Can mold grow in your body?

Let me ask a few more questions so you can answer this for yourself:

  • Is your body warm?
  • Is your body damp?
  • Is your body humid?
  • Is it dark in your body cavities?

Clearly our bodies are ideal environments for growing mold! So, knowing that I have a strong allergy to mold, why did it take me 15 years or so to discover that mold was growing in my body? Maybe that’s because when it comes to fungi, everyone in alternative health circles wants to talk about Candida – which I don’t have. [UPDATE – I couldn’t have been more mistaken about this!]

Candida is a yeast, not a mold. Both yeast and mold are types of fungi but they are not the same. Both can cause serious health problems but mold is notorious for its toxicity and ability to destroy homes and lives. Why then is there so little recognition that mold is not just a toxic environmental danger that we get exposed to, but also a vicious internal colonizer?

One of the reasons mold is so harmful is that it produces volatile organic compounds known as VOCs. These are some of the most toxic chemicals known to man which require disclosure on the material safety data sheets (MSDS) that accompany dangerous products.

The toxic substances produced by molds are also called mycotoxins and the list of symptoms caused by mycotoxin poisoning is so long, it’s pointless for me to include here. Essentially, if you’re unhealthy, mold can cause that. This may be related to the fact that there are somewhere in the neighborhood of 10,000 to 300,000 species of molds in existence. Dr. Shoemaker explains how biotoxins wreak havoc on your body.

UPDATE: Dr. Nathan addresses my very question!:

single-branchy-biofilm-700So how do I know my body became a mycotoxin factory? I only discovered it accidentally after doing oxidative therapy and a liver flush which involves flushing the bowels using magnesium sulfate and sodium ascorbate. Because there is no stool coming out in this process, it’s easy to see strange organisms floating in the toilet. I was shocked speechless when I saw what I can best describe as slime molds floating in the bowl. Since then, I’ve noticed that every time one of these puppies (no matter how small)  is on its way out, I get ill. Skeptical? Look at the similarity between my pictures and the slime mold in this video:

I should mention also that I had previously read about mycotoxin diagnosis and treatments online (the famous Dr. Shoemaker) and ruled the issue out using the visual contrast sensitivity test (explanation of the test here). What does it mean that my vision isn’t affected by mold? Maybe it means that internal mold is only 30% of my health problems and not 100%… who knows? With up to 300,000 species of mold, it’s hard to believe one vision test could diagnose everyone suffering from any mold exposure.

What’s supposed to prevent mold from colonizing us and growing in your body?

First, a healthy body produces hydrogen peroxide in a beautiful virtuous cycle, transforming bad stuff into good stuff. It starts in the mitochondria, your cell’s power plants, where toxic superoxide is produced as a byproduct of mitochondrial respiration (when oxygen is turned into ATP). If your SOD2 genetics are good and no heavy metals are interfering with your manganese superoxide dismutase (MnSOD2) levels, a healthy body uses SOD2 to convert the harmful free radical superoxide into hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) which is a powerful mold killer. Hydrogen peroxide is further broken down into oxygen and water and hypochlorite, another powerful antifungal and antimicrobial substance.

In my case, I’ve got some serious SOD2 genetic flaws and mercury toxicity which both diminish my SOD2 levels and thus natural hydrogen peroxide production.

Second, a healthy gut flora naturally also produces the same precious mold killing hydrogen peroxide. If you can believe it, the same story applies here too – I’ve got both genetic flaws that diminish the health and diversity of my gut flora (SHMT) and heavy metal toxicity also contributes to gut dysbiosis.

So how do we kill mold that’s growing internally?

There are many ways to fight internal mold in the human body and this could be the subject of a fat book. I’m just going to talk about the ones I’m more or less familiar with:

  • hydrogen peroxide – drinking diluted food grade hydrogen peroxide and using it in enemas or vaporizers (also known to cure cancer)
  • ozone – drinking ozone water and doing ear and rectal insufflations (also known to cure cancer)
  • chlorine dioxide (CD) – this is a kissing cousin of hydrogen peroxide and combines well with DMSO (also known to cure autism and cancer)
  • msm – a cousin of dmso, may reduce mold allergy
  • vitamin C bowel flushes – I use 16 g of ascorbic acid in 1 quart of water

Let’s also add to this list substances known to treat SOD deficiency:

How do we avoid ingesting mold spores?

popcorn-kernelsKilling mold is very hard work in my experience. Hydrogen peroxide is nasty when you get up above 10 drops of 35% FGHP and the poisons released make me ill (activated charcoal helps a lot). But, it would be absurd to fight so hard while ingesting mold spores every day. And guess what? I was doing that!

I love popcorn and got in the habit of popping my own every evening. Once, I had to return a bag of kernels because the popped corn had a strong mold taste to it. But recently while reading about mold, I read that all corn products contain mold. Sure enough, when I put my nose in the bag of kernels, no matter which brand, they smell of mold.

