Lyme Disease under the microscope

Seems to me that one of the best ways to diagnose and monitor Lyme disease is with the microscope. Not only can you see very quickly whether your blood is healthy or diseased, you can go back to the microscope regularly to monitor your progress. getting a look at the critters in our blood has helped us understand why my family is ill. We occasionally see views where it looks like there isn’t a single healthy red blood cell. Maybe every single red blood cell is actually diseased. That would explain a lot. Have a look for yourself.

Just remember, I’m still learning about dark-field microscopy and live blood analysis. There are online courses but they run more than $1000 so for now, I’m learning the hard way. If you can help identify anything here, please comment! As I get feedback I’m going to improve this page and the video which I consider just a draft right now.


bacillus –  a rod-shaped bacterium. Bacilli are found in many different taxonomic groups of bacteria. However, the name Bacillus, capitalized and italicized, refers to a specific genus of bacteria. The name Bacilli, capitalized but not italicized, can also refer to a less specific taxonomic group of bacteria that includes two orders, one of which contains the genus Bacillus. When the word is formatted with lowercase and not italicized, ‘bacillus’, it will most likely be referring to shape and not to the genus at all. Bacilliform bacteria are also often simply called rods when the bacteriologic context is clear.

cocoid – a coccus is any bacterium that has a spherical, ovoid, or generally round shape. It is one of the three distinct bacterial shapes, the other two being bacillus and spiral-shaped cells. Wikipedia

rbc – red blood cell

spirochete – a spirochaete or spirochete is a member of the phylum Spirochaetes, which contains distinctive diderm bacteria, most of which have long, helically coiled cells, some of which are serious pathogens for humans, causing diseases such as syphilis, yaws, Lyme disease, and relapsing fever. Wikipedia

vacuole – a space or vesicle within the cytoplasm of a cell, enclosed by a membrane and typically containing fluid

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    Peggy August 5, 2017, 9:01 am

    What kind of microscope do you have? I have a 15yr old son who’s missed so much school since the first grade. I know something is wrong he’s been to several dr’s. I suspect lyme, am going to have him tested myself at igenex. He’s very pale, low body temp, frequent nausea like more nauseas days than not. Lots of fatigue, gets tired easy and if he stays up too late for too many days he gets really sick, nausea and vomiting. Gets little red bumps in pairs or in threes. He’s been sick more than he hasn’t in his life. The doctors tell me to keep a journal, then when I keep a journal, they think I’m motherly obsessed. dr had him tested for lyme and was negative but it was a regular lab. I’m saving and am half way there, as soon as I have $3000.00 (igenex doesn’t accept his ins) going to send samples to igenex, but then, if he has these coinfections that I think he does, who will treat him? I can’t find a lyme dr locally. By the way, he also has those fibers show up on his skin after bathing and I’ve read this could be a symptom of lyme also. Does anyone have any suggestions or comments? I would appreciate it. I feel alone in this and worry I’m a single mom with similar issues myself. When I find something that works for me, I’ll try it out on him. Right now doing peroxide therapy getting ready to do chelation- am nervous, I hate feeling nauseas. I played with mercury also as a kid, my dad was an appliance repair man and he saved the mercury out of thermostats in this ceramic jug and us kids would pour it into our hands we thought it was the coolest thing. But ya, Eric, reading your story all you went through when a teen when you should’ve been having more fun rather than battling fatigue and sickness-does remind me of my own son

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      Eric August 11, 2017, 5:26 pm

      Hi Peggy, very sorry to hear of your difficulties! I know these dilemmas very well and wish I could help. Here is the microscope I use:

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      Eric August 13, 2017, 10:41 pm

      Forgot to mention, the fibers sounds like Morgellons – there’s a support group on FB for that where they rrecommend a very interesting protocol using fenbendazole which I have written about a bunch…


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My name is Eric - I‘m 48 and saw a doctor for fatigue at 17. I lived fairly normally if a little subdued by lack of endurance at times. But then, 12 years ago I fell into a nosedive after moving to South Florida. Now, I know heavy metal toxicity is a significant source of my troubles along with genetic methylation cycle dysfunction and Lyme disease. I spent 18 months chelating the metals out and starting up methylation but stopped when I felt myself circling the drain. Currently going after Lyme and co-infections. More about me here.

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