I’m drinking hydrogen peroxide

hydrogen-peroxide-model[I]’m on day ten – drinking five drops of 35% hydrogen peroxide three times a day. It’s exciting and I want to jump up to six or seven drops but I’m restraining myself and going slowly. The protocol is a fast-moving one, starting with one drop and increasing one drop each day to 25 drops (three times a day). Instead, I’m staying at each dose for two days.

Why would I do this? It’s another oxidative therapy, related to drinking ozone water which I did for about a week prior to this. I got really interested in ozone and wanted to do insufflation but the machine required to do medical grade ozone is more than $1000. During the research I came across this from curezone.com:

i no longer drink ozonated water becaue i’ve found oral H2O2 to be much more effective and longer lasting.

Around the same time, one of my blog readers mentioned that he recently resolved a number of mycotoxin symptoms using H2O2 and is currently taking 25 x 3 drops. I started getting really interested. Hydrogen peroxide seems very similar to chlorine dioxide therapy which I had researched earlier and actually purchased (though not used). The chlorine dioxide smells noxious and while they are both disinfectants, I’m more impressed with the chemistry behind H2O2. It seems that the hydrogen peroxide science is much more defined.

Next, In the Rope Worm group on Facebook, I read Prof. Alex Volinsky saying:

Any oxidation therapy is effective, including hydrogen peroxide, chlorine dioxide, ozone and hyperbaric chamber.

I’ve also heard  great things about the hyperbaric chamber and want to try it, but it’s expensive too. Since a bottle of 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide (FGHP) cost less than $10, I stopped researching medical grade ozone generators and went to buy my first bottle of FGHP on Amazon, where I came across this spectacular review:

FATIGUE: GONE!!!!!! Even the first day I started, it just felt as if it was one of the very good days! 4-5 days down the road….. never felt better since I was 20 years old and 50 kilos less….

The author of that review has a blog where I found a useful calculator for juggling 3% and 35% equivalencies and a link to this great e-book on FGHP by James Roguski. The chemistry section of his book was very convincing to me. I’d like to go into the chemistry deeply but am very pressed for time so I’m just going to highlight one single aspect out of a long list relating to the SOD2 genes.

I have some substantial genetic flaws in my SOD genes. See all the red and yellow? Those would be green and read -/- in a genetically flawless person.

SOD2 rs2758331 A AA +/+
SOD2 rs2855262 T CT +/-
SOD2 A16V rs4880 G GG +/+
SOD2 gene is a member of the iron/manganese superoxide dismutase family. This protein transforms toxic superoxide, a byproduct of the mitochondrial electron transport chain, into hydrogen peroxide and diatomic oxygen. In simpler terms, the more energy your mitochondria produce, the more byproducts (also called free radicals) get produced. These toxic byproducts tear up cell membranes and walls through a process called oxidative stress.  Mutations in the SOD2 gene diminish your ability to transform these toxic byproducts into harmless components. People with SOD2 polymorphisms may not tolerate nitrates or fish oil well. Mutations in this gene have been associated with idiopathic cardiomyopathy (IDC), sporadic motor neuron disease, and cancer.


Note the statement “Mutations in the SOD2 gene diminish your ability to transform these toxic byproducts into harmless components.” I think the word harmless is very misleading – it should say “valuable” components. why is that? Because hydrogen peroxide and oxygen kill viruses and bad bacteria! So if you’re deficient in hydrogen peroxide, the pathogens are taking over. Furthermore, the good bacteria, your flora, manufacture hydrogen peroxide. So we have a vicious circle where a lack of hydrogen peroxide allows pathogens to proliferate at the expense of good bacteria. Because you have less good bacteria you have even less hydrogen peroxide. See how circular it is?

Here’s how the ebook author James Roguski puts the SOD question:

Ask yourself a simple question.  Why would Mother Nature provide human cells with multiple versions of an enzyme that would enable us to manufacture hydrogen peroxide at a rate that is a billion times faster than one would observe if the enzyme did not exist?  Moreover, SOD has the fastest reaction rate of any known enzyme.  Doesn’t that point to the inherent importance of hydrogen peroxide?  To further drive home this point, please realize that, of the more than 100,000 types of protein in the human body,  only four are found in greater abundance than SOD!  The mere existence of SOD indicates that hydrogen peroxide is an extremely important nutrient!