Believe me when I say I’m an expert on smelling mold. We lost all our savings when we moved from Florida to Colorado at the peak of the real estate crash in 2007 to get away from mold. When my relatives visit from Central America, I can smell the mold on them, their suitcases and clothing from a dozen feet away. It takes three weeks in the dry Colorado air for the mold smell to leave their bodies.

So last night was my first night without fresh popped popcorn. A quick spin on Google shows that people are searching for “mold-free popcorn” but no one is selling it.

There are lots of other foods on the “avoid list” like sauerkraut, but I don’t believe that personally. I think those are good bacteria. I think popcorn was my only real moldy vice. My rule of thumb is going to be this — if I can smell mold, I won’t eat it. Otherwise, I’m not going to go crazy avoiding all corn.

Popcorn in a bag doesn’t smell of mold and neither does fresh sweet corn. So I will continue to treat myself every once in a while to a bag of popcorn and concentrate on making my gut as inhospitable as I can for mold growth!

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72 thoughts to “Can mold grow in your body?”

  1. thanks for all the info,got Lyme mold bartenelle,,,,Im interested to know if anybody found turmeric to be helpful.

  2. I just updated this post with a video interview of Dr. Nathan, MD who addresses my question precisely. The video is queued up to start where he talks about mold colonization in humans.

    1. I guess you realize now that Candida is one of you biggest issues (you stated above you did not have it…lol), and THAT is why you are so susceptible to mold. Candida takes a fungal form in the body not just yeast, for me, ANY exposure to mold, or things that feed mold like high moisture from sauna, hot tub, etc ALL flare Candida big time. Candida and Mold are VERY closely related, all the same things that flare one flare the other, including foods, high heat, etc etc. Get Candida in control, mold issue will also dissipate over time (it takes time for that, one example my Father was in moldy basement and has a somewhat minor Candida issue, once he finally figured out WHY he was having such a bad sinus issue he moved out and it took being away from that for 6 months before his sinuses really improved, because any little exposure even to things like dust [which often contains mold], AC in his car etc would flare his issues).

      1. Hey Jason, thanks for pointing out I wrote that I didn’t have Candida!!! How ironic. I’ve added a little update note. Interesting to hear about the mold connection…

    2. This was a very interesting article. I am very glad that i found this. I had no idea about corn and i also pop my own. I never noticed the smell and i have a very high tolerance to mold. I did want to ask you a question Eric. Are you aware of PATM and its symptoms? I asked because you mentioned that you have candida as well as slime mold in your body, which has been a huge symptom of PATM and morgellons.

  3. Thank you for your article. It’s encouraging in the detox process to hear of others detoxing from heavy metals. The variety of things that others have to share on this site. One thing I have found, is the use of a steam room, sweating till your hair is completely wet, hydrating of course.

    1. I’m guessing it isn’t active but may still trigger an allergic reaction for people who are sensitive to mold…

  4. I also found mold in my toilet bowel and was grossed out by the thought I has mold growing in my body. I’ve never quite recovered from all the poisons given to me during chemotherapy and beyond. I’ve spent the last 13 years trying to find my way to good health. Can you recommend a place to get my hair tested for toxins?

      1. Two trees fell on my house during a bad rainstorm in 7/2015 and standing water seeped into my garage, and living room. I unknowingly inhaled mold and mildew and it was in my body, and the smell came out through my pores, and it was in my clothes, and all throughout my house. Finally, it became so bad that I had move out of my house, toss everything except my important papers and sentimental items, and I wiped these items down first with hydrogen peroxide, and later cinnamon. When I moved to my new house, i ate a teaspoon of cinnamon for two weeks in a row, and the cinnamon killed the mold and mildew inside of my body. So, I suggest that anyone who has been exposed to mold and/or mildew give cinnamon a try. It worked for me. This is the only comment I have, and I hope it helps somebody.

        1. Hi Dee, I did eat loads of cinnamon for a while and it didn’t help much but I’m glad it’s working for you. If I remember correctly it’s high in boron which might have some connection to mold mitigation…

  5. I had nearly a decade of ‘pretty intense’ mold exposure. Ultimately I employ/ed a wide medley of things to help ‘solve’ it… but the 55555 that really ‘did it for me’ were…

    1) becoming iodine sufficient (predominately via Lugol’s, though used Iodoral and, temporarily, potassium iodide pills)

    – iodine kills all single celled organisms, like silver, h2o2, etc.. …with the one really big caveat that every human cell in the body needs iodine and, as such, the body has a really advanced and exceptional set of evolutionary tools that it uses to control what’s killed and what isn’t.. ..such that, unlike the others, the microbiome is not only less-negatively effected, but also very positively effected.

