Charting my temperatures

I’ve been charting my temperatures because the naturopath I consulted at the beginning of my chelation program said that I would not sleep well until my thyroid was functioning better.  So far, my temperatures look chaotic to me.  I could not discern a pattern here, on or off-round, but I’m hoping that raising my selenium to 400mcg and increasing iodine will raise my temperatures soon. Recently, I also raised my isocort from 8 to 9 pellets.


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  1. Eric, my life has had a similar path as yours.  I would highly encourage you to reduce your dosages and slow down with the adding/removing and dose-alterations of supplements.  You are going to have a hard time of gauging what is helping or hurting.  I crashed out (adrenals) for a full year unable to do any chelation because I was sprinting to the finish (with only 25mg DMSA/3 hours) vs. looking at this as a 3-5 year marathon.  When I chelate, I am now only using 5-10mg of DMPS.  Slow and steady wins the race.  Please take care of yourself and don’t over do it.

    1. Thank you so much for the heads up Darius! I’ve been feeling bad about taking a three-week break from chelation and now I suddenly feel good about it 😀 I know you’re right and will try to remember your words… I think I will also fall back to what I consider easy chelation dosages.

      What did you attribute your crash to (if you were able to figure it out)?

  2. I’ll be curious to see how your temps progress with the iodine.  I REALLY wish I could tolerate it right now…  I’d had a couple periods of pseudo-stable temps over the last month or two, and for the last couple weeks now they’re falling again.  I’m not so sure that continued increases in dessicated thyroid will continue to bring subsequent increases in my temperatures, especially if an iodine deficiency is largely to blame.  I think the brazil nuts were helping with T3 conversion, but that progress seems to have plateaued as well.  I’m a bit adrenalish again and back down to around 98.0, some of my actual temps 97.8-97.9.  Frustrating, and confusing.  I think there are many things affecting adrenals and thyroid on a daily basis, and at this point, without iodine in the picture, I’m not exactly sure what to do next…

    1. Then again it probably all comes back to the metals, so by staying focused, you may be the tortoise and not the hare… I had to take a week off because of methylation support and summer. It’s going to end up being three weeks off chelation unfortunately. Just finished rereading a little bit of a hair test book section on the various metals I have, and couldn’t help thinking “I’m so fu****!”

      Ah well, we’ll all get there eventually, by one path or another. Hang on. Read my friend’s book – “There is no bad day”.

  3. You definitely need both adrenal and thyroid support.  Sounds like you’re using Isocort and iodine, so my only suggestion would be to slowly and methodically increase both, focusing on the Isocort first.  Continue to chart your temps to serve as a gauge for dosing. 
    I like how you used the green boxes to show chelation days.  I should be doing that as well.  I make notes of all other things, ovulation/menstruation being one that affects and makes it hard to fully stabilize for women. 

    1. Thanks Tara, I will do that. Have already increased isocort by one pellet per day for about a week and feeling a little better. Will improve my temperature tracking and show you a better looking graph
      next time:)

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