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chester3I wanted to do a relatively easy round again to focus on methylation and chelation supporting supplements. So I went back to my starting place and used 50 mg DMSA and 50 mg ALA every three hours. It worked out pretty well. The one chelation related change I made was to extend my round from 63 hours to 66 hours. I did this by adding a 5 AM dose on my first day (Monday) thinking that this was the easiest way to increase the length without affecting my sleep much. It worked.

Biggest news of the week – I was able to increase my mb12 by adding 1/8 tablet in the afternoon without experiencing any additional lightheadedness which is about 80% down from its peak. In fact, it gave me a little boost and I feel like I’m on the right track again.

One other interesting development – I’m starting to feel reasonably well on Wednesday afternoons towards the end of my rounds. This has happened two weeks in a row now. Initially, I was dragging terribly towards the end of my rounds.

Saturday, I gave myself a big test of my tolerance and endurance by horseback riding – I rode with my daughter at 10 AM in bright sun and significant heat (Chester at right). Used D-Ribose for the first time, 4 of the 750 mg capsules before and during the ride. Also increased my cortisol to 10 pellets, six of which I took prior to riding (spread out from waking).

Got through the ride pretty well – even cantering a little at the end on the lunge-line, but, was worn down to near empty after the ride. Two hours in the heat and sun with 40 minutes on the horse was a knockout punch which left me crashed for about seven hours. Next time I will bring ice and try a headband icepack, should make a big difference. Even with the crash, doing something ‘normal’ people do, restores my sanity and the joy of riding lifts my spirits for a long time.

My notes from the week:

Round 10 (2.5 days) – 50 mg DMSA, 50 mg ALA every 3 hours (back where I started), total chelation days to date: 26

  • Monday, May 20: woke at 5 AM for the first time on day one to extend my round for three hours without impacting my sleep too much. added an additional 1/8 vitamin C and 1/8 teaspoon magnesium. No headache but considerable fatigue from busy weekend, poor sleep and possibly from increased magnesium.
  • Tuesday, May 21: mostly smooth ride, fairly active, needed nap, exhausted in the evening.
  • Wednesday, May 22: mostly smooth ride, fairly active, needed nap, exhausted in the evening. woke up with pins and needles around my torso the next morning (of my first off around day).
  • Extended round by 3 hours by waking at 5 am on Mon for first dose.
  • 5 am, 8 am, 11am, 2 pm, 5 pm, 8 pm, 11 pm, 2 am etc for 22 total doses.
  • Added 1 g lysine and 3 g arginine on Friday, tried to double that on Saturday but morning dose was too heavy – felt a little dizzy and nauseous.
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    Viking Expat May 27, 2013, 9:34 am

    Congratulations on a great round! You seem to be really moving on now.

    How is you thinking regarding the fish oil? Have you found any relevant info?

    I saw you post on FDC regarding choline. Have you tried phosphatidylserine (PS)? It is in AI (page 161) as an alternative to choline and I really like it. But it does have effects on cortisol. As I understand Cutler, it is good for you regardless of your cortisol status. But I have seen others that argue that it lowers cortisol production.

    I am on day 2 of my round with 200 mg ALA. So far, no problems. This may become famous last words, but it feels like I am getting close to having no effects of ALA. If, or when, I get there the plan would be to do maybe 10-15 rounds more and then I would be done!

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      Eric May 27, 2013, 3:29 pm

      thanks Viking, when I step back and look at it all on a good day (off-round after sleeping well a couple nights in a row), I’m probably making progress. but it still feels like a slog when I’m in the trenches… I increased ALA a bit today, feeling thick now.

      regarding the fish oil, I am stable with 63 mg Monday Wednesday and Friday when I take 2 country life gaba relaxers and avoid napping on my fish oil days. just yesterday I was thinking about how to make an increase in the omega-3. I’m pretty fearful of it. thinking maybe I should try adding one on Saturday since I’m more active on weekends and more likely to be exhausted…

      I did buy a bottle of phosphatidylserine a few years ago and can’t remember whether I tried it. believe I still have the bottle unopened in the basement. probably bought it and then read about the cortisol production thing.

      still have a bunch of supplements lined up (carnitine, DHEA and pregnenelone at the top of the list) so PS will take a backseat.

      congratulations on getting so close to the finish line, after 30 years, I don’t think there’s any way to convey the significance of that!

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My name is Eric - I‘m 48 and saw a doctor for fatigue at 17. I lived fairly normally if a little subdued by lack of endurance at times. But then, 12 years ago I fell into a nosedive after moving to South Florida. Now, I know heavy metal toxicity is a significant source of my troubles along with genetic methylation cycle dysfunction and Lyme disease. I spent 18 months chelating the metals out and starting up methylation but stopped when I felt myself circling the drain. Currently going after Lyme and co-infections. More about me here.

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