    2) Boron (via, initially, boron supplements, then via the much cheaper borax)

    – boron, and esp borax, is crazy anti-fungal! …and, like iodine, every human cell in the body needs it. The body has an excellent ability to remove excess w/out causing negatives, and it is to the parathyroid what iodine is to the thyroid. ultimately, both are needed to keep things in balance. Majorly under-‘respected’ & talked about element!

    3) H2O2 (via nebulizer)

    – ultimately, i find that nebulizing iodine works best for me too.. ..more potent, more gets in me, and more gets into the circulatory system and overall body .. ..vs ingestion. Nebulizing H2O2 (and iodine) also has the added benefit of helping to kill mold in the lungs, sinuses, and respiratory tract in general.. of the main ways mold gets into the body!

    4) Silver (also via nebulizer) and ‘a few others’

    – silver is great! silver helps kill mold like crazy! Silver *funks* up gut flora! Silver via nebulizer doesn’t! But, unlike iodine & boron, the body doesn’t ‘need’ silver, so it’s mode of function doesn’t ‘last as long’, and levels of silver building up in the body can potentially be a ‘bad thing’, and isn’t really desired either way. Nebulizing small particle size silver works awesome! … ..iodine & boron (which I’ve also nebulized many times) build up in the body (a good thing!) and are much more persistent. … …. but they also tend to ‘wake the brain’ so, unlike silver & h2o2, are better kept to morning and afternoon hours such as to not keep you awake at night.. …and since nebulizing silver doesn’t create the same oxidative stress that H2O2 can, as well, is much faster and w/out the ‘bubbles’, it’s much easier at night than h2o2, with much less ‘violence’ in coughing.

    5) Diatomaceous Earth (via ingestion)

    – D.E. (food grade!) is great! …it helps to kill mold, bind-to & remove mold toxins, and is mildly alkaline and, thus, helps to create an environment that mold doesn’t really like, as well, neutralize the more-acidic environment created by mold (due to its waste! mold ‘urine’, like human urine, is largely acidic!… d.e. helps to neutralize this as well kill the mold back that causes it to return).

    D.E. (again, food grade!) also helps to kill many other parasites, or at least keep them at bay, remove lots of ‘junk’ in the system, scrub the system clean, etc. But, another thing it’s great at is helping to chelate toxins in general… not just mold-created, but heavy metals and ‘others’ as well.

    – the prob with d.e. is it is a binder (as well) and needs to be taken before meals, and remineralization needs to be undertaken in order to ensure any minerals we *wanted* are restored just in case it bound-to and pulled-out some that we may have needed.

    6) glutathione (ingested and/or nebulized)

    – glutathione rox! it’s what helps keep the body safe from toxins while they’re being removed from the system. A definite must ‘anyway’, esp if dealing with toxins and mold problems.

    – the one ‘problem’ with glutathione is supplementing with too much too soon… …the individual cells will ‘load up’ with glutathione and, in turn, start dumping their individual intracellular toxins out into the system at a rate faster than we can then remove them *from* the system. so, low & slow, steady as she goes, is the best approach for it. I like 100mg/day and step it up by ~100mg/month for 5-6 months. As the toxins get removed, less and less will ‘flood the system’ at one time so not a worry, as well, more and more glutathione will be needed to *really* ‘flood the system’ to ensure it works into the deep dark areas of the body and gets ’em out. … kinda like letting off the clutch at a nice slow rate while giving the system plenty of gas (nutrients & binders) such as to not ‘stall out’ … or, in this case, do too much at once and back up detox pathways.

    7) herbs & ‘others’ (ingested usually)

    – these help to kill mold, deal-with/remove toxins, reduce inflammation, repair the system, etc

    8) Diet!

    – mold not only needs to be actively killed, but passively starved out as well. and a diet that is low in sugars, high in nutrients (of the right kind!), and high in compounds (like those in herbs) that help to kill mold is a must! and, as importantly, high in the nutrients the system needs to repair itself from the damage, to make it strong, and to create a healthy environment that makes the mold have a more difficult time getting to it

    9) sunshine!

    This includes both nbUVb as well as red light therapy. narrow band UV-b kills mold esp. UVb in general, but esp the higher frequencies or the ‘narrower bands’. UVa ‘feeds mold’, UVb kills it.

    Red light therapy (red frequencies across the board… from the narrower ones to the infrared) helps to stimulate the healing process, ‘cook’ the mold, and otherwise bring on a much greater sense of health & well-being.

    10) positive attitude!

