You’re kidding me

[T]his is one post I don’t feel like writing. I had high expectations for my first DMPS trial but it ended miserably.  I started with 25 mg every six hours and the first day was easy.  Second day I got a migraine and cut back to 12.5 mg every eight hours. On the fourth day, when the migraine went away, I got a thrombosed hemorrhoid and on the seventh day my energy crashed.

One bright note, I’ve experienced a reduction in brain fog. Possibly from replacing P5P with vitamin B6.  As usual, I don’t really know what happened because I made a number of changes during the round.

It’s probably worth saying that many people that suffer with heavy metal toxicity and methylation problems also have digestive issues and hemorrhoids are not uncommon among them. I was hoping I could keep this blog from getting ugly but I guess it wasn’t in the cards. The last time this happened a couple years ago, I had the clot removed in a quick surgical procedure performed by a nurse but the aftermath was so incredibly painful, I would go to almost any length to heal naturally this time.

So I did a lot of research and found a couple things that seem to be helping a lot, inexpensively – the first is turmeric and the second is stick ice made with ice cube trays made for bottles. I’m also trying out an infrared and red LED device and of course extra water and extra magnesium…

Today I started 6 mg of Cytomel (actually the Mexican brand cynomel) and going forward I am planning a big change in my chelation strategy – instead of aiming for one heavy chelation round per month, I think I’m going to go back to chelating every Monday to Wednesday on more conservative doses and back on the three-hour schedule. I have this feeling that I need sleep, consistency and reliability now above all else.

I may start that out with 12.5 mg DMPS with 60 mg of ALA after taking a break for a week.

Almost cried this week when I read this Eisenhower quote in my World War II book:

The longer I live the more I think of the quality of fortitude – – men who fall, pick themselves up and stumble on, follow again, and are trying to get up when they die.


Round 24 (7 days) –  12.5 mg DMPS every 8 hours, total chelation days to date: 104

  • Sunday, March 16: started out with 25 mg DM PS every six hours, a little more energy, a little less hunger, a little slow and apathetic in the afternoon, a little headache, and a little sleepy at times.
  • Monday, March 17: stopped taking P5P, added Garden of Life probiotics, after doing lots of errands and getting some sunshine I ended up with the frontal headache which turned out to be a migraine – so I took two magnesium threonines. I also accidentally doubled up my sunflower lecithin taking my lunch and dinner doses together at dinner. some depression and irritability. The headache could’ve come from the sunshine or the larger dose of lecithin. Researching the DMPS, it seems many people get migraines from it.
  • Tuesday, March 18: migraine all day with some relief in the evening, noticed that I had stopped taking pantethine and restarted, started B6 (same 250 mg to replace P-5-P), increased vitamin B2 by 50 mg to 100 mg, took 3 to 4 capsules of threonine, increased magnesium glycinate by 100 mg, changed the DMPS to 12.5 mg every eight hours
  • Wednesday, March 19: migraine gone, replaced by thrombosed hemorrhoid! Increased magnesium glycinate by 300 mg, less brain fog after dinner than usual.
  • Thursday, March 20: reduced omega 3 by 1280 mg, one I extremely bloodshot, very tired in evening maybe effect of reduced fish oil.
  • Friday, March 21: increased fish oil back up. still significantly less brain fog than usual but don’t know what from.
  • Saturday, March 22: very depleted after lunch after skipping nap, blood pressure very low, took an additional 5 mg hydrocortisone, frontal headache in early evening, took two threonine and two Motrin, some depression and black thinking, warm at bedtime, increased magnesium glycinate bedtime by 200 mg. Ended round with last DMPS dose at 3 PM.
  • Sunday, March 23: redistribution – low blood pressure, slow and weak most of the day but better in the evening, very warm in the evening and frontal headache probably from methylation.

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  1. Hi Eric! did you suffered from a chronic constipation before you noticed a thrombosed hemorrhoids? I think constipation or simply a toxic colon increases the risks of forming piles.

    1. Thanks for pointing that out Viking. The more I think about it, the more I think the contrast agents given to me for my CT scans and nuclear scan may have been one of the primary factors in my nosedive. I’m going to add that to the list of my exposures on – it is tragic! I have not done the research to find out what metals I was exposed to in my three scans.

