My dose timeline


Round 29 (12 days) – 1.5 mg DMPS x 3 for 6 days and 3 mg DMPS x 3 for 6 days

  • July 3rd-14th
  • fatigue heaviest during first three days and again after increasing dose (I increased it accidentally)
  • fatigue always heaviest  when it’s time to take my next dose
  • dry eyes
  • very emotional at times
  • feeling generally crappy at the end, hard to pin down exactly what was bothering me, but I was very uncomfortable

Round 28 (5.5 days) –  25 mg ALA, 25 mg DMSA every 3 hours, total chelation days to date: 116

  • Friday, May 9: started this round spontaneously after receiving my one-year follow-up hair test, increased molybdenum by 2 g, increased boron by 3 mg, started taking 5 mg lithium daily instead of weekly, mild headache, slow mentally, emotional, accelerated, warm.
  • Saturday, May 10: no nap, mild headache, slow, feeling crappy in evening, warm at bedtime
  • Sunday, May 11: feeling quite a bit better today at times
  • Monday, May 12:
  • Tuesday, May 13:
  • Wednesday, May 14:
  • Thursday, May 15 (redistribution): slow and fatigued but functional.

Round 27 (3.5 days) –  50 mg ALA every 3 hours, total chelation days to date: 112.5

  • Monday, April 21: energy surge all day, no need for nap, eyes less dry, happier, wiped out an evening, stomachache and evening, should do 25 mg ALA next time
  • Tuesday, April 22: wiped out after lunch meeting, unable to nap, momentary headaches during the lunch meeting, second night in a row with stomachache in evening, wiped out at bedtime, destroyed, warm in the evening, some anger.
  • Wednesday, April 23: 15 minute nap, feeling much better in evening today, almost no cramping, very mild headache around 7 PM
  • Thursday, April 24: unable to nap, headache in evening at bedtime, fatigued but functional all day, extra hungry, lots of gas, last dose at 5 PM
  • Friday, April 25 (first day off round): very fatigued, dry lips, unable to nap

Round 26 (3.5 days) –  6 mg DMPS every 8 hours, total chelation days to date: 109.5

  • Sunday, April 13: slow and fatigue in the afternoon, clumsy, mild frontal pressure almost headache, warming evening, 25 minute nap
  • Monday, April 14:fatigue from poor sleep, less headache and eyes less dry than previous round, not as yucky feeling today is yesterday, not as slow or confused
  • Tuesday, April 15: less fatigued after lunch than day before, a bit more headache in the afternoon and evening but still mild, some cramping, warm in evening
  • Wednesday, April 16: all side effects fading but still present, 15 minute nap, slow to fall asleep, less nap needed.
  • Thursday, April 17: first whole day off round – feeling better but still a little fatigued, eyes still dry, 5 minute nap – slow to fall asleep

Round 25 (2 days) –  12.5 mg DMPS every 8 hours, total chelation days to date: 106

  • Sunday, March 30: very dry eyes again like round 24 but no headache, too much fatigue after dinner probably from the little bit of exercise I did, brain sharp after hydrocortisone boost (increased 5 mg at 6 PM), muscles still cramping
  • Monday, March 31: 25 minute nap, heavy fatigue today, very dry eyes, legs and butt still cramping
  • Tuesday April 1: first day off round – still cramping, 25 minute nap, fatigued most of day, eyes no longer bloodshot from dryness

Round 24 (7 days) –  12.5 mg DMPS every 8 hours, total chelation days to date: 104

  • Sunday, March 16: started out with 25 mg DM PS every six hours, a little more energy, a little less hunger, a little slow and apathetic in the afternoon, a little headache, and a little sleepy at times.
  • Monday, March 17:stopped taking P5P, added Garden of Life probiotics, after doing lots of errands and getting some sunshine I ended up with the frontal headache which turned out to be a migraine – so I took two magnesium threonines. I also accidentally doubled up my sunflower lecithin taking my lunch and dinner doses together at dinner. some depression and irritability. The headache could’ve come from the sunshine or the larger dose of lecithin. Researching the DMPS, it seems many people get migraines from it.
  • Tuesday, March 18: migraine all day with some relief in the evening, noticed that I had stopped taking pantethine and restarted, started B6 (same 250 mg to replace P-5-P), increased vitamin B2 by 50 mg to 100 mg, took 3 to 4 capsules of threonine, increased magnesium glycinate by 100 mg, changed the DMPS to 12.5 mg every eight hours
  • Wednesday, March 19: migraine gone, replaced by thrombosed hemorrhoid! Increased magnesium glycinate by 300 mg, less brain fog after dinner than usual.
  • Thursday, March 20: reduced omega 3 by 1280 mg, one I extremely bloodshot, very tired in evening maybe effect of reduced fish oil.
  • Friday, March 21: increased fish oil back up. still significantly less brain fog than usual but don’t know what from.
  • Saturday, March 22: very depleted after lunch after skipping nap, blood pressure very low, took an additional 5 mg hydrocortisone, frontal headache in early evening, took two threonine and two Motrin, some depression and black thinking, warm at bedtime, increased magnesium glycinate bedtime by 200 mg. Ended round with last DMPS dose at 3 PM.
  • Sunday, March 23: redistribution – low blood pressure, slow and weak most of the day but better in the evening, very warm in the evening and frontal headache probably from methylation.

Round 23 (3.5 days) –  37.5 mg ALA and 50 mg DMSA every two hours, total chelation days to date: 97

  • Wednesday, February 26: one short lived sharp pain in the side in the morning, good energy and some mild euphoria in the morning, deep 20 minute nap after lunch, slow and dumb as usual all afternoon, no headache at all in the evening, very dry swollen lips in the evening
  • Thursday, February 27: touch of depression (maybe circumstantial), confusion/brain fog started earlier today, maybe around 11 AM…, difficulty working, hands sore, very warm in the evening and slept poorly waking before the alarms (probably methylation).
  • Friday, February 28: brain fog starting even earlier today, maybe from a stressful morning, stayed active though, 45 minute nap after lunch, better than yesterday in the afternoon as a result, hands sore and tight, fatigued and feeling worn down in the evening, ears ringing a little, overemotional, wiped out in the evening, warm in the evening, very dry lips, less cramping, bloated, dull headache at bedtime of the sort I usually get when increasing methylation and being very active at the same time.
  • Saturday, March 1: more of the same, brain fog starting early, 20 minute nap after lunch, rough shape in the afternoon, strong fatigue in the evening, overemotional, dry lips, rain fog, last dose of 5 PM.
  • Sunday, March 2: redistribution day – slow and fatigued.