    – mold sucks! Like most parasites, mold feeds off the system, and the system is easier to feed off of if in a weaker state. Mold is, ultimately, a fungus. and most fungi feed off ‘the dead or dying’.. ..this goes for a dead or dying tree or log to a living host (us!). Fungi produce all SORTS of compounds, and many of these drive us batty! Like GI Joe said, ‘knowing is half the battle’, and knowing that mold specifically will funk with your way of thinking, bring down your spirits, and otherwise get you to *stop* killing it… well, *start* feeding it (what it wants and needs) .. …can go a very long way towards killing it. and, well, thus, keeping a positive attitude is a must!

    1. Justin , will you please explain how much , how many times a day and what way you used each of the things you listed . Thank you very much

  6. Corn besides being 95% GMO and Moldy, is also extremely acidic and thus not healthy at all especially for people who are suffering health issues, who are more often than not, too acidic (which causes chronic inflammation, which causes 100’s of issues)

    Some foods really are better kicked to the curb, like Wheat/Gluten, and Dairy Milk. Also Peanuts are high in Mycotoxins aka Mold. The Bullet proof guy did a good video on Mycotoxins IIRC, not sure it “Moldy” was his but that is one such video on the topic you may want to watch if you have not already. I too have a Mold allergy.

    1. Thanks Jason, I’m very happy about quitting corn – have been losing extra weight steadily since then…

      1. I’m not so happy 🙂 It was one of my go-to snacks I “thought” was okay until I learned all the bad things about it, now there is almost nothing left for me to eat! Gone is Gluten, Dairy, Sugar, and many more things. Of course, I have more issues than most people, but it is a little frustrating the info that is surfacing on foods, I swear every food has negative impacts; Can’t eat nuts anymore because they’re high in Lectins which is terrible for Leaky Gut, Spinach, Broccoli, Kale have to limited due to Oxalates, Goitrogens, Sulfur and even Copper, etc you see what I mean. Of course the general idea is to heal ones self, and then everything in balance and moderation, much easier said than done though, eating is like stepping into a mine field especially when gut issues are at the core of your issues.

  7. Hi,

    As I am looking at having my house mold remediated, I found a company in Florida where the owner has been doing mold remdediation and study for the last 30 years and has very strong opinions on the validity of mold testing in urine as well as the ERMI and HERTSMI-2 test. However, he does agree that Shoemaker’s approach to Biotoxin illness is genius. So, I am providing links to some of his information as well. Hopefully, some people who see this will be able to avoid wasting the $1500 I have on these tests.

    1. There’s a story on curezone written by a guy who ran an ozone generator (a cheap chinese model) 24/7 and cured his wife of 18 cancerous tumors that way. he lives in damp northwest and had black mold growing on the outside of the house before running the generator. A few months after having it on that mold was gone… Just an idea!

      1. I recommend going to a naturepath practioner in your area. Mold cannot be 100% reduced in body-only manage the symptoms such as extreme fatigue, sinus, congestion & weight gain. The list of symptoms is too long. The actual mold we injest is called slime mold and it’s in many foods and nature. There are about 30% of the population that have genetic predispostion to absorb this mold and stays toxic in body. I usually get reexposed from flight travel, hotels and food. My naturepath energy tests which type of mold I was exposed to and I start taking supplements to reduce fatigue etc.. Anything from Pau D’Arco to Graviola depending on what my body needs. My daughter has the same thing as well as my brothers. If you feel like crap-try this alternative method, it can only help not hurt.

    2. Popcorn has mold in it yikes!
      There is a pure coffee that has no mycotoxins in it , found it on Amazon. Also beware that coconut oil if has been made
      with dried coconut it has mycotoxins in it. I’m a vegetarian so cutting out dairy was okay, hard to find an substitute for cheese.
      I also think just going green for few months is very helpful it starves the mold out, and Shoemaker, suggest major detox at the
      same time.

      My thoughts on mold testing in the house and air was useless. We spent ten of thousands. remediating, it was big project. We had some experts come and fog our house.. We had two people come from reputable companies check the air for spores etc. We did our own tests we were told it was all in the clear. We moved in and within 30 days of staying there I was sick
      There is a big difference between getting your house checked for spores and molds and some guy telling your it is all in the clear. Than a mold expert doctor looking at your elevated levels of Human Trans Growth Fact Beta 1 and . Once your there sitting in the chair and the doctor begins to go over each and every test, and explain to you in simplest terms what mold has done to you at that point you realize how complex it really is.

      Thank God, for Shoemaker
      For me mold can make you so sick you will wish were dead. The list of symptoms go on and on
      My doctor suggested the people that are the experts in mold testing are companies the CDC would use or maybe an industrial hygienist .50% of homes new and old have mold.

    3. You can even save your money by cleaning the mold yourself if you have such strength to remove it. This is right that mold affect your body and even cause severe health issues like respiratory, skin infection, eye itching and even cancer. If you found any mold symptoms you have to take a quick action before it spreads more and cause health problems. You can easily clean the mold by following these do it yourself tips for mold removal.