A little more from my genetic profile:

FUT2 rs492602 G GG +/+
FUT2 rs601338 A AA +/+
FUT2 rs602662 A AA +/+
FUT2 gene encodes the fucosyltransferase 2 enzyme which determines “secretor status”. Non-functional enzyme resulting from a nonsense mutation in the FUT2 gene leads to the non-secretor phenotype. It has been shown that non-secretor individuals show significantly reduced bifidobacterial diversity, richness, and abundance. This is significant because intestinal microbiota plays an important role in human health.FUT2 has also been called a robust genetic predictor of vitamin B12 levels by Harvard researchers.

So in addition to having a genetic defect that results in low hydrogen peroxide production, I’ve also got genetic defects that result in reduced flora abundance and diversity.
This leaves me even more defenseless against intestinal pathogens and lower still in hydrogen peroxide levels.

Now, I have not  experienced a miracle cure yet but I have had some really promising results and remember my case is a pretty messy one.

First to summarize the side effects/detox reaction I’m experiencing, at times I’ve had:

  • mild dizziness
  • extra fatigue
  • headaches, frontal headaches and rear/upper ones that I’ve never felt before
  • abdominal bloating
  • abdominal pains (strangely not associated with gas)
  • soft stools
  • diarrhea
  • feeling cold especially hands
  • mild depression
  • difficulty sleeping right after taking h202 (I take my first dose around 5 AM)
  • dry lips
  • passing mucus in stools
  • strange feeling in sinuses

And the good stuff:

  • more energetic
  • less brain fog
  • more relaxed at times when ordinarily my body would be crashing

And here’s the blow-by-blow:

Day 1: one drop x 2 – mild headache after taking peroxide, unable to nap, some intestinal gurgling (not stomach)
Day 2: one drop x 3 – deep nap after lunch, feeling better than expected considering sleep loss previous night, no headaches, less than normal bloating until evening
Day 3: two drops x 3 – good nap, good energy until after dinner, headache in evening and exhausted
Day 4: two drops x 3 – somewhat better than expected energy at horseback riding, inhaled way too much dust, wiped out the rest of the day as usual.
Day 5: three drops x 3 – less fatigued than expected in the morning considering previous days exercise, light nap, feeling exhausted at 3:30 PM (I am usually crashing at this time of day ) when I took my last peroxide dose and 20 minutes later I felt miraculously better with partial lifting of brain fog and relaxation without eating food (this has NEVER happened before). Abdomen somewhat bloated. Woke from abdominal pain (not stomach) in the middle of the night and had trouble going back to sleep.
Day 6: three drops x 3 – sleep deprived, deep nap, feeling energy surges from peroxide but muted due to sleep loss, frontal headache in evening.
Day 7: four drops x 3 – difficulty falling back asleep after first early morning dose of peroxide, stools getting softer, extra fatigue today, feeling lactic acid and muscles just walking up stairs, feeling a little cold today, mildly depressed in evening after taking my usual dose of Mag 07.
Day 8: four drops x 2 – softer stools again, long lunch meeting means no nap, destroyed for rest of day.
Day 9: five drops x 3 – very bloated all day, probably detox! nap, lots of burping.
Day 10: five drops x 3 – loose stool with lots of yellow mucus (small thin sheets) followed by diarrhea. Still very bloated.

to be continued…

If you’re interested in learning more or trying out hydrogen peroxide therapy, I highly recommend reading  James Roguski’s e-book titled “The Truth About Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide” and the hydrogen peroxide info on CancerTutor.com.

Speaking of cancer, I found this YouTube testimonial fairly credible and very interesting.

UPDATE: Coronavirus is rampaging around the world and I’ve just gone back on FGHP again after reading Dr. Robert Rowen’s article saying hydrogen peroxide and other oxidative therapies will inactivate coronavirus.