Round 22 (4.5 days) –  75 mg ALA every two hours, total chelation days to date: 93.5

  • Saturday, February 8: this is an increase of 15 mg, a large jump for me, started at 9 AM, no energy surge but also no increase in fatigue. By two or 3 PM strong confusion / IQ drop and memory impairment – extremely slow mentally and pressure in the head but no headache. Sinuses also affected, hard to describe how, but something funny going on as if I had a cold maybe. Very common side effect. Lips are a little swollen and dry but not as bad as in my last round with DMSA.
  • Sunday, February 9: very depleted at 3 PM, voice even cracking and raspy, very irritable today but overall much better than yesterday – brain much more functional again, napped, some mild lower abdomen pain yesterday and today, mild frontal pressure at times, slept poorly waking before each alarm during the night.
  • Monday, February 10: two sets of stairs and three sets of 30 jumping jacks gave me brain fog right afterwards, mild headache on and off today, cramping and lower back, dry lips and hands, hard day, very fatigued but unable to nap, slept deeply at night.
  • Tuesday, February 11: woke up feeling far better, like the storm had broken, but I had to take the car to the shop and walk home, then walk back to pick it up later and I think the exercise was too much for me because by evening I felt destroyed with a steady mild headache and was thinking of quitting the round. At bed time I was feeling better again and decided to keep going, thinking it was just the exercise that pushed me over the edge.
  • Wednesday, February 12: feeling better again in the morning but still feel the accumulated fatigue. This round probably won’t last much longer… still functional enough to work most of the day, some tinnitus in the afternoon, strongest I’ve ever experienced although still probably mild, some strange pains in my head near the bottom of my ear, headache again in the evening, last dose at 5 PM, I’m done, I give up !!
  • Thursday, February 13: first day off round – better energy than expected, took lots of extra lipo-c and 600 mg extra sunflower lecithin, 200 mg extra magnesium or so. Very warm in the afternoon and evening – methylation cranking up, must be from lecithin. Very dry lips in evening. slept poorly and woke too warm and after nightmare, all typical methylation symptoms.

Round 21 (5.5 days) –  37.5 mg ALA and 50 mg DMSA every two hours, total chelation days to date: 89

  • Thursday, January 23:  Energy surge in the morning lasting most of the day, with some brain fog and slow thinking. Strong frontal headache starting around 5 PM. Dry sensitive lips. Feels like a relatively average pattern but better than December rounds. Was able to nap.
  • Friday, January 24: still energetic and productive all day, fairly clearheaded, still cramping, eating a little less than normal? overall very few side effects, no moodiness, no headache just a hint around dinner time, no aches and pains. Very light nap
  • Saturday, January 25: feeling much more relaxed today where energy surge is balanced by sleep loss, still very functional and in good mood, slept deeply during my nap, warm in the evening.
  • Sunday, January 26: still working all day, exercised in the morning, able to nap but wiped out after 3 PM – exercise bad idea!
  • Monday, January 27: drove kids to school in the snow, wanted to nap afterwards but unable, worked all day, wired and exhausted but happy about being wired, no moodiness or other side effects, still ongoing cramping.
  • Tuesday, January 28: still working but very slow and muggy headed in afternoon while shopping, unable to nap, chapped lips, skin and hair very dry all week, still cramping, last dose at 5 PM.
  • Wednesday, January 29: better energy and clarity than expected today during redistribution!! Unable to nap, worked all day.

Round 20 (5 days) – 60 mg ALA every 2 hours, total chelation days to date: 83.5

  • Sunday, December 22: No energy surge this time, big disappointment. Although I stayed active, ALA increased my fatigue and gave me mild headache along with slow thinking. Maybe because I started this round without a good night sleep before… Lips are dry and cracking as usual. Because the kids are home it’s noisy and more demands on my energy – started feeling overwhelmed around 4 PM. Probably not a good idea to start rounds on weekends.
  • Monday, December 23: Very mild headache, feeling thick, dull and slow. Would you call that muggy-headed?
  • Tuesday, December 24: Slept deeper last night and woke up feeling more clearheaded today. No headaches at all just slow and mildly fatigued. Thinking I probably need to increase my ALA dose next month. Unable to sleep at night until 2:30 AM because of a timing problem related to it being Christmas Eve.
  • Wednesday, December 25: continued to chelate in spite of insomnia and sleep deprivation. Napped after breakfast. slept so deeply that night that I missed a chelator dose and took the next dose without realizing that I had missed the previous giving me an interval of 5 1/2 hours between doses, oops!! Still, no noticeable side effects from this.
  • Thursday, December 26: Have recovered from sleep deprivation which is a great relief. Also took along deep nap after lunch. just read this interesting post where Andy talks about high versus low chelator doses, a good reminder not to push too hard.
  • Friday, December 27: Decided to end my round 10 hours early at 7 AM today. It has been a hard round and hard month. 12 chelation days per month may be too much for me. I’m slow and fatigued, got a 30 minute nap and having trouble waking up and clearing my brain. Almost feels like I have a mild headache.

Round 19 (4.5 days) – 25 mg ALA & 50 mg DMSA every 2 hours, total chelation days to date: 78.5

  • Monday, December 9: This is the first time I’ve done 50 mg DMSA every two hours. Started with 9 AM dose after sleeping very well last night. a mild headache for an hour or two after  first dose.  Reasonably good energy which led me to run a couple earns but very slow mentally,  slower then when I use ALA only.  Slept reasonably well,  woken by first and second alarm ( I never sleep through to the third).
  • Tuesday December 10th:  An unremarkable day.  Enough energy to be productive but enough apathy to prefer doing nothing…  a little bit of frontal pressure in the head. Still, this feels better than  the 25 mg ALA / 25 mg DMSA  round that I did as I seem to have a little more energy.  May want to try 50 mg ALA  with my 50 mg DMSA next time in January…
  • Wednesday, December 11: Mentally slow in the morning. Slow and fatigued in the afternoon. Exhausted and wanting to quit this round in early evening but feeling remarkably better around bedtime.
  • Thursday, December 12: Mentally slow in the morning. Slow and fatigued in the afternoon – strong sleep debt. Remaining mostly productive but feeling crappy on this round most of the time. Really don’t like DMSA, wish I could quit this round already.
  • Friday, December 13: Very happy to be ending the round this evening. a little bit of headache/frontal pressure in the morning. Increased DHEA by 5 mg because I ran out of 10 mg pills which I was previously dividing between breakfast and lunch. So today I took a 25 mg at breakfast. Pulse and blood pressure have been low during this round as usual.
  • Saturday, December 14:

Round 18 (8.5 days) – 60 mg ALA every 2 hours, total chelation days to date: 74

  • Monday, November 25: Started this round 11 AM after getting some important work done. I thought I had tried ALA only once before but after lots of digging it appears this is my first round without any DMSA. I’m excited to try something new! First dose gave me a nice energy surge. This comes as a relief because yesterday my energy was so low I was worried. The background: I had a migraine for three days triggered by switching from a dry vitamin D, to an olive oil-based D3. , worried that maybe the my fish oil had some unreported vitamin D in it so I switched to flax oil. That day my energy was very low, but I’m also in the process of tapering down isocort so I don’t know what the cause was. Anyway, migraine is gone and today I’m back on fish oil and increased befotiamine by 150mg to 300 mg. Tremendous energy surge lasted all day long – ran loads of errands in the afternoon and evening. Slept well to first alarm, woke early before the second alarm and took second dose early but forgot to turn the alarm off. Slept lightly and poorly for the second half of the night. This was my intended schedule: 11:15 PM – 2:15 AM – 4:45 AM – 7:00 AM – 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
  • Tuesday, November 26: Feeling mildly energetic in spite of sleep loss.
  • Wednesday, November 27: Jittery and exhausted – feeling like giving up in the afternoon and evening, on the verge of saying this is too intense, I’m done.
  • Thursday, November 28: Slow and fatigued in the morning and feeling better and more relaxed in the afternoon. Have broken through to the other side! Switched from Isocort to HC (12.5 mg) after tapering down to 5 pellets.
  • Friday, November 29: Some euphoria and emotional in the morning on the drive to Frisco. Continued chelation and all supplements while tubing, awesome!! Exhausted in the afternoon. Felt onset of migraine but may have stocked it with cold headband, ibuprofen and ACV.
  • Saturday, November 30: Feeling worn down and headache all afternoon after getting tired out by family activity. increased SAMe by 200mg to 800mg total. heartburn at night resulting in poor sleep.
  • Sunday, December 1: Slow, fatigued in the morning from bad night, unable to nap because of some stressful situations. Oddly enough feeling somewhat energetic and better than I should in the afternoon. Inclined my bed 6 inches at the head. Slept well finally.
  • Monday, December 2: Somewhat fatigued in the morning. Restarted DHEA with 10 mg at breakfast hoping it will raise my low blood pressure.
  • Tuesday, December 3: Generally worn down but still productive, unable to nap, exhausted in the evening. no headache or other noticeable effects other than fatigue after last dose.
  • Wednesday, December 4 (off-round): Fatigued but still getting a nice pickup from supplements and feeling productive.

Round 17 (4.5 days) – 25 mg DMSA, 25 mg ALA every 2 hours , total chelation days to date: 65.5

  • Monday, November 4: Started at 7 AM but haven’t slept well for two nights so my ability to sense impact of chelation very diminished… Got a good nap. Mild headache around dinner time, exhausted in evening. longer night doses: 2′ 45″, 2′ 45″, and 2’30”.
  • Tuesday, November 5: Woke up feeling a little rough so I think I will try shorter night doses tonight. By 11am feeling rocked by poor sleep. First night on 2 hour intervals.
  • Wednesday, November 6: Slept through my first alarm last night but fortunately woken by wife and daughter. Woke up feeling a little better in spite of two hour intervals. Still, same pattern repeated today, functional until around 11 AM. Lips are dry and cracking even with constant Chapstick application. Again, feeling much better after nap. Second night on 2 hour intervals.
  • Thursday, November 7: Woke up very early and attended an all morning business meeting – that wasn’t smart! but I survived it. Third night on 2 hour intervals.
  • Friday, November 8: After three nights one two hour intervals I think I can say it’s not working well enough for me. Going to try 2’30” tonight using: 11:15 PM – 1:45 AM – 4:15 AM – 6:45 AM – 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
  • Saturday, November 9 (off round): I missed my 1:45 AM dose and ended the round. I had almost no redistribution effects on Saturday, presumably because my doses were low in this round.
  • Sunday, November 10: Felt a little slower than usual on Sunday, possibly from adding 5htp and Gaba-R for sleep or maybe because my redistribution was delayed for the first time.

Round 16 (5.5 days) – 25 mg DMSA, 60 mg ALA every 2.5 hours (switched to 25 mg DMSA 50 mg ALA every 2 hours), total chelation days to date: 61

  • Monday, August 26: started morning with unusually good energy and mental clarity, I’m boosting my magnesium to 2 g today, felt a headache coming around lunchtime, but it never arrived! feeling much better than I expected today… didn’t sleep well because I tried taking magnesium with my 2:30 AM dose and then woke after just one hour.
  • Tuesday, August 27: kind of an average day because I didn’t sleep well Monday night. Increased fish oil at my 2:30 AM dose and got heartburn – another night of poor sleep.
  • Wednesday, August 28: first SAMe – feeling increase in methylation, pretty good energy again despite sleeping poorly previous two nights. Napped very easily and deeply. Switching to lithium orotate from aspartate, moving 500 mg vitamin C from dinner to 7 AM. Slept deeply during first two stretches.
  • Thursday, August 29: tried taking 200 mg magnesium at 5:30 AM and slept very lightly after that, decided not to take any magnesium at night. An unusual amount of brain fog in the morning but cleared up with exercise. Switched to 50 mg ALA every two hours. Still struggling with proximal hamstring tendinopathy – tried jumping jacks instead of elliptical today.
  • Friday, August 30: difficult day because of poor sleep previous night, frontal headache after 9 PM, exhausted at end of day.
  • Saturday, August 31: felt really bad in the morning until 10 AM or so, took girls to riding lesson, napped deeply, last ALA at 3 PM, last DMSA 11 PM.
  • Sunday, September 1: total apathy all day long, just wanted to watch TV, heavy fatigue and feeling cold all day, very disappointing redistribution day – wondering can I really make it through chelation.
  • Monday, September 2: feeling much better!

Round 15 (6.5 days) – 25 mg DMSA, 60 mg ALA every 2.5 hours, total chelation days to date: 55.5

  • Monday, August 5: started round at 5 AM and got normal first day headache starting around noon.
  • Tuesday, August 6: slow thinking/mild confusion in the afternoon, woke before alarm from heartburn.
  • Wednesday, August 7: some intermittent feelings of well-being, slow thinking/mild confusion in the afternoon, slight headache after being late on a dose 15 minutes, woke before alarm from heartburn.
  • Thursday, August 8: added 250 mg TMG at early-dinner, slow thinking/mild confusion in the afternoon, mild headaches on and off, very hungry in the afternoon on, a little bit of heartburn when first nighttime alarm rang.
  • Friday, August 9: increased fish oil by 63 mg of omega-3, added 250 mg of TMG for a total of 1000 split between lunch and breakfast, some anxiety in the morning around 930 AM, slow thinking/mild confusion in the afternoon, very warm at bedtime and headache.
  • Saturday, August 10: added 1 mg tablet ADB 12, added 250 mcg b12 for a total of 1.5 mg,  feeling better today, fewer headaches, slow thinking/mild confusion in the afternoon, warm at bedtime and a little too much energy, teeth chattering – difficulty falling asleep.
  • Sunday, August 11: no headaches, feeling better than expected in the afternoon, even had thoughts of continuing the round.
  • Monday, August 12: slow thinking/mild confusion in the afternoon

Round 14 (11.5 days) – 50 mg DMSA, 50 mg ALA every 3 hours, total chelation days to date: 49

