All in the family – my parents hair tests

My parents just received their hair tests from Doctors Data. They expected to find arsenic because they a lot of rice and it looks like they were correct. They were not expecting to see Mercury, but I was, based on everything I’ve read in Andy Cutler’s books and based on what I know about methylation and their health histories. Uncanny how they both show deranged mineral transport. Both tests are below, first mom:


And dad:


4 thoughts to “All in the family – my parents hair tests”

  1. Sorry if this is a ridiculous question, but have you had a genetic test?  I don’t see any mention of MTHFR or any mutation that would seem to go hand in hand with this all….

    1. I haven’t yet… there are so many other things to spend money on. At first, it all seems inexpensive but taken together, between hair tests, doctors/naturopaths, supplements – it all adds up! Someday I will do it but next up is a saliva test.

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