      I also tried to comment on Sean’s blog but don’t have an appropriate account…

      1. It is so very tragic. Also, it gives a bit of a perspective on this mantra that “you should go and get properly tested”. Really??? Maybe it should be “you should read up” before you do anything else. There seem to be this notion that going to the doctor may not help but on the other hand it could not possibly hurt you. And this seems to be very common even among people that know that their health was destroyd by “medical professionals” in the first place. I don’t get it. Maybe it is just part of our cultural norms, i.e. you can trust the guy in the white coat?

        1. I sure wish I had known it back in 2001 when I started seeing doctors! at the time, I was still running 3 miles three times a week – now, I couldn’t run 100 yards without crashing… I think it’s more than a cultural norm about the guy in the white coat as it probably extends to experts of all sorts including lawyers and accountants 😀

    2. Viking, hello! This is off topic on my end, but have you tried liver flushes, or maybe coffee enemas, for the watery fat?

      1. Hi Tara,

        I hope that your are making some progress and I miss you blog!

        No, I never did any liver flushes, I have looked in to it but so far Dr. Cutler’s warnings have kept me away.

        Enemas seems quite radical and I have not really considered that.

        But I am making progress with the bloat! It’s not easy, but i would say that I am about half done. I have had so many setbacks that I don’t feel like writing to much about it until I am done. If, or hopefully when, I get there I will be happy to tell the full story.

        1. Congrats on the progress with the bloat! Definitely a frustrating beast to fight — I’d be eager to hear how it turns out. I’m rooting for you! I am more convinced than ever that it is the result of a congested liver, and my little experimentations are seeming to confirm it (liver flush, ozone directly on liver (transdermally with funnel), rectal sufflation (ozone straight into liver), etc.). Passing the liver stones specifically seems to be paramount, though time will tell for certain. I, too, am waiting to report fully, but I am feeling very good about the track that I am on. Either way, I’d love to keep tabs with you to continue to compare notes!

          In other news, yes, sorry I’ve shut down the blog for the time being. I have taken a different approach, and am giving it all time and space to progress. The short of it is that I’m working with a Naturopath who uses LED (Laser Energetic Detoxification — reference Dr. Lee Cowden), and also doing infrared sauna, lots of ozone (sauna, rectal, ear, water), single dose DMSA chelation, mucoid plaque cleanses, liver flushes, homeopathy, etc. I have made dramatic progress in a very short time, my MCS and food intolerances largely vanished with the first LED and mucoid plaque cleanse. My largest symptoms at the moment are those created by FDC (fluid retention, hair loss, and belly bloat) — I am convinced that my liver got backed up big time with FDC, not to mention my sulfur pathways becoming completely blocked (which, to note, the first LED that was done on me was for sulfa drugs, immediately after which my MCS vanished).

          Anyway, I’ll save that all for the blog at some point. The gist of my report is that I’m finally making incredible progress 🙂

  2. Sounds like one tough round – but don’t be too discouraged. While you may have reacted to the DMPS, it could be a number of other factors. Also keep in mind DMPS is pulling out about 10 times more mercury than DMSA, so you could probably use a lot less to begin with – maybe 6.5 mg for three days to begin with.
    I have recently cut back from 150 mg ALA/ 100 mg DMPS to 100/80 to make the process less stressful. We all like the psychological comfort of taking large doses but lower doses will get us there in the end.

    I go back and forth between higher doses for shorter periods and lower for longer, I think the latter is preferable. I just wonder if to get all the Hg out of the brain we need to get a high enough concentration differential to pull the Hg out of the mitochondria.

    I have taken phenibut a few times to help with sleep lately and I have slept 5 hours straight which is unusual for me. I am not taking it too frequently as you develop a tolerance to it very quickly so I want to keep it for the times I really need it.

    BTW, I have had hemorrhoids occasionally (not thrombosed) that were healed with apple cider vinegar. Dip some tissue paper in ACV and then insert for ten minutes. Stings a bit at first, but seems to work.

