Round 19: max DMSA dose

19[R]ound 19 was a real pain in the ass, as is every round I do with DMSA. It seems 50 mg of DMSA is the maximum recommended by Dr. Cutler and I had done that much and more on a three-hour schedule before, but this was the first time I did it on a two hour schedule, which I find more intense. Over time, I’ll probably increase the amount of ALA that I combine with my DMSA, but for now this particular combination is not fun.

As usual, after three days it gets a little easier, but then my sleep debt starts to accumulate and after a few more days, I’m totally ready to quit.

I made the terrible mistake of increasing folate ( an additional 200 mcg) on my first day off round thereby combining side effects from folate with the redistribution day and it was ugly! Lesson learned.

This overzealousness came about because I want to reach 4 mg of folate by the end of the year. A totally arbitrary goal, but one I am going to hit. I’m more and more convinced that folate and methylation is really central to my recovery…

In other news, in my search for migraine solutions, I came across magnesium threonate which is the only magnesium that crosses the blood brain barrier. I’ve been taking it for a few days now and feel more relaxed. I’m sleeping better too! All the other magnesium types I’ve tried energize me instead of relaxing me, so there really is something to the MGT/blood brain barrier thing.

I should mention also that I still fret often about whether or not I’m healing.  I have difficulty knowing because,  first, I’m always pushing my limits and feeling crappy as a result,  and second,  there’s always some crisis in my life disrupting my routines and causing stress which leaves me feeling crappy too.

I’ll start my next round ALA only this coming Sunday. My round notes:

Round 19 (4.5 days) – 25 mg ALA & 50 mg DMSA every 2 hours, total chelation days to date: 78.5

  • Monday, December 9: This is the first time I’ve done 50 mg DMSA every two hours. Started with 9 AM dose after sleeping very well last night. a mild headache for an hour or two after  first dose.  Reasonably good energy which led me to run a couple earns but very slow mentally,  slower then when I use ALA only.  Slept reasonably well,  woken by first and second alarm ( I never sleep through to the third).
  • Tuesday December 10th:  An unremarkable day.  Enough energy to be productive but enough apathy to prefer doing nothing…  a little bit of frontal pressure in the head. Still, this feels better than  the 25 mg ALA / 25 mg DMSA  round that I did as I seem to have a little more energy.  May want to try 50 mg ALA  with my 50 mg DMSA next time in January…
  • Wednesday, December 11: Mentally slow in the morning. Slow and fatigued in the afternoon. Exhausted and wanting to quit this round in early evening but feeling remarkably better around bedtime.
  • Thursday, December 12: Mentally slow in the morning. Slow and fatigued in the afternoon – strong sleep debt. Remaining mostly productive but feeling crappy on this round most of the time. Really don’t like DMSA, wish I could quit this round already.
  • Friday, December 13: Very happy to be ending the round this evening. a little bit of headache/frontal pressure in the morning. Increased DHEA by 5 mg because I ran out of 10 mg pills which I was previously dividing between breakfast and lunch. So today I took a 25 mg at breakfast. Pulse and blood pressure have been low during this round as usual.
  • Saturday, December 14:

5 thoughts to “Round 19: max DMSA dose”

  1. That sounds a lot like some of my rounds! Frontal lobe headache, mild apathy and then feeling crappy towards the end….

    That very specific headache is something that I link very strongly to chelation. I had never had anything close to that before and then when I started chelating I got it every round in the beginning. In my case it often felt like it was just behind the eyes, sometimes one eye, sometimes both. But it went away over time. Without looking at my notes, I would say that it was mostly gone after about 1 year of chelation.

    Regarding the migraine, have you tried EPSOM baths?  I have read a bit about this,  but mainly about sulfation/liver issues, and I think that some people use it for migraines. But since I have never suffered from migraines, I have not focused on that aspect. So I don’t really know much, but maybe it would be worth looking into for you?

    1. Thanks for the encouragement again Viking! Glad to know that there were specific things fading at about one year. I think I’m also in that phase as my frontal headaches are diminishing greatly.

      As for the migraines, the next time I feel one coming on, I will do the topical magnesium right away. I’m using the same desensitization approach that worked for me with fish oil so hoping that does the trick too!

      Hope you’re enjoying the holidays:)

      1. “Hope you’re enjoying the holidays:)”
        Well, it is just starting over here, but I do plan on taking it easy and enjoying the quiet family life. The only sad thing is that the snow melted today….
        In any case, I wish you, your family and all the readers of this fantastic blog a very merry X-mas and a happy new year!

    2. I found the Ancient Minerals topical magnesium oil really effective. Not sure if it would help with your migranes, but it worked when neither Epsom baths nor tabs/capsules worked. And Eric I had the same weird “opposite” effect of the normally expected Mag response where I was wired/pumped as opposed to relaxed. May have to do with high mercury and other HM’s.

      1. I also find magnesium oil pretty strong when rubbed all over the body. Make my own from Nigari flakes, very inexpensive that way… I suspect the opposite reaction we have could be related to a broken Krebs cycle. How is your energy production?

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