  8. I am curious to know if you have experimented with MMS for mold and yeast.
    I have read some amazing things about Sodium Chlorite and citric acid as a
    treatment for bacterial, viral, yeast and mold infections.
    Accidentally ingesting some bread mold sent me to the hospital recently and
    I and considering MMS and wanted to know if you are aware of it and your
    possible experience with it.
    Thanks for any feedback you may have

    1. I haven’t tried MMSbut also have read great things about it (most recently an amazing lyme recovery story)… sorry to hear about your bread mold experience, always wondered what would happen if you ate a bunch of it.

    2. Here are some tips on CD. First read Kerri Rivera’s book and follow instructions – very important. You want to add in the ocean water and eventually the parasite cleanse. Use HCL instead of citric acid to reduce possibility of nausea. Start low and go slowly to reduce herx effects. Check out some of the youtube videos and join the facebook group cdhealth. Here are some links

      Good Luck

      I am just starting it myself.

  9. Eric, I highly urge you, and your readers, to read Dr. Joseph Brewer’s research regarding mold and CFS. He has some conducted some pilot studies where his longtime patients have seen significant relief from their CFS symptoms with nasal antifungal treatment.

    Detection of Mycotoxins in Patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    Chronic Illness Associated with Mold and Mycotoxins: Is Naso-Sinus Fungal Biofilm the Culprit?

    1. those are very interesting studies Joe, thanks for sharing!

      my personal experience is that the pathogens in my gut are the ones causing me serious problems and some of it appears similar to slime mold. I do salt water nasal washes frequently and for months did ozone via ear insufflation which involves breathing quite a bit of ozone and during that time I never had any significant nasal discharge. That’s not to say I don’t have a problem with sinus mold, just that it’s not the low hanging fruit in my case…

  10. Eric,

    I had my lab work done through Bio-Trek in Georgia. Specifically the Myco – M7 Series Mycotoxin Profile test. I probably did not need to get the test for any other reason than it forces the hand of my insurer, the Veteran’s Affairs Department. Maybe the other upside of the test is that it can give you rough percentages of how much of each mycotoxin you have growing inside of you. As a mercury survivor, having a test that proves you aren’t making these symptoms up is always good for your sanity.


  11. Hey Eric,

    I ended up going through a mold detox protocol for the last three months and used some the advice on your blog. I had a set of mycotoxin blood work that confirmed I had a problem and worked with my doctor to combine drug, anti-fungal and herbal treatments.

    I ran through a month of Cholestyramine plus anti-fungals (Fluconazole) to start. When I was reading about hydrogen peroxide on your blog for the second stage, I ran into someone who used Phoenix Nutritionals-Oxy Aloe. It actually tastes okay because it has Tahitian Noni, reputed to bind to some mycotoxins. I did that for a month. It was rough but it really seemed to speed up the mold detox and collect whatever the first stage couldn’t. In the third stage, I took a different herbal anti-fungals every 10 days for a month. I met another person who used orange peel extract to treat a mold infection in her brain. She poured the oil into a vegi-cap so it wouldn’t eat the enamel off her teeth. I couldn’t find a lot of studies on how orange peel could cross the blood brain barrier to bind with mycotoxins but I know it helped with cleaning up the mycotoxins elsewhere in my body. I even drank a shot glass of Noni every morning. I never noticed any benefit or detriment in keeping on a strict “mold” diet. It was just detox and detox is a drag. The only thing that helped me speed up the detox was getting a colonic almost every two weeks.

    Three months after starting this process, a lot of symptoms I had associated with heavy metals are gone or are disappearing. I just started chelating again and it feels a lot smoother than before. The main things with mold detox are: 1) make sure you aren’t be exposed by house/work/food 2) once you start the mold detox you see it through to the end.

    I appreciate the way you run the blog. I’ve stopped joining other mercury detox groups because of the level of close-minded/know-it-all members. Trolls love to beat up on sick people and sadly a few healthy people (free of mercury) still like to be troll-foons.



    1. is that mycotoxin blood work something a standard lab like labcorp can do? I’ll do any test my insurance pays for!

      thanks for your kind message AJ and for sharing your mold fighting experience! I think a big part of the difficulty is that there are so many ways to treat that it could take many years to try them all… that’s one of the reasons I like ozone is that it is so broad spectrum.


  12. I too have had real-time labs do testing on me through my infectious disease control specialist and my Tricothecens were 10 X the elevated rate. It was due to living in a rental home that was remodeled and the kitchen sink drained into the basement wall for (7) months. They have to do a Class III remediation for bio hazards and sealed it off to us and we lived in a hotel for a month. Regardless, it’s in a lawsuit at the moment.

    I’ve been terribly ill and can’t go a day without pain meds and constant pain. Short term memory loss, etc.

