The psyllium and bentonite cleanse ~ easy street!

bentonite-clayI’ve been hearing good things about bentonite clay for years but worried about the aluminum content of the clay. Psyllium husk I had already used during liver flushes. In the back of my mind I remembered Dr. Cutler doesn’t recommend bentonite clay… not sure if he warns against it or not.

I think what finally pushed me to get serious about trying psyllium and bentonite shake (P&B shakes as they’re known) is that I’m still getting migraines when detoxing. So the theory is that the clay and the psyllium will push out and adsorb toxins to reduce your Herxheimer reactions (known as herxing).

When I got ready to pull the trigger on buying some clay, I noticed the California Prop 65 label warning the product contains lead. After researching and reading this post about it, I got comfortable with the idea and purchased.

I decided to mix charcoal in for good measure and this is the recipe I use:

  • 10 ounces of water
  • one heaping tablespoon of liquid bentonite clay (Yerba Prima brand)
  • one heaping tablespoon of psyllium husk
  • one teaspoon of activated charcoal

If you try this, to avoid constipation make sure to drink one full glass of water after drinking your P&B shake.

I started with one shake a day and increased up to five shakes making sure to take them an hour before or after meals. when I got up to five shakes, I started to expel quite a bit of toxic nastiness. Nothing I hadn’t seen before. The black jelly in larger quantities than I’d ever seen and the stuff I call toxic tapioca.

The great thing about this psyllium and bentonite cleanse is that, it’s 10 times easier than anything else I’ve tried. It’s just pretty much painless. Remember that I’m also using it in conjunction with my daily Fenben dosing, so I’ve got something else killing the pathogens and using the psyllium, bentonite and charcoal to clean house. I’ve been able to see how the clay grabs biofilms, wraps them up or envelops them and sweeps them out. It’s kind of like old-fashioned drain cleaning.

After a week of steady cleansing, the results diminished and I decided to use the shakes just after fenbendazole dose increases and that seems to be a good strategy. I believe this cleansing strategy prevented me from getting a migraine on my last dose increase. It was touch and go but in the end no migraine.

Do I worry about some of the aluminum absorbing into my body? Yes. But the thing about multifactorial chronic illness is that for people like me, almost anything you try backfires in some way. So the trick is to find the lowest hanging fruit and work up the tree. You need to get some leverage somewhere, some small win that you can build on.

Eventually when my pathogen levels are way down, I’ll go back to chelation and get the metals out.








4 thoughts to “The psyllium and bentonite cleanse ~ easy street!”

  1. Thanks Eric for your comments. I agree, and I always introduce one thing at a time and am very very diagnostic with every new supplement/program/round.

    Due to being on the herbs and this fast I thought I’d have a good enough baseline to work from if I introduced the Fenben, although today my urine output has increased 3 fold (not sure why) so something has changed – so, I’m glad I haven’t started fenben otherwise I would have thought it was a reaction to fenben! I have split the powder with a credit card into 15mg capsules in prep for next week though. That was fun – reminded me of my younger partying years šŸ˜‰

    I read something really interesting just now, and thought I’d share just incase you or anyone reading gets frequent urination when fasting (or eating VERY carefully, low carb, low fat etc (especially candida diet?!)). Many people say that it is because you drink more, which is true, but also it is due to glucose levels. Here’s a link if you’re interested.

    1. Tim, when I’m doing psyllium and bentonite it makes me urinate like crazy, first I think because I’m drinking more liquid, but also because the psyllium acts like a storage tank for water…

      Hopefully you can try Fenben on a day when you don’t have many responsibilities, just in case you feel bad. I feel like garbage whenever I increase my dose as you probably already know. You may find you want to start with a lower dose if that happens.

  2. Eric, this sounds very similar to the blessedherbs cleanse I’m on at the moment. I read so many good things about it, I had to try it – considering I felt I had tried everything else. It works, well, very well indeed! I did it whilst water fasting this way I know anything that comes out of me has been there ages, or shouldn’t be in me. After 7 days (and combining coffee enemas) I’m still seeing loads of funky stuff, including red spots in some mucus. I ordered some fenben based on your post (and loads more research) but was reluctant to start during this cleanse – but this post has just persuaded me to start.

    Have you tried fasting with this cleanse?

    FYI, the herbs in the BlessedHerbs contains P+B

    1. Hi Tim, I’m sure the fasting helps a lot but I’m unable to do it. I know the blessed herbs cleanse comes well recommended and I actually ordered it about a year ago but got cold feet and returned it. Products with many ingredients mixed together make me nervous because I’ve reacted badly to so many things… Same reason I never use multivitamins.

      I hope you’ll consider completing the blessed herbs cleanse before using Fenben. It’s always better to do one thing at a time. Keep in mind that I cleared out my mucoid plaque about a year ago…

      So, if you start Fenben, I’d recommend you use plain psyllium and bentonite, not blessed herbs, because of the extra herbal ingredients in the blessed herbs kit. Those herbs are probably fine for short-term use, but you don’t want to push your luck.

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