Closed for repairs

closed-for-repairs[M]y wife asked me why I was so serious this morning — which reminded me this happens whenever I’m increasing my methylation supplements (added 2oo mcg metafolin today). I get serious and I stop talking because my brain is fogged up and simple things require much more effort.

On the days I’m ramping up methylation, I tend to get lightheaded, a little foggy and late in the afternoon develop a mild headache. Sometimes I feel warmer than usual around bedtime and sometimes have difficulty falling asleep.

Chelation is often similar in that it makes me apathetic in the afternoons. Apathy that stops me from doing anything or even thinking. It’s as if my brain is busy repairing itself and has too little horsepower left over for anything else.

All of these are common side effects widely reported by others, so I’m just grateful for them.

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  1. Thanks for a great website/blog!
    Your methylation summary has been very useful to me (a 40 year old mother of two, ages 5 years and 5 months, who is struggling with ME and has been for 2 years) the time and effort you put in to your website is of great benefit to others, thanks!!
    could you please  clarify what doses you are on right now in terms of methylation – i.e methylcobalamin/hydroxycobalamin/dibencozide/methylfolate? What are your current dosages (ratios?) and what do you aim to titrate up to?
    i started my own protocol about a month ago – very slowly as i was still breastfeeding my baby girl – and right now I’m taking about 1-2 mg dibencozide sublingual + 1,5-2 mg methylcobalamin sublingual + 1 mg hydroxycobalamin nasal spray + 800 mcg quatrefolic – daily. I am introducing tiny doses of TMG and SAMe and CoQ10 at the moment. I also take D-Ribose and Alcar Fumarate. (And heaps of additional vits of course) any comments on this? 
    I experience increased energy and stamina ( i.e I last a bit longer every day before i crash) however also increased inflammation, especially in my head. Contemplating a real “agressive” treatment with liposomal curcumin, have you tried that?

    1. Thanks for your kind comments Moshi! My doses are all listed here and as far as my goals, I’d like to get up to 3200 mg folate and 10 mg mb12. I’m trying to keep a ratio of 1:1 mb12 to adb12. Sounds like you are taking the same cofactors as I am. I’ve never looked at curcumin… Seem to have my hands full already, lol.

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