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  1. I just ordered the 6% h2o2 off eBay .. is food grade, I’d like to do a cleanse not sure how much to use! Getting confused more with goggling it !! I have ME possible fungi mould as previous house had mould I became very ill all the time diagnosed with cfs/me

      1. Hi what are the chances the peroxide will rupture your internal organs i did this for about a year and then stopped and still having trapped air coming out of my system Scared… 🙁

  2. I once read that there is a ratio of years one has had Candida to the months it would then take to recover
    It seems that I figured I have had Candida for 12 years, starting after a dentist had me take antibiotics off and on for 3 years, if my guestiment is accurate,it seems i figured it could take me three years to beat it.
    But then a medical doctor put me on back to back round of antibiotic against my better judgement ending in candidemia, (in the blood stream) . so I have only been a little over a year on my healing journe
    y, so I think this is why my body is thriving on the high dose of food grade hydrogen peroxide, and I also think each time I try to decrease my dosage level candidemia rears its ugly head again and symptoms all start coming back. Eric. Knowing this, do you think I should or should not stay on the high dosage, and do you think each time I have tried to cut the dose back I have lost ground to candida.

  3. Hi Eric,
    This is so inspiring. I have a couple of questions. In April I discovered that I had H Pylory in my gut. Since than I have changed completely my life style and I am educating my self on how to keep my gut healthy. I took initially a cicle of antibiotics prescribed by my doctor as I was very ignorant in the matter. Today I am looking at alternatives solutions. Now, I am taking all sort of multivitamins, pure vitamin C, Omega 3-6-9 etc etc etc. I am also taking probiotics every morning and magnesium. I am about to start the peroxide drops cicle and I was wondering if I should stop first of all the probiotics (As the peroxide would probably kill everything) And I was wondering if I should stop multivitamin and mineral intake while I am on the hydrogen peroxide drops? Please someone let me know. Regards

    1. yes I think it makes sense to stop probiotics for a while. Please note that ascorbic acid is being shown to kill healthy good bacteria… If you can afford natural raw vitamin C, it may be much better.

  4. Very frustrated with trying to find a message board on the low dose chelation, then after writing the book of my life, I hit the reply and it wiped out my message entirely,

  5. My feeling is that I have slime mould and rope worms that have overwhelmed my entire mucoskeletal system in addition to my abdominal structures and cavities. My entire system is like battle field each minute of the day, some of the symptoms I experience include serious abdominal noise, muscle cramps especially the gluteus muscle (i.e. buttocks muscle), thigh and leg muscles; feeling of wallowing creatures in my body muscles; abdominal bloating and frequent gas passage both from anus and mouth; constipation alternating with diarrhoea; heightened allergies, occasional painful knee joint; rash on my face and neck, frequent blurred vission e.t.c. I have been in this condition for more than a decade now. Please, what will I take to recover from the menace of these monsters? Thanks.

  6. I have been taking 25 drops 3 times a day for 9 months because as soon as I started to reduce the amount my symptoms returned. My question is, is there any danger in staying on the high dosage indefinately

    1. Hi Julie, yes I believe there are some potential problems with long term use at high doses. I’d recommend finding an alternative.

      1. Eric please tell me what th effect of long term use are, because food grade hydrogen peroxide has me feeling better than I ever have before in my life,so giving it up will be very difficult, what kind of effects are we talking about

        1. Julie, I think it may cause oxidative stress – you can ask your doctor to test for that. In the long run that might promote cancer…

          1. Eric I just looked up symptoms of oxygenating stress, and oddly enough the symptoms it listed along with many more, were what I was experiencing before taking food grade hydrogen peroxide, and I have no symptoms while on it, my quality of life mental and physical are wonderful, so it will take some serious convincing for me to give it all up, I am torn and confused. I even take the 3rd dose just before bed and I sleep like a baby, I have not had a healthy night sleep for year
            s until taking it, please look careful at my situation and advise me more, and thank you

            1. Julie, that is wonderful news. I’m envious of you! It may be that hydrogen peroxide somehow completes your biochemistry in a way it would not for the average person. I’m not a doctor, nor a chemist, or anything like that. Did you read the PDF linked in my post?