  • Sunday, July 14: started at 8 PM, frontal headache and a little emotional by 10 PM
  • Monday, July 15: not very productive day work wise, not feeling the confusion but some apathy, probably from not sleeping well. A little bit of head pressure. temperature down a bit. less hunger than normal, not snacking much.
  • Tuesday, July 16: sprints at 9 AM, about an hour earlier than normal and was very tight, difficult to complete because of pain in feet. Slow thinking. Less hunger than normal, snacking very little. Barefoot walk before dinner. A little difficulty falling asleep, but then slept well.
  • Wednesday, July 17: started taking CoQ10 with 10 mg at breakfast and lunch. A little fatigued this morning and still tight during sprints. Almost didn’t feel like napping after lunch (unusual, CoQ10?) but did anyway and dozed lightly.
  • Thursday, July 18: added 10 mg CoQ10, mild confusion and apathy
  • Friday, July 19: mild confusion and apathy
  • Saturday, July 20: increased B12 by 250 µg to 1 mg, used 10 g D-Ribose horseback riding (twice as much as normal) to good effect, mild confusion and apathy
  • Sunday, July 21: increased vitamin C from 4 g to 5 g, increased fish oil by 77 mg to 569 mg omega-3, fatigued from Saturday, mild confusion and apathy, headache from 8 PM until bedtime (vit D?), a little trouble falling asleep but slept well.
  • Monday, July 22:increased B12 by 250 µg to 1.25 mg,  mild confusion and apathy
  • Tuesday, July 23 – Friday, July 26: mild confusion and apathy, pretty minimal side effects with the exception that I slept very lightly and had trouble falling asleep several nights. Considered that it might have been due to a stressful week at work, or from the aspartate in my lithium which I was taking near bedtime, or from the increase in vitamin C. However, on Friday I took my last ALA at 2 PM and after dinner I was feeling much more relaxed than I had for a week. So maybe the ALA was involved also. Don’t really have a way to know because I also rearranged my supplement schedule with the lithium in the morning and no vitamin C after 4 PM… Anyhow, I’m sure I’m ready for a chelator dose increase or frequency increase.
  • Saturday, July 27 (off-round): slept deeply at midday nap – first time in many many days which leads me to believe that the trouble I had sleeping last week was mostly related to doing an extended round (chelators) and not related to support supplements. Added 500 mg TMG. Slight headache a few hours later…

Round 13 (6.5 days) – 50 mg DMSA, 50 mg ALA every 3 hours – first long round, total chelation days to date: 37.5

  • Monday, July 1:  starting off a little handicapped as I didn’t sleep well due to a vitamin D headache.  Three sprints at level 11  right after breakfast.  Received my hair test results,  ouch,  I’m sick.
  •  Tuesday, July 2: headache from vitamin D still fading. Goes away after I eat. Traumatic day analyzing and understanding high copper and bad calcium magnesium ratio on hair test. Mixed 50 mg p5p with magnesium water and didn’t notice the usual grogginess from it. Felt pretty good after dinner. Took my last cortisol and B12 after dinner, unusually late. Slept well.
  •  Wednesday, July 3: decided to try Andy’s recommendation for B6 – going to take 50 mg P5 P with each meal. Feeling a little slow after breakfast but not too bad. Lots of diarrhea after failed attempts to increase magnesium.
  •  Thursday, July 4: slept deeply again last night in between alarms, but did not fall back to sleep after the second alarm. decided to extend this round. Got moody for a while after lunch. Mostly brain fog from B6 (p5p). Delighted to see my temperature rising again. Lots of diarrhea after failed attempts to increase magnesium.
  •  Friday, July 5:  increased omega-3 from fish oil by 63 mg to try to counteract fogginess from the B6. Want to try to go seven days chelating. Started applying magnesium oil. Some extra fatigue today but certainly from not  sleeping well Thursday.
  • Saturday, July 6: very active day, first day applying magnesium oil twice, switch from magnesium citrate to magnesium glycinate, very high-energy despite loss of sleep, feeling very warm, enjoyed horseback ride tremendously, good body temperatures.
  • Sunday, July 7: tired from yesterday and little sleep, a little constipated – need more magnesium, drank a lot more water today.
  • Monday, July 8: first day off-round, fatigued but better energy than expected (able to work productively) considering how long this round was, could not sleep because of work project and took Lunesta 2 mg.

Round 12 (2.5 days) – 50 mg DMSA, 50 mg ALA every 3 hours after 30 days off chelation, total chelation days to date: 31

  • Monday, June 24:  a little surge of energy in the early morning,  a little emotional in the afternoon after doing my first 60 second workout. some lightheadness in afternoon & evening. woke from nightmare after only 1.5 hrs sleep (very unusual). first 60 sec run on treadmill at pace 6. increased carnitine by 333 mg to a total of 1.2 g.
  •  Tuesday, June 25: second 60 sec run on treadmill using 30 sec intervals on level 8. Frontal headache in the evening. Sharp pains around the ribs when I woke in the morning. increased milk thistle by one capsule to a total of three. Jaw/face tension after dinner.
  •  Wednesday, June 26: ran at 10 AM on treadmill – 3 30 second intervals at level 9. Difficulty napping after lunch: maybe too much vitamin C too early in the day. Strong lightheadedness starting at 2 PM when I took my carnitine and DMSA/ALA dose at exactly the same time. Mostly faded by 4:30 PM. My recollection is that Freddd says ALA is one of the supporting supplements for methylation. Maybe that’s the explanation. Increased evening dose of iodine by 3 mg.
  • Thursday, June 27 (first day off-round): My last dose was 11 PM on Wednesday so naturally I didn’t sleep very well. Even so, this round was relatively easy having gone back to comfortable dosing at 50mg/50mg. Today I’m a little slow and fatigued but much better than I was on the rounds when I was increasing dosage above 50mg.

Round 11 (2.5 days) – 50 mg DMSA, 75 mg ALA every 3 hours, total chelation days to date: 28.5

  • Monday, May 27: new brand of ALA (Source Naturals), started with 62.5 mg ALA .  Hard day, my body knows whenever I increase the dosage even when it is a measly 12.5 mg! feeling slow and thick,  pressure in the head as if I were about to get a headache.
  •  Tuesday, May 28:  Accidentally increased to  75 mg ALA,  so I will stick with it.  feeling better than yesterday even though I increased the dose.  maybe this is a good trick for dose increases?  Still slow mentally,  difficult to work.
  •  Wednesday, May 29: Hard day, hard crashes in the afternoon and early evening before each dose.
  •  Thursday, May 30 (first day  off-round): Crushing fatigue, slow thinking. Naps after breakfast and lunch. Increased cortisol to 10 pellets. Started carnitine at 125 mg after first nap at 9 AM.