    Hang in there,

    1. Thanks David, I appreciate your support and comments about the DMPS dosage. That chapter is pretty much behind me now, with my hemorroid about 90% healed and migraine gone. I believe ACV works with non-thrombosed piles but turmeric and ice is the ticket for the thrombosed variety. I also suspect the LED has helped a lot. I’m tempted to try it on my adrenal glands – even thinking of ordering more units since they are relatively small and I don’t know exactly where my adrenal glands are.

      I definitely am not giving up on DMPS and think I will take your advice on the 6.5 mg for my next round – that should be very easy and hopefully I will be up to 12.5 in the following round.

      I quit the T3 this morning because it pushed my adrenals beyond capability. Yesterday I boosted my HC up to 30 mg and still had a really crappy experience. May try again someday in the future.

      Thanks again.

        1. thanks for the idea David, hadn’t thought of that, and it might be the most conservative thing to do. Would help me better understand how I’m responding to the DMPS…

          1. Re T3 –   if you have low ferritin, your body won’t be able to utilize it.
            From  Dr Marianco,
            Thyroid is an intercellular signal. It is a signal produced by the thyroid gland which travels to other cells in the body, where it triggers changes in cellular metabolism, which results in an increase in metabolism and energy production and thermogenesis (heat production). These changes include growth in the size and number of mitochondria.

            Iron works at the cellular metabolic level/nutrient level. Iron is part of the structure of numerous enzymes involved in energy production. It is part of the cytochrome enzymes which serve as electron carriers in the synthesis of ATP in mitochondria. It is part of the structure of enzymes such as NADH dehydrogenase, Succinate Dehydrogenase, and Aconitase, which are central to the function of the Citric Acid Cycle in mitochondria. The citric acid cycle is where the body processes carbohydrates, pyruvate, acetyl-CoA, etc. into ATP.

            Without iron, the metabolic actions triggered by thyroid hormone grind to a halt. No ATP, not cellular metabolism. Thyroid hormone replacement does not work well without adequate iron levels – best measured by serum Ferritin levels.

            Note that excessive iron is highly oxidizing and destructive. Thus I prefer the midrange when it comes to an “optimal” level.


            1. Thanks David – I’m pretty sure the iron is not my issue. My adrenal glands are just simply too weak. Yesterday I started another DMPS only round at 12.5 mg and felt very fatigued in the evening after doing a minimal amount of mild exercise so I increased hydrocortisone by 5 mg to 30 mg and felt much much better.

              My eyes are very dry again but otherwise not feeling any noticeable side effects…

              1. Hypothyroid people often have lowered stomach acid production and consequently decreased absorption of iron, amongst other things. Low iron also reduces cortisol synthesis in response to ACTH, so low iron is one  possible cause of your weak adrenals.
                Reduced cortisol secretion in patients with iron deficiency.

                1. Thanks David, I’m going to get another round of blood tests as soon as I’m back on my feet – I appreciate the nudge:)

                2. Hi i have treat my thyroid with iodine like 400 mcgs but had to stop due to insomnia im taking l thyrosine i have low ferritin my. MCV and MCH are always low doctors dont know why i have also treat low cortisol with adrenal cortex it helped for a while but i Kept Feeling sick so im guessing my Main issues is the mercury due to amalgams and i also got positive of lyme thinking in treating it with the buhner herbs may be mercury could be the reason of my low ferritin?

  3. Hi Eric, a couple questions:
    Are you saying that on this round, you got constipated?  (we’re all friends here, so I thought I’d be blunt!)  Or did the hemeroids (a word I can never spell) happen despite not being constipated at that time?
    And, have you seen in Cutler’s book that DMPS can safely be taken on a looser schedule than ALA or DMSA?  I believe his book states 8 hours between DMPS doses is safe, but please check the book for the exact number of hours, as I may have it slightly off.   You mention needing to catch up on sleep: the longer half life of DMPS allows a full night’s sleep between doses, per Cutler’s book.  (if ALA isn’t being added to the DMPS, that is).

    1. Hi Mary, I did get mildly constipated for one day only and that’s all it took for the damage to be done. But trust me, it won’t happen again!! I’m now up to 2,950 mg of magnesium, and drinking more water in the evening. I did take the DMPS on an eight hour schedule from the third day on…

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