Meet Lori, recovering rapidly from Lyme disease with ozone therapy

Lori posted her story in the Ozone for Wellness Facebook group and shared some details about her therapy. She was very kind to give me permission to share this with you — watch her video it is a really powerful story!

Some more details from Lori’s FB post, in her words:

I received daily treatments 6 days a week for 5 weeks. They took about a pint of my blood, infused the ozone into it and then reintroduced it into my body all via IV. I also received Glutathione IVs, and Nutrient/ Vit. C IVs. Ozone is a miracle!

My lead levels were out the roof. After treatment, they were immensely better.

I did herx pretty seriously for the first week. I was so far gone though that it was my only hope, so I stuck it out, and it paid off with my life.

A bad herx can definitely feel like death. I was fortunate to have my husband there with me the first week through the tough part. I won’t lie, herxing is horrific, but temporary. Lyme symptoms just get worse and pile on.

When I left warm, sunny AZ and returned to an ice storm in Atlanta, I got the flu, bronchitis AND a nasty sinus infection all at once. I was prescribed antibiotics and steroids which woke any Lyme left up with a vengeance.

I have lingering symptoms now…nothing like before though. I would say I was at 1% before treatment. I am at about 80% now. I have had 2 ozone treatments here in Atlanta since returning and attribute them to my ongoing success.

I plan on continuing for maintenance to rev back up to how I felt in this video. I was on 3 antidepressants, amphetamine and a million supplements. 2 weeks into treatment I weaned off all of them. I would say when I left Arizona, I was at 95%

I have been raised to only trust “traditional” medicine. It was a HUGE leap of faith for me, and thank God I took that leap. It has made ALL the difference.

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    Cristina February 18, 2016, 2:28 am

    I would like to hear from people 6 months after doing ozone therapy. Lyme and co-infection symptoms and/or resultant post Lyme problems tend to come back.

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My name is Eric - I‘m 49 and saw a doctor for fatigue at 17. I lived fairly normally if a little subdued by lack of endurance at times. But then, in 2002 I fell into a nosedive after moving to South Florida. Now, I know heavy metal toxicity is a significant source of my troubles along with genetic methylation cycle dysfunction and Lyme disease. I spent 18 months chelating the metals out and starting up methylation but stopped when I felt myself circling the drain. Currently going after Lyme and co-infections. More about me here.

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