Round 10 (2.5 days) – 50 mg DMSA, 50 mg ALA every 3 hours (back where I started), total chelation days to date: 26

  • Monday, May 20: woke at 5 AM for the first time on day one to extend my round for three hours without impacting my sleep too much. added an additional 1/8 vitamin C and 1/8 teaspoon magnesium. No headache but considerable fatigue from busy weekend, poor sleep and possibly from increased magnesium.
  • Tuesday, May 21: mostly smooth ride,  fairly active, needed nap, exhausted  in the evening.
  • Wednesday, May 22: mostly smooth ride,  fairly active, needed nap, exhausted  in the evening. Woke up with pins and needles around my torso the next morning (of my first off around day).
  • Extended round by 3 hours by waking at 5 am on Mon for first dose.
  • 5 am, 8 am, 11am, 2 pm, 5 pm, 8 pm, 11 pm, 2 am etc for 22 total doses.
  • Added Argenine 3 g on Friday.

Round 9 (2.5 days) – 75 mg DMSA, 25 mg ALA every 3 hours, total chelation days to date: 23.5

  • Monday, May 13: added 1500 mg pantothenic acid. Have switched from country life to source naturals dibencozide and reduced to 1/8 tablet. Significant increase in energy today but headache all afternoon. Using GABA Relaxer for sleep in addition to 25 mg 5-HTP.
  •  Tuesday, May 14: some headache, sleep deprived, hard crash in afternoon, very warm in evening. Hard hard day.
  •  Wednesday, May 15: switched from dry-E to NOW gamma complex. Surprising amount of energy in afternoon.

Round 8 (2.5 days) – 75 mg DMSA every 3 hours, total chelation days to date: 21

  • Monday, May 6: still lightheaded from methylation supplements which I have decreased down to crumbs and added 3 mg dibencozide. Using niacin to knock down the methylation startup symptoms. Iodine is now up to 12.5 mg.
  •  Tuesday, May 7: fatigued until after breakfast then feeling unusually balanced. Tired in evening.
  •  Wednesday, May 8: lightheaded in afternoon and evening.


Round 7 (2.5 days) – 75 mg DMSA every 4 hours, total chelation days to date: 18.5

  • Monday, April 29: increased to 4 mg methyl B12 and 3.2 mg metafolin. Very active day. Iodine bumped up to 10 mg.
  • Tuesday, April 30: another very active day and exhausted at the end.
  • Wednesday, May 1: increasing zinc to 75 mg, another very active day, wiped out at the end. Used 50 mg 5HTP at bedtime.
  • Thursday, May 2 (off): increased methyl B12 to 5 mg and became very lightheaded in the afternoon.

Round 6 (2.5 days) – 50 mg DMSA, 50 mg ALA every 3 hours, total chelation days to date: 16

  • Monday, April 22: feeling accelerated with headache in early-morning.
  • Tuesday, April 23: starting methyl B12 titration with 2 mg methyl and 1.6 mg methyl folate. Stronger fatigue than normal between three and 4:30 PM. A little more energy than normal in the evening.
  • Wednesday, April 24: a pretty good day, less frequent urination, less hunger, starting probiotics.
  • Thursday, April 25 (off): very fatigued until two or 3 PM, pretty good after that

Round 5 (2.5 days) – 50 mg DMSA, 50 mg ALA every 2 hour 24 minutes, total chelation days to date: 13.5

  • Monday, April 15: headache in afternoon. Three days ago I started taking potassium iodide at about 15 mg.
  • Tuesday, April 16: started selenium and increased magnesium and vitamin E, mild headache after dinner. All things considered fatigue is not so bad.
  • Wednesday, April 17: switched to Iodoral. Wiped out with fatigue, feeling fragile and moody.
  • Thursday, April 18 (off): very tired but relaxed, omega-3 insomnia


Round 4 (2.5 days) – 50 mg DMSA, 50 mg ALA every 3 hours, total chelation days to date: 11

  • Monday, April 8: feeling tired and accelerated all day… still wiped out after 4 saunas last week.
  • Tuesday, April 9: added vitamin A, lots of energy, headache in the evening.
  • Wednesday, April 10: sledding, headache possibly from vitamin D?
  • Thursday, April 11 (off): fatigued and slow all day


Round 3 (2.5 days) –  50 mg DMSA, 50 mg ALA every 3 hours, total chelation days to date: 8.5

  • Monday, April 1: forgot to set alarm and went 5.5 hours between doses, kept going
  • Tuesday, April 2: first sauna, added potassium, started lemon with baking soda
  • Wednesday, April 3: second sauna
  • Thursday, April 4 (off): EO, nap, sauna, exhausted


Round 2 (2.5 days) – 50 mg DMSA, 50 mg ALA every 3 hours, total chelation days to date: 6

  •  Monday, March 25: felt accelerated all day. Started adding essential supplements.
  •  Tuesday, March 26: fatigued from waking for night doses last night. Vivid dreams this night (first time I’ve experienced this). Also had too much urine at night.
  •  Wednesday, March 27: received urine-challenge test results
  •  Thursday, March 28: off-round

Round 1 (3.5 days) urine challenge test converted to first-round, 50 mg DMSA, 50 mg ALA every 3 hours

  • Sunday, March 17, 2013: 75 mg DMSA x 3 and 100 mg DMSA x 2 (this was a doctor prescribed challenge test). Highly unusual mental clarity and energy 15 minutes after first dose before breakfast – only lasted 30 minutes. Headache all afternoon until bedtime.
  • Monday, March 18: 250 mg DMSA and then 50 mg DMSA plus 50 mg ALA every three hours starting at 3 PM after the challenge test ended. Much better day, no headaches.
  • Tuesday, March 19: 50 mg DMSA and 50 mg ALA every 3 hours. Slow, foggy fatigued and moody.
  • Wednesday, March 20: 50 mg DMSA and 50 mg ALA every 3 hours. Less fatigued, upbeat.
  • Thursday, March 21 (off-round): fatigued and very moody!

30 thoughts to “My dose timeline”

  1. Eric:

    I’m looking over your website now. Some thoughts that have come to my mind thus far. I thought copper was supposed to be the #1 antioxidant for the body? A few weeks ago, I was investigating copper deficiency versus iron anemia and came across a very interesting thing. You need copper to break down iron and use iron in the body. IN fact, when I looked at copper deficiency symptoms, I had every one. I have gotten NO tests done yet, but I’ve already decided in my mind I’m copper deficient. My question to you is this: How do you KNOW that the lab testing that is being done for you are truthful and accurate?? Because there is so much corruption in the field of wholistic health, it is increasingly very difficult to find a practitioner and a lab that will actually test you accurately.

    I have been researching myself about 3 years now as I’ve realized that taking vitamins have probably hurt my kidneys. So, even vitamins might be bad for us cause we don’t know what is in them. This ring-around-the-rosy feeling I’m getting and have been going thru, I see you are also experiencing. Of course, this makes things difficult with the brain fog and forgetting that is going on. Bless you for your blog aNd allowing us to follow you in your recovery. If I don’t do something soon to help myself, I feel I will also go down the brain drain path. It is an awful web that has been woven, I’m afraid.