              1. On my way to work, will read more in your blog tomorrow PDF, I do hope we are accurate on it completing my body chemistry, bause Eric it truly feels it does, thank you for your imput

                1. Not sure what you are referring to by PDF, am looking but not finding. we share so many variables, at the top of my list is inherited gut floral imbalance and years of nasty dental fillings and even after having them removed, there are two locations in my mouth where it has bleed into my gum tissue, do you know if that can be removed

                  1. I too went through the hell of a nervous breakdown (adrenal burn out) i too had went off Ambian, but I thought it was caused by the over whelming burden of Candida die off , it is all so complicated

                    1. Hi Eric, chelation sounds very intense, almost need a chemist to do it correctly,am I reading to much into it or is it that intense.
                      I have been two years in attempting to heal a very very leaky gut, will chelation set my progress back, and the mention of adrenal over load scares me emensly, I had one nervous B D (adrenal born out) i would not survive a another, I say “I went to hell and back” I never ever want to return to that dark and horrendous place.
                      What is ALA and or the other alternative,and how does it actually work
                      It is so nice having you to enlighten us, as I no longer could afford my natural doctor, so it is me against the mean machine so your advice is so appreciated

  7. A friend has just had his chemo stopped for primary colorectal cancer, which has spread to his liver, and referred to palliative care. He continues seeing his naturopath and Chinese Medical Doc, any thoughts?

    1. I always like to think that I would use natural treatment methods myself if I got cancer. I have read studies that seem to say that chemo statistically does not outperform natural treatments. I’m nowhere near an expert on cancer though. What is your friend’s naturopath recommending?

    1. Please state your name and credibility, I am seeking all the honest factual feed back possible, I am open for any info as long as it is backed up with facts and honesty. Hydrogen peroxide has returned my good health to me, almost a God send, most all information out there has stated it to be as natural as life it self, why, and how does it provoke cancer

  8. Hi, I have been following the protocol for drops that The One minute Cure suggests and I’m in day seven or so. Can’t stand the nausea. I stopped at nine drops and repeating that dose today but I am seriously considering to stop. Any advice? Thank you

    1. I stopped for the same reason. I’d suggest looking into other oxidative therapy options like chlorine dioxide or ozone therapy…

      1. Eric, I have never had nausea or any other side effects from hydrogen peroxide, only a GREATLY imrovoved quality of life. As I previously stated I have been on high dose for 9 months and truly loving life, I have never been able to say that before, ever.
        What are the chances I might be one of the few that it does complete my bodies chemistry, the
        thing my body has always need and until now has never had. Or do you think. I am fooling my self and setting my self up for cancer down the road.

    1. Claudia,
      I ordered mine from SproutMaster in Canada. They ship within Canada. Hope this helps.

  9. Hi Eric,
    Thanks for your response. I don’t care if my hair falls out because I’d rather be bald than sick. I want to continue with the hp but was wondering if I can take other supplements with it? I heard that you cannot take it with vitamin c for example. I wanted to take something to enhance my immune system, like ahcc.
    Can I take it for the long term the hp?
    I noticed that when I stop I do get sick.
    Thank you so much.

    1. I believe hair falling out is a sign you should look for something else! Why not try chlorine dioxide?

    2. I had no idea that you can not take hydrogen peroxide together with vitamin C or other vitamins or minerals. I doubt this is true. Am I right?

  10. I am on day * of the peroxide drops system. Started out with some chest congestion and was inhaling Peroxide but decided to go to the drops. Boy i am draining like crazy. Nose running, eye weeping and coughing up fur balls i swear. My ears are full from the drainage too. I am hoping that this all is the just more detoxing. Maybe i had walking pneumonia or something. Don’t do doctors mostly natural stuff. Not sure if i should slow down or just go for the ride since it seems to be clearing things out. Any suggestions, i know it is good but it is kicking my butt.

  11. Hi, I have been using 35% Food Grade HP diluted in 500 ml bottle, for approx. 4 months. I have many problems with my immune system always sick. Since I started with the H.P. it has been amazing. No sickness. The questions I have are:

    1. Does it cause hair loss as I have been losing quite a bit of hair lately?
    2. How long can I stay on it? because I am afraid to get sick again, I don’t want to stop
    3. Can other supplements be taken with it? and which supplements do you recommend?

    Thank you.

    1. Claudia, if your hair is falling out it’s possible the hydrogen peroxide is not the best solution for you. We all have dramatic genetic and mineral balance differences that matter. You may do better with some other oxidative therapy like chlorine dioxide or ozone. I’d look into an alternative…

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