won’t succeed with color chelation if you can’t handle the supplements. I was able to handle the supplements and even then couldn’t handle chelation. I would strongly encourage you to do the cleansing you need to restore your gut before chelation. Yes, if you take chelators and feel like garbage (or feel better) that is an accurate diagnostic in my opinion…

  16. I would love to hear more about your bacterial detoxing. Via the OAT testing, I found out I have intestinal bacterial overgrowth (and I seriously wonder if my experimentation with Resistant Starches a year ago did that to me). But anywho, I am treating my IBO with Oregano Oil three times a day, and Berberine the same…for two weeks. Adding in probiotics soon.

    By the way, the link he gave is excellent information.

  17. What a shame about the copper: Your copper reduction between hair test #1 through #2 is better than *maybe* anyone else on the web. Whatever you were doing at that time is, at least for you, critical and needs to be repeated until hair testing proves you’re in the normal range, I would think. You said:

    This is how I lowered copper the first time, in between my first and second hair tests:
    ◾50 mg zinc three times a day with meals, 150 mg per day zinc total
    ◾1 mg molybdenum three times a day with meals, 3 mg molybdenum total
    ◾stopped consuming outrageous quantities of high copper foods
    ◾DMSA chelation – probably not a very significant factor based on comments by Andy Cutler.

    Given how many things you’ve tried, have you seen “on paper” gains in any other area of health greater than your copper reduction success? Browsing your site, I haven’t. I don’t know about others, but I’ve read your blog quite a few times and I want to see what happens if Eric brings his copper levels to normal. I want to see how this ends.

    Two options you may have not tried yet, both of which are famous for fantastic and long-lasting turnarounds in people deficient in these areas:
    1) FMT. Since much of your health is linked with the bowels, perhaps Fecal Microbiota Transfer will help you. If you’ve only briefly considered this option, please consider revisiting. One source of all things FMT might be
    2) Dessicated Thyroid hormone. You’ve touched on thyroid in at least one of your posts (about SNP’s I think), and thyroid issues are infamous for causing across-the-board holistic troubles. It is very easy to fathom either bowel function, immunity, liver health, and overall sensitivities improving greatly from this medicine. IMHO, if you have not yet experimented with this, it would be foolish not to try. It’s very easy compared to what you’ve already put yourself though. Perhaps might be a starting place.

    You may have disagreements about these, but I hate to think that the minutia of minerals and diet, while important, might somehow detract efforts where massive health gains might be hiding in plain sight this whole time.

    Food for thought.

    1. Thanks for brainstorming with me Matthew! I’m putting the copper off to one side for a little while because of my strongyloides diagnosis – that seems like a really high priority target right now. And I’m clearly dumping a lot of toxic intestinal overgrowth so I’m pretty sure I’m on the right track for the moment. I have tried desiccated thyroid hormone a number of times. As for FMT, it sounds like a reasonable therapy to try after exhausting other intestinal treatments like fenben/reishi

  18. Eric, would it be possible to speak with you via phone sometime. I am also having some chronic health issues for many years now and would love to compare notes.

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