    My second thoughts after looking at your labs are #1 You must be feeling very discouraged as you are going backwards again. Could it be the lab is wrong? The only other thing it could be is that you are being poisoned some place else? Do you have any ideas here?

    I have come across the MTHFR gene deficiency as well. I have looked into trying to find out the WHY of the cause of the mutation. What I’ve read, is that getting back on track with the right foods and avoiding the poisoning ones will allow our body to reset and get back to normal (I hope). What we don’t want to do is treat the symptom of the mutation. This has been the failure of the medical community; to only treat the symptom without investigating the real cause of the problem.

    I know someone who is basically surviving on vitamins and supplements because the real foods obviously she can’t break down and use. This is so wrong!! We have to figure out WHY we can’t break down our real foods and get the energy we need from them. Do you have any thoughts on this??

    And finally, you state you run two businesses. What are they? I need to know that..because I am always trying to determine whom is a fraud and putting out misinformation versus whom is to be followed.

    Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you.


    I also had trouble following your blog aS I would like to follow you from present to the past but it’s difficult to manuever this. Could you give me any indicators? Thanks!

    1. hi Pansy, I’m guessing you read my post on copper already at and maybe that’s how you found my site. As for my labs, they appear very reliable to me because I can see changes occurring over time and they are so consistent. Not just bloodwork but also the hair tests. I have very high confidence in the testing.

      My businesses are not related to supplements or my illness and I’m not selling anything here.

      As for reading my blog chronologically – this page has my oldest posts on it, and from there if you click the “next entries” button at the bottom of the page, you will advance in time to the next batch of posts…

      Thanks for writing!

  2. I’ve been dealing with Candida and/or rope worm for six years and it’s been an absolute nightmare. I too have spent thousands of dollars on PCPs, specialists, naturopaths, blood, urine, stool, hydrogen breath testing, nutritional supplements; the same endless and result-less circling-the-drain that so many others have experienced.

    So I just ran across a couple of blogs yesterday that discussed something I had tried about 3 years ago, had so real results from, and gave up on. These blogs suggested something very simple though; I had used too little of the cure.

    I searched *this very website* for a particular keyword and nothing was returned, so I’m guessing you haven’t tried this yet, and no one has even brought it up in the comments here. What I’m talking about is 100% Pure Gum Spirits Turpentine. It is literally pine tree oil.

    Dr. Jennifer Daniels has written a paper (book?) on the medicinal application of turpentine, but I realized after reading the blog/article linked below, that she only ever mentioned the dosage for CHILDREN, which is why it was ineffective for me, which is why I gave up on turps approx 3 years ago. The adult dosage is significantly more than for children.

    100% Pure Gum Spirits of Turpentine was what started the Rockefeller medical business that was the launchpad for the entire current medical/pharmaceutical industry that is marketed so heavily. They initially included turps in the Merck manual as a cure-all, but then they took it out, and then many years later, reintroduced it with dire warnings of turpentine being dangerous. It’s not dangerous.

    It’s extremely effective, has been used going back at LEAST 2,000 years BC (that’s over 4,000 years, folks), and is only dangerous if you use too much. You MUST understand how potent this stuff is before using. If used knowledgeably and conservatively, it WILL cure your illness and will NOT harm you in any way whatesoever.

    Research is the key here; use your favorite search engine & YouTube. Inform yourself and pay no mind to or; these are disinformation sites that attempt to scare people away from cheap, natural extremely effective CURES (not to be confused with medical/pharma industry endless ‘treatment’ that NEVER cure anything).

    Here’s the link:

    1. Eric, I have come across the turpentine therapy idea before and my problem is not so much that I don’t know what will cure me. I have found many many therapies which are effective at cleansing my infections and eliminating toxins including heavy metals. My challenge is that I have a family to lead and support and I do that by running two businesses. So I have to remain relatively functional while on the protocols.

      Have you tried chlorine dioxide? I’d probably use that before turpentine… I’m finding ozone and fenben are very effective, my challenge is just that I am forced to ramp them up very slowly.

  3. Hi Eric. I think you are deep into Colon Cleansing etc just wondering when you think you are going back on rounds?

    I FINALLY Confirmed what is wrong with me, it took me 5 years, and I have been suffering for 30. Any guesses? Hg

    I looked at some of your rounds and they seem typical, feeling some good energy etc on round on some rounds, headaches, running out of steam before the end, bagged off round etc. I am sure you know this but JIC I think this is typical because A-Chelation is very hard on the body, and B-people do not do enough to support their Adrenals. I have done 3 rounds so far, and Adrenals are tanking on my 3rd day on round, and off round is just a foggy low energy event as you get re-poisoned until it settles back into its crevices, this is all much worse is dose is too bog (found out hard way, was feeling AMAZING on round, so thought I should increase, uh uh)

    I bring this up because I am quite sure Hg is at the root of all your issues as well (which is very often the case) and it causes huge problems everywhere as you know, so until you get rid of more of it, you are also stuck in the whack-a-mole Merry Go-Round I was and it seems that is so because you wore yourself down on all the rounds with probably doses too big for your toxic load and your condition, and going in and out of Adrenal Fatigue without enough support and threw in the towel. Not sure if you remember but Andy also says the Copper issue also straightens out once Hg is dealt with. I can tell you right now, 30 years of suffering multiple issues, hundreds of supplements, way too many thousands of dollars, and I know 1000% Hg was the culprit the entire time behind everything, undermining me and then later all my healing efforts.

    I think you need to chelate Bro but with much more Adrenal Support, sticking with the core supplements only and almost for sure lower doses to reduce the burden, energy drain, headaches, GI issues etc, and maybe Anti-Fungals to keep that rat bastard Candida from also dragging you down and most importantly by following the RULES! You must know, every challenge test you do damages you further (I know you felt you tolerated them well, but there are very good reasons why this are bad), and you should never be increasing or decreasing doses in a round (so turning a test into a round just makes a really bad problem much much worse) 64 hours minimum, and you should never continue a round if you are going to be more than an hour late (I notice a difference on 10 mins late, I do not change my night doses because of this). I can tell you 100% all these things in this paragraph matter, and they undermined you IMO.

    1. Jason, Dr. Cutler actually advises that anyone with copper toxicity should deal with it before starting chelation – so that was the first rule I broke! you may be right about increasing my adrenal support – quite a few people have commented that 30 mg of HC is too little for a man, and that 40 mg may be what I need. it makes me nervous though as I get fearful I will never get off the HC. I’m hoping to go back to chelation this year and excited about it!