    1. please tell me how to go about getting these people i rent from for mold . my whole family has stayed so sick. and im not first tenants to experience this and they are getting away with it and i dont have insurance at time and have to move again after a major surgery and they loss nothing and the mold is lije a death feeling for me. my kids want come home they stay with my sister.

  13. One last thing. A few months ago I was really sick after a year of gentle detox with folate and glutathione. Then in the summer I started really herxing. So I decreased folate and glutathione. The rate was just too much. This stopped the non stop sweating and severe nausea but I had no energy and bloat was the worst and I was freezing in hot weather. I have been experimenting since then on how to get back on track. My naturopath wanted me to neutralize the free radicals with antioxidants like sod and astaxanthin to treat these post detox symptoms. It didn’t work. Finally I decided to try an all out assault on candida like never before. It appears that upon exposure to some toxins either coming in or going out during detox the body is more susceptible to fungus especially in the digestive tract. So I would say decreasing detox supplementation to a rate my body can handle has also been helpful in treating fungus in intestines in addition to enzymes.

    1. yes I can identify with the difficulty of choosing which evil to go after first and how hard… not easy!

  14. One more thing. Despite being meticulously clean I have been always susceptible to riingworm. Not sure if that’s a mold but definitely fungus. And there’s jock itch and athletes foot. Also morgellons disease behaves like a mold with its colorful fibers. And molds are well know to wreak havoc on lungs. After being exposed in Florida got a cough that went on for months. Definitely something worth exploring.

  15. Hi Eric. I think your blogs are absolutely brilliant! I love how you detail background info on the rationale of your tx’s in laymans terms coupled with your feelings about it and the effectiveness of it. I know you said you don’t have candida but I think I do and since they are in same family as molds just wanted to say last week I began new treatment. In addition to low glycemic diet and oral nystatin I began popping candex which are enzymes. About 16 or more per day on empty stomach and after meals. I also tried to brave more raw vegetarian foods which in the past made little difference with my chronic fatigue. Well I am happy and surprised to say my stomach went down from looking pregnant to normal and my energy went from sleeping in my classes at school to being able to stay alert during my classes on my 12 hour days. It was nothing short of a miracle since I am about to get kicked out of school for fatigue related late assignments. I also started tAking mono Lauren and caprulic acid but it’s the enzymes in candex allowing my food to digest and my body to finally get energy. May be the cellulase in candex which body doesn’t make? Before candex I would get bloat even on empty stomach. Always exhausted. Now I feel somewhat normal. At naturopath office they take my BP laying then standing. For the first time ever it actually went UP a point!!!! Candex is expensive but worth it. I am having some diarrhea though. I figure it’s die off. I am going to begin warm water enemas to speed detox along. Will keep you posted. God bless and Godspeed for your complete recovery.

    1. wow I love to hear about cures like that!! congratulations on your success with Candida, come back and let us know how you’re doing in a few months too….

  16. Hey Eric, are you aware of the dark field microscopy work out of Fry Laboratories in AZ?

    I had a test and two retests and it showed some interesting stuff… first pre h202 treatment showed lots of biofilm in blood…. then the higher mag showed no sludge in intercellular space…

    then retest after busting biofilm w h202 IV… which I do not think is a well rounded approach…became severely symptomatic and the follow up slide showed major biofilms broken apart and released infection into intercellular areas where my immune system could get at it.

    I have these pictures and would be happy to share what they look like and the info they are able to provide in case anyone in this healing tribe was considering dark field microscopy as an option for answers.

    Have you ever done rectal ozone insufflation? Just thinking out loud, from my experience and what ive read RI is darn near IV levels of ozone saturation… and maybe RI would allow you to make progress throughout your body without going straight into the head… I believe you said migraines are one of your major issues..

    and like me, you definitely arent afraid of enemas any more and have your colon already cleaned out

    1. Thanks James, I have thought about the dark-field microscopy – it sounds really interesting, but… I’m trying not to spend a fortune and trying to keep things as simple as possible without jeopardizing my recovery.

      I have never done the rectal ozone insufflation but I’m planning on it.. Also planning on ozone sauna, just waiting for the right moment. Ideally I think I want to get up to 10 or 15 minutes a day of ear insufflation first. who knows why, I’m just guessing!

      Fortunately I seem to have gotten past the migraines.

      Thanks for your thoughts 🙂

  17. found the best medical abstract on mycotoxins, mold exposure… invasive mold infection in both immuno-compromised and competent patients, treatment protocols etc Ive read to date, and wanted to share.

    has anyone on here tried nebulized glutathione?

    I love how you handled M. Chan’s input, she needs to read this medical abstract and reconsider her position..

    Mold is a highly evolved organism…

    1. That’s a long article! wish I had time to read it now… thanks for the complement.

      By the way I use acetyl glutathione which has been shown to be very effective and more so than liposomal.

      Today I reached six minutes of ozone by ear insufflation – just wish I knew what it was that it’s killing…

  18. My early career was clinical diagnostic microbiology at a large teaching hospital in Pittsburgh. I worked on thousands of cultures of body fluids, tissues, blood, spinal fluid,etc. And, yes, fungus ( including yeast) can grow inside your body. Yeast is a common organism in the vagina and gut, but usually doesn’t ‘overgrow and become pathogenic. We have lots and lots of organisms in those areas – we are supposed to. They help break down foods, chemicals, and protect against potentially fatal organisms that are not normally found in humans. Yeast is also common in the urinary tract, but usually this means infection, and should be treated. Yeast ( or any fungus) in blood, spinal fluid, lungs, heart valves, etc is very serious and can be fatal. It must be treated. These people are very sick. As well, like normal flora of the gut ( regular E. coli) is very dangerous when found in the blood, spinal fluid, lungs, etc.

    So, we have to have an intelligent understanding about the entire situation. The people who have problems with organisms ( including fungus/yeast) in odd areas often have suppressed immune systems – have been through chemo or on steroids of some kind.

    We do not live in a ‘sterile’ world, and we could not survive if did not have a whole bunch of bacteria and fungus types in our mouth, gut, and vagina. A simple culture should reveal whether a fungus/yeast is over-growing and is a problem. Reducing sugar intake and medication should help. See an infectious disease specialist.

  19. Mold does too grow in your body. You can get fungal balls in your lungs. Most adults don’t know that and many toddlers wouldn’t live to tell about it if they were exposed

  20. Are you stupid, or just really stupid? Mold doesn’t grow inside of your body. Even a fucking toddler knows that.
    Your knowledge of human anatomy is nonexistent.

    1. Well, I get stupid every day at 11 AM and 3 PM and then I get just really stupid at 11:30 AM and 3:30 PM so I’m actually both. My IQ probably drops by 50 points in one hour. Maybe I wrote this post during one of those lows, who knows. I’m always hoping to learn something from my blog commenters and today I’m reminded how hard it is to be a good human – even for healthy people! I remind myself of that every day and forgive myself for all the mistakes I make, my past mistakes and future ones, because God knows it sometimes feels hopeless trying to solve a long-standing chronic illness with all of the cognitive impairment that comes with it. I’m also reminded that of the 300 or so people that read my blog every day, there can’t be more than a couple that are actually healthy. We’re a bunch of sickos…

  21. I might have left this comment before..there was a woman on curezone who posted pictures of her candida that look like this; she had simialr health issues as you. She was able to cure herself through months of deep enemas. She just kept flushing it out..relentlessly. I believe it took her three months but she felt well and healthy after she finally saw no more of it coming out. I couldnt find her exact post describing her technique but she has many..
    Just a thought..seems easier than trying to kill it from the top down.

    1. I found her photos here and yes that looks very similar. I seem to have cleaned out the bottom half, so that’s why I have moved on to the top end. And trust me top down is a lot easier! I also think my ear ozone is affecting the digestive system a little too. I’m pretty confident it’s a systemic therapy.

  22. Hi guys!
    i would like to thank you very much Eric for your interesting post, and ladies thanks for your comments!
    I have recently been exposed for a few months to a VERY large amount of Molds (long story, stupid choices…). I have experienced a very quick and dramatic reaction with many harsh symptoms. moved away from the site (had one short exposure after feeling better and a few minutes in the room with a mask and i felt horrible!) almost 3 weeks later and feeling better with gut, back pain and the occasional flue-like symptoms still going on. my doctor seems clueless about the subject and i started researching myself… THIS IS SO CONFUSING! assuming the mold is living in me (probably in the gut which is constantly bloated) how do i rid myself of it? fruit yes or no? (sugar vs. nutrients and fiber), ph acidic or alkaline (im assuming alkaline but i have read Mercola saying molds thrive in alkaline environments and we must acidify…? fermented foods? in any case i have lots of questions there is lots of conflicting information floating around… I have also been considering Cutler’s chelation for mercury toxicity (got my fillings out) for a few years and have tried H2O2 internally in the past…
    sorry for the confused ramble, its an accurate reflection of my state (:

    1. I think you have to experiment with all of those choices… My sugar control is off so I avoid all fruits. Best wishes!

  23. Hi Eric,

    Thanks for posting your experiences. As you know you have a lot of followers that are in a similar situation to yourself. So, I have a couple of comments related to your latest posts including. There is a lab in Texas called Real Time Labs that has developed a urine mold test to identify what mycotoxins might be in your body. The test is ridiculously expensive $699 for first, and $299 for subsequent. I found that I have Trichothecenes which is the worst to have. I have also seen other comments from another person on your website who had a similar diagnosis.

    With regard to SOD, I have worked with a doctor who has a different view on the SOD problem. His testing has shown that his patients including myself are toxic to Oxygen, and his belief is that there has been an epigenetic change (possibly virally mediated) that is affecting the mitochondrial process which uses SOD to convert glucose to ATP and water. So, I have been hesitant to try H2O2 or MMS or Ozone. So, I am eager to follow your progress because my mindset is if I have mold, how do I get rid of it?

    Since you are very detailed on your treatments, I was wondering if you are keeping a daily record of your overall health (ie. a health score) and if so can you correlate your overall health over time while doing these various treatments.

    1. Chris, thanks so much for writing and sharing that, it’s very interesting to me and if I inherit too much money someday, I’ll get the test! Now, knowing which mycotoxins are affecting you, how does that affect your treatment? I’m asking because I think oxygen therapy kills everything. And even if there are some exceptions, it’s still killing plenty in me. What tested your doctor used to show that oxygen is toxic for you?

      I’ll keep an open mind but first I have to say, RUBBISH!! I do think it’s a very easy mistake for anyone to make that doesn’t have experience with pushing through startup reactions. Oxygen kills virus, bacteria, and mold – and when it dies, you feel like GARBAGE for many days.

      I don’t keep a health score but I do write notes every day and keep calendars on my wall showing when I started and stopped supplements and treatments. My overall health is improving. Still very slowly but going in the right direction. When I have doubts (yes I do), people around me tell me they can see my improvements even if I can’t. Maybe they are being nice but when I step back and try to be unbiased about it, I conclude they are right.

      Look at my latest post about curing migraines. Can you imagine what it’s like not to be able to get 15 minutes of sunshine? I’m past that now and certain it was the hydrogen peroxide and vitamin C flushes. Thrilling!

  24. In regard to the eggs, they are definitely a good addition, especially if they are pastured and dark orange in color. But in order to feed the good bugs, you need LOTS of fiber. According to The Human Gut Project…it is more important than the probiotics. I make a smoothie everyday with fruits, nuts, seeds, and veggies…using the skins and ends…I soak the seeds and nuts. I try to incorporate leeks(including the green top) slightly sautéed in ghee….would be great with the eggs. Jeff Leach from American Gut claims this will feed your good bugs everyday. Recovering from mold is not easy, but you are on the right path.

    1. I really don’t need anything but fiber Lynn, got that covered! You could cook for me any day:) Thanks for the encouragement…

  25. Hi Eric,
    Love your site! Had a mold exposure 9 years ago that blew up our methylation cycles and we became heavy metal toxic.
    The piece that I think you are missing is that microbiome imbalance especially with sulfur-reducing bacteria like clostridia difficle will lower your body’s sulfur levels which renders it unable to rid itself of heavy metals and toxins. It was only after we fixed our microbiome with colostrum and lots of friendly bacteria including the good strains of clostridia that we were able to get our methylation going again. Andy thinks that the metals cause the microbiome imbalances and that is partly true, but being a chemist, he does not see this from a microbiology perspective.

  26. Here’s an article on aflatoxin (a toxic mold) and what foods can contain this toxin – the article is on the Fox new site which isn’t a site I go to for health news, but this seemed to be well written…I think.

    Anyway, I knew about peanuts, but didn’t know that some types of corn may be fine (frozen corn) whereas other types of corn may not.

    It also states that meat and milk can be contaminated if animals were fed FDA-allowed high aflatoxin feed.

    Just wondered if this is useful.

    1. thanks Mary, my diet is so restricted that it seems I don’t have to worry much about aflatoxin:)
      I don’t eat a lot of those things because they are high copper foods…

      1. Hi Eric,
        Yes!!! AOR Probiotic 3 helped me a lot as well as Garden of Life Ultra. Kraut is good, but I do closed jar fermenting to avoid culturing things that I am sensitive to locally. Also culturing with vitamin K culture powder (Mercola sells it) helps to replenish K bacteria which I think was killed off with the exposure. I am “allergic” to penicillin and aspergillus was prominent in our exposure. Sinus rises helped…salt and a little GSE but using the probiotics…you can also ferment with them was key along with Premeir Research Nutritional Yeast and Blue Ocean minerals along with extra selenium. Here is a thread you may find helpful as well.
        Make sure you are alkalized….molds have a hard time thriving in an alkaline environment. I drink water with fresh squeezed lemon but baking soda and raw apple cider vinegar work as well. I like Cutler, but he misses a lot of the basic nutritional stuff.

        1. I think the AOR definitely had an impact on me to and I’m going to reorder, thanks so much for the lead! May try the ultra also at some point but it only has one species that isn’t in my NOW brand.

          The Mercola culture looks like a great product but am short on time now and have my hands full just with making Kefir… Agreed that Cutler misses some important things. Lemons, yeah, I should do that!!

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