Methylation update

IMG_1987-550[I]t feels like my methylation treatment is going really well. I started ubiquinol a few days ago and have had another energy surge. Read a bunch of articles about CoQ10 vs ubiquinol but I’m thinking of taking both types, maybe 150 mg of each.

Over the past month, my muscles have tightened further and I’ve have had regular cramping particularly in the evening when my potassium dosing is lower. I was at 1,000 mg of potassium and have increased it slowly over the past couple weeks to 2,200 mg which seems to help the cramping. Have been struggling with hamstring tendinitis for six weeks roughly and it seems I can feel the effect of potassium increases in reduced cramping (it’s the muscles around the tendinitis that tend to cramp).

Still feel like I probably am not getting enough potassium but I’m nervous about taking more because my dose schedule is already crazy and I worry about hurting my stomach.

Anyway, the cramping and tendinitis mostly make me glad that methylation treatment is working. I’m finally back up to around the dose of mb12 that I started with when I did my initial fast ramp-up and had to restart. I’m dividing three mb12 tablets into quarters and taking the chunks all day long. The big difference now is that I’m taking all of the other supports and cofactors.

I’m not sleeping too well but seem to be less affected than I would have guessed. When you are ramping up your energy production, this is to be expected – so I’m just not going to worry about it. My energy surge was also accompanied by a light headache and fatigue from being more active and sleeping less.

A couple people have suggested that I try a little manganese for sugar metabolism and magnesium absorption/utilization so I went back and read everything I could find that Cutler wrote about Mn.  In Hair Test Interpretation he writes at least two full pages about it. It seems that one of his main concerns (he stopped recommending Mn) is that people with lead and mercury toxicity are extra susceptible to manganese toxicity because the three are synergistic. I do have lead and mercury so probably won’t try anything higher than 8 mg…

Other news:

  • I’ve updated my supplement page with info about CoQ10/ubiquinol and manganese.
  • Got a headache after getting some sunshine that lasted about 60 hours. No one has any idea why vitamin D gives me these headaches, but I’m gonna try a vitamin K complex soon to see if that makes me more tolerant.
  • I have a new success story to post and just waiting for some photos.
  • I haven’t posted in some time because I live in Boulder Colorado and had a very close call with the flooding as you can see from the picture taken from an upstairs window.  There is not supposed to be any water at all there –  that used to be a field and a  small, dry creek bed  at the far side. Could not have been any luckier, but it was still traumatic.

And that’s the news folks! I hope you are all faring well.

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    1. I had not seen that Tara and I found the talk about liposomal lipids interesting. Might explain why I’m getting a strong energy boost from Mercola’s liposomal C which I started a few weeks ago…

      Thanks for the link!

      1. If you end up liking the Lipo C, you should definitely consider making your own.  It’s quite inexpensive to make, after the initial investment in the ultrasonic. 
        I use this recipe, using sodium ascorbate, non-GMO lecithin granules, and Berkey filtered water:
        Using the sodium ascorbate I don’t need to add baking soda, and I make a triple batch of it so I only need to make more every few weeks. 
        I wasn’t able to tolerate any other C, and after a couple initial days of herxing on this C, I’ll never switch to another form.

        1. Thanks for the link Tara:)

          I’ve considered it extensively and may still do it at some point. I even joined the Yahoo group for do-it-yourself LIPO. For now though, since the quantities I’m using are pretty small at just 1 g a day, I’m going to stick with Mercola for a bit…

  1. Eric, I’m curious where you now stand with diet – last I saw you were avoiding sulfur foods and high copper foods, but were back to eating high folic acid foods after previously avoiding high folic acid foods.  Is all this still what you are doing?  From various reading elsewhere I think I have the rough idea of the theories of avoiding each of these things, and the sometimes contradictory info/experiences people have with them, so I wondered what your current approach is.
    Also, the specific chelators you are using, does Andy Cutler say those chelators chelate copper?  (I have his book but it’s packed, and wondered what you think about it in any case)

    1. hi Mary, I have slowly added more foods back in that contain sulfur although I still avoid broccoli, cauliflower, and brussels sprouts out of an abundance of caution. For the most part, I don’t think I’m very sensitive to sulfur. I seem to need a lot of meat, vegetables and fat in my diet and need to avoid carbs but aside from that, I’m lucky not to have a lot of sensitivities.

      The chelators do not remove copper.

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