      1. I broke the Copper rule sort of unintentionally I think, I thought mine was under wraps as my Adrenals were functioning okay mostly before chelation, no tell-tale symptoms etc but maybe “mostly” was not enough because some high Copper signs became apparent once I started, they are subsiding now I think (no money left for tests, last hair test was a year ago high Copper, did not quite meet counting rules and found out later they were recently changed, now I do, also the Morian website is missing a rule which misled me). I think he may have even changed his mind on this a little not sure though, but yes I think the general idea is to supplement high moly and zinc, AND support Adrenals to get them ready (which should take up to 3 months according to AC) for the utter beating they are going to take, which I was hit with pretty much right away I underestimated this crap. I hope I don’t have to go on HC or anything like it, today I took Pregnenolone and Progesterone and got a nice boost, and my temperature reading confirmed the boost. I also take all the other things I recommended to you on one of your Hairtest pages. Worse than being on HC, is leaving Hg in the body, really very few things can compare to this F(#(&#ing crap and it just keeps eroding someone’s health away little by little (in my case it was highly accelerated in the last year by a Pharma Drug). Honestly I think your doses were WAY too big given your fatigue level, level of suffering etc, and if we start off bagged already (hopefully supporting & boosting Adrenals ahead will mean you won’t), and then use a crane for removal instead of a toothpick, well I think the results speak for themselves, this mistake has been repeated 10,000 times over. Some people can only handle 1 or 2mg and they still struggle with that, maybe you are one of these people, hell maybe I am too, I did this too big of dose mistake myself too and am kicking myself, I underestimated my own toxicity, and just how lethal it is, and felt so good on first round I thought a big increase would be ok, uh uh, paid a HUGE price for it, I rested maybe 4 days and was “almost” recovered from that mistake, but the next round even though it was much lower and reasonable at 15mg ALA finished me off, I am now resting for like 2 weeks or more and trying to recover from the whole thing, strengthen Adrenals again, etc next round I am going to do 10mg only, I don’t want to burn myself out and have to waste time waiting like I am now. Lesson learned, one I truly hope you won’t also repeat, I would LOVE to see you getting better my friend with some permanent gains from proper rounds, I made some after only 3 rounds, my fog has lifted maybe 40-50% and I’ve eaten some “crap” since then (not thiols just crap like gluten etc) and had no reactions! Good luck, I hope you will tackle all this sooner rather than later, life is too short, you lost 13 years, I lost 30 or more 🙁

        1. I’m totally on board with you, and I know you know how frustrating it is, knowing how much work is involved in the rounds to just do an easy round. So I’m hoping I’ve learned my lesson the hard way already and won’t have to repeat that. I do plan to start low and slow when I begin again. Thanks for motivating me, glad it’s going well for you Jason!!

              1. Hi Eric. Been thinking about you and wondering if you tried to start chelation yet, I know you were hoping to start maybe July???

                Just thought you might find it interesting, I had my own “cycling the drain” episode about 6 weeks ago, some of it was my fault (staying up too late a couple of nights, torched Adrenals, Candida flare) and some of it was from the 2 rounds of DMSA I did.

                I had a rocky start but after 4 rounds, 5 – 15 were pretty smooth and things were really starting to stabilize (ALA only for most, 2 rounds DMPS in there too) and I was seeing some good gains. Then I added DMSA, not good. On round was mostly okay but not quite as good, post-round was terrible, way more fatigue than usual, and worse it lasted longer than usual. So if there is LEAD, well that is supposed to feel worse, so okay after the first round I lowered my dose of the DMSA (from 20mg to 10mg, combined with 35mg ALA at that time) and it actually didn’t help much, if at all, still same bad feeling and now after second round I could tell Candida had more life, which of course is the worse part of DMSA it is notorious for feeding the sucker, and knocking down part of the Immune system

                In my estimation, it is doing more to the immune system than most of aware of here, after those two rounds I then went on to have the WORST Candida flare up in 3 years, terrible all kinds of issues, and of course Adrenals were pooched, I had to take 3 weeks off chelation just to recover from all this

                Anyway short story long, I dont recommend DMSA, especially on a regular basis, DMPS is MUCH preferable IMO, I knew about the Candida aspect but it was much worse than I expected, I had no such reaction from DMPS, and really with no Amalgam ALA is all that is needed, and what I personally do best on anyway (alone).

                Good luck man hope it is going okay, or will go okay 🙂

                1. Well I did start chelation with DMPS but it was still very hard and then I came across the info about DMPS mixing with iron (and may be copper as well) to create even more toxic substances and it made a lot of sense. DMSA didn’t bother me much but it may have been slowly worsening my gut infection. Really looking forward to getting cleaned out so I can go back to chelation. Glad you’re figuring out your issues too – well done.

    1. I think it’s been a year now since I quit chelating. I hope to get back to it soon, maybe in 6 to 9 months… Probably will have a few years to do after that because lead comes out slowly.

    1. there’s no sense in trying to figure that out because everyone is different and if you try to put yourself on a schedule, you won’t pay as much attention to what your body needs and you may try to go too quickly… just accept it as an unknown.

  4. Eric,

    Thank you for a very detailed log of chelation. I received my hair test last week and my mercury level was through the roof at 2.6 ug/g, about twice as high as your original test result. I started chelating with 5 mg ALA every 2-3 hours and hasn’t felt bad at all actually. I was wondering why you started with such high dose of DMSA and ALA, but low dose of DMPS later. Was there a reason for this? Isn’t 50 mg of DMSA too high for first chelator? I would sincerely appreciate your response. Thanks.

    1. I started with a reasonably high dose because the urine challenge test involved fairly high doses and I got through that okay. Also Dr. Cutler in his books recommends fairly high doses as well for the average person. I came to find out I probably wasn’t the average. I probably started with a low dose of DMPS because I wasn’t feeling that well and just felt like being cautious. I had read stories of miracle cures with DMPS but also knew that some people react badly.

      You can never lose by starting with low doses – 50 mg is definitely too high to start with!

  5. Hi Eric,
    Thank you so much for your blog 
    My name is John, I’m 38 years old, I have completed 12 rounds of Chelation using DMSA + ALA (See table below), my amalgam fillings were taken out back in 2004 the method of removal wasn’t safe and I didn’t know anything about amalgam toxicity.

    Rnds DMSA ALA Start End Chelation Days
    1 66 mg 100 mg 07/20/2014 5:00:00 PM 07/23/2014 11:00:00 PM 3.25
    2 70 mg 100 mg 08/16/2014 9:00:00 AM 08/20/2014 10:15 AM 4.05
    3 70 mg 100 mg 08/24/2014 9:00:00 AM 08/27/2014 5:00:00 PM 3.33
    4 70 mg 100 mg 08/31/2014 9:25:00 AM 09/04/2014 11:00:00 AM 4.07
    5 70 mg 100 mg 09/07/2014 11:52:00 PM 09/11/2014 08:07:00 AM 3.34
    6 70 mg 100 mg 09/27/2014 5:20:00 PM 10/01/2014 9:00:00 PM 4.15
    7 70 mg 100 mg 10/27/2014 9:20:00 AM 10/30/2014 11:40:00 AM 3.10
    8 70 mg 150 mg 11/16/2014 12:00:00 PM 11/20/2014 12:00:00 PM 4.00
    9 125 mg 150 mg 12/01/2014 9:00:00 AM 12/03/2014 7:30:00 PM 2.44
    10 125 mg 150 mg 12/09/2014 12:43 PM 12/12/2014 10:00 PM 3.38
    11 125 mg 150 mg 01/01/2015 1:40 PM 01/05/2015 12:12 PM 3.93
    12 125 mg 100 mg 01/26/2015 9:00 AM 01/30/2015 9:00 AM 4.00

    Fast forward to the present, all of my symptoms points to Mercury poisoning, it was confirmed by the urine test, autonomic response testing and I have exhausted all my conventional testing and everything came back as normal!!!
    However, I look very healthy on the outside but on the inside I feel there is ongoing war to gain my health back
    Here are the symptoms:
    – Digestive Disorder (IBS) D or C switch in one day!
    – Food allergies
    – Anxiety
    – Panic attacks
    – Depression
    – Chronic Fatigue
    – Fibromyalgia symptoms (stiff muscles and fatigue)

    A year ago, my adrenals were out of whack, I used to work out at the gym with weights, I come back home then I crash for at least 12 hours, brain fog and fatigue takes over. Even I used to crash for couple hours after taking a warm shower!!!
    I’m sure you heard many stories like that or you have experienced some of them…
    After my first visit to my holistic doctor about 9 months ago, he informed me about mercury poisoning I did my due diligence that led me to Andrew Cutler’s Protocol.
    After completing 12 Rounds I can say that I feel much better, where I can resume work and workout as well. I even incorporated Far Infra-Red Sauna it helps big time especially on chelation days.
    As you can see from my chelation rounds, I started with high dosage, but the last round was really strong flared up all my symptoms again and it lasted 4 days.
    After looking at your chelation timeline I have noticed that some of your chelation round are up to 11 days! I looked back into amalgam illness book and Andrew Cutler said on page 203 that chelation days can be from 4 – 14 days.
    My question to you, if I want to prolong my chelation round up to 10 days, do you think I should take the dosage back to 25,50,75 or 100 mg of DMSA + ALA ?

    I appreciate all your help.

    1. hi John, it seems to me you’ve done extraordinarily well and I wouldn’t fix what’s isn’t broken. Maybe you are entering the dump phase. In any case, whether you decide to do a longer round or continue with the short ones, I’d reduce your dosage until you’re experiencing smooth sailing again. Try to keep it boring! Congratulations on your great recovery:)

      1. Hi Eric,
        One thing I forgot to mention, I’m getting a wrinkly skin, I feel like my skin is separated from the Muscle (leather skin) I think I’m young for this to happen now.
        Do you think this is due to some vitamins and minerals deficiencies?


        1. John, I don’t know much about wrinkly skin but have noticed my cortisol levels easily and quickly change the texture of my skin (chelation is hard on the adrenal glands). I think it could also come from a vitamin excess as well as deficiency – something like that happened to me once when I took too much vitamin A.

          It’s very possible that it’s related to your dysbiosis too…

  6. Hi, I like the way you methodically note the course of your treatment. I did notice you are still generally feeling crappy, even after 24 rounds… I’m surprised that you shortened the time between doses to 2 hours. Sleep is incredibly important, the body needs it to heal itself, so I’m thinking taking DMSA+ALA in relatively low doses every 4 hours (I know ALA should be taken every 3 hours, but since it apparently more mobilizes heavy metals than takes it out, I’m pretty sure that’s okay) causes minimal disturbance in your sleep pattern. So how much sleep do you do each night? Are you drinking plenty of water – is your urine always whiteish rather than yellow?
    I haven’t started chelation yet, because I need to get rid of two remaining amalgamate tooth fillings first, so I’m buffing up on the info and deciding on the protocol. I’ve already decided I’m going to take it easy, balancing between benefits and risks.. Also, I see you’ve made an initial provoked urine test, have you repeated it since?
    I intend to have myself tested before, during and after a few months, to see where I’m at.

    1. Hmmm, chelation doesn’t lend itself very well to planning. I do think you’re right about the sleep and that’s why I am changing tactics. Going to go back to three-hour dosing during the day and four hour at night. I do drink lots of water but because I take lots of B vitamins, my urine is often yellow anyway. My sleep patterns vary a lot unfortunately. I have not repeated the urine test and won’t but I am going to have a repeat hair test next month…

  7. Hello, I have just read through your dose timeline, and was curious to why you started with high doses (50mg DMSA & ALA) rather than building the doses up slowly as the Andy Cutler protocol suggested (12.5mg and slowly increase)? Do you think the headaches and fatigues that you experienced on your rounds are due to healing or redistribution? How do you feel when you come off a round compared to on it? I read that if one feels sick after a round is completed, that means an overload of mercury distribution has happened and there is harm to that. I have just started on round 1 with DMSA. I am thinking of raising it to 25mg for my second round, but I hesitate because of all the warnings I see regarding aggressive dosing. I would really appreciate your input. Thank you.

    1. My first round happened accidentally – I was doing a 24-hour urine challenge test that I got from my doctor. When I started researching online I discovered Andy Cutler’s theories about frequent dosing and decided to turn my challenge test into a round by extending it longer. I already knew more or less after the 24 hour challenge that the challenge doses were tolerable for me so I stuck with those roughly speaking. My impression is that my starting doses are pretty close to what Andy considered normal, if there is such a thing, when he wrote AI.

      If you subscribe to FDC, you are reading about lots of people who don’t tolerate chelators or other supplements well at all because those are the sickest among us who are most motivated to participate in the forum. It gives a lopsided impression of what “normal” is.

      I don’t think the headaches are healing or redistribution. I think they are pretty standard side effects that almost everyone experiences. My first day off round I feel very fatigued and generally crappy. At the end of round before quitting I feel sleep deprived and exhausted but a little wired too. I’m also concerned about aggressive dosing and trying to remember those warnings and adapting accordingly. For that reason, I’m only going to do one round in January instead of two…

      Everyone has to figure out for themselves what number of rounds and intensity of dosing is optimal. Some people make mistakes too. I’m trying to balance my aggressive risk-taking nature with due caution and trying to rely on my intuition to guide me. In the end, all we can do is our best!

      1. Thank you for your explanation. I’m on my 2nd round now and already upped the dose to 25mg. I’m now thinking about raising it even more for my next round. I’m trying to read every post you on your website and it’s interesting to read your notes on earlier rounds. I also experienced sharp but tolerable pains in my foot, and slight jumping sensation in the middle of my forehead. I also had a strong reaction taking mb12 today. It felt as if my brain froze or tightened for a couple of minutes, then I felt normal afterwards. I never felt anything when I took mb12 when I had my amalgams in. I wonder if this has deeper meaning or is  just pure coincidence.

        1. Glad to hear you are finding my ramblings interesting enough to read! Congratulations on getting started and moving to